A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 175

Today post contains few more interesting experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Baba Blessed Me With A Baby Boy

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, thank you very much for such a wonderful website. Please do not post my email address and info. The miracles posted by other devotees always help me, inspire me and give me a lot of strength. Baba I am so sorry for the delay in posting. I am writing this post with all my heart. Please forgive me baba if I make any mistake.

I live in USA and am happily married. As everyone wishes and desires to have kids, I did too. I have a girl and I wanted my second child to be a boy so my family would be complete. I had a lot of stress and because of that my health was not doing well, I had a lot of women related problem. The Doctor said that for me to have a second child I will have to go on several medications and that too was not sure if I could get pregnant. On one hand my health was a problem, secondly my work was suffering too and I was just not happy as my age was increasing too, that would mean my chances were getting slim day by day. I believe in astrology, so I reached out to them to see what future had for me in store. I was even more sad as I found out that I could not get any child until 2 years. I was getting very frustrated and upset. Then my sis-in-law told me about Sai Vrat – Nine Thursday Vrat and also gave me the book. I had full faith on Sai and on a Thursday, I began the Nine Thursday Vrat, but I decided to keep for 11 Thursdays. As miracles happened after my 11th Vrat, I did Udhiyapan and went to Sai temple. I looked at Baba and prayed and saw that He was beautiful dressed and adorned in blue shawl. I did not understand its meaning then, but the following week, I was very uneasy and so had to go to gynecologist. I was surprised to know that I was pregnant. I could not believe it. After trying for almost 4 years and after Doctor recommending medicines nothing happened and all of a sudden I was pregnant. I was happy and I went to temple the same day. It was Thursday and the temple was full of devotees. I was so happy that tears were flowing and I kept thanking Baba all along.

Here is another miracle that I would like to share. In my heart, I was happy that I was pregnant and would have second child, but I also wanted a boy so my family would be complete. I sincerely asked Baba to give me a healthy and happy baby boy. I had faith in Baba. As the pregnancy progressed, I was happy and I would often go to temple. Whenever I went to Sai temple, I always saw Baba in any shade of blue. As everyone knows Blue is signified as a color for boy and pink for girl. I never understood, but I was amazed to see that whenever I went to temple. Baba was always dressed in blue. In my heart, I understood that Baba has probably listened to my prayers. In mean time my family decided to visit Shirdi. I asked my mom to tell me what Baba was wearing, her answer was when she entered the hall, Baba was dressed in yellow shawl, but when her time came to get blessing for me and family, some devotee before my mom presented a blue shawl and the pandit had kept the shawl on Baba’s shoulder. So when her time came to seek blessings Baba was wearing blue. My confidence in Baba grew even more. Now it was time for us to find out about baby, it was a Thursday and the Doctor confirmed it was a boy. Thanks to Baba, I was blessed with a happy and healthy baby. I could not thank Baba enough for what He had done for me. I pray to Baba to always be with us, help us bless us and show us the right path.

Thank You Baba.

Sai Ki Beti

Seeking Help And Forgiveness

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, your blog is a part of my daily life as I visit it almost every day. You have brought together an entire family of Sai Baba devotees that is why I want to share my problem and ask for forgiveness and help from my Baba and His family. I want to keep myself anonymous though.

I have a six year old son whom I love very much. I want to repeat I love him very-very much. He also loves me back a lot like he tells me every day mama when I go to school I miss you very much and when I come back from school then again I miss you very much. I like it very much when you are around. Why do you have to go to office every day? Then I tell him that I also miss you a lot in office, but I have to work because I want you to have a secure life and good education. It is very important for me. He is very sensitive towards me as well. When I am not feeling well he takes care of me like an adult. This kind of care and sensitivity is not commonly found in kids of his age.

My problem is that he has started stammering from last couple of years and I am unsure if I am also responsible for it. As I had mentioned earlier his education is very important for me and I teach him every day after i come back from work. I am otherwise a very calm and lenient person, but I become very strict when it comes to studies. I lose my temper very easily if he does not understand anything. It is also because I am physically and mentally under a lot of pressure. I have two little kids to manage other than office and domestic work. So when I get really frustrated with him, i hit him and shout at him. He gets really scared as I mentioned he is very sensitive. I remember he had even peed in his pants, when he was small. I feel really bad after all this. When I went office next day, I kept remembering the incidents of the day and kept feeling guilty about it. I also asked for pardon from Sai Baba and told him mentally that I will not do it again. Please help me Sai in controlling my temper. This is just so bad to hit somebody you love the most after all. But then again in a fit of anger, it happens again. Although I know he does not hate me for doing this and he also knows that I love him that is why I want him to study well. But I feel if his stammering is a result of my behavior towards him. I know that mothers love and hit their children, but I don’t want to do it because he is very sensitive. So I request all Sai devotees to help me find a solution and Sai Baba, please forgive me for this and give my son all the happiness in the world. Please help him to grow up to be a confident and independent individual. Please also suggest what I can do to cure his stammering problem. Thanks everyone for reading. Om Sai Ram.

How Baba Helped My Son-In-Law

Sai Sister Pramila Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, my name is Pramila and I am from Hyderabad. I recently came across your website through my daughter, who is also a frequent visitor of your website. After reading all the wonderful devotee experiences, I felt that I should also share one my experiences and thank Sai Baba again. My experince is about when Sai Baba helped my son-in-law. Kindly do not disclose my email id.

Three years back, one night I received a call from my son-in-law (Babu) at 11 PM in the night from Guwahati, Assam. He said that he is coming to Hyderabad with his 9 year old son (our grandson). He informed me that my grandson had right forearm fracture and they will reach Vijayawada at 1 AM and will have to catch connecting train at the same time.

After hearing this, I got afraid that how Babu will manage this with his son and all the luggage. At the same time, I requested Sri Sai Baba to help him. I requested Baba to look after the matter so that they can catch the connecting train and reach our home safely. After praying to Sai Baba, I went to sleep.

At 7 AM in the morning, they both reached home safely and I enquired about their journey. Babu told me that as soon as their train reached Vijayawada, one coolie was waiting near the door of their compartment. Babu looked around and realized that this was the only coolie on the entire platform. Babu asked him about the connecting train and the coolie said that the train actually left the station few min back, but then for some reason it came back from outer signal. This was not possible without Baba’s kind help. Then the coolie took only 30 RS to take them to that connecting train. In the connecting train, Babu met with an old man and enquired where that old man was going. He told Babu that he was going to Shirdi.

In the morning, I gave lots of thanks to SRI SAI BABA for His kind help. I realized that if we pray whole heartedly to Sai Baba, He definitely listens to us.

Thank You Baba for being so kind.

Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.

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  1. Very nice experiences….

    Dear Hetal ji,
    Could you please provide me with the link of shiridi live darshan(aarathi)….thanks in advance

  2. My throat chokes while reading the experiences like the first and the last one. They were amazing.!!!

    Dear anonymousji, I request you please don't hit any of your kids. They are so small and cute. Please don't pressurize your kids to study well. Every child can't be a Einstein. Accept your kids the way they are. Let them do what they like. They should love and feel free to talk to you rather than feeling scared.

    I myself sometimes regret of not been able to take part in sports and extra curricular activities during school. I've always been a book worm. Due to this, there have not been a overall development of my personality.

    For stammering, I think you should consult a doctor to find out if he is stammering due to fear or due to some other problem.
    Om sai ram.!!!

  3. Om Sai Ram..Dear Anonymous devotee…I can understand your pain for your child but plz dont force your son for studing.dont pressurize him.It is ok if he is not understanding anything..have patience ..cool down ..chant Baba's name to control your anger..another thing to stop stammering of your son tell him to speak slowly..think wile speaking and tell him always yes my dear i m listing to you..speak slowly.It happens with kids because at his age their brain works faster then speech.Support him .dont copy him.I hope it will help.Leave your worries to Saimaa he is there for everybody.Give Baba's Udi to your son.He will be allright.OmSai Ram

  4. Loving experiences of our father,mother, everything.. Our only refuge in this mundane world.. Our baba.. He is soooooo kind that words fall short of it!!!!
    To the lady who conceived a son after so many years.. Many congrats and believe me babas prasad(your son) will be a shinning star.. He has blessed me also with one of his jewels!!!
    To the lady with the second experience it is really sad to know that you hit your 6 year old son.. It is completely unacceptable.. Please do not give this excuse of mother's who hit their babies and love them.. It is completely Wrong.. I know due to work and home pressure we lose our patience but hitting a child is an ABUSE… You should feel ashamed of it and try harder not to do it… I have a toddler who sometimes drives me crazy which all kids do and I work as well but I feel completely hopeless when I am cruel and rude to him… Sorry to say but it is CRUEL… No matter what life throws at you never hit your child.. Raise your voice, scold them, be strict but never ever hit them.. Always think about girls who cannot have a baby and baba has blessed you with two beautiful souls.. Cherish them… Whenever u feel ur anger is going out control say" sai ram sai ram " loudly… Try doing it and you will never hit the child… May baba give you peace and patience to deal with your kids!!!!
    Pramila ji ur experience reminds me of nanasaheb chandorkar's experience in Sri sai satcharitra.. When we call him with a pure heart, he will solve our problems, not matter how difficult they are
    May baba bless all his children.
    Anant koti brahmanand nayak, rajadhiraj yogiraj, parambrahman, Sri satchidanand sadguru sainath maharaja ki jai!!!!!

  5. Sai Ram
    I would like to have a shawl stitched for Baba when I go to Shirdi. Can anyone tell me where to get it done and what length the fabric should be?

  6. Pramila Ji, it is said " Sai Baba the-re hajaro haath" (Sai you have thousands of hands).
    He can choose anyone to act through. Lets be willing if he plans to use us in his divine game.

  7. @anonymous number 8.. There is what you are searching for…
    FOR SAI BABA SAMADHI -3 metres cloth in length and 46 " in breadth.

    FOR SAI BABA IDOL-3 metres cloth in length and 46 "in breadth.

    FOR SAI BABA SCARF(HEAD GEAR)-1.5 metres (Saffron or Orange preferably)

    KHES OR STOLL (AROUND NECK)-2 metres .
    (These are the measurement of the Dress which was offered -accepted by Baba and it fitted well.)

    To the devotee of second experience .. mam you please read SAi SAT CHARITRA book so that you can remember sai baba stories for every action you do..

    sairam let HE blesses us all…

  8. to the anon from second experience,
    I don't know how old your son is, but i strongly feel that you should encourage him to be more social and start playing with kids around his age. he will start to feel more independent and confident about himself. If you're in US, the schools can provide a speech therapist to help your son too.

  9. nice experiences…
    thanks for sharing…
    Dear Second Devotee,
    BABA is keep on telling us good things to follow. Are we able to follow always? What if, HE hits us for our every mistake?
    HE is bearing it and keep telling us in the way, we understand, isn't it?
    So have faith & patience. Everything will be OK.

    BABA please keep showering your blessings on everyone.

    Om Sai Rama

  10. All three are very nice experiences, @Sai ki beeti you are really lucky to experience Baba's miracles, I wish you should be blessed with a healthy baby by baba's grace. @Anonymous devotee you are such a wonderful brother to such a wonderful child, please don loose your temper do lots of meditations to calm your mind. After reading ur experience, I just hhave one request please don be too harsh with your son, looks like he is very sweet child. Talk to him openly about all ur pressures im very sure he will understand..
    @pramilaji, nice experience if we pray to him sincerely he will surely listen to it and helps us. Thanks all for sharing ur experiences.

  11. To the mother who is rude to her child, dont feel guilty. We are humans, we are bound to do mistakes, but showing it on your beloved son is not justified. You are the center of world for him so be patient. Studies is nothing believe me. Some kids who are so brilliant when they are young turn out to be nothing when they are adults. Some kids who are not that intillegent when they are young, settle and do good jobs when they are adults. You being so pushy on him will not help him in the long run. Whatever has to happen will happen, dont stress over small things. Believe in sai and he will take care of everything. Take care of your son, give him udi for stammering, if it is worse go to doctor. Om sai ram.

  12. Anonymous Mother: I could somewhat relate to my childhood days after I read about your 'problem'. I used to stammer when I was in high school, but later it was completely cured. When I was a child I was very attached to my mother and also very sensitive. Things were rough at home then, and I suffered. Please have patience when dealing with your son. I sincerely pray to our Baba that you son overcomes it.

    Om Sai Ram

  13. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  14. Jai Sai Baba ! @devotee 1: Congrats and nice experience.. me too waiting for Baba to do a miracle and bless me with a baby ! This mail came at 12 O clock night in Canada time. i.e. right at the second where Thursday starts.. i was awake and my ipad was near the bed. hearing the mail notification sound, just thought will check my mail. i got to see first experience as yours relating to blessing with a baby boy ! OMG, i couldn't control my happiness as me n husband were talking about having baby soon & about BABA just 5 min before that.. i'm feeling a positive sign from BABA that he is gonna bless me soon with a beautiful healthy baby !

    @devotee 2 : pls try to control your anger and not hit the child . Mix BABA's UDI with water and give your son daily.. he'll be alright. may be u can check him with a speech therapist in case you want any clarification on his problem

  15. Please stop hitting your child ….please I know u mean well but if he is sensitive child ….dont hit him …he gets stressed when he sees u angry or upset ..

  16. Sairam ji,
    This message is for the lady whose child is having Stammering problem. Dear sister, i am not sure if you have read about Shibpur Sai Baba temple in Shibpur, WB. Please email your kids problem to shibpurtemple@gmail.com and we will pray for you. In case you are interested to read about this temple please see shibpursaibaba.org

    Sairam Hetalji, I am not sure if this is a right thing to do but i could not stop myself after looking at her concern about her child. Please post this if you deem fit. Thanks much ahead. Aditya

  17. Dear Sai sisters,
    Baba will be always with you and all of HIS devotees.

    For the Sai Sister-child having stuttering..
    Dear sister, I too was like you at the same stage. Later, I realised that my shouting was making him stammer and shutter.Why I was getting tensed and angry becz.probably- my husband never took active role in moulding my son and he never used to teach healthy/hygienic practices but was giving company when my son is playing.But whe he was teaching him math he always used to be impatient with my son. So I was overburdened.

    These things happen to many of us-ladies. managing home and family and trying to perform well in all spheres.

    So my sisiter, you pl. pray to Baba, intensely and entrust your son ,family and yourself totally to Baba. Baba will solve yor problem in HIS own way.

    Baba will never leave us..

  18. dont worry anonymous devotee baba will take care of your son…give him udi with water..and please dont be rude to him..everything will be allright read SAI SATCHARITHAM..have faith in baba..he is always there to take care of us…OM SAI RAAAM…

  19. Dear all 3 sai devotees, very happy for 1st and 3rd incidence, and a few words for angry , frustrated mom!
    I am so happy to be married in a family where each individual is well respected and cared for. Daughters in law are equally loved and cared for as daughters in the family. My mother in law advised me when I had my first son that "never ever hit your child, however you get angry, instead, when you can not control your anger for some frustration, HIT your own cheek!, this will make you understand how it hurts and the child is so tender, how can we hurt a child to correct his/her behaviour? The child you hit may suffer the pain at that time and may forget that pain in a while but one thing he /she learns that "hitting" is the way to get things done and he/she will do the same when they grow up, because that's how they were treated!"
    And my husband added one more logic to this argument that when we hit a child he is weak and we are stronger, but when he is grown up we will be weaker by that time…and he will use the same tactics to have things done, and he will not be blamed for not using "hitting" as a weapon as he has seen that being used in his childhood!
    Well, all said and done, I must say, that I never ever had a problem making my sons understand the situation, I hardly had to shout at them and even in worst scenario, we just have to be firm, keep low voice and explain the situation why certain thing is necessary to do and not to do!
    Also not showing your power but expressing LOVE as an adult to the child is the key to expect good behaviour from your child. Screaming at child lets the child know that we are "helpless". As a parent you are in charge and use your power to show your command over your emotions and get things done with love and care. And don't forget, giving permissible freedom in any given situation, you may not have to exert force to get things done.
    Have peace and love around you and your family. Each family has it's own circumstances and one has to find an amicable solution to the situation but long story short, do not use hitting, screaming and shouting to train your kids.
    I pray BABA to give you enough strength and ways to deal with the situations and you can express more love and concern towards your child.
    Also I would like to know how old is your son? If he is too young, and learning to express his thoughts, he may be told stories to build his vocabulary as he does not find suitable word makes him strutter. Let him complete what he wants to say without interrupting, listening patiently will increase his confidence in expressing what he wants to convey.
    It just happens that when we are in a hurry, we try to shun the child pre-judging what he might want to say and the child finds that emberracing as he failed in expressing what he wanted to say.
    Hoping I am not offending any loving parent but just want to enjoy each parent a precious parenthood and letting each child enjoy his/her childhood that he/she cherish all through life!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  20. Dear Devotee who beats her child,

    Why is your child becoming victim of your own incapability? If you can’t handle pressure of work, child and house chores, quit one of your responsibilities. If you need to continue working, outsource one of the activities. Where is your husband in this entire story, and he should be stopping you from hitting the child. I am a mother of a toddler, I work, I spend 3 hours each day in commute, I am in high pressure job that requires quick turn around and I crunch a lot of numbers each day, I cook every day and I am not in the best of office environments as well. But by no means that justifies hitting a child. If you can’t manage pressure, have someone else manage it.

    Like Meeraji indicated in her comments, this is a very tender age. If you can’t have patience with teaching your child, outsource it or let your partner or some elder person in family do it. There are educational DVDs available in market, and kids learn a lot from those. Who looks after kid while you are away at work? If the child goes to daycare, they learn and pick a lot there. With my child, we come up with stories and some games that would involve learning. I expect my child to sit with us 30 min to study over weekends and weekdays time permitting. Why burden tender shoulders with pressure of studies, they should play and enjoy their childhood. Enroll them for some classes and activities. Bottom line – if you can’t control, you should let someone handle.

    All you need with child is firmness, don’t give into everything. Discipline them and explain them reasoning behind your ask. Remember hitting child is considered violence and that is against the very basic fundamentals of Sai Mahima. Saibaba will never like parents hitting their child. I have a toddler who drives me nuts at times, but even in the worst of situations I have never hit my child, not even once. By hitting your child, you are telling them it is ok to hit someone? So teaching them violence?

  21. Dear Sai devotee who needs help in controlling temper, it is hard at certain weak moments one looses control and hitting or slapping takes place. I know no parent would like to cause harm and bear in mind that a wound on the body can heal but not the wound on the mind! So keeping in mind to have your children good memories of childhood, help them getting disciplined without shouting and screaming, being firm in what we ask them to do. Make up your mind before you exert your firmness about the topic, is it something that is not going to harm the child if you let go!
    Pressure from all sides make us feel helpless and frustrated but meditating on how to prioritize your "TO DO" list will also help you find more relaxed time with your child.
    WE experienced parents are with you understanding your situation and do not feel that we want to prove you WRONG altogether. What is most important point to understand is ANY CHILD wants the feel of security especially from Mom and Dad in the tender years of their childhood. Once they are grown up doing their things on their own, all they need is a watchful eyes from parents and guidance when needed.
    Please take all these comments positively, not feeling offended and enjoy your time with your children making each task a FUN and not a dreading responsibility!
    I hope I have made my wishes for your happiness placed here clearly. BE BLESSED.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  22. Sister,

    Jai Sai Ram. Great experiences.

    To sister who have problem with the son- every one in the blog have their valuable suggestions on how to handle your temper with your son.

    I would like to empahasize on your son stamerring problem. Stamerring can be mostly hereditary passed on from family members. First of all you as a mother be informed that this will take some time to completely cure. Since your son got it at this age it will be cured gradually. It may take few years but if our baba bless its just gone in seconds.

    How to cure:

    First of all, you as a mother should be his right arm. I mean support him, tell him to be bold and courages, please do not scare him or threaten. This is very important for people suffering from stamerring. Involve your son in groups, where he can play, and share his ideas and thoughts with others.

    Stammering increases when some one is nervous or scared, please try to avoid these situations. The more you make him feel confident, the more he will get better and it reduces stamerring slowly.

    Allow to him express his thoughts freely. As a mother, do not feel shy or ashamed since your son has stammering. Please tell any one in your family not to make fun of him, this will also affect him to an extent. Obviously we cant avoid outsiders comment.

    If possible slowly start teaching him to sing songs, this will help in free flow of words.

    If you practise what i have said, you will see change in your son slowly.

    Just one advice sister, all of us work to make our living and work pressure is every where be it your own company or you work for others. Please try slowly to come out if this, then you will always love everything in life. I know its not easy as i say but when we have our Baba nothing is impossible.

    Please let me know if you need any further advice on your son stammering problem.

    Next week i am flying to India with my family to visit our father at shiridi. I will pray for every one success and peace.

    Lets bow to the holy feet of our father.

    Servant of Baba.

  23. Everyone has accentuated more on mother here as some feel her disposition is the crux of problem. Thank you for elaborating on those techniques about defeating stammering, however, in order for those to be effective mother has to mend her ways.

    The first thing – she should calm down and if she can't handle, let someone else handle.

    UDI will be only effective if she stops nagging the child; UDI is not an instrument to build child’s resistance to handle mother’s anger or temperament. Some people can’t handle their anger and frustration.



  25. Very nice experiences! Sai Sister Pramila Ji, it is wonderful that Baba sent a coolie just for your son-in-law so he could catch the train and to help with his bags (it was Baba's help since there was no other coolie on the platform). First devotee from India, it is amazing that Baba showed you so clearly that you will have a healthy baby boy through the blue clothes. You are very lucky. For the second devotee from India, I used to stutter and stammer when I was younger, but as I gained more confidence (by thinking that Lord Rama is there right next to me, my stuttering and stammering went away). Help your son get more confidence and faith, tell him stories of Baba, Lord Rama, Hanuman that will give him strength and confidence and you will find his stammering and stuttering will go away. Om Sai Ram!

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