My Experiences In Shirdi From 13th May To 15th May 2014

Sai Sister Uma from India says: I am a regular reader of your blog. You are doing an excellent job of giving a chance of everybody’s experiences to share. By reading the experiences surely a person will start worshiping Baba. He will draw the devotees to Him and will give His blessings. The experiences increase the faith in His devotees. People will come to know of ‘Shraddha and Saburi”.

Om Sai Ram. We were blessed with a good Darshan. Before we started for Shirdi i prayed Baba for a safe and convenient journey as i have planned to take elders along with us. Baba really took us in arms and made all our Darshan smoothly. He helped in every minute and second in meeting the PRO, in getting the pass for senior citizens, and accompanied them in the Darshan. There were heavy crowd, but we were blessed by Baba to have Darshan several times. Instead of 3 hrs standing in the queue, we were able to see Baba within an hour. All the three days we were able to see the Darshan of Baba within an hour. Each and every time we entered the shrine moving towards Darshan, we received Laddu Prasad from Shirdi Sansthan officials. We moved or Baba made us to move and when we were near the Samadhi of Baba. I just look at Baba and thanked Him for giving me a very good Darshan.

First Darshan on Tuesday 13th may: I gave the prayers to the Pujari ji, who kept at the lotus feet of Baba and return them by placing flowers and sweets from the Samadhi Mandir on the prayers. I was thrilled to see this. I was continuously telling Om Sai Nathaya Namaha. Tears rolled down my cheeks, i did not know where i am standing, and there was nothing I could see except Baba. I could see Baba shining before me. The securities who never allowed anybody to stand for a minute, allowed us and we stood for 15 minutes before Baba. They even allowed us to sit and pray. Baba, this is because of Your mercy only. On 14th may, we have planned for morning Darshan which happens to be Chitra Pournamy, there were heavy rush in all the gates. But again Baba took us in arms and gave us Darshan. On that day also, i again submit my prayers (i started writing prayers daily in Shirdi) and were blessed by Baba with flowers from His Samadhi. Being Chitra Pournamy on full Monday which is very auspicious for Satyanarayana Pooja, we got a chance to participate in the Pooja. We were blessed to do the Pooja with idols of Ganesha, Sai and Krishna. Sai helped us in every second to move and we received Satyanarayana Pooja Prasad, booked for Dhoop Aarti and we moved inside the Samadhi Mandir and reached near Baba. I wrote prayers daily and submitted at the lotus feet of Baba. I prayed for all Sai Devotees. Then we started collecting Udi, and reached Chavadi and Dwarkamai and the hanuman temple. Baba took care of all the elders and we all reached our Place with Baba’s Blessings.

Om Sai Ram If we sincerely pray Baba, He will give us what we want. Sai i am at Your Lotus Feet, i went to the Shirdi Sansthan shop and got ‘life and teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba. This is also a miracle. Sai Devotee Hetal ji, this book was referred by you 2 months back. I wanted to read the book, but to my surprise i never thought that i would get this. During my Shirdi trip i went inside the book shop to get Aarti book, and wanted to purchase the book you referred. But i forgot the book name. But to my surprise my daughter got this and presented to me. It’s a miracle because Baba read my mind and blessed me to get this book. He wants me to read this book. Baba thanks for Your kindness. Om Sai Ram

Got Job With Baba’s Blessing

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi I am a very small Sai devotee. I am 33 yrs old from Bangalore, India. I am one of the very small devotees of Baba. I came to know about Baba in Dec 2006 through another Sai Devotee and since then I am following Him. I am 33 years old and experienced tough part of my life in 2006 and 2014. After completing my Graduation in the year 2004, I secured a Job with one of the leading Bank as a Phone Banking officer, but as I was not satisfied with my Job and I quit the Job in 3 months time and joined another job which one was only for 15 days. After that I was Jobless for quite some time. Then I secured a job again after 4-5 months in an IT company which was again fraud and was not paying salary regularly but somehow I worked there for a year. I quit this job in November 2006 and was again jobless.

I tried finding a job hard but was not getting any breakthrough. One day I simply visited a consultancy to drop my resume and they asked me to come for an interview next day which was a Thursday. Reluctantly I went to attend the interview and I reached 15 minutes late. By then the written test had already started but with Baba’s grace (I had just started to know about Baba) I cleared the written test and next day(Friday) had the face to face interview in the company, I got selected in the first round and was asked to come for the 2nd round of interview on Monday, next day being a Saturday I went to a Shiva temple and by Sai Baba’s blessing to Sai’s temple which was for the first time in my life, at that time afternoon Aarti was going on. After the Aarti was over and after eating Prasad I was taking rest in a park when all of a sudden I got a call from the consultancy that my next round of interview is scheduled on the same day and I need to be at the spot within 1 hour.

I had no money with me, but Sai Baba came in the form of my friend and gave me 100 rupees to go to the interview by Auto. By Baba’s grace I got selected which I got to know on Monday Morning and the HR informed me of the documents required, but unfortunately I didn’t have many documents with me, but with Baba’s grace I could arrange all the documents which I submitted and I cleared my Background Verification as well which was difficult as the company which I worked for previously was shut. But it was Baba’s Miracle only that I could get the Job. After this in the same job I was permanently moved to night shift because of which I was badly affected and I started looking for a day shift job. I attended many interviews but was not able to secure a day shift job, then in November I attended an interview and I cleared both the rounds of interview, it was on a Thursday when I had visited Baba’s Mandir and was praying. I got an SMS from the company’s HR that I have cleared all the round of interviews and that I need to submit the documents which I did with Baba’s grace. It was again Baba’s grace that I got the Job.

I quit this job in six months time and secured another Job with Baba’s grace where I worked for more than 2 yrs and being in this Job only I was able to go to Shirdi for Baba’s Darshan after coming back from Shirdi I got an increment also. But because of pressure I again started looking for another Job, which I could secure but pressure level was much higher than what it was in the previous job and I was not able to perform and had problems with my employer and he fired me from the Job and I again become jobless. This incident happened in February 2014. I attended many interviews but was not able to secure any Job, as I was sitting idle at home I started to read Sri Sai Satcharitra and completed in 7 days and with Baba’s Grace I again got a Job in a very good company which my friend working there referred me (Baba came in the form of this friend to rescue me from my miseries). I read Sri Sai Satcharitra again and completed in 7 days.

I had promise to Baba that I will post the story of His miracles as soon as I get the Job, but I delayed posting it by a month and a half, Please forgive me Baba for the delay and help me to perform in this Job. Baba You are my everything Mother, Father, Guru, Friend, Brother, Sister. Please guide me and always be with me and with all Your whole hearted Devotee. Once again Baba I am very sorry for the delay in sharing the story of Your miracles, please forgive me. Also please forgive me for any mistake in the story. Thank You, Thank You very much Baba for all Your miracle in my and my family lives. Om Sai Ram, Om Sai Nathay Namah, Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai, Om Sadguru Sai Baba

Power Of 9 Weeks Vrat

Sai Sister Rashmi from India says: Hello to all my Sai Family Members. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness to see how unfathomable our Gurus Leela is. I can everyday see how Sai is showering His Grace and Mercy on His Devotees and changing their fortune for good. I hereby want to share the Power of 9 Weeks Vrat.

Recently I did this Vrat for a close and dear friend of mine who left to Dubai in look out for a Job. Exactly from the week he left to Dubai I started performing the 9 weeks Vrat and as the inevitable could happen from the 4th Week to 5th Week, He got a job. And he has now relocated to Dubai. This Pooja is very Powerful as we all know 9 Weeks Vrat is forms of Devotion that we surrender to Sai in those weeks. Please perform this Pooja with utmost Devotion and Love and see the Miracles happen. More about my other experiences, visions and Dreams will be published soon. I am waiting for the right indication from my Guru to proceed with my writing.

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  1. om sai ram 3rd experience is very good i also performed once this vrat it is very powerful i also feel miracels i got 2 miracles one my sons job changed to near my house he went long distence he got job near my home 2nd my house property to sell it took more than 10 years with this vrat baba helped us to sell that house i felt very happy this is his power

  2. Sai maa
    please make me alright confident cheerful and healthy
    hold me firmly and shower your blessings my maa
    b there for me always
    love you
    Falling at your lotus feet

  3. Very good experiences!

    O Sai, I surrender myself to Your lotus feet, body, mind, soul and ego. Let the mind be with thoughts of You and love O Sadguru. Thank You for blessing us with Love and Happiness O Deva 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  4. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Balappa Maharaj*****
    Balappa was one of the most favourite devotees of Sri Swami Samarth. He had a
    long association with Sri Swamiji and was one of his most faithful attendants.
    Balappa was a Yajurvedi Brahmin. He came from Haveri village, Dharwad District in
    Karnatak State and belonged to a rich family with a money-lending business. It was a
    very flourishing house and fully prosperous with all comforts available. But Balappa was
    detached from all this prosperity and became restless to meet a Guru. One day, he
    suddenly abandoned his home and went in search of a Guru. First he went to Murgoad
    and took blessings from the renowned Chidambarswami, who was the incarnation of
    Lord Shiva. From there, he went to Ganagapur, Karnatak.
    He initiated the performance of religious ceremonies at Ganagapur. Early at dawn, he
    would bathe at the Sangam and worship until midday. He would then collect cooked
    food given as alms and eat. He continued such severe worship for two months and
    rendered service to Nrusimha Saraswati, the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey. He then had
    a visionary insight in his dream where a Brahmin told him to go to Akkalkot. When he
    woke up he found a small letter under his pillow stating not to rush.
    Because of his deep asceticism and rigorous devout austerity, there was an
    awakening of likeness in the heart of Balappa regarding all living beings, including man,
    animals, insects, worms etc. One day he found a poisonous scorpion under his dhotee,
    but he opted not to kill it. On the same day, Sri Swamiji made a Divine appearance in
    his dreams. Next day, when he went to collect alms, he received Puranpoli286 from every
    house he visited. He regarded this incident as an auspicious sign and immediately
    started his journey to visit Sri Swamiji. After walking for some distance he felt
    heaviness in his legs, but he kept chanting the Divine name of Sri Swami Samarth and
    the heaviness in his legs disappeared such that he could walk comfortably and complete
    his journey.
    Sri Swamiji was in Khasbaug, when Balappa reached Akkalkot. Balappa offered a
    little sugar candy to Sri Swamiji and took his blessings. Balappa realised that the
    lustrous Divine figure that had visited him in his dream was none other than Sri
    Swamiji. He prostrated and embraced the lotus feet of Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji too was
    delighted to see this deserving disciple and embraced a nearby tree, hopping and
    skipping out of joy. Balappa started to stay in the Muralidhar temple. Sri Swamiji would
    sometimes stay at the palace during those days. Balappa went to the palace to visit Sri
    Swamiji for his blessings and very soon became an attendant of Sri Swamiji.
    Initially, Sundarabai delegated him the task of cleaning the smoking pipe and
    apparatus. He completed that task sincerely. Eventually, he was slowly delegated more tasks such as making Sri Swamiji’s bed, heating water, making sandalwood paste and
    even cooking food at times.
    One day, Sri Swamiji distributed some Prasad of dried dates to everybody
    around, but did not give any to Balappa. Therefore, Cholappa put two dried dates in
    Balappa’s hand but Sri Swamiji snatched them immediately. Balappa felt very bad, but
    after a few days Sri Swamiji took out a piece of sugar candy from his own mouth and
    gave it to Balappa. Balappa ate it immediately to prevent it from being snatched away
    again. Sri Swamiji burst into laughter.
    Balappa was a keen believer of untouchability. Sri Swamiji did not approve this
    quality in Balappa. Therefore, Sri Swamiji asked him to fetch water from a house that
    was mourning a death in the family. When there is mental purity, there is no need
    for external purity.

  5. Balappa observed severe asceticism, but he was not able to concentrate. Once
    Sri Swamiji forcibly struck him with his fist on his (Balappa’s) back and Balappa’s
    mental contemplation immediately disappeared. Observing the increasing love of Sri
    Swamiji towards Balappa other attendants became inflamed with jealousy. Sundarabai
    quarrelled with him and then showered a number of abuses. This annoyed Balappa to a
    great extent but Sri Swamiji made him understand. When other attendants started
    harassing him, Balappa got annoyed and decided to return home. Sri Swamiji
    therefore ordered Balappa to continuously chant the ‘Mahamool Mantra’ in the
    temple of Lord Hanuman. Later one day, an attendant complained to Sri Swamiji
    about Balappa and how he stayed away from him for chanting ‘Japa’. Sri Swamiji
    replied back smilingly, “Oh! My devotees maybe anywhere far away, but still
    they are nearby”.
    Balappa was troubled even in the temple of Lord Hanuman and hence Sri
    Swamiji went there in person to calm the situation. When Sri Swamiji decided to
    undertake the great journey (Mahasamadhi), he called his favourite disciple Balappa
    and gave him his ring. He placed his bountiful hand on his forehead and blessed him.
    He then removed the Rudraksha from his own necklace and asked Balappa to wear it.
    He also gave him his clothes and his very own ‘Paduka’ with orders to build a temple.
    Balappa established a big temple in Akkalkot and continued to worship Sri
    Swami Samarth. After the ’Mahasamadhi’ of Sri Swamiji, Balappa carried on that
    tradition for about thirty-two years and hoisted Sri Swamiji’s flag with full competence.
    By discharging an arrow of Divine love, a Sadguru, diverts the attention of a
    disciple from worldly entanglements and encourages him towards spiritualism.
    He applies his entire spiritual strength and attempts to make the disciple
    perfect. Thus a Sadguru converts a disciple into a perfect Sadguru like himself.
    “A Sadguru converts a disciple like himself without any delay!”
    Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj, the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey Himself, was on
    earth in manifested and non-manifested forms for nearly 800 years. In the manifested form, he remained at Akkalkot and showered his kind grace as and when he wanted.
    There is no count of the number of disciples he made, but some of the disciples of Sri
    Swami Samarth that reached the stage of Sadguru and spread the devotional lustre,
    are shown below-
    1) Sri Krishna Saraswati alias Kumbhar Swami of Kolhapur
    2) Balappa Maharaj of Akkalkot
    3) Beedkar Maharaj of Pune
    4) Swami Nrusimha Saraswati of Alandi
    5) Vaman Bua Vamorikar or Badodekar
    6) Thakurdas Bua of Mumbai
    7) Haribhau or Swamisut of Mumbai
    8) Gopalbua Kelkar or Preetinand Swamikumar of Chiplun
    9) Taat Maharaj of Mumbai
    10) Dev Mamledar of Nasik
    11) Anandnath Maharaj of Vengurla
    12) Anand Bharati or Laxman Koli of Thane, Mumbai
    13) Rangoli Maharaj of Kolhapur
    14) Jamadar of Maindargi
    15) Seetaram Bua of Mangalvedha
    16) Dadasaheb alias Sachhidanand Swamikumar of Mumbai
    17) Baba Gholap of Nasik
    18) Kal Bua of Pune
    19) Mayuranand Saraswati of Sopara
    20) Nana Rekhi of Ahmadnagar
    21) Shankar Maharaj of Pune
    22) Jangli Maharaj of Pune
    23) Bavadekar Bua of Barshi
    24) Sachhidanand Maharaj of Pandharpur
    25) Sripati Baba Maharaj of Mahalunge
    26) Gopalkrishna Swami of Hupari
    27) Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon
    28) Saibaba of Shirdi

  6. Experiences of Sai Maharaj

    Experiences recorded by late hon. Hari Sitaram Dixit :-

    One morning while reading, I found a confusing question and was dumbfounded. Ultimately, I left the book and went to have my lunch. After lunch I left for office. At Bandra station, a friend of mine saw me and got into the same compartment. He sat next to me. Later, at Mahim his friend got in and we were introduced to each other. I invited him for Kirtan at my place in the evening.
    My Bandra friend alighted at Dadar. The friend from Mahim did not speak to me; but I saw him writing something. He gave me a piece of paper before getting down at Grant Road station. There was an ‘Abhanga’ written on it. Reading it, solved the problem, which had confused me in the morning.
    Likewise, it is my experience, that many such problems have been suddenly solved.

    Once, an astrologer went to Shirdi. He went for Baba’s Darshan; but all his attention was concentrated on money. He did not perceive making much money in Shirdi and so, quickly returned to Rahata. That night a scorpion stung him. When the pain became unbearable, he applied Baba’s Udi and kept uttering Baba’s name. His pain subsided and he trusted Baba entirely. He returned to Shirdi the very next morning. He stayed there for 15-20 days and with Baba’s blessings he earned about Rs. 300/-.

  7. Om Sri Sai Ram! Sai Ram I pray to you to bless my father,mother and me with peace of mind,normal and good health and spirits always with your protection and blessings.Falling at your lotus feet.

  8. Sai Ram please bless me to get his positive communication soon and get me married to the person whom you showed me in my life with all your Protection and Blessings.Falling at your lotus feet. Om Sri Sai Ram!

  9. Sai Baba helped me find lost earrig. My favourite earring was lost wen I was shopping and I thought I have misplaced in shop while talking on ohkne. I went to all shops and tried searching. Nut i dint find. I was so sad. But Sai Baba is so best and bestesttt is helped me find it. When i came home it was on my bed. This has happened before as well.

  10. Dattatreya, om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai hanuman, tirupati balaji, baba ki palkhi, jai durga, jai murugan,

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