Always Follow Sai’s Words

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Sai’s child who always experience Leelas of Sai Maa by which my life is happy. Just from few minutes back I am experiencing a problem because of not obeying Sai’s words. Dear all Sai devotees, This is a small girl writing my experience with tears rolling my cheeks now. Om Sai Ram I was the happiest person in the world and hope am even the same now one and only with the help of our Sai Maa. Sai Maa came into my college life through my roommate who is a Sai’s child and on a surprising day, her mom gave me Sai Idol even myself before merging to Sai. From the moment after on seeing Sai’s face and after hearing Sai’s Leelas, i am merged with Him and now He is always next to my mom and sometimes, He Himself is my Maa.

For the past 2 years i am in love with a guy who is good at everything, whom i always think that he is our Sai Maa’s gift to me. Sai made many miracles and happy turnovers in my life. We went to Shiridi just 2 days before this New Year believing Him strongly that my life going to be happy by Him. As I already know, my parents are strict opposes to such love facts and I believed only Baba that He introduced me my partner with a reason that he is going to be my partner ever and so i left this issue to Lotus Feet of Sai Maa and fortunately, because of Sai Maa, He Himself in some forms, making my parents to choose the same guy as my partner through formal alliance matching. This is the great deal for me and i am thankful to Sai Maa always for His Leelas and I believe that He will make our wedding in a good manner with all His blessing. Thank You Sai Ma for everything.

But today, I experienced the saddest part of my life and i am experiencing it now. From past 2 months, my partner is suffering a loss of huge money day by day, this is continuing even now. We both prayed Him wholeheartedly. Yesterday a situation arises for him to choose a decision in his business by which he could recover his money more than half of it. We both were in confusion to choose the right path. So I decided to pick a paper written with yes or no options by placing it on the Feet of Sai Maa (without the knowledge of my partner). He replied with an answer which is opposite to what my partner decides. After a strong controversy within me, I hided tell him about Sai’s decision thinking that he may get depressed by it. So I kept mum yesterday without telling him what Sai replied me.

But today because of this, few seconds before my partner had again experienced a loss which will take more than years to recover from. I regret my mistake in hiding Sai’s decision and not following His words for the first time. I am really very sorry Sai Maa. Please forgive Your child. Now i am writing this experience in order to make you know Sai children, never to go against Sai Maa’s words. I am experiencing it now and I know that i am experiencing this due to my karma that i did yesterday. So you my dear devotees, don’t ever go against His words. He only knows what next. I even now strongly believing Him that He will help us to recover from our loss shortly. My dear Sai Maa thanks for everything. Sorry for everything. I know that even now You are near me holding my hands to write this apology and miracle. I know You won’t let Your children feel for a long. Be with me ever to renew everything. Om Sai Namo Namah, Shree Sai Namo Namah, Om Jai Sai Namo Namah, Sadguru Sai Namo Namah. –with tears, Your child.

Baba Showed Me A Way To Improve In My Career

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Warm greeting to all Sai devotees. I thank everyone who are responsible in maintaining this great site which acts as a boosting element when we feel low. Below is a miracle of Baba in which He showed me a way to improve my career. I was a working IT professional. I was working as a QA in Bangalore for a good organisation. I moved to US after marriage. After coming to US I started looking for job. I sent my profile to many consultants, posted them on job sites, applied for new openings every day. In spite of all this I never got a single interview call. Life was so monotonous and the feeling of me sitting idle at home was killing me. I used to pray to Baba to give me a good job. One day my husband came home and told me that the US market is flooded with lot of QA people and recruiters prefer people with green card or citizens. I was neither. I got totally frustrated.

Then one day when I was praying a thought crossed my mind. I thought of doing my masters after which I can switch my field. I considered this to a blessing from Baba. I started preparing for IELTS exams. I prepared for couple of weeks and registered for my exam. The day of the exam came, I prayed to Baba and left for the exam. I never thought about anything while the security checks were going on. My only thought was “Baba is there don’t get scared”. I got my candidate number and the sum total of the digits in my candidate number was 9 (Baba’s number). I felt so happy. I got my results today and Baba has blessed me with Band 8 score which I asked for. This is the first step towards my future career. I kindly request all children of Baba to wait until your chance comes as father never turns away His children. All we need to remember is Our Father has got so many children and He is busy fulfilling everyone’s desire. Shirdi Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Timely Help By Baba

Sai Sister Sathyapriya from Singapore says: Dear Sai devotees, we are ordinary devotees of Lord Sai and staying in Singapore with our two sons. I would like to share my wonderful experience which I felt just now i.e. 12.00 am in Singapore. I have two sons elder being 7 years and younger one only 5 months old. Since yesterday night younger one passed urine only at 5.30 pm evening then he slept. Though he woke up in middle but till 11.30 pm he did not pass urine. I was very much worried and ran to Baba. I prayed to Him and applied Udi that he should pass urine within 30 minutes. I made a prayer at 11.20 pm and he passed urine 11.50 pm exactly 30 minutes. Immediately I turned on FB and wanted to share with you all. He is there and with us always. Om Sai Ram

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  2. Hello ,
    Could someone please explain about Chapter 20 of Sai Satcharitha, Especially Das Ganu’s interpretation on Girls new Sari and back to normal life.I read this several time’s but I somehow could not understand the inner meaning of this story.
    Please help.

    • Dear Devotee – with Baba's help I can try to answer your question. I believe that the essence of that chapter is that happiness is a matter of attitude and not circumstances. The little girl sang happily when she didn't have the new saree and sang equally happily when she did but was still wearing her old clothes. Her happiness was not based on any material possession but just on her acceptance of her circumstances. That is my humble interpretation but I look forward to other explanations as well. Baba forgive me if I have got it all wrong.

    • I also understood this story in the same way as you..the book says that we should be content with our life beleiving that what happens is ordained by God and is ultimately good for us.The little girl is as cheerful wearing her old dress the next day as she was the previous day when she got the new dress.this is becoz she was not habituated to seeking material pleasures for her was internal happiness that kept her going.this is my understanding by Sai's grace.again pls forgive me for any thing not right

    • Dear devotee who asked for explanation on chapter 20, here is my humble explanation:
      Whatever happens in our life is for our good. Because God knows what is best for us. We should be content with what He gives us.

    • Dear Friends,
      Thank you for your time and concern towards my question I am so obliged to see all your posts. Currently with the grace of Baba I have started doing Sai Saptha Parayan and I was facing some trouble understanding chapter 20 so I had asked that question Yesterday and after I posted that question in the evening Baba gave me a Practical Example of the situation which after Experiencing I started analyzing why this has happened to me and today while I came back here to check for the answer I realized that what ever happened yesterday was a lesson for me from my Baba.(incident was : I had a conversation with a Interviewer and at first he was very rude at me and I was calm and accepted his advise later after an hour he again called me and this time he was friendly and made me understand which area I was weak and how I can overcome it.) by this I understood that happiness and satisfaction lies in taking all negative things in a positive way and a little effort by us to influence a positive vibes on others and accepting ourself and being truthful is all it takes to be happy and rest leave it to him, He is a doer and he does it all by his way and ultimatelty guides you to your destination.
      Friends, I know still there is many more hidden lessons the more deeper we go the more wider the meaning will be.To my small brain this is all I understood and Thanks to BABA for everything.
      Om Sai Ram,

    • You are right.from my personal experience, i realized that everytime i read the satcharita, understood some meaningful aspect which i may not focussed on earlier..or i understand something more about the same sentence that i would have read so many times earlier but would not have got that helps so much in rationalizing the day to day happenings in our life. Baba's teaching help us to cope up with life and life's challenges better.and also 1 more thing…u r lucky to be reading the holybook..since although we have the book with us only when Baba wishes we will be inclined to start a reading. Om sai

  3. i dont have words to comment on these really such lovely and wonderfull experiences. please our all sai childern pray for me to concentrate on my studies and to pass my ipcc group 2 exams(ca 2nd level) to our beloved sai maa. baba please help me to concentrate in my studies and help me to pass my exams. and also bless me to have full faith on you. help me sai maa.

    • Hi m also in same situation as u writing my second group this time and hope ll clear this time with blessings of sai baba..Al d best for u too….fr sure baba helps us in crackin d exam…Al d best do well…and pray for me too…thank u
      Al d best sai devotee…

    • thank you sai (prathiba) for your prayers for me. i whole heartedly pray our beloved baba to make you crack in our exams. with baba blessings we shall defenetly pass our exams. i wish you good luck and all the very best. once again thank you very much for your prayers. OM SAI RAM.

  4. n Sai’s Proximity

    – Mrs. Mugdha Divadkar NANASAHEB CHANDORKAR

    This an event which took place during the early days – when Nanasaheb was the secretary of the collector for Nagar district. He planned a trip to Harishchandragad along with his colleagues from his office. It was summer and they were going to find it difficult to climb the mountain. Amongst the colleagues, there was Khirvandikar – a very polite person, but also very forthright in what he said. He said, “Nanasaheb, please excuse my saying so ! But, these are the days of summer. The path to Harishchandragad is steep and difficult. On the way, not a drop of water will be available. Therefore, I suggest that the programmme be postponed for the time being.”
    But, Nanasaheb was not convinced by, what he was told and decided to go ahead with the plan. On the appointed day, they began climbing the mountain. The group somehow managed to complete half the journey. But, Nanasaheb was restless because of thirst. He said to Khirvandikar, “Do something, but give me some water to drink ! Without that, I would not be able to take even a single step ahead.” Saying this, he almost gave up and sat down on a boulder. Khirvandikar took a look around. But, there was no trace of water around. He also could not spot any human being, who could have guided them in finding water. Nanasaheb was very adamant – he did not wish to give up the remaining journey nor was he is position to take even one additional step to complete it.
    Nanasaheb began reciting Baba’s name. Suddenly, he spotted a Bhilla carrying a load of firewood on his head. Nanasaheb pleaded with him to give him some water. “Can I get some water from nearby ?” The Bhilla replied, “Oh, there is water below the rock on which you are sitting !” People from the group moved the rock and found that there was water steaming under it. The water was clean, cold and sweet and sufficient to satisfy everyone’s thirst. Now they began searching for the Bhilla to thank him. But, he was nowhere to be seen and had quietly disappeared. Seeing this, Nanasaheb said, “See this miracle of my Baba. Did He not provide me water, where I was sitting ? I was not required to go anywhere for it.” Everyone was a witness to this miracle.
    At exactly the same time, in Shirdi, Baba had grown uneasy. He started telling the devotees, who had gathered around Him “Nana is restless. My Nana is tired because of thirst. Someone must give him water.” The devotees were unable to understand the meaning of Baba’s utterances. Some of them even thought that Nanasaheb’s life was in danger. A few days later, Nanasaheb came to Shirdi as per his usual practice. Baba immediately enquired, “Nana, did you get water ?” Nanasaheb was moved with this and tears of joy started streaming through his eyes. Those present now, understood the meaning of Bab’s earlier utterances.

  5. Baba , i have always accepted your wish as my wish .you know it and i have done it happily , wholeheartedly.not out of any force but out of sheer love and faith that what you do is ultimately good for me. You know the terrible tragedy i went through recently.this was immediately after my nav-guruvar vrath.i had wished for him to change for the good and return to us..but what happened and what followed totally turned my
    life upside down.still i did not complain.went through so many things but kept r testimony for that my sa. How much more are you going to test me? Pl dont test me to the point that i break down.i already have.cant take it anymore.cant smile anymore. I fought with you badly after years..but came back to you…since i realize there is no one else for me..if you leave me i am rudderless.where will my little one go? Are there so many bad karmas we have committed? None i have done in this have some mercy baba.i know there are millions of devotees who are better in the way they worship and surrender to you.i too have done to the best of my capacity and knowledge.pls let me not be that fruit that wants to cling on to the branch…but is plucked and thrown off..pls baba bless us. Let not evil win over good. Aanch terey bhakton pe jo aayi hogi teri hi ruswaai…..pls sai ..already i have become an object of ridicule..i want to hold on for my baby's sake…my baby does not have anyone else…you cannot forsake us..please baba please…

    • Thanks for reading my post and for the kind wishes. Pray that Baba blesses you and all his devotees and our pains are reduced

    • May Baba resolve all your problems! I feel that desperation too but also know that Baba is seeing everything and will come to our rescue when the time is right. Lets hang in there with faith and patience dear sai devotee

  6. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Sri Swami Samarth And Royal Personalities*****
    Most royal personalities are often very proud and addicted to pleasures.
    However, there are a few royal personalities with religious devoutness as well as
    righteousness. Sri Swamiji was a stark naked ascetic who treated a beggar and king
    equally. Even then, there were some royal personalities that established contact with
    Sri Swamiji.

    *****Maloji Raje*****
    Raje saheb Maloji Raje, king of Akkalkot State, was a good and virtuous person
    promoting the growth of devoutness, honesty, fairness, and uprightness. It is only
    because of him that Sri Swamiji set up a temporary abode at Akkalkot. Maloji Raje
    always went for the ’Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji. He sometimes succeeded in convincing Sri
    Swamiji to come and stay with him at the palace. Rajesaheb made sure that all the
    comforts and amenities of the State were available for the service of Sri Swamiji.
    With the kind blessings of Sri Swamiji, Rajasaheb had a son born in his family.
    The British Government at the time had dismissed the state Government of Akkalkot,
    but the same was restored with the kind mercy of Sri Swamiji. Thereafter, all members
    of the royal family of Rajasaheb became devotees of Sri Swamiji.
    Nevertheless, Sri Swamiji also did not refrain from criticizing him for his
    demerits or drawbacks. Once when Rajasaheb came riding on an elephant to visit and
    seek the blessings, Sri Swamiji slapped Raje for such a status show and disrespect. Sri
    Swamiji had also shown his disappointment when Rajesaheb had given shelter to the
    atrocious and tyrannical Dajeeba Bhosle; Rajesaheb had to endure the fruits of such
    displeasure of Sri Swamiji. Nonetheless, Sri Swamiji still had a great liking for Maloji
    Raje. When Rajesaheb was lying in his deathbed, Sri Swamiji personally walked to the
    palace and gave him the last blessings.

    vyavasāyō vyavasthānaḥ saṁsthānaḥ sthānadō dhruvaḥ |
    pararddhiḥ paramaspaṣṭastuṣṭaḥ puṣṭaḥ śubhekṣaṇaḥ || 42 ||

    384. Vyavasāyaḥ: One who is wholly of the nature of knowledge.
    385. Vyavasthānaḥ: He in whom the orderly regulation of the
    universe rests.
    386. Sāṁsthānaḥ: One in whom all beings dwell in the states of
    387. Sthānadaḥ: One who gives their particular status to persons
    like Dhruva according to their Karma.
    388. Dhruvaḥ: One who is indestructible.
    389. Pararddhiḥ: One who possesses lordliness of this most exalted
    390. Paramaspaṣṭaḥ: One in whom 'Para' or supremely glorious 'Ma'
    or Lakshmi dwells. Or one who is the greatest of all beings
    without any other's help.
    391. Tuṣṭaḥ: One who is of the nature of supreme.
    392. Puṣṭaḥ: One who in fills everything.
    393. Śubhekṣaṇaḥ: One whose Ikshanam or vision bestows good on
    all beings that is, gives liberation to those who want Moksha
    and enjoyments to those who are after it, and also cuts
    asunder the knots of the heart by eliminating all doubts.

  8. Sai maa
    please please let our plan go without any problems
    hold my hand firmly helping us to take each step showering us with your blessings
    luv u
    falling at your lotus feet

  9. Om Sairam.forgive my sins saibaba. Kindly forgive me Saibaba I couldn't read this for 3-4 days.Saibaba my senior should clear his exam he said papers were tough kindly help him Saibaba,he should somehow pass, kindly doa miracle.Saibaba my marriage was broken few months back you know everything but I get repeatedly remained of that person, I know this is not healthy but how to overcome this, I know you have tied my knot with somebody else. As I dont have my mom, you should help me to overcome this.Saibaba take care of my father and brother.I love you Saibaba. Be with us always and guide us.thanks for whatever you have given me.

  10. om sri sai ram
    Due to your grace i have no problem in my life having a peaceful life, good husband and lovely kids.
    Help all my friends and relatives to have a good life baba
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

  11. Very nice experiences.

    Bless us O Sadguru with peace and happiness whenever when we resort to Your feet.

    Jai Sairam

  12. Om Jai Sai Ram !!!!!
    Thanks Baba !!!!!
    Today i have purchased my own two wheeler Aviator. This is because by the grace of yours only.
    Thanks a lot to you My Baba. Pls call me in your temple with my new Aviator and showers blessings of your feet. It is my wish to come to your temple with it.
    I know you will fullfill my wish.
    Waiting for your darshan. Om Jai Sai Ram !!!!!!

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