Shirdi Sai Baba Showers His Grace – Sai Ki Beti

If a devotee calls Lord Sai Baba with full faith and devotion, He instantly comes to rescue. The same is experienced by this Sai Ki Beti in today’s experience.

Sai Ki Beti from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I would personally like to thank you as your blog as helped me to stay positive in life and got me close and understand Baba and Baba’s bhakti. Hetal Ji, I want you to share my experience with your readers because by reading such experiences, I got hope to live positively. Please do not share my name or email id with your readers. I would like to be addressed as “Sai Ki Beti” because in realty 4 years of my life, I didn’t see or talk to my parents and he was my father and most of the times like my mother who took care of me, wiped my tears. It is rightly said in Aarti “Aap Maje Aai Aap Maje Baba”

Before starting my experience, I would like to tell you that I had carried prayers of all devotees with me as I had mentioned on your blog and I feel they were accepted by Baba. My experience goes like this I am just writing what I am feeling. You may edit if you think it is required.

I am girl from small town of Chennai from a middle class family. While growing up, my parents gave importance to studies and household work, which a girl should know, so that I don’t face problem anywhere I go in the world.

I got married and came to USA from where my struggles started. My husband is in USA from last 15 years. He migrated in a very young age, so his beliefs have become very strong about certain things in life. He had a much disciplined upbringing and was beaten for small things in life. So he thought that was the right way to deal with people. In his families till date, women do not have any respect and daughter in law are treated very bad. They still follow the traditional way of living.

After marriage I stayed with my in-laws for about a 1 year and that is where all problems started. My mother in law gave him a different picture about me as to I am slow and can’t work fast, I am lazy and many more things. With this background, I came to USA. Things were better for 1 week. Then we started having fights on various issues. He started calling my parents in India and complaining them that I am lazy, very slow, etc. I am not performing. They only answered him that give her some time, but things went from bad to worse. He fought with my parents and abused them. When his parents were told, they also took side of my husband and said I was wrong I knew that I cannot trust them for anything and I stop communicating or telling them.

Meanwhile, recession hit and he lost his job and he sat in the house for 1 year without job and use to complain and fight with me for various things and small issues. He use to not even think that I have come from work and need rest. Things went so bad that he fought with my parents one day and said many things about me. Due to the fight, he told I have to select my parents or him or he shall divorce me. That was the day; I was shattered and didn’t know what to do. I tried to convince him, but he would not agree.

I carried on my life without any meaning and one day, I was just sitting and crying and complaining to God, when I came across your website and read all experiences and that is how, I came to know about Baba. I started praying to Him. Things started improving my relationship with my husband started becoming better. He found a job after I did Guruvar Vrat. In the meantime, we were looking for house in our budget and you won’t believe, I got a car and house in country like USA, when my husband didn’t have a job for more than one year. I don’t know how we managed without loan. We only put our savings.

He was happy with my performance and things were better, but he would not let me talk to my parents. Every week, when he used to talk to his parents, tears would roll out and I use to look at Baba. Every occasion, where I felt that my parents should have been, I use to prepare food and offer it to Baba. He is not very religious and would not let me spend more time in praying, but I wanted to do Sai Satcharitra Paryan and I started it, but one fine day, he got very angry and ask me stop it. You won’t believe Hetal Ji, I went in bathroom and read and prayed Baba to accept it and that is where I believe it is true “He just believes in true devotion”. I have not offered Him flowers, dhoop, agarbatti. In fact, I read Sai Satcharitra in a dirty place like bathroom and He accepted it.

My sister was getting married and I wanted to go, but he wouldn’t let me go. My parents called and he again misbehaved. I was crying and asking Baba to help. I had lack of both Shraddha and Saburi because I thought what didn’t happen for years How shall it happen now? I just told Baba that I shall visit Shirdi if you make things right and miracle did happen. His parents called and told him to send me else the extended family will question them. Initially he did not agree, but later I don’t know what happen he spoke to my parents and let me go for the wedding.

I can’t tell you how I felt after seeing my parents on the airport after 4 years. I can only tell one thing that what He has promised to His devotees that “Bones shall speak after He goes”. It is very true. I have felt His presence in my life. I just asked that I should attend my sister’s wedding, but He made my husband attend the wedding and also he behaved very nice with everyone and moreover his attitude has changed towards me and my parents. He takes care of everyone.

I went to Shirdi to thank Him and I had told Him that if I wear new clothes in wedding, I shall get new clothes for Him to and left the color of the dress on Baba to select. To my surprise, the shopkeeper gave green dress the same color sari that I wore for my sister’s wedding.

Hetal Ji, I had just tears in my eyes thanking Him for that wonderful time He had given me after 4 years of wait, when the Maharaj was getting Him ready for Madhyan Aarti. I felt as if He is smiling and welcoming me and saying that He was waiting for my arrival. I had carried many prayers with me of fellow devotees and to my surprise they were accepted and in return I was given shawl and Prasad of halwa that was given to Baba to eat.

I can only say that I have become very positive and feel He is listening to me. My married life has become better if not best, but I trust Him that He shall give me good days.

I am too small to advice any devotee, but sharing my experience, I can say that just believe Him blindly. We shall leave Him, but He shall never leave us. He truly acts like parents to His devotees. He made sure that I had a job in recession times that to in good company, when I didn’t have good experience and also there has never been lack of money in those tough times. I left for my sister’s wedding to India was also Thursday and He did arrange a cheap ticket, where at the same time people paid more.

I would really want to thank my friend whose name I can’t mention, but she has helped me a lot. She got Baba in my life and firm faith on Him. She just tells me leave on Baba; He knows what is right for you. May Baba give her all happiness.

I am attaching a picture which I would request you to post with the experience as it is really close to my heart. I am sorry for big experience, but I have tried to make it short. I just want all the devotees that please pray that our family as whole gets into Sai Bhakti, which I feel is not there in my life.

Thank you Hetal Ji.

Sai ki Beti

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  1. I had tears in my eyes after reading this wonderful leela of our Sai Deva. May Sai baba continue to live in all our hearts and bless us all.

  2. Reading this divine experience gives me hope. My husband is not in touch with any of my side family members, I have only my sister to look upto even their family is not allowed to be here with me. I know Baba will do the magic like the one done here and unite me with my loved ones. God bless u for posting this one.

  3. while reading this experience tears rolled down from my eyes.Thanks for sharing this lovely experience with us.OM SRI SAINATHAYA NAMAH.

  4. Tears came out of my eyes reading this experience of Sai Ki Beti. You are truly blessed dear to have Sai so close to you.Even i am facing a similar situation where my husband is not talking to my parents.I know BABA will bring my husband on the right track very soon for sure that is the faith i am having right now.And your experience made my faith still stronger.Specially when you said you read the holy book Sai Satcharithra in bathroom and yet BABA heard your cries goes to show how wonderful is our loving father "BABA".I love you BABA.

    Keep continuing your prayers .

  5. Sai ki beti I can feel the pains that you would have suffered for 4 yrs, that too reading satcharita in bathroom, really felt bad for such situation.Hats off to u. Your experience is a real example one should believe baba blindly and trust him..May God bless you with abundant of happiness. thanks.

  6. Amazing picture and a truly touching experience. I literally cried reading your experience. May baba bless you and your family always and things become positive and you lead a happy life Sai ki beti ji. Om Sai Ram.

  7. Really tears comes…dont worry sai ma will take care of your problem. You will lead a happiy life…..Even i'm also little slow only, whatever work i do i'll do it slowly. I'm getting fear to get marriage but not for this reason…Usually ladies have to face more problem know after getting marriage

    Baba please take care of everyone and remove our bad karma and shower your belssings..

    Om sai Sri sai Jai sai

  8. Nice, touching experience. Baba is there where true devotion is there. He will take care of you and remove all your troubles.

    All we need to do is to think of Him at all times.
    Om Sai Ram

  9. om sai ram ,truely wonderfull experience , baba be always with us .you always helped all your devotees om sai ram.

  10. Sai ki beti your experience is great,it is an eye opener for devotees who don't have shraddha and is true if we believes baba ,he gives everything what we asks.omsairam

  11. sai ki beti a very touching experience.thx u for sharin ur experience with all of us to make our faith in great sai baba much more stronger .. may baba shower his blessings on u n ur fly ….. keep faith.. om sai ram

  12. "just believe Him blindly. We shall leave Him, but He shall never leave us". utter truth. SAIMA, pl bless me to surrender at your feet.

  13. sai ki kibuki…… kekekeke……………. hoiyala mukabula… oh laila… oh laila….. sai la…..

  14. Dear Sai-sister,
    Thanks for sharing wonderful experience.
    Your experience shows how fortunate we are and definitely gives new hope to me as well as to other devotees.

    May BABA bless you with wonderful future and may BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

    Om Sai Rama

  15. Dear Sai ki Beti..

    I have to appreciate your boldness for having gone through so much in life.. I felt really bad after reading your experience. Be as courageous as you are.. SAI will take care of everything in life. I am also eagerly waiting to see my parents after couple of years..Waiting for his blessings.. Jai Sai Ram.. Sai will bless you and your family..

  16. wooww hats off to u..very heart touching experience and picture..u will lead a happy life..sai amma will take care of us..he will protect us from all problems…reading ur experince feel that our sai amma is with us..he never leave his devotees..sai amma will defenitely save from all problems..only sai amma can make impossible things possible..he can do his miracles in all our lifes..amma please be with me forever..give me positive result soon..omsairam

  17. Unbelievable! Baba has answered me through your story. I had a really tough day today and I couldn't sleep. I was crying and asking Baba to please help me with my problems, and that I feel he isn't answering my prayers.
    Crying so much, I logged in to this site, to read stories as they usually make me feel better and I saw the words Sai Ki Beti. What more can I ask? The picture is beautiful, I am saving it.

    Thank you for sharing this story and hope you life gets better every day with Sai's blessings.

  18. As I finish reading this and while I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes on thinking of His love. When will I be worthy of His unbounded grace? Baba has blessed you because you loved Him so much that you even read the Satcharita in the bathroom. To him, Who has transcended the opposites, only Shraddha and Saburi count. Oh Baba, bless me with the boon of thinking of You all the time.

    Dear Sai ki Beti,
    First and foremost many congrats for becoming more and more positive attitude kind of person because of the SHIRDI SAI BABA's blessings.And thanks a lot for posting ur experience here in this blog.I have sent prayers to SHIRDI and i was waiting for that person's reply and exactly the same,u said that u have also taken the prayers to SHIRDI and they were accepted by BABA,and even though i didnt get any reply from that person,i treat that BABA has given HIS reply by making me to read ur experience.Thanks a lot.I wish u a great success,happiness and prosperity in each and every aspects of ur life and ur entire family.Take care.Bye

  20. Dear Sai ki Beti,

    You can't imagine what I felt when I read your story. I felt like I was reading my own story. I am also going through similar problem in life. My husband is out of a job for nearly a year. Each day is becoming more and more difficult to get through. I was asking Sai to show me the way and today he has answered through you.

    Thank you sister.

    Sai Maa , Please bless my family, my husband , that he gets a job soon.

    Om Sai Ram

  21. Tears started rolling down my cheeks when i read this experience. What a shradha and saburi on Baba to read Sai satcharita in the Bathroom. I am so touched to read that line and no wonder Baba smiled at you when you went to see him at Shirdi.. Really for most of the married women who faces problems with husband's Baba is the sole protector. Jai Sairam.

  22. Sister,

    jai sai ram.

    You have truly followed what baba preached ( shradda & saburi) and thus Baba helped you.

    Sister you seem to be too mild. I am a father of 2 girls and a husband too. My wife is not an Indian. I too have challenges in relationship but i have never ever stopped my wife from her freedom. This is a sin. I used to see in movies and thought this may not be real, but now when i read your story i am speechless and had tears. Now i realized that you are not the only one, other sisters too have your similar problem as i read in the above comments.

    Baba will never accept it. Baba himself said once the daughter is married that does not mean she looses her relation with her parents, parents have every right on their daughter.

    Shame on all the guys who behave so selfish and rude. A day will come when they will pay for it, Baba says one who digs the grave forgets that some one else has already planned for them.

    Sorry sister that i have spoken out, but these guys should be thought a lesson and brought to the light.

    Marriage is a relationship that will last until death, not just the day we get married. Neither boy nor girl should take advantage of it. There should always be a balance in relationship. Problems are common and we should resolve amicably, if guy threatens let him divorce. Let him go, you can still make your life and Baba will definetly show you beautiful path. Please do not lead the miserable life.

    I truly wish you good success in life.

    Servant of Baba.

  23. Dear devotee baba will bless u with lots of happiness keep praying him dont ever leave sai deva feet continue and have strong faith and keep reading sai satchirithra book .

    I got tears while reading your experience.

  24. Heart touching experience….hatsoff to u r patience and your belief on Baba. May Baba bless you with good family life. I also pray to Baba that, please make all husbands who behave like this realize their mistake and respect their in-laws. I know many of the married women face this problem. Please make them understand that either boy's parents or girl's parents..they both deserve respect and love. Om Sai Ram.

  25. Sai Ram my dear. I got goose bums while reading your story. I also agree with you because what I had gone through only I know. Although my case was a little different form you but similar to you. I will post it as my experiance and you read it yourself.

    Take care an Sai Ram

  26. Such a touching and moving experience, Sai Ki Beti! It is so wonderful that Baba changed your husband and has provided everything for you now so you can have a happy married life. The picture you gave is very wonderful and beautiful and I will also keep it with me. I hope Baba will also bless you with children and never again will you have to experience those bad things you experienced early in your marriage. I always feel like my job is due to Baba and I don't work for my particular company, I work for Baba. OM SAI RAM!

  27. Om Sai Ram. May Sai Baba continue to bless all. He has done wonders in your life. There are more blessings coming your way. Your whole family will worship Him. And then you will not have to read Sai Satcharitra in bathroom. Instead your husband will read along with you and will encourage you to do Sai Satcharitra Parayan. Things have improved in your life and will keep on improving by Sai Baba's grace.
    May Sai Baba give us Shradha and Saburi!!
    Om Sai Jai Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  28. very touching experience. hats off to your shradha & saburi.
    Baba you are so kind and you are a miracleman. kindly do a miracle in my life too. you know. what i am saying.




  30. Dear Sai ke beti,

    Its a wounderful experience. I was feeling gloomy today as I am at home and searching for job.
    Your experience made be feel that I should not worry. Just leave it for him to take care.
    I really love the picture you have posted.
    Thanks a lot for sharing the same..
    God Bless you much more. God Bless you too Hetalji.

  31. Dear sai ki beti,

    Truly, you are really so close and dear to sai…anyone would have tears in their eyes..reading your story..but you are really a kind blessed made so many things possible in your life with your blind trust on sairam..please keep doing so..we all will pray for you to make your husband have faith in sai and make your life really happier…take care..jai jai sai deva

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