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Baba Is Standing Behind Me Always

Sai Brother Mayank from India says: Jay Sai Ram. I am working with a reputed Indian company. I worship to Baba since class 9 or 10th (2004) as i remember. Initially, i was not a firm/true believer of Baba but my elder sister has complete devotion towards Him. I used to ask Baba for many small wishes and He fulfiled those, so my faith developed in Baba gradually. Not only in me, but my parents and my little sister also showed faith in Baba. I have subscribed for Baba Daily Blessings long time back and mostly daily, i check my inbox for seeing what the message is for today. But i haven’t read any experiences from devotees (on FB). I like to hear about Baba miracles from others, loved to read from “Sai Heritage” magazine. But after reading few experiences, i couldn’t stop myself from sharing mine. Baba You know everything, You see everyone’s actions/doings, You give everything too. Please Saiyaan once again asking for Your forgiveness for my wrong deeds, actions. I am in need of mental peace which You provided me many times in past. There are lot of experiences i wish to share about like how Baba helped me, how He replied to my calls, how He manifest Himself for me (many-times), how He give His Darshan in dream, why i feel Him always near to me, most interesting one “small fights” with Saiyaan.

I am from good family background. It was a time, when i was doing some bad deed, i was stealing petrol from someone’s bike. Suddenly there was a power cut and in stir, i left the nozzle opened and quickly i lighted a candle. In second’s time, fuel caught the fire. Vehicles too started lightening up. I got anxious as i couldn’t call anyone for help and if i got caught like this, then my family’s reputation was on stake. I went here & there for some time trying to extinguish the fire but was unsuccessful. So i bent down on my knees, raised my hand towards Baba and asked Him to forgive me, requested Him for a while in other room and then hurried to see what fire had done. Nobody will believe this miracle as only tires caught little flames rest there was no harm. I cleaned up everything immediately and went to bed thanking Baba for saving/helping me there.

I was a regular visitor of Sai temple before above incident also and i used to attend the night prayers (Shej Aarti). I got intermediate degree after 2 years of hard-work and got decent college by Baba’s grace. My college was in different city which was far from home. I used to go out and spend time, but i hadn’t lived without my family (it was not a concern though). I was ready for everything, made a decision to take room available for Paying Guest type. I prayed to Baba once that please help me, give strength to me & (just as an query) arrangement of any room. Couple of days before, i had to leave. I got a call from my uncle and he asked all about and then told me that wait he will check if there was any possibility etc. He (uncle) called after some time, give me one name and number & said talk to him. You can stay there for initial days. I thanked Baba and even without any query, hesitation, fear i left home thinking Baba had arranged all the things for me. I got there and stayed there for some time, and then i moved with new friends.

Now, this is the biggest miracle of my life. Due to some fight with Baba, i took an vow not to ask/demand anything from Him yet having full faith in Him. After few days, i took this oath my father got ill and i got a call from my mother that i would have to come and visit him. I reached home all the things were normal though father had little bit of problems. I prayed to Baba in night that i am breaking my oath and asking You this thing, help my father to recover from the illness. So as medicine weren’t working properly someone suggested consulting any person (Pandit ji, Guru ji etc). Next day, i had visited at the provided address with my mother. There were two rooms. One smaller cabin in which Pandit ji was discussing the issues and the other room was for waiting. There was Baba everywhere, when i entered the waiting room, i saw Baba’s large Portrait Picture of sitting in Samadhi. Tears came from my eyes and i said sorry to Baba in silently as i can’t express my emotions there. I took a seat with my mother and i was seeing two large size portrait opposite to each other in the waiting room and one statue (Murti) of Baba and one red colour large land size picture of Baba with Damaru in one hand. Again my eyes were full of tears and i want to cry out loud but i controlled myself.

After some time when we got our turn then we consulted the health issue of father with him and he provided some remedies to us for that. Later my mother also asked him about me when i could get a better job etc. He started asking me about job and life and when he said “just keep faith in Baba, He will do everything, leave everything on Him and get free”. I couldn’t control myself and tears started running down my eyes. My mom got nervous, what happened to me etc. They started asking me what was the matter, is there any kind of problem, love affair, break up etc. But i told them it was the Baba, no one else and i told him the story about my oath. Sorry for the long post but no one can imagine what i feel while writing this, we know that we have Baba yet some times we ask questions from Baba, i have done myself multiple times and still doing. Many times, i got answers also, some says you have to visit temple on Thursday for Baba’s Darshan, but i mostly enjoyed on the other days, Forgive me Baba please just give me strength to do good things and protect me from evil deeds, negative thinking. Om Sai Ram-Jay Sai Baba.

Sai Baba’s Blessing

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I have been my Baba’s devotee since my childhood. It’s 12 years now and i have always found my Baba with me, be it a happy moment or a sad moment. His blessings are always with me and He is with me always. I wanted to share my experience in this blog but was waiting for my Baba’s permission and as i got His permission, i am writing this. I was in a relationship with my best friend from last 2 and half year and we knew each other from 5 years. Initially i never agreed to his proposal as i always wanted him to be my just friend and nothing else but as it’s said that love finds its own way and yes one day it found its way and i got committed to him. His love and care always brought me close to him but he was very possessive about me. As we started knowing more about each other we developed the sense of connection and started thinking about the future. But as i told he was very possessive, he started dominating me. He started doubting on me on all petty issues and day by day our fights increased. But still anyhow, i manage as i knew that he loves me a lot and as we are in long distance relationship, so one day when i will be back to my hometown everything will be ok.

But i was wrong. Love left us. The thing which brought us together separated us. 2014 was the year when i lost him due to his personal reason as his mother is not well and she wants his son to be married by his choice so he sacrificed his love for his mother. I could just say, you respect your decision but i will wait for you always. From past 1 year, i have been crying. I was waiting for him like mad. He stopped conversation and everything as he want me to move on and forget him but i always told him that i know My Baba will hear me. One day, He will bring you back to me. My prayers will be heard. I kept on fasting, kept on weeping, sleepless nights, tried everything but failed. But there was always a faith in me that one day Sainath will hear me. During this time, i found myself talking to Baba and I still remember, He always says to me that, Have Faith and Patience. You will get what all you want. Everyone around me says, he won’t come back but i know that my Baba will hear me.

After 5 months of no contact, i contacted him back just to tell him about being placed in a company. I tried to be very normal with him and acted as if i have overcome the pain of separating but deep down in my heart, i know, i am still there where he left me and till today, he is talking to me not as a friend but just as a well-wisher. He says he don’t have guts to talk to me as a friend and still i smile and say no problem, i understand your condition and pain. I really don’t know what is planned for me but one thing i know my Baba has planned something very nice for me, that’s why after so much of patience, He at least made me to talk to him and get my all answers from the time, where he refused to talk at least he now talks a bit, but again he is saying, he can’t talk as we both get nostalgic while talking and i don’t want to hurt you more as i know there is no future. But friends i still have faith. I still believe that Baba will defiantly listen to me one day and He will only bring him back completely in my life. This pain is given by my Baba, so i know, he will only find out the solution for it. I would say, you all just have faith and patience, you will get what you want. Just always believe that whatever happens, it happens for a reason and whosoever is meant for you, you will get that person back. May all Sai devotees feel Baba’s blessings and love always. At the end, i will say, i promise here the day i will get him back i will post again. I am waiting for my Baba’s miracle to happen in my life since it’s said the more you wait for something more you will value and admire when you will get it. Baba, i just loved that person and will always do please shower me with Your blessings and please send my love back. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Is Omnipresent, He’ll Lead You If You Believe Him

Sai Brother Shaji from India says: I am a very God feared person and living only in the path of God Laws. So I am a devotee of so many Gods and in that one is “Shirdi Sai Baba”. I had my first experience with Baba through one of my friend (soul friend) in Mumbai. One day, we went to “Lord Shirdi Sai Temple” in Nasik. There we could directly reach in front of “Baba’s” altar inside the Temple without any difficulties. Normally if a person is so much proud, he will surely suffer to reach in front of Baba, when he’s pure and clear, he could reach Baba effortlessly. After that I am very much devoted to Baba, because Baba is the God of poor and rich, Hindu or Muslim, very much Universal God. So I used to pray Baba also in my daily prayers and He is always in my heart. Recently when I was jobless for more than 2 years, in the first year I went to Mumbai in search of jobs. On my journey, my real intention was to visit “Shirdi Sai Baba’s” Temple again with my friends in Mumbai. So with my 2 friends, I went to “Shirdi Sai Baba” Temple in Nashik and “Lord Saturn” Temple in Shignapur. I prayed God to help me to overcome my difficult situation. But after that also 1 year, I didn’t get any new job or my difficulties lessen.

Every time Baba reminds me “Deserve before you desire“. So that’s Baba’s advice, whenever you’re wishing for something, first ask yourself, whether you’re capable to acquire that! Some of my job interviews Baba showed His presence in that way. Then I realised that I have to be capable to acquire any good thing in my life. I learned more things related my job and continuously tried. But still no progress. At last the next year again I went to Mumbai in search of Job and I got one. But that was also a story. This time, when I reached Mumbai with my same last year friend’s facilities, one day in depression I told him, these all things are stupid to believe in Gods and all! Also I nagged, last year I went to Baba and still no job like that. Almost I completed to stay in Mumbai 1 month and plan to return my home in Kerala without any hope. One last Thursday, I had to face a job interview for Oman. From morning 9 ‘o’ Clock to till evening 5.30 pm a lot of candidates were there for interviews in a big hall. I didn’t have any hope to win that race also, but just think to give the interview same like other interviews. At last I got my call and just attended the interview. Without hope, while I was returning home, suddenly I got a call from the Agency (Job recruiter) and informed that I was selected for the job and if I am interested, submit my passport and all. Then I realised at last Baba blessed me by this. Because that was “Thursday” and after 6.30 pm. After that “Shirdi Baba” is always with me and His wonders are vast. Baba’s words are real. He said “Patience and devotion” that will make anybody’s life wonderful.

Wish Got Fulfilled

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: Om Sai Ram. I would like to thank the admin for creating such a platform to share the wonderful Miracles of Baba. I started praying Baba from the last year and came in contact with Baba through my elder Sister. I work in Dubai from the past 6 years and recently in my vacation, i got a picture of Baba. Recently I lost my job and had many financial as well as visa issues for which I could not apply for a new job. I prayed to Baba to solve my issues and always got saved by Him. Now I would like to share a miracle which happened today 24.12.2014. My sister visited Shiridi last week and enquired with me, if i wanted a locket of Baba. She send me pictures of three types of lockets and I told her that I like the Locket in which Baba was wearing white and red. As i am in Dubai, I said to her that no need to buy and I will get it when I will visit in Shiridi. Just after three days, my fiancée in Dubai came back from work with a locket in which Baba was wearing the same dress as I wanted. My fiancée joined back on work on the same day after a 10 days leave. When she was in her lunch break, one of the staff was distributing lockets which he got from India. Wonder of wonders, he handed her the locket and without any knowledge that I am a devotee of Baba. This is the best miracle which can happen to me. Currently I am going through a lot of issues but now I know that my Baba is with me all the time. I will keep posting experiences as they happen. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Fulfilled My Wish

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: I believe in Baba since my college days. Jai Sai Ram. From the last three years we (me and my husband) had no jobs because of circumstances, which were not in our hands. We lived with our savings and the savings were running out. We were in big trouble, if we were not able to get the job ASAP. One day, I wake up thinking to start reading Sai Baba Book for peace of mind. When I opened my Facebook account, later on that day, there was a message about Sai Baba miracles and Nava Guruvar Vrat. So I think Baba was directing me to do the Vrat and my problem will be solved. So I decided to start the Vrat the next Thursday and started it accordingly. After the third week, I got the opportunity to do the voluntary work which was helping me to get a future job. I was so happy. After that my husband started receiving phone calls and interviews. But none was materialised. I was so upset and thinking if I done anything wrong in doing the Vrat. After that I remembered Baba words, we have to believe in Him strongly and leave the rest to Him. So I stopped asking Baba for favours and started to read the Baba’s Nithya Parayan Book. After two weeks my husband got a job interview and he is selected for the job. I am so happy now. Baba took care of our needs. Please Baba continue our happiness and peacefulness in our lives. Bless us Baba. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba Answered My Prayer

Sai Brother Mani from India says: I am Baba’s devotee since my childhood. I have just now completed my civil engineering and working as a site engineer in a private firm in Chennai. I am a regular reader of your blog, thanks for such a great site. My experience is about the mistake done by myself at the workplace. I used to order concrete quantity which will be verified by my senior. On 24/12/14, i gave quantity as 52 m3, not cross checked by my senior. But the actual quantity was 45 m3 after deducting the stopper marked area, which i forgot. 7 m3 concrete was found excess. I found myself guilty of putting my senior and a loss of around Rs 40,000 to company. I prayed to Baba on 25/12/14, that owner should not scold my senior person in anyway. I found myself in worst situation, i begged Baba to save me. To everyone’s surprise, owner did not even ask a question about the incident. I accepted the mistake on my part, without Baba answering my prayer, it would be the worst thing. Thanks a lot Baba. Prayers will surely be heard at Baba’s court. Believe in Baba.

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  1. Dear hetalji and all my sai family's brother's and sister's please pray for me..I m trying for a job from last 3 year but didn't got one..I am having exam coming Sunday..so please please please pray for me that should clear my exam nand get a job..baba I have faith on you..please give me job this year.. N all my family's devotees who are looking for a job.. I know how one feel having so highly qualified but still jobless…please Bless my parents n siblings..n all yours devotees with good health,wealth and prosperity.. Om sai ram

  2. Hello Sai Devotees
    Today before sleeping I was tensed and so visited Q/A site of Baba.I was thinking of my problems and asked somewhere thinking that ..may Baba come to my dream.And what answer I got that don't follow wrong ways,Baba will come in your dream and will show you the right ways…

    So I slept happily that Baba will come in my dream….And I thought I really got a dream of baba….in which I offered him 9Rs. And then he started to tell some story of some god and at once I woke up….

    Could anyone tell me the meaning of this dream.. 🙂

  3. Baba please help us..you only can do it… We are totally surrendered to you baba.please help us…don't disappoint us baba.

  4. Om Sai ram
    baba I want your blessings for todays exam of mine..Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

  5. Wonderful experiences and I am sure He has already showed the 2nd devotee a solution 🙂

    O Deva, We are forever in debt to You and surrender ours and everything that is ours (which You have given) at Your feet 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Sai Ram.
    Please Please please forgive me SaiMaa that I vented my helplessness and anger on you but you know it was not for me but for the pain for a helpless abused animal. An abused dog was abandoned, I found it, treated it, nursed him, gave him love to heal his pain…made his smile come back. When I was in shirdi, a heartful prayer I asked Baba to find a nice home who will love and cherish the poor heartbroken dog. I got call from NGO SOS for dogs that a home was found for him, I was happy and thanked Baba. When he left I was sad because I saw the same sadness on his face as he left me. I asked the lady to please give him back to me but out of ego she said 'chapter closed, nothing doing, she sent photo of dog in new place and he looked miserable. I got someone to check on him & they too confirmed he is in a bad state annd some guy keeps poking, and irritating the dog who looks so depressed . I begged & begged cried to baba to help me get him back because of my misjudgement he is heartbroken all over again. And tired or crying aannd begging I swore not to ask Baba for anything & the very next day My 10 year old pet gets diagnosed with metastases spread internally(cancer) & gave him time anytime less than 2mths.
    I am so heartbroken for my pet as well as that poor pom. Please Baba u are the wire puller…Only you can help them. I leave it all to you and free myself. The pain in my heart really hurts very badly & I surrender at your lotus feet.
    I am truly sorry for venting my anger and helplessness and beg for your help for both these animals who cannot speak of their pain.
    Om Sai Ram

  7. Om sai ram
    Baba bless my daughter make her well she is not feeling well coughing very badly got fever. …baby please take care of her baba.
    Om sai ram

  8. sai the path….
    because he guides us
    sai the saviour….
    because he protects us
    sai the doctor….
    because he cures us
    sai the companion….
    because he loves us
    sai the maatha pitha….
    because he cares for us
    sai the guru….
    because he teaches us….
    sai the PARABRAHMA….
    because he is everything for us

  9. om sai ram ! Hi all I have few problems in my life . My husband suffered from cardiac arrest on may 2nd 2015 done angiogram on may4th2015 and found a block in his lower artery by which he can not continue to go to work he have also few problems in his office . my husband is 28yrs old and I am 27yrs old we have daughter of 2yrs old . I am in need of a job now praying so hard to my dear Baba . waiting for his miracle to happen to save my entire family life . Everybody please pray for us.

    • Dear Said Sister, pls apply UDI to your husband's chest & give him water mixed with UDI daily. Trust Baba your husband will be alright

    • Om sairam, please recite sai kastanivaran mantra whenever you get time. Baba will surly bless you in this difficult time. Om sairam

    • Please don't be afraid of anything…. Saiyaan will help you surely. He always came to help me immediately…

      I say never loose hope on Him as HE never give up on devotees

      Jai Saiyaan…… your husband will be fine by Baba's grace…..

  10. baba i am waiting for your blessings….coming Thursday is my 9th thursday of nav guruvarvrat…please bring my husband back to me nd our little child ….please understand the helplessness ….please bring him back before coming thursday so that i my child and my husband together can do your pooja on coming thursday and do udyapan of navguruvar vrat as i have promised you…people tell me its useless to wait for him…but i and my child love him…please make him understand us and make him know the true colour of his relatives …please

  11. Om Sai Ram, Sri Sai Ram, Jai Jai Sai Ram
    BABA! Please be with all your children and help them get rid of their bad karmas. We have no one to turn to except you. Thank you for everything you gave us. Please bless us with your divya darshan
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchidananda Samardha Sadguru Sai nath Maharaj ki Jai

    • Sai baba…. m suffering vth a problem..daily night iam crying badly..I was praying for u since 2yrs about my love..but I dint get my love back to me..sai Maa today I saw my boyfriend with some other girl in temple..I felt heartbroken..plzz sai maa… help me… I want my love back to me.. my love is true..m very sry for mistakes made by me..plzz forgivr me and fullfill my dream..I want my boyfriend back or else take me soon to you…I cant bare this pain anymore…plzzz baba I beg u…

  12. I please sai devotees to suggest me how to get my love back..iam feeling like hell without my love…plzzz anyone here help me..I cant imagine my life without him….plzzz baba give my love back to me… I have faith nd patience towards u… bt since 2yrs iam crying like hell…i cant forget him

  13. I expected something from Baba on 3 of Aug but that didnt happen on that day. So yesterday I said to him that if I will read my experience on this blog …..( Thanks Hetal ji) that meand he forgive me.

    I just going to sleep after watching a movie took my mobile opened facebook which I log in today evening. Opened this blog read few experiences ….. miracle …. found mine …..

    Joy knew no bounds Cried for some time thanked Saiyaan….

    There is one little thing I wrote wrong ….. I didn't tell exactly story about my oath to them.

    Thanks Saiyaan ….. I will post another experience soon when Baba fulfil what he want to give me …..

    On 2 of Aug he tell me to have full faith without doubt then only desired happened…

    Its Him He knows everything ….. I am waiting to share my experience please bless me with your grace ……

    Love you Saiyaan ……. daya karo mere Sai Raksha karo mere Sai

  14. Om Sai Meh Ma .. Meh Ma … Baba pls bless all your devotes n fulfill their wishes .. Baba pls help my daughter to reach her destination where you want her to be .. With Shardha n sabhuri .. I'm waiting for that day .. Om Sai Ram .. Madhu

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