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How I Was Blessed And Accepted

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a software engineer living in Chennai for the past 10 years. My native is Kerala. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram, Dear Hetal Ji. You are doing a wonderful job of maintaining this site. I start my day by reading the stories of this site and I used to feel I am so near to Baba. I am sharing a very recent experience I had in my life. Please edit wherever you feel to do.

I am from Chennai and I got married in the year 2009 since 2009 we had no kids. My wife was having PCOD problems and we consulted many doctors during the four years period and there was no improvement in her condition. Me and my wife were very disappointed and we were facing financial troubles also since I am the whole bread earner of the family. During my early marriage days we were not a devotee of Baba. One of my wife friends told her about the ‘Nav Guruvar Vrat’ and I decided to give a try. I took the Vrat and I did not have any ardent feeling towards Baba in that period. At the end of the 9th day, Vrat commencing date we should distribute sweets or food to the poor people. I bought the food from the hotel went to the temple. I felt someone who did not deserve, forcefully took the food from our hands. I was bit disappointed in that and felt Sai Baba has not accepted me. Nothing changed in my life. Things were as usual. No improvements. Life was full of miseries and began to think why Sai Baba has not answered my prayers. The answer was within me itself I realized that I was not lovable and faithful towards Baba. I took the Vrat very formally. We should surrender everything to Him. Then only you will be accepted by Baba. The only refuge for us is His Holy Feet.

I prayed to Sai and Google and found a doctor for this treatment. I fixed the appointment with him and prayed to Sai for help. I started taking ‘Nav Guruvar Vrat’ so sincerely with complete love, whole hearted devotion expecting Sai Baba will answer my prayers. I started reading Sai Satcharitra daily, which I am reading now also. I pray to Sai Baba that if I get a child I will keep his name and take him to Shirdi. Things started changing in my life from there. We started the treatment and i started visited Sai Baba temple every Thursday, offers flowers to Him and cry on His Feet to get rid of my calamities and I take Prasad as only food during the Vrat time. I started doing Pooja every day in my home also. As per the treatment procedures my wife used to get injected daily and the hospital was near to my home. As it was the peak summer time there were constant power shut down in our area since the transformer for incapable for handling the load and we are facing this for the past four years. I was worried on this as during the treatment she will be very tired and she is supposed to take complete rest. Surprisingly when I came from office the next day I noticed there were no power shut down and no low voltage issue in home. When I enquired this to my wife she told me that EB people has changed our flat electricity connection to a different transformer after that we didn’t had any issues regarding the low voltages or power cut . Then I realized that Sai Baba has started looking at us. He is caring for us Blessings of Sai Baba has started pouring us.

Doctor has started treatment for my wife and this time by giving low dosage of injections itself things are getting better. Previously we tried with high dosage of injections in different hospitals and there were no improvement in the past 4 years. In the middle of the treatment procedures I once went to Sai Baba Temple did the Archana. The priest gave me Udi and asked me to apply on my wife’s forehead. Sai Baba Vrat is supposed to commence in 9 weeks. But time due to some unavoidable situations I missed two weeks so it got extended for 2 more weeks and to my surprise the 9th week Thursday fall exactly one day after the pregnancy test results. I continued reading the Sai Satcharitra Book. I got a lot of happiness while reading the book. Tears flow from my eyes I felt that all my calamities are going to end by the Baba. My wife started reading the Sai Satcharitra one week before the pregnancy test results. Hospital people told that we will receive the results by 4’ o clock evening. We were very anxious about the result, we prayed to Sai Baba for a good result. My wife was reading the last chapters of Sai Satcharitra that time. I called the hospital by 4 PM they told that the results are not yet ready and asked me to call by 5 o clock. Our fear about the result increased and the waiting time for the result would be killing.

By 5’o clock she finished the Sai Satcharitra and I called the hospital they told that results are positive. Tears flow from our eyes we run to the Pooja room where we kept the Sai Baba Idol. Without the acceptance and blessings of Sai Baba we will not be in this state. I decided that from my life here onward till end I will be a true and humble devotee of Sai Baba. The next day is Thursday and I have to commence the Vrat that day. I have made a vow before that if everything turns positive I will feed 300 peoples in the name of Sai Baba in a charity centre in Chennai. I went to the Sai Baba temple in morning fell on His feet, thanked Him for His mercy, distributed sweets and books and straight away went to the charity centre which I have paid the amount for the feeding there by commenced the Vrat. Sai Baba has changed my life. Only thing He expects from us is complete devotion full faith and love towards Him. Surrender completely to Him, keep Him in your heart in all your life. He will protect you. Now the company has processed Visa for me. I pray to Sai to process the Visa successfully and sent me onsite so that my financial problems will cease. May Sai answer all your prayers. Keep Him in your heart in all the moments of your life. Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Parabrahma Sri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai Om Sai Ram

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  1. wow what an experience tears rolled down while reading

    baba plz bless me with a nice groom…i am 31 and i realy feel lonely so mny tyms….cant see my parents like that baba plz shw some mercy on me

    plz devotees pray for me and bless me that i shld get married soon…

  2. sairam dear brother, amazing spell bounding experience, may baba give you a chubby, little pumpkin baby who will walk in baba's path always. All the best for your wife, Please do convey my wishes to her, yes what you said is true, blind faith and surrender and patience is all needed, donno when baba will fulfill wishes of his children in his own timing. Just all we ned is to wait.

  3. In Sai’s Proximity

    – Mrs. Mugdha Divadkar
    in the same year, like Nanasaheb, Baba also brought Shri Narayan Krishna Pendse and his devout wife through Appa Kulkarni to His Darbar.
    Pendse’s wife was very pious. Everyone called her ‘Maai’. Hearing about Baba’s reputation, she was keenly anxious to take His Darshan. But, Pendse himself never believed in such matters. He said to her, “There is no saint in Shirdi that you talk of. However, in a Masjid there, a mad and pretentious Muslim Fakir sits. The villagers are crazy after him. According to the information that I have received, this beggar from the Masjid goes from door to door, collects alms and survives.”
    However, his wife was restless. Considering her anxiety, Baba managed a coincidence. Pendse was required to go to Shirdi for some Govt. work. His wife accompanied him and when he proceeded for his work, she came to the Masjid and took Baba’s Darshan. On returning home, she narrated the incident to Pendse and said, “He is really a saint. Do not criticize Him or blame Him. Take His Darshan and enjoy the bliss !”
    Then Pendse came to the Masjid. When he came near to the steps, Baba roared, “I am warning you. Do not come forward. I am pretentious and mad Muslim. You are high caste Brahmin. Then why do you come to take my Darshan ?”
    Pendse was stunned to hear his exact words coming out of Baba’s mouth. He became restless to have Baba’s Darshan. He caught hold of Appa Kulkarni and with his influence availed Baba’s Darshan.
    Once, Appa was sitting with Baba in the Masjid as per his usual practice. While chitchatting, Baba said to him, “You see Appa, thieves are going to visit our village today. They are not going to commit dacoity; but they are concentrating on the main wealth. They commit their act so fast and with such expertise that even if you are alert, you get cheated. Go and see, what precautions you can take. Because, today they are going to raid you !”
    At that time, there were signs that an epidemic of cholera was likely to break-out. But, nobody could see it coming. Taking Baba’s words literally, Appa started making preparations. He put guards to protect property.
    It was night time and Appa started having vomits and loose motions. His hands and legs became cold turned stiff like wood. His pulse slowed down. Seeing that his end is near, his wife panicked. She was sure that soon she would become a widow.
    She rushed to Baba and pleaded to save her husband. She asked for Udi. But, Baba consoled her that “One day every living being has to face death. But, the soul lives for ever. Take courage and face the reality.”
    Hearing these words, the lady took control of herself. She went home and after some time Appa went to his heavenly abode.
    Next day, 2-3 more people took ill. The villagers rushed to Baba. He said, “Totally seven persons will die and then the disease will leave this village.” Accordingly, seven persons passed away and the epidemic disappeared.
    Appa was fortunate to have the love and affection of his Sadguru.

  4. Congratulations!!! Have a healthy baby with Baba's blessings. I was in tears reading your experience. May Baba fulfill all of devotees wishes just like you. Om Sairam!

  5. Very good experience goes to show how true faith and surrender to Him can change our lives 🙂

    O Sai, Thank You for being with us, guiding us, supporting us and blessing us 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam Om Sairam sai paa bless me,paa pls humbly ask u to fulfil my desire paa..sai paa pls

  7. Om Sairam,hetal ji sai bless u in everything.ji this s not a comment,I m asking you to help me how can I send my prayer to shirdi sai,I m in helpless situation,ji pls guide me,ji kindly give your ans as comment in this blog

  8. baba will bless you with a healthy baby. Please tell your wife to apply udi on her tummy daily and also have it. I have done the same and I blessed with a healthy baby ( my age is 36 years) without any complication by His grace. om sai ram. Baba please bless me with a job I am trying for it almost 3 years.

    • I will tell my wife . let all your wishes come true by sai baba blessing . do nav guruvar vruth . you will surely blessed with job by sai baba blessing

  9. om sai ram i liked this sai leela very much i liked this line very much keep him in your heart it is true he takes all bad karmas if we surender to him he is our life and world also

    • Yes . you are right . all the god expect is complete love and remembrance . every moment of your life think about sai . mediate on him always . on sai ram

  10. Well !! Its really Sai Baba play which made me to open this post and read. Because I'm not a regular visitor of this page. I visit very rarely. Today I didn't get sleep so thought of searching for some interesting experience of Sai devotees. So then I opened this page and this first post.
    I was really shocked when I saw the word PCOD. Because I am having the same problem for past 8 years. It doesn't matter how much treatment I take or even how much harmful tablet I eat, its not working for me. Recently this problem is getting very worse. I'm going through hell that's all I can say. As I'm having irregular periods due to this PCOD, I'm getting periods for past 4 months. Its not at all stopping. 🙁 Im really depressed because of this. I don't know when this will stop. 🙁 you know how hard its for a 21 year old girl like me.
    Then I decided to stop this. I believed if I visit shirdi then that would be the end of this problem. So I'm planning to visit shirdi on Dec 31 and Jan 1. Day before yesterday only I booked the tickets. But see how lucky I'm 🙂 Jan 1st ,2015 ..its going to be a beautiful and blessed Thursday in my life I guess. Because if I start Sai Vrat this week Thursday , then 9th week would be Jan 1st 🙂 I will finish my vrat happily there . I think this post is a sign shown by Sai to me. He wants me to show my faith and love on him with this. And I have planned earlier that after visiting Sai in Shirdi , I would visit some hospital there and planning to take a scan. Please those who are reading this , pray for me. I would be very thankful for you . Om Sai Sree Sai Jai Jai Sai.
    PS : this is my first visit to shirdi and traveling alone…definitely I will share my experience and his blessings on January 🙂

    • Om Sairam,u r very lucky ,bcos u gt a call fm sai paa nd going to get his blessing,I m also praying to go to shirdi once after sai paa fulfil my desire,can u submit my prayer to the holy feet of my sai paa?pls can u?

    • you are very lucky becoz you going to shirdi and see our maa (baba) my wish is also going to shirdi but still i don't have call from our maa plz upload your exprience in shrdi and how is the dharshan after comming and all the best for you baba will always with you…..

  11. Very beautiful experience. I was in tears by the time I finished reading it. Congratulations to both of you. May Baba bless you and your child always.

  12. Om SAI ram to all my lovely SAI devotees !!!
    I do not know where to start. my husband has been angry with me for long and therefore we had no body contact in a long time. when I would touch him at night. He always turned his back to me, but i had full faith on my SAI i did SAI vart every thursday from 2 years and did SAI SATCHIRTAR. Many times my faith Shaked on baba. I thought Many times May b my husband never gonna be Nice to me agian in life.
    But inner core of heart had full faith on my dear SAI maa ! HE can do anyting that is not posssibal for us. HE did that to me tonight. I was on late duty. Came home 11 o'clock on night. Sitt with my hubby till one o'clock and saw tv. Then i slept. But my hubby said he coming to slepp When film is finish. I said ok and slept. He came up 3 o'clock. I slept on my bed side. We have king size bed thats why We had too space between us. I dont know how came to me and said go to your hubby he is waiting for u. I saw just tow shadow that came me and said that. I m Very sure that was my SAI BABAJI. He can do anyting that is not in humans hand. That shadow push me to my hubby and loved me alot. I m so glad today. BABAJI i love u so much. You er just GREAT. It is Averøy Very Very BIG miracal for me. I love You so much.

    Dear devorse We need to remeber just tow words SHARDA & SABURI !!! Thats all. Rest leav on BABAJI.

  13. Baba , i have always accepted your wish as my wish .you know it and i have done it happily , wholeheartedly.not out of any force but out of sheer love and faith that what you do is ultimately good for me. You know the terrible tragedy i went through recently.this was immediately after my nav-guruvar vrath.i had wished for him to change for the good and return to us..but what happened and what followed totally turned my
    life upside down.still i did not complain.went through so many things but kept r testimony for that my sa. How much more are you going to test me? Pl dont test me to the point that i break down.i already have.cant take it anymore.cant smile anymore. I fought with you badly after years..but came back to you…since i realize there is no one else for me..if you leave me i am rudderless.where will my little one go? Are there so many bad karmas we have committed? None i have done in this have some mercy baba.i know there are millions of devotees who are better in the way they worship and surrender to you.i too have done to the best of my capacity and knowledge.pls let me not be that fruit that wants to cling on to the branch…but is plucked and thrown off..pls baba bless us. Let not evil win over good. Aanch terey bhakton pe jo aayi hogi teri hi ruswaai…..pls sai ..already i have become an object of ridicule..i want to hold on for my baby's sake…my baby does not have anyone else…you cannot forsake us..please baba please…

    • Baba never forsakes anyone! i used to think too in my bad time that baba did forsake but that was my mistake! The test you have might be hard but anyone who keeps faith and patience in test is never left empty-handled.
      Jai Sai Nath! Jai Mata Di! Jai Sad Guru!

    • Thanks for the kind words.may Baba bless you.I am in a very critical situation for no fault of mine.out of the blue things started going out of control in my life to the extent that it ended in a irreversible situation – a loss , sumthing that my baby and i can never come out of.inspite of that crocodiles are all around to screw up our already messed up lives further.only Baba can pull us out of this. It is man versus god now. Evil versus good.somebodys jealousy and insecurity has cost me my loved one whom Baba only had united and every step in our life was with prayer to Baba..and in the blink of an eye everything is i said NOW Baba should not leave my hand.i am innocent.i have not done anything wrong.all i asked Sai ever was peace n happiness..nothing material.n now these very 2 things r robbed from my life

    • I can understand your problem very well since I am going through the same however like said by the Sai devotee we and our faith patience will not go empty handed Om Sai Ram !!!!!!

  14. Dear Baba,

    I am worried about my Visa Stamping. Also, a long term thought is making me sleepless. I am not sure if I have to think about an unknown dead person continously and suffer. I am not sure if I have any type of relationship with him. Please help me BABA. Please make me understand the reality.

    OM SAI RAM !!!

  15. yes…very nice experience…i was full of tears after reading your experience…May Sai bless u with a healthy baby….

  16. I seek help from Sai to be a good devotee of Sai. Give me the insights that is required to constantly have Sai Grace with me and my family. Sai Ram, I seek your divine blessings divine grace divine mercy divine love to overcome my current negativeness and stay happy and be in gratitude towards you, that you have given me a wonderful life. I pray that your will lead me to the path where I can realize the purpose of my life with enthusiasm, faith and patience. Om Sai Ram.

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