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My Experience With Baba

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Hello, I am a 23 year old devotee from the United States. I have written in great detail about my experience with Shirdi Sai this past year. I have detailed some good things He has done for me, but right now I am in a very bad stage of my life and I am wondering why He has allowed these things to happen. I truly hope that my experience gets published so that I may get some support from other devotees. I hope that what I have written is not too long. I am very happy that I have found this blog detailing other devotees’ experiences. As another devotee mentioned in one post, this truly is like an extension of Sai Satcharitra, so I find great happiness in reading these stories. I am from New Jersey, USA. I am a 23 year old woman and have been a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee for the past three years. Despite my American upbringing, I have always considered myself to be a devout Hindu and I have always found solace in my faith and its values. However, it is after Shirdi Sai Baba came into my life that I became spiritual. My spiritual journey is ongoing and I am learning new things every day. I consider Shirdi Sai Baba to be my only God. I only see Baba’s essence in other deities. He is my Guru, my God and my Self. I always try to remember this. In fact, I have had one experience where He showed me that He truly does reside in my heart. I will describe this experience below.

My passion and ambition is to study Hindu philosophy and to become a scholar in this subject. Baba has, in various ways, given me His support. I know that He encourages my interest in studying Advaita Vedanta, Yoga and other philosophical schools of thought. Even in Sai Satcharitra, it is stated that Baba loved those who studied philosophy and metaphysics. In fact, would you like to know what miracle He did for me on my 23rd birthday? On my 23rd birthday, in June of 2014, I was feeling very down because I had recently been fired from my job. I felt alone, friendless, humiliated and lost. I was constantly checking my email to see if any other job opportunities were coming my way. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the South Asian Studies department at my university informing me of an academic program through Manipal University. It was a 2 week summer school on Indian philosophy and it was being held at the maternal home of Adi Sankara, which has been converted into an ashram. Baba knows that I love to study Advaita Vedanta and that I am a great admirer of the philosopher Adi Sankara, so, out of His great love for me, He decided to send me here to pursue my passion. I was so happy at this summer school. It was situated in rural Kerala and the lovely scenery, the academic environment and the wonderful scholars I met there made for a wonderful experience. I learned yoga, which I had been wanting to learn for many years. The yoga teacher at this program taught me well and, since leaving this program, I have become a regular practitioner of yoga. This is also another gift that Baba gave me.

I also made quite a few friends. I met a Marathi woman who was a devotee of Sant Kabir, one of my favourite poets. I also met a Marathi man, my yoga teacher, who was a devotee of Shree Gajanan Maharaj. Both of these new friends of mine described their experiences with their respective gurus and it helped me to better understand my relationship and my journey with Shirdi Sai Baba. Both of these friends also share my passion for religion and philosophy. Although externally Shirdi Sai Baba is distinct from Sant Kabir and Shree Gajanan Maharaj, I feel that they are all the same, which is why I felt a connection with these people. These new friends were another blessing from Baba. It was at the summer school program that I heard Baba’s voice for the first time. On the last day of classes, I was feeling quite sad at the prospect of leaving this wonderful place. I also began to feel anxious about how and where else I would be able to pursue philosophy. My life lacked direction and I was afraid that I would never have another opportunity like this one. Suddenly, from inside of me, I heard a voice say, “Do not fear. This is only the beginning of your journey.” The voice was quiet and calm and it spoke from my heart, which is how I learned that that is where Baba resides. It amazes me that Baba spoke to me in English, the language that comes most naturally to me. This experience brings tears to my eyes whenever I think of it. It has also convinced me that Baba, my Guru and my God, is also my own Self.

Now, I’d like to share a little bit about my life as it has unfolded recently. Fellow devotees, before you continue to read, please be warned that I have described some instances of physical abuse below. It may be a bit disturbing for you to read. If reading such a thing is difficult for you, please do not continue. I don’t wish to disturb the minds of my fellow devotees. After I returned from India to the United States, I again began to search for a job suitable for my qualifications. I graduated with my BA in Mathematics and I also worked very hard to obtain actuarial qualifications. Although I am not passionate about actuarial science, I wanted to start my career by pursuing a job where I can use mathematics and finance, because I am talented in those subjects. There is also good money and prestige in this industry, and I thought that with my qualifications, I would land a job in no time. I was wrong. It has been seven months since I lost my previous job and I am still struggling to find another actuarial position. I have been sitting in my parents’ house with no income for too long and, although I have tried to keep my head up with prayer and yoga, I have become deeply depressed.

These days, I am so depressed that even my body feels depressed. I feel an ache in my whole body because of the pain and disappointment in my heart. Everyone who looks at me can see quite clearly that I am not able to eat or sleep properly. Everyone is shocked at how many gray hairs I have despite my 23 years. My whole life I have known that I have above average intelligence, which makes me very talented in mathematics and philosophy. It is also the same reason that I have a lot of trouble dealing with people. I am constantly misunderstood and have very few friends, even though I have a lot of love in my heart. I have always felt very lonely. Despite my talent, I have not had the blessing of getting good marks in school. I would always mess up my examinations for some reason and, as a result, my overall marks look average. I always feel that it is not an accurate reflection of my capability. Still I believed that Baba would help me get ahead. He did not. Because I was not a good student, my father began to emotionally abuse me. He has emotionally abused me since I was 17. He treats me like I am less than a human being. He always humiliates me and never respects my ideas. He constantly compared me to other students and this greatly hurt my self-confidence. I still have trouble because of him. I am sitting at home now depending on his money and he still humiliates me. He used to shout at me all the time. He even shouted at me on my birthday one year. I have developed a deep hatred of my father. Somewhere, I have love for my father and I worry about him, but I will never forgive him until the day he dies. I have decided that once I leave this house, then I will cut ties with him permanently. It will take me years to recover from this emotional damage.

My younger sister studied better than me. So my father favours her up until now. When my sister was young, she used to have a very sweet, loving personality. Over the years, she became a vicious, selfish person. We fight constantly. One time, we had a very bad fight. I was 22 at the time and she was 16. She went into a rage and both she and my mother threw me to the ground and began stomping on me, kicking me, punching me, pulling out my hair. My sister took my hand and tried to break it. She gouged the skin out of my hand. I don’t know how I survived that incident without serious injury. I know it sounds hard to believe, but my sister is much bigger than me and can overpower anyone because of her size. I somehow forgave this incident and moved on. Fellow devotees, remember this. If a family member abuses you in this manner once, they will do it again. Forgive them, by Baba’s grace, but keep your distance from them. I should have done this and I have since learned from this mistake.

Last week we fought again. This time, she poured salt in the wound. She told me that I was a “failure with a degree” because I could not find a job. She also told me that my father told her that she was better than me. The fight escalated and before I knew it, she had pulled me by my hair to the ground. This time she stomped on me and kicked me on my back and my head. She grabbed my hand and bent the fingers back in an attempt to break it. She again gouged the skin out from my hand. She threw me on top of shards of broken glass and the skin on my knees ripped open. There is still blood all over the carpet from the gash on my knee. My head and body ached for a few days afterwards. Again, I wonder how I did not end up in the hospital. Maybe by Baba’s grace. But then again, I wonder how Baba would allow such a thing to happen to me. I am still shocked that I have received such abuse at the hands of my mother and sister. Every time I think about the way they beat me, I am filled with anger and I lose my concentration. I can never forgive them now. I am in the worst pain in my life but still I believe that Baba will somehow help me. I pray to Baba every day. I cry so much that now I wake up with swollen and burning eyes.

I am so depressed and have even decided I would rather be homeless than live with these people. Baba, won’t You help me? Didn’t I have so much faith, love and devotion for You? Did I not practice Shraddha and Saburi as You wanted me to? Was my mistake that I practiced too much faith and ended up allowing these bad things to happen to me? I ask Baba everyday what is in my future. I ask Him to come in my dream and speak to me. For the past one year, I have tried so hard to get close to Him by telling Him that I love Him and that I know He will bring light into my life. But I cannot understand how He has let His daughter suffer in this way. I have tried to be more upright, more devout and more spiritual. I tried to dedicate my thoughts to Him. Still, I cannot help but feel that He has abandoned me. Even today, I was crying to my aunt that I cannot bear the pain and that Sai Baba, whom I believed in so much, has not helped me. I sat down and pictured how wonderful it would be if I walked outside into the night and Baba would be standing there. He would hug me and tell me that He loved me and that I have no reason to cry when He is with me. But I am not a fortunate enough devotee to have this happen to me. Perhaps when He does bring some miracle into my life, I will come here and write about it. In the meantime, I am truly happy that other devotees have found peace in Him. I will continue to read your stories. Never forget our Sai Baba.

Sai Baba-My Only Deity

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hello, We recently shifted from Pune (My favourite city). Dear Hetal ji, first of all I want to congratulate you for maintaining this wonderful blog, and I am very happy now I will be its small part. Hetal ji you are really very lucky one because you are heirs of Baba’s Great Devotee Hemadpant. This shows that when Baba blessed His devotees, the blessings will reach to devotee’s further generations also. Dear Hetal ji may our beloved Saimaa blesses you always.

I married before 6 years in 2008 January. But from starting, I was facing lots of problems in my married life. I don’t know why, whatever I did my mother-in-law would never be happy with me. She used to admire me in front of everybody except my husband. My husband knew everything but he remained quiet every time. The things were so bad that I had to live at my mother’s place for one and half year during and after pregnancy. By Baba’s grace when my baby became 5 months, my hubby came to take me and he promised my father that now onward my MIL would not interfere in our lives. But life was not so easy. By Baba’s grace, slowly train of my marriage was coming on path. My baby is now going to school and I was also busy with my dance classes. But whenever my in laws came at my house they used to make quarrel between me and my husband, or quarrel either with me or with my hubby.

Before 1 year for job purpose we left our own house and traveled to south. Here we got a nice home near our beloved Baba’s temple (for this reason I always feels that Baba called me to stay with Him). Here also my in laws came but I was at my mother’s place for vacation. When they came, my husband stopped calling me, not responding as well. My mother was not feeling well but my husband did not bother to ask about her. His relatives also called me but he and his parents did not. When I returned to my hubby’s home he was totally changed and one day he quarreled with me and told me to get out of his house. I was shocked, how could he behave like this, then I asked Baba what to do, Baba gave me signs to leave the house, so I left his house with my 5 years daughter, she was also crying but my hubby was not in listening mood. Dear devotees I am from Maharashtra and now residing in South, when I left home a big question was where to go, But our merciful Saimaa is with me. Suddenly my mother remembered that her cousin brother is living here from many years, she told him everything. That Uncle came and took me with him. I live with them for 15 days. May Baba bless him. He took care of me and my daughter as of my parents.

Then I went to my native place. Dear devotees I was very much tensed as my daughter’s school was missing. My parents, my brother were also very much tensed and in so much anger. When my father, uncle asked about my hubby’s this behaviour, my in laws told that, “That is not our business, we doesn’t have any responsibility of your daughter”. But by Baba’s grace we handled this situation. After few days my hubby wanted to take me with him but this time my parents put some conditions to him and ask to come again. That time he was in fever so I wanted to go with him but my in laws didn’t allow me and they went with him, and again my mother in law took him under her influence. Then I promised our Baba that if my hubby will come to take me then I will write this experience. Today also things are not so good but my daughter is very happy with her father and for me Saimaa is near me, what else I want.

This is another very small, but nice experience. One day there was some misunderstanding created between me and my dear brother. He was very upset with me for some reason, mistake was mine. I felt sorry. He was not talking to me. He cares for me very much. He was very supportive during my bad times. I do not want to hurt him, but he was not listening to me. So I cried a lot in front of our Saimaa’s Picture and Baba was like smiling at me. As He was happy with my love for my brother. I promised Baba if my brother called me, I will write experience, within no time my brother called me and was talking with me like nothing was happened. I was very happy. Dear devotees, many times I feel to finish my life but I remember the words, Why fear when I am here. Our beloved Saimaa is very merciful. Whenever I feel tensed, I leave onto Baba and that very moment I feel tension free. Our Saimaa told me to give exam and He gave signs that I will pass it. I am just doing my study and having faith in Him. I know He never lies. Please, everyone have faith in Him and wait. By testing us Baba is washing our bad karmas. We are very lucky because we all are under our Baba’s wings. Dear Hetal ji, you are like Shama (Madhavrao) for us, so I Pranam to you also, please accept my Pranam. Ananta Koti Parabrahma Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

My World Is Full Of Sai Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee. My day starts with Sai and ends with Sai. My world is just Sai Sai and my Sai. My father suffered from hepatitis B and his liver failed almost 85-90%. I got call from my sister saying, please come and see papa, otherwise it will be too late. I was married for 9 years with no kids that time. My husband booked tickets for next day flight to Delhi. After hearing the news, I went to Sai Baba Temple in Guwahati and cried for my papa’s recovery. Next day, I went to AIIMS just to find out that they will discharge my father in two days, since he was doing better. I felt good and thanked Sai. After coming home, next day my father’s condition became critical and he was rushed to AIIMS emergency. We stayed there for 2 days. But there was no room available, so I was told to shift him to other hospital. It was like scary because I knew no body and my mother was almost in shock.

I went to admission department to find out about the room but he refused. I rushed from one doctor to another to find out if someone could help us, But all in vain. I had no courage and my legs were paining after running from one person to another. I remember falling down on my knees and crying like a mad person. That minute I don’t know why I opened my purse and took out Sai Baba Picture and cried saying, Baba I have no place to go. I know nobody who could help me. You say Sai-“You look at me and I will look at you.” I cried, consoled myself and thought that I should shift my papa to Sir Ganga Ram hospital. I rushed to emergency, where my mother was with my papa. The guard who opens the door stopped me and asked me, you got bed for your father. I said, No. I think we have to shift to Ganga Ram hospital because they can’t keep patient in emergency for more than two days. He showed me a cabin at the end of corridor and said take your father there it is for hospital employees and nobody will ask anything. I shifted him with my mother but I was scared what will happen if they come and remove us at night.

That time one of my father’s friend came, who is orthopedist there and asked about my father’s health. I told him how I was asked by doctors to admit him but due to non availability of beds I can’t get him admitted. It was 8:30pm. He said you have the paper where it’s written please admit. I showed him the prescription. He took it with him and in 10 minutes he came back and said your papa got the room so shift him now. In 5 minutes time we were in room. I thanked Sai for help. 4 days later, I asked doctors how much time my father will take to recover and doctors said he can’t and it’s complicated. After hearing this, I went to Sai temple at Mehrauli. I cried cried cried and said Baba, You did not give me a baby after 9 years of my marriage, I never complained. Please don’t give me baby if you don’t want to but don’t take my papa away. Give him health. I took Sai Udi and a pendant and came back to hospital. My father is not much believer of Udi and pendants. So I sprinkled on the blanket he had over him and gently pushed the pendant under his pillow.

I left home to get dinner for my mother. I came back and to my surprise I saw my dad sitting and talking to my mother. From next day, he started improving fast. I was so happy. Just another day I got a call from my doctor who was checking me for infertility. I refused to come back to Assam since my father was unwell. My father insisted to go for treatment and promised me he won’t checkout unless he is completely fine. I took flight and came back. My treatment went smooth and my father’s recovery was progressing. I was happy. I asked my mother if I need to come back she refused because my brother was back from Mumbai by that time. I stayed back praying each day. I remember before leaving from Delhi, I went to my father’s room to sprinkle Udi in his room and was surprised to see a Sai calendar in front of his bed. I was sure Sai will take good care. I took one poster from calendar and packed with me. After coming to Assam, I pasted the Picture inside the door of my almirah. That night I had a dream. Sai came and entered in that calendar. I got up and kissed Sai Baba’s feet. That month my result came positive and I was pregnant. I cried in happiness. Sai not only saved my dad but gave me a beautiful healthy boy. I still have that poster and got it framed. Today I have two sons and both of them are devotee of Sai. I love my Sai. My world is Sai. Just believe in Him. His power is supreme and miracles happen if you surrender. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Gives More Than We Ask For

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram. I have shared my experiences earlier also (thrice) This is in continuation with past experience of mine. I feel that I am the blessed one, the luckiest child of Baba. As shared in my previous experiences, I was in my last year, got two wonderful jobs which I asked for. Still with Baba’s grace I got one more, the best one. He gifted me with a job which I never thought I could get, I did not even asked for it. My salary is twice than my friends, and believe me it’s all Baba’s blessings. I am living a wonderful and peaceful life. Being away from my parents make me sad but Baba is always there with me. Whenever I am in dilemma or I am upset, whether I am happy or alone. Baba always make me realize, He is there with me when nobody is there or even when everybody is there. I never knew He loves me so much. Everyday there is some new way in which Baba blesses me. I forget Him, make sins, but He never forgets me, always guides me.

He gave me chance to visit Shirdi, it was such a blissful journey which I can never thought could happen. I visited Shirdi on Maha Samadhi day (Dussehra). I went from Bangalore to Shiridi after around two months of my joining. For a girl like me who never travels alone even in hometown, went to Shiridi with a friend of mine, i felt as if Baba arranged everything so perfectly for me. I got room in Sai Sansthan, where thousands of people were already waiting, got a beautiful Darshan of Baba. I really wished that after I get job I want to visit Shiridi first and Baba let this happen. I really don’t have words to define my feelings and describe Baba’s blessings on me. I just pray that Baba please always keep guiding me like this and keep Your hand on me. Make me always down to earth and give me the mind and heart that never forgets You, always be devoted You. Make me, my parents and well wishers happy and safe. Give us a home soon. Love You so much my sweetheart Baba. Karacharana Krutamva Kaayajamkarma Jamvaa Vaa Sravana Nayanajam Va Maanasam Va Paradham Vidita Maviditam Vaa Sarvametat Kshemasya Jaya Jaya Karunaabde Sree Prabho Sai Naatha Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Miracles Of Baba That Changed My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Jai Sai Ram. First of all, I would like to thank you for creating this portal to Sai Baba devotees. I read this blog every day. Your blog really helps everyone in their tough time not to lose their trust on Baba. Moreover it strengthens their faith in the world’s greatest power our Sai Baba. I am devotee of Sri Sai Baba from 15 years. I am happy to share my experience with all the devotees. Baba is everything for me. I love Baba very much. I visit Baba’s Temple every Thursday.

My experience goes like this, When I was studying in SSLC, I had put all efforts and studied hard for my board exams. Before results of my SSLC exam was announced, I had dream in which I saw my total marks of all subject as 574 that comes to 91%. I prayed to Baba to show same percentage in my results. To my surprise, after one week when result was announced from Board, I got same marks. Baba had given me such a wonderful surprise and un-measurable joy. I got overwhelmed and couldn’t control our tears of joy. Due to Baba’s grace I completed my Post graduation with good marks. After my studies I and my family were very much tensed about my marriage. Whenever my marriage gets fixed, due to some reason it get fell apart. I did 9 Thursday Vrat of Sai Baba and during that Vrat every weekend i started getting proposals for marriage, on eighth weekend of my Vrat my marriage got fixed and now i am happily settled with my husband. Thank You Sai Baba, please be with me like this forever. I would definitely suggest that by doing Sai 9 Thursday Vrat will definitely help and will fulfil all your wishes by Sai’s Grace and love. I have two wishes to be fulfilled by You Baba as You know, please bless me with a child and new job. I am very sure that Baba will fulfil my wish. Koti Koti Pranam Baba. Anantha Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Sri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Hope Baba Helps Me

Anonymous Devotee from US says: I recently moved to US from India. Due to the environmental changes and stress my health got affected. I started reading Baba Satcharitra but I did not find any change in my health. I am so lonely and scared here and I don’t have my family here. Baba is the only one Who can help me. Sometimes I lose my hope, but I still get my hope back because I don’t have anyone to look up to except Baba. Many people in this blog share their good experiences. But i don’t know why Baba is not helping me. I know He asks to have patience and trust. I hope He helps me out and I promised Baba that if He helps me I would do the Vrat. Baba Please Help Me.

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  1. Om sai ram, where r you baba why you are not coming for my help baba .i am so depressed how my family will survive without your blessings. You know everything please help baba.Why u r not giving result of sai satcharit patayan and Thursday vrat please fogive me .dont think about me but please think about my kids i am not able to fulfill their requirments bana please help.om sai ram

  2. To devotee no 1, you should not get abused by your younger sister. Start find a job as a teacher and get a separate room for yourself. Try to find a suitable husband for yourself and stay happy.
    Do whatever comes in your hand. You can become a part time math instructor in mathnaaium or kumon or sylvan and keep preparing for interviews like data analyst. Learn some programming language and enter software industry. Dont become so philosophical. Learn to become smart. Wear smart clothes, dye your hair, do some makeup and dont bother about others.
    Be brave and learn some marketing skills. Hope you can understand. You are just 23. Learn to enjoy life. Om Sai Ram

  3. Dear First devotee,
    I feel sorry for you about the physical abuses you are facing at your home. It is important for you to keep peace with yourself first. In satcharitra, baba mentioned that nobody be ur father or mother rescues us in our hardest times and we have chalk out our own path for self realisation and how much ever the world goes topsy turvy and commotiond around you, never react and be calm at yourself remembering our guru. And also if you want to do something, do good onto others..i know it is hard considering your situation at home. Dont get depressed unnecessarily why dont you back to kerala again for a break and find solace? If possible paralley try for the job while you are here and practising yoga..im sure you will be benefited and always have trust in sai maa..may baba bless you..

  4. Dear First devotee,

    I feel your pain. Please don't get depressed and remember in Satcharitra baba mentioned that nobody be your father, mother or any other close relations never rescues you in our life and we have to chalk out the path ourselves through self realization. And however the world goes topsy turvy, never get reacted and be calm at your self and remember our sadguru. If you want to do something, do good onto others. Never always stress too much on your self . Why don't go to kerala again as you did first time if you get a chance again? Parallely apply for the jobs you desire and come back only after you get it. I am sure matters at your home also settles down by then and you will be surprised. Don't always think negative about your family even if they are against you. Take your yoga and spiritual power as advantage and attain calmness in your mind and never concentrate on the show thats happening around you. With this practice, you will feel safe for yourself. I hope my advices will work and take care of yourself. May baba always bless you.

  5. sAI Sai Sai Sai Sai First devotee and last devotee and second last devotee – Kindly complete Sai Nava(9) Guruvaar Vrat and Read and complete Sri Sai satcharita in a week Sai Sai Sai Sai
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai

  6. Om sai raam

    Devotee 1 from USA please dont worry i am really moved so much by your story..baba will definitely bless you..he is seeing everything..i will surely keep you in my prayers..i am also searching for job
    please read sai satcharitha ..do parayan he will surely bring you out of stress and problems.i am sure you will soon get light in you life my best wishes and love are with you sai sister…om sai ram

    devotee 2 and last baba will bless you soon..dont worry

    other devotees nice experiences.
    om sai ram

  7. Om sai ram
    Baba my day start chanting your name …I truly believe that baba is always with me …
    Baba my husband don't have job help him getting job and baba my son nowadays very stubborn and can't able to concentrate on study guide him baba..baba day and night remembering just your name…you make my life beautiful and did so many miracle in my life.just guide me baba just I want to stand in my feet help me to get success in my life.
    Baba my husband is very nice man but he can't understand that he has so many responsibility. ..and help him to get job which he want.
    You gave so many things to me coming to another country, gave me my daughter which is just little sai at my place ,gave us house ,gave us car and many more..even though I asked for my friends and completed my wish.
    Baba want to see your shirdi one day please fulfill my dream.
    Om sai ram

  8. Last devotee from US….don't feel alone
    .I understand how it's hard to live in other country. I live in australia but since 5 year didn't go to india…just spend your time with sai saccharit you will feel that baba is near you ..have baba photo in your house and share you every moment in your life..when I drive alone I love to talk to baba I have baba pic in my car …so please try this and you will feel that baba is always with you.
    Sai ram

  9. The 1st devotee's experience has shook me up. I know for sure that our merciful Baba does not forsake His devotees and that He has already made her life and the 2nd devotee's life a beautiful one.

    O Sai, we surrender to Your Lotus Feet and dedicate our lives in following Your teachings.

    Jai Sairam

  10. Babaji u know i hv full faith in u…..i hope everything will go well by ur grace and u will also come at our place.
    Luv u sai

  11. Baba please accept me as your child…. You are my father, mother ,God everything.. Keep me in your lotus feet baba , never leave my hand…

  12. OmSairam
    Third devotees experiences brought tears.
    Baba please bless us all.
    OmSai Namoh Namah
    ShriSai Namoh Namah
    JaiJaiSai Namoh Namah
    ShriShirdi Sai Namoh Namah
    ShriSatya Sai Namoh Namah
    ShriSadguru Sai Namoh Namah

    Bow to ShriSai peace be to all

    • can i do sai kasht nivarna mantra 100 times on thursday to get good health? will that fulfill my wish? please help


  14. Dear Devotee 1,
    Your experience moved me. Please forgive your family. Not for their sake but for your sake. Anger burns you , the other people won't get hurt. Baba tells us all the time to love all and not to differentiate. Try to find a place of your own to live. Start any new job however small, and keep trying for jobs in your interested industry. Baba always rewards efforts. I am a software engineer with 8 years experience. I came to USA 2 years back and have been without a job , due to visa constraints. I cannot even earn $1 on my present visa. 2 years I tried for work visa with no success. You have the good luck of getting any work/job. So even if a job is small / not in your interest field , do it. At least it will help you to fall out of home, be active and engaged , independent. Your family will realize their faults when God chooses. Drop the baggage you are carrying, take charge of your life by baby steps. ..support yourself in evert way – mentally , physically , emotionally, financially, spiritually . God bless you

  15. First devotee: Are you of Indian Hindu origin or an American dabbling in Vedanta philosophy? You are contradicting yourself when you say you are full of love but intensely hate your own father and your own mother!! If you cannot forgive those whom you owe your birth to, how will you practice Universal Love that Baba advocates?? You do not seem to have any sense of belonging with your family and hence, it is best you move out of your home as is the American culture and make a life of your own….Once you're in a steady job with prestige as you say, the scars may heal…you are still young and in your country, there are lots of resources available for job seekers. Be optimistic for your future…may God bless you!

  16. Thank you Sai Maa,yesterday you approved my EAD on Guru Pournima day after 6 yrs gap i can work again with the blessings of you.Thank you so much Deva,please assign some seva for me which i can do it for you or your devotees.Om Sai Ram,please don't leave my hand ever Thalli.I can't live without you.

  17. Sai Ji Main Teri Patang lyrics

    Om jai sai – 4
    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang
    Hava vich udti javanngi -2
    Saiyan dor hathon chhoddi na mai katti javangi
    Tere charna di dooli sai mathe ute lavan
    Kara mangal sainath gun tere gavan
    Sai bhakti patang dor ambara vich udadi fira

    Badi mushkil de nal mileya menu tera dwara hai
    Menu iko tera aasara nale tera sahara hai
    Hun tere hi bharose hava vich udadi javangi
    Saiyan dor hathon chhoddi na mai katti javangi

    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang
    Hava vich udti javanngi -2
    Saiyan dor hathon chhoddi na mai katti javangi
    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang

    Aina charana kamala nalo menu door hatavi na
    Is jhuthe jag di andar mera pecha lai na
    Je kat gai ta sadguru fer mai lutti javangi
    Saiyan dor hathon chhodi na mai katti javangi

    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang
    Hava vich udti javangi -2
    Saiyan dor hathon chhoddi na mai katti javangi
    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang

    Tere charna di dooli sai mathe ute lavan
    Kara mangal sainath gun tere gavan
    Sai bhakti patang dor ambara vich udadi fira

    Aaj maleya buha aake mai tere dwar da
    Hath rakh de ek vaari tu mere sir te pyar da
    Fir janam maran de gede to mai bachati javangi
    Saiyan dor hathon chhodi na mai katti javangi

    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang
    Hava vich udti javanngi -2
    Saiyan dor hathon chhoddi na mai katti javangi
    Sai ji mai teri patang satguru mai teri patang baba bhaghat Rohit Kumar tiwary wants to come shridi and sing .pls call me baba.plssss.

  18. 1st devotee
    I feel very bad
    Please read sai satcharitra and ask baba for job. If you can visit shirdi then please visit

  19. Jai Sai Ram.
    Dear 1st sai devotee from NJ, USA. Reading your treatment from your parents and your sister, I can not believe anyone could harm family member like this. You are in USA, you should find help from social workers to get your family member treat you better. Here is the link on http://tinyurl.com/ods78tk. This link is for you to find out how LAW is there to protect abused women. Please seek guidance and protection for yourself. You can contact DES department too.
    I wish you peace and love from your family. BABA will guide you to connections that would help you get a job too.
    Sai Ram.
    Jai Sai RAM

    • Well said, in USA, and getting abused?
      Does not make sense, please get help.
      And please look for a job, any job, to start, build your resume nicely and SURRENDER to Baba, leave everything to our beloved Baba.
      Baba says: As you sow, shall you reap.
      Please be patient and keep holding Sai feet, and see how our Baba will help you.
      Learn to help yourself, and stop depending on others………………
      Am in Canada with my little daughter, imagine how lonely are we, but Baba, He knows everything………

  20. Dear 1st Sai Devotee. I am really disturbed with your sad story but happy to learn that you are inclined to study Hinduism. You are in NJ where there are several Hindu temples and you can find people who can help you find right path for serious study. You can e-mail me and my husband also can guide you in this direction as he has Ph.D in metaphysics from Sadona Uni. AZ and he is very much in to meditation Yoga etc. Hetal ji, if is not against our policy of this blog, can you provide her my e-mail contact. I would certainly like to help her in her quest of studying Hinduism.
    Praying Peace and Love for all Sai Devotees.

  21. Om Jai Sai Ram.
    I got tears in my eyes reading the experiences. BABA! Please take away our bad karmas and bless us. We are mere mortals who cannot survive without your blessings.
    Anantha koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  22. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma …. Om Sai Ram… Baba pls bless all your devotees …Baba Sunday my daughter has exam … Baba pls help her n bless her … Baba aap Jo karogey achcha hi karogey …. Om Sai Ram .. Madhu

  23. Om sai ram

    I'm 20 year old babas bhakuta,,, i am doing my engineering in bangalore,,

    Baba is my life 🙂 sorry baba I'm posting my experience lately,,

    I'm an average student who bunks class,, roam about,,nd doesn't study,,,,i had 2 backs last year,, and I feared that I'l fail in 3 subjects and as a result I'l face an year back and because of year back i would have faced lot of ragging from everyone but baba didn't let that happen,,,,,

    I believed in my baba,,, i trusted him and I stated the pavitra 9 weeks sai vrat,,,i feared that 2 subjects will be declared as fail as I feared that I didn't perform well,,,, but I trusted my sai,,, on the sixth week of vrat results were out and those two subjects were just passed,, baba gave me new life by helping me pass 🙂 I'll rectify my mistakes and full fill my promise my Lord,,, forgive me my Lord I couldn't complete the vrat in 9 weeks,, I'll rectify my mistakes my Lord and sorry lord im posting my experience lately 🙂

    Om sai ram ur grace and kaarunya is the breath of me and my family

    Trust him your prayers will be answered 🙂

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