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The only surrenderance to Lord Sai Baba brings magic in our lives. This is the essence of today’s experience.

Sai Sister Swati Ji from Germany says: Om Sai Ram, once you become devotee of Baba and put all your worries to His holy feet with full faith in Him, each and every day Baba pulls you towards Him and strengthens your faith. Baba will definitely show you His presence in your daily life. Hetal Ji, I have shared some of my experiences in your Blog. Thanks for uploading them. May Baba always be with you, me and all of His devotees. Please do not disclose my email id.

Here comes my recent experience. I usually go to Sai temple on Thursday. Before leaving to temple, one of my friends called me and asked for Prasad from temple. I said ok if I will get some, then I will bring for you. Here I would like to mention that I stay in Germany and here in temple Priest offers food, fruits and sweets to Baba prepared by him and by devotees, who bring something. After Aarti, everybody eats offered Prasad there itself so no question of bringing home. As I reached temple, I totally forgot about my friend’s wish. I indulged myself in Bhajans with full devotion and before Aarti, Priest offered Prasad to Baba. He does it with love and devotion like mother gives food to her Child. He puts small towel surrounded to Baba’s (Murti) shoulders and then offers food to Baba’s mouth. It is really gives Divine feeling especially, when you prepare something for Baba. It feels that Baba is really eating your Prasad. As I brought Papaya for Baba, he kept it in Baba’s lotus feet. During Prasad offering, Hanuman Chalisa played in temple, so everybody sings along. While offering, Priest never gives offered Prasad to anybody. I have never seen. So I closed my eyes and enjoyed singing Hanuman Chalisa. Meanwhile, when he offered Apple to Baba, I thought what if Baba bites the Apple and give it to me. Then I thought how foolish I am. It is not possible to get and have closed my eyes again and singing with full concentration.

Suddenly Lady who was sitting beside me tapped my leg to receive Prasad from Priest as I was not aware that he was giving me apple after offering to Baba. I and my husband’s tears rolled down with joy. We felt very much blessed.

After reaching home, it was late night so we thought of eating Apple in morning. Before cutting Apple my friend’s wish came to my mind. My husband said it was not only for us but for her too. Her desire for Prasad was true. So Baba has sent it through us. I gave some portion of Apple to her and told her all story. She felt very nice and blessed. As it is written in Sai Satcharitra Baba was Omniscient. I felt it, it’s really true He is omniscient and omnipresent. He knows everything and fulfills all your desires. You just need to surrender yourself to His holy feet, rest Baba will do for you. Right now I am facing very tough time of life as my small son is not well. But I know Baba is there with me. He will do everything alright. As Baba is there with me, I need not to be worried about anything. He is my father. He will look after us. OM Sai Ram.

I have one more experience which happened today. Due to my Son’s sickness, sometimes I feel very low being mother. It is quite natural. After daily prayer to deprive my negative thoughts, I played Sai Satcharitra on YouTube. Listening to it gives me strength. Whole morning, I was thinking of Baba. In afternoon, somebody knocked the door. My son jumped to open the door. I told him to ask first who is there. My son asked who is there. There was one German salesman and asked my son where is your Mom? I was behind my son before I could say anything he said “Baba is there”. I thought he said Papa is there. I simply ignored it. He asked me about something so I refused to take anything then he said no problem and said Om Sai Ram. I was shocked to hear Om Sai Ram by him. I replied him Om Sai Ram and he went forward. I have closed my door in shocked state and then saw Baba’s picture on the wall opposite to the entrance door. He must have seen Baba’s picture, so he said Baba is there. And I misunderstood. I regret I couldn’t ask him how he knows Baba as me and my son was alone in house. Somehow, Baba felt me His presence through him. Like Baba is telling me don’t worry I am near you and everywhere. It is true that when you surrender to Sai, you will see whole world is indulged into Sai.

Otherwise, how come a German man came to the Door and said Baba is there and Om Sai Ram. It is not a mere coincidence. It is all planed by Baba. He knows everything and does always good for our well being. Baba it is my humble request to You never leave me alone. Please keep me in your holy feet. Please forgive my all sins and ego. Take me to your possession. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Very Nice experience,he is prooving that he is present everywhere to tke care of us,Your son will recover soon
    Om Sai ram!

  2. Sainath:
    I was caught in the emotional whirlpool of mundane life;
    You guided me; I overcame it with patience and faith.
    O Sadguru Sainath:
    You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient;
    You inspired in me the light of spiritual power.

  3. Hi Swati,

    Om Sai Ram. Wounder full experience and you are really blessed to experience such a beautiful experiences.Dont worry your son will be fine with Baba's Blessings and I have a daughter of 2.5 yrs who also have a problem in her. But we have completely surrendered it to Our Baba.He will take care of us.We are his children.Dont Worry.


  4. Hiii swathii,
    Very nice experiences…thanks for sharing….ur son's health will set soon…sai maa will take care of ur son…omsairam…god bless ur son!!!

  5. Sister,

    jai sai ram. Very nice experience. You have lots of respect towards baba, i am not sure what problem your son has but baba the greatest doctor can heal it.

    He never forgets those who love him and always remember him. I sincerely prayed for your son's health.

    Glory to the victorious baba.

    Servant of Baba

  6. Yes Baba is omnipresent.yesterdayd it was raining heavily ,I came out of office and I didnt have my umbrella with me.I was keeping on prayng baba to help me,please slow down the rain as I have asthma its not good to go in rain,and no wonder in 10 minutes rain stopped and sun came

  7. i am reading this blog for last 5 months daily but commentig first time .me and my 2 year baby suffring from last 8 month badly suddenly my all life has changed badly .i am begging strenth and courage to my father to face me all these thing bcz alone i cant face my life and i have to supprt my son n my family ,i dont have anybody to help except my father ,my is my babas son ,he is on his lotus feet ,he have to take care of him and my family .

    A heart touching experience.It strengthens my belief on baba manyfold.I sincerely pray to baba to show this kind of miracle and mercy to all his devotees.

  9. Thank u Swati ji for sharing this,i really needed this dose .Whenever i feel low Baba Post such experiences that really boost up my trust.
    I m sorry Hetal ji i m writting here but I want to request Hetal ji and all divotees plz pray for me as few divotee might remember i had a miscarrige and through this bolg only i came to know about Nav Guruwar Vrat and on 5th Apr only i did Udyapan of my vrats,and can u all believe my test is positive and today only i went to Gyno.
    Its all by Baba's grace n blessing only yeah but why i m low after this good news because sometimes Dr. also keeps threatening sometimes as previous history n all….Only Baba knows how much important motherhood to me,plz Hetal ji n all divotees pray for me plz plz.(i shared this news with u all before my family member as both inlaws n parents are away ),that i can receive baba's blessing,my Sai is so Karunamayi.plz sai …Raham najar karo ab more sai tum bin nahi muze maa baap bhai….

  10. Excellent experiences swatiji..Ur experiences are real example which shows baba is omnipresent, and he is always with people who have sincere faith and devotion towards him

  11. Nice experiences! It is amazing the German man came to your door and said "Om Sai Ram" to you, it just shows how Baba is everywhere and controls everything! Om Sai Ram!

  12. Very nice experience Swati Ji. Yeah Baba is Omnipresent & Omniscent & He knows our innerr wishes too.

    S.ranjan Ji, congrats for this good news. Dont worry, baba wll take care of you & your baby. Om Sai Ram.

  13. baba plz solve my problem i am suffering a lot i cant see my problem nor show my problem….u know why i am suffering but i dont know why?plz cure me ..plz give me a tenson free life i want to give a rose garland but i dont have nothing to by it and submit in your neck.plz baba make me software engg or … and clear my paper by which reason my parents will be happy.plz keep blessing on my family and jhasaketan….luv u baba…plz help me and a important thing i also want to wright some good experence about u on this wall .plz help me so that i can explain hear about your geatness here on this wall……plz care for me dont ingnore me…..plz

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