Sai Baba Helped Me With My Terrible Tooth Pain – Sai Devotee Sindhu

Lord Sai Baba comes to rescue if we call Him just once in times of difficulty. The same is experienced by Sai Sister Sindhu ji.

Sai Sister Sindhu ji from Australia says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you for this wonderful blog. My day begins with positivity reading the experiences of devotees posted through this site. May Sai Baba bless you with joy and happiness. I became a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba from 2006. After that I have had lots of experiences with Him. I will post one by one later. Today I want you to kindly post my recent experience with Him. Please do not disclose my email Id. Thank you Hetal Ji.

Recently at the start of this month, I had a slight tooth pain on my right lower jaw. And when I self checked in the mirror. I saw that my lower right wisdom tooth was coming out of the gums. I had similar experience with my left wisdom tooth. So I thought after few days, it will be alright. But, it remained the same, and got worse. Finally, we went to the dentist, and he said to get an OPG scan done, as he does not have the scan machine there in his clinic. The dentist is my husband’s close friend. I did not go to dentist because of my tooth pain as it was not too much, but priority was to get my husband’s tooth removed. Yes, both of us at the same time had tooth issues, unfortunately. At that time, we mentioned to the dentist that I have tooth pain too. He gave us appointment for next Saturday and asked to get the scan report. On that day, we went to all the places he referred to get the OPG done, since I do not have a license yet and can’t drive, my husband had to drive me to all the places the dentist referred. It was a Saturday and hence all closed. Then my husband’s tooth was paining, as he had got it extracted that day. We decided to go home. I said since I work in the city, I will get it done somehow during the week.

But I got very busy during the week, and my tooth pain got worse. My right cheek started paining even with a touch. On Wednesday, even to drink a drop of water was difficult. I tried to hide my pain not to panic my husband. I get applying Baba’s UDI on my cheek and praying to Him. On Wednesday night, I took 3 pain killers as I was unable to sleep with the pain. On Thursday, I had to go to office as I had 2 important meeting in the noon and also I had to get the OPG done. Luckily I went searching for the OPG clinic, got the report by noon, and somehow attended the meetings. My husband called me at 4:30 PM to ask how I am. I told him I have not eaten or drank anything from morning, the pain is terrible. I got the report. He immediately called his dentist friend and asked him if he can send the scanned copy of the xray, and the report. He said to send it. I did scan and send the reports. It was reported that I have carious disease on the right which means decay.

Then I reached home, and my husband said that the dentist will have a look at the report and call back. Meanwhile he has suggested few tablets. By then I had taken 8 pain killers in empty stomach, just to get through the day. But none of it was of any use. I even tried a gel paste on the teeth, no use. Then we went to buy the medicines the dentist asked us to buy. For some reason, my husband in panic took the busy road to go to the far off pharmacy instead of looking for one nearby. We were stuck in traffic for half hour, and my pain got worse. All I was telling in my mind is “Om Sri Sai Samsara Sarva Dhukka Kshaya Karaya Namaha”. This is what drives me most of the times in difficult situations. We reached the pharmacy, and got the medicines. We checked with the pharmacist if I could take it empty stomach. She said as long as I drink lots of water with it, its fine. I took the tablet, on the way back home. It was ok till 15 minutes and then it started again. We were desperately waiting for a call from his dentist friend, to analyse the report and let us know. He didn’t call back, and when my husband tried it was ringing and voice mail after that. I was dying and crying in pain. I took 2 more tablets. Because of my tooth pain, I had terrible ear pain too. I had lost it totally. I was literally in tears. I even applied UDI, prayed to Sai Baba like anything.

Then my husband could not see me suffer so much, so he decided to try all the emergency dental services. Most of them answered, but they just took the details and the phone number and promised to call back. He kept on trying to reach his dentist friend too. Then finally at 9:30 PM, his friend called back, and my husband said I am crying in pain. He said to immediately come to the clinic. He would be there. We were so thankful to him. I suddenly remembered it was a Thursday, and Baba would help me out. He immediately gave injections and closed the cavity temporarily. I felt a world of relief. I could not believe a tooth would get this worse. I am so greatful to Saibaba, to have sent help in time. Thank You Baba. You have always helped me when needed.

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  1. Very nice experience! Baba helped through your husband's friend, the dentist, to relieve your tooth pain, and Baba may have also done to help strengthen and/or test your devotion. Very glad to hear everything worked out well with Baba's blessing. Om Sai Ram!

  2. I can understand ur situation dear sai sister.I also went through similar kind of situation.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  3. baba tomorrow is my exam plz help me to clear it..plz sai devotees pray for that i can clear my exam.sai baba plz plz help sai raam

  4. om sai ram

    Even i had quite a similar experience wherein one night my tooth pain became unbearabled and tossing and praying to BABA i remembered about UDI and applied it.OMG what a relief it gave me.I went to the Dentist and they filled it up and yet it was paining. I have a fear with dentists because as a child i had those fixtures on my teeth for a 5-6 yrs. I didn't want to go to them again. I just prayed BABA i can't go again BABA please help me.You will not believe me after that my pain stopped and i haven't been to them except for cleaning.

    Thank you BABA for understanding my fears and helping me.

  5. Sister Sindhu,

    Jai Sai Ram. How is your tooth now? is everything okay now? dont worry, Baba will protect you. As Baba always says why suffer the pain in next birth, just bear a little longer and it will be cured forever. I think this is exactly your case.

    Baba has cured even final stage cancer patients, so dont worry sister.

    Allah Mallik.

    Servant of Baba

  6. i can imagine, tooth pain is really bad, experienced the same thing when i got my wisdom teeth pulled, couldn't eat anything properly for a's funny that even if any part of our body doesn't work, everything gets messed up. that's why my mom always prays for health and long life, as you need those two do anything or enjoy anything.

  7. Dear Anonymous devotee, wish you all the best on your exam and will pray to Baba to help you pass and do well. Om Sai Ram!

  8. @Anonymous devotees..thanx for ur prayers.My exam went fine may be bcoz of ur prayers.Thank u so much.May BABA bless u.baba m waiting for the result plz help me.I hv no hope except sai raam.

  9. @S.Ranjan
    Thank you all for your wishes, Sai baba will always help you in some way unknown to you, all that we need to do is have patience and surrender to him. My tooth has healed completely now, thank you all for your concern.
    Om Sai Ram.

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