We shall again be seeing three more experiences which are equally interesting and inspiring.

Baba’s Presence In Our Lives Has Enriched Us

Sai Sister Lavanya from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, Just like every contributor, I would like to first start with a thank you to you and your group for doing such a wonderful job to give so many devotees an opportunity to share and read experiences. I stumbled upon this website not too long ago and now it’s a daily ritual for me first thing in the morning to read the beautiful experiences and thoughtful comments. It gives me a blessed start to my day.

Like many others, my family has been going through a rough phase in life and miraculously Baba promises that He brings His devotees into His fold, no matter where they live. I live in the United States. With Baba’s grace, I was able to visit Shirdi for the first time in the month of January 2012. I was longing to go to Shirdi ever since I started to pray to Sai Baba. I thought that living in the USA, it would be difficult to do so. My husband started to look for tickets casually for the month of December to visit India during Christmas and ticket prices were extremely high running upto $2200 per person. So we dropped the idea and hoped to be able to go in July. But Baba had a different plan. On Dec 21st, my husband was talking to his cousin, who happened to be planning for a vacation to India during December as well and said that some large group of devotees of Satya Sai Baba were booked for a trip to Puttaparthi, but they had to cancel last minute and hence the ticket prices on British Airways were suddenly selling at a lower price. My husband called a travel agent and checked for prices and miraculously we were given a $1445 deal per person, which is what we would have paid if we planned to go in July. We booked our tickets and flew to India on Dec 24th. Needless to say I could not contain my happiness. It was a blessed trip and we experienced many more miracles during the trip, which I hope to share with you all soon.

I am sure Baba was always with us, but we did not recognize the fact until October of 2011. Since then, we have felt His presence in a strong way in our day to day lives. With Baba’s grace, I was able to do Sai Nav guruvar vrath, Sai Satcharitra daily and Saptah parayan and continue to pray that all our problems are solved with His blessing. Last Saturday morning, I woke up to thanking Baba Ji for giving us good results towards solving our problems and a sudden feeling of outpour in emotions resulted in a poem written for Baba and by Baba’s grace. I want to share it with all devotees and pray that Babaji’s blessing be on one and all. I am sure that with His blessing, I will be able to post my experience in detail soon.

Sainath aapko pukare Sai Ram
Aapko pukare hum Sai Shyam
Pukare hum appko kai naam se
Aap Bakhto ko dekhte hain anuraag se

Sai Sai bole hum jabtak praan hain
Aap mein samai poori brahmand hain
Kashto ka samna karna sikhaya aapne
Acche raste pe chalna sikhaya aapne

Man mein thi jo shankha door ho gaya
Aapka charan ghar ban gaya
Aapki leela hain hamari samajh se uppar
Hamara dhyan aur prem hain aapke ke uppar

Is jag mein na koi hamara
Aapka saath ho sada hamara
Pukare hum aapko kai naam se
Aap bakhto ko dekhte hain anuraag se.

Baba Saved My Life

Sai Sister Mamta Ji from India says: Hetal Ji, Thank you very much for this wonderful blog. I am Mamta Batra from Yamuna Nagar, India. This is my second experience in this blog. First one is here. If you find it suitable for this blog then please post it. Please edit it wherever necessary. Hetal Ji, please don’t disclose my mail id, but you can mention my name.

It is really true that Baba takes our pains on Him. Similar incident happened with me in the month of November, 2011. On 25th November, I was reading one chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra in evening. It is in my daily routine from last 5-6 months. After finishing that, I decided to do Meditation. In fact, I don’t know how to meditate. I took a small statue of Sai Baba from my temple and kept it on the table in front of me and was looking at Him and tried to do concentrate and then I closed my eyes to meditate. Suddenly my eight years son, who is very naughty, was quarreling with his sister. He came hurriedly in anger and took that statue and threw it. My daughter, who is eleven years old, started shouting. I opened my eyes in surprise to see what was happening. I noticed that the statue took three four jumps/round, but my daughter hold it quickly. Thanks God, it was on Sofa, but not on floor and there was no damage with that statue. I was very shocked to see. After a while, I remembered one of devotee’s experiences, which I read on this site, whereas she mentioned that Baba saved his son’s life by taking his pains on Him. Similar incident was happened there with Baba’s statue. I told my daughter that somebody of our house is in danger and Baba has taken our pains on Him. I was little depressed for next two days and prayed Baba to please take care of my husband and both my kids and save them from any calamity.

On 27th November night, we went to attend a marriage function and when we were coming back to our house (On motorbike), a car came and hit our bike from back and our bike was slipping (Took a bent like it is going to slip). As I was on the last seat of bike, I saw the car is coming (was taking U turn) to hit us. I was shocked and scared and fell down from the bike. Although my husband managed to control the bike from totally slipping and there was no harm to him as well as both our kids. I was something like fainted and lost my consciousness and fell down on the road. As I wished earlier to Sai Baba please take care of my husband and my kids, Baba did so. I also realized that He took my pains on Him because I was fell down and took three-four folds/rounds on the road (like Baba’s statue on 25th Evening) still I took a little wound on my left knee while it could be a big injury. I could get fracture or Head injury or any other serious damage but Baba saved me from a big calamity. Baba took my pain on Him. Baba is really great. He always saves His devotees. We should have a firm faith on Him.



Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi please don’t disclose my name and mail id. I have been a devotee of Baba since 2007. I always use to pray Baba and He listens to me and helps me in my day to day difficulties.

In 2010 after completing MCA, I was in search of job and was working in a small company. But I wanted to work in a good company. But I was not selected in any one in campus. I never cleared the written test. But I had faith in Baba that He will have something good for me. On Feb 28th 2011, I heard that one MNC is coming. This time, I prayed Baba that I am preparing for this campus and leaving the result in Your hands.

And to my surprise, this time, I cleared not only written test, but also GD and Viva. During each stage, I was praying Baba. He helped me to clear all and get selected in the campus. Also the company called for joining within one month. All my family members were happy. Thanks to lord because He not only gave me job, but also gave the joining in Pune. As I had never visited Shirdi before, He called me near Him. I also visited Shirdi twice while I was in Pune. Koti koti pranam to Saibaba.

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  2. Very nice experiences all.

    Sister Lavanya, your love for our Sai shows in the poem you have written. very beautiful.

    Me and my family are going through a tough time now and know that Sainath is with us. I only pray to Sai baba for his blessings. With his blessings all calamities and troubles come to an end. Baba, Give us the strength to face these troubled times and that we may never waver from the path shown by you.

    May your blessings be on all your children always.

    Love you so much. Let me be at your feet always.

  3. BABA please see to it that my husband is not angry with me.Make my husband to talk to me nicely with love and affection.Do a miracle you know what it is.Please bless my married life.

  4. Dear sister lavanya,
    I poem you have wrote is very very nice.Each and every line i found your love on our baba.Other two experience are also very nice. Now my family is facing rough situation. We lost our job then we started our some sort of business but it is not in any good condition. Next month we are going close our company.
    There is no any other way to lead our lives. I am working in one organisation with very less salary.
    Pl sai devotees pray for my husband to show him right path. As tear are scrolling from my eyes and iam not able to write any more.

    Pl baba save us from troubles and calamities.


  5. Very nice expereinces.

    Lavanya ji amazing poem .. very very sweet indeed !

    Mamta ji … I can only imagine how you must have felt ! Baba is always around 🙂 so good to feel this fact and if we feel it ones , we want to feel it all the more !!

    Jai Sai Nath !!

  6. Nice experiences!!!

    Lavanya ji…. Awesome poem…:)
    Mamtha ji…loved the faith ur having on our sai maa…


  7. Dont Sai Sister,May baba will bless your husband a nice job.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  8. Thank u Baba for making my kid drink the juice, might sound very small but for mr it a big thing and also thanks for saving her one more time, please be with all if us and bless us love u Baba – gayathri

  9. m appearing in an exam on this saturday plz sai devotees pray for me so that i can clear this exam.baba plz help me.i cant do it by myself.m not capable enough to do it.need ur help.plz plz baba.om sai raam.

  10. Mamathaji and lavanyaji both your experiences are wonderful.and lavanyaji your poem on baba is excellent.And also Sai devotee baba will save you omsairam.

  11. Dear Sree(from comment section)
    It is very hard to go through unstability, not knowing what future holds for us.The only savior we have is our Baba.Don't worry,pray to Baba and he will show your husband the right path.Jai Sai Ram

  12. Dear Lavanya ji,
    What to say! My wish to visit BABA was also fulfilled with same miraculous way! I will narrate it in a separate posting.
    I am so happy to read your post. May you remain blessed.

    Mamata ji, I am happy for yours and your family's protection in a miraculous way! May you be blessed ever.

    wishing each and every Sai devotee be protected and have healthy happy peaceful life and be their wishes be fulfilled by BABA's blessings.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  13. wonderful experiences…

    Lavanya-ji, your poem is wonderful. In four 4 stanzas you showed devotees feelings towards our beloved BABA.
    Thanks for sharing that lovely poem.

    Mamta-ji, your experience showed once again that He is the sole protector of us and He always takes care of His devotees.

    Dear Anonymous devotee, your experience is short and wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.

    May BABA keep showering His blessings on everyone.

    Thank you so much Baba.

    Om Sai Rama

  14. Sister Sree,

    Jai Sai Ram. Do not worry much about it. Every one of us will go through turbulence in life and Baba will definetly show every one a way to come out of troubles. Please pray sincerely from your heart and he will certainly take you and your family out of calamities. I will also pray to Baba to rescue you and others who are in similar position.

    Lets bow to the holy and pious feet of Baba.

    Servant of Baba

  15. Very nice experiences! Lavanya Ji, Baba wanted you to come and made sure the tickets were ones you could afford, so you could make a Shirdi trip and please do share your other experiences when you can. Mamta Ji, it is amazing that Baba showed you even beforehand that he will take the pains of the accident himself and Baba made sure that all of you were very safe and no harm came to you, your husband or your kids. Devotee from India, it is wonderful that Baba helped to arrange a job for you near Shirdi, sometimes Baba doesn't give us exactly what we ask for, but he will always give us what is best for us (most times it is better than what we originally asked for). Om Sai Ram!

  16. Thank you everyone! I am so happy my poem for Babaji was accepted and published and liked by sai devotees. It means a lot to me!! May Babaji's blessing be on everyone

  17. Hetal Ji thank you for publishing my experience here and also thank to Sai Ji, S.Ranjan Ji, Meera Ji, S Geetha Ji & all other Sai devotees for your blessings in the form of your comments.
    Lavanya ji, your poem is so nice. May Baba bless all His devotees Om Sai Ram.

  18. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai shiva, jai hanuman, dattatreya, baba ki palkhi, jaiuruga, tirupati balaji, jai murugan, jai durga

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