Let’s go through three more interesting and inspiring experiences of devotees in this post today.

Recent Visit To Sai Temple

Sai Sister Jayalekshmy Ji from India says: Dear Sai brothers and Sisters, Recently some of our family members visited Chennai in connection with a marriage there. Two of us-my sister in law and me, wanted to have Darshan at Shirdi Sai Mandir at Mylapore.

With the limited time available (only 30 minutes), we managed to reach there and stood in a queue without knowing which one it was. While moving in the line, we both offered Dakshina in the Bhandar. When we reached near the entrance to Sanctum sanctorum, the security/volunteer person stopped us. It was actually the line for people who had paid for Annadan. Some of them having paid months ago- It was a Thursday also. We earnestly prayed to Baba to give us His Darshan and confessed to the security that we did not know that the queue was for Annadan donors and for people who had booked special pooja etc.

Praying hard, we stood a little away from line, not able to enter. A lady, who was in the line and about to enter, told the security that she can take three people for special Darshan and she requested him to admit my sister in law and me. We felt that Baba Himself did this and blessed us by giving Darshan. We were overwhelmed and thanked the unknown lady who took us inside. We could touch His feet (Idol) and had good Darshan. We could not find the lady, who helped us, after that. Baba, You are always kind to Your children. You elevate Your devotees to a very high level in their love and humaneness. Baba, always protect us and guide us all. Om Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai!!!

Sairam Helped Me Get A Job

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Please don’t disclose my name or my email id.

I have been looking for a job for quite some time. Every day, I used to sit before the computer and browse for jobs. I applied for jobs online and through mails. But, I did not get any response for any of the positions I applied. After some time, I felt very desperate. That time, I came across a website where devotees had shared their experiences on how Sairam helped them during their hard times and the power of reading Sai Satcharitra book.

I started believing that Sairam will help me find a good job. From that day, I started praying Sairam every day. I used to chant His name whenever I feel sad. Around that time, I got few calls from recruiters.

On one Tuesday, I got one phone interview, but I did not do it very well. I got a feedback from the recruiter that I was not selected. The following Thursday, I went to Saibaba temple and got a Sai Satcharitra book and decided to do a weekly parayan. I started reading the book on Thursday and completed the book the following Wednesday. Next day Thursday, I got a call from the same recruiter that the client wants to do a face to face interview next week. I was so happy and felt the power of SHRI SAI SATCHARITRA PARAYAN.

On my interview day, I prayed Sairam to be with me and help me to do my best. I took the Sai Satcharitra book with me in my handbag. I was not very happy with my performance in the interview. I felt like I could have done better. After interview, I went straight to his temple and asked Sairam to make a miracle happen and get me this job if this is the right job for me. That evening, I got a call from the recruiter that they are going to interview few more candidates and so cannot provide any feedback at this time.

I felt like Sairam is with me all the time and He has plans for me and I will get some positive news on the auspicious day Thursday. To my surprise on Thursday, I got a call from the recruiter that I was selected for the job and asked me to send all the required paper works. That evening, I went to Saibaba temple. When I saw Him, I could not control my tears of joy and thankfulness. I joined the job and I was overwhelmed with joy, when I saw Saibaba picture on the desk of my manager. Sai Ram showed His presence to me.


Need All Sai Devotees Blessings

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I am Sai’s daughter from USA. Thanks for everything you are doing. This is really a great job. This is the best website I have ever seen. Please don’t show my name and email id. I have shared my experience few months back. You have posted my situation and experience I have faced. To all Sai devotees, my last post was A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 119. Kindly request you to read my situation and pray for me for a baby. I want to share this to all my Sai devotees. We are in very bad shape. I don’t know why did this happen? We went through very painful process IVF.

Two weeks back, I was done with egg retrieval. Actually doctors told that I have more chances to get more eggs because I am 25 years old. Doctors retrieved 6 eggs, very bad number. We were in shock but all we need is one egg to get positive right. I was very positive that my Sai is with me. Whatever is happening in my life is with my Sai’s blessings only. On Jan 26th (Thursday), I was done with embryo transfer. They transferred two embryos. ‘Grade A’ blast cyst is a very very good embryo. We were very positive. All went good. There was 2 week wait for blood test after embryo transfer. It was like two years for us. We were eagerly, desperately waiting for our positive results. In two week wait, we were thinking about only baby. 4 days back, result came that blood test was negative. I was shouting, crying and crying. I was helpless. I and my husband were in shock. We went mad. I and my husband were sitting in front of my Sai and crying and shouting. I was mad. We were asking Sai why did this happen. Sai, “maku pillalu ante chala istam Sai. Ila enduku jarigindi sai”? (We love kids Sai. Please forgive all our mistakes, karma and bless me with a baby). We can’t believe this, Hetal Ji. We were in depression. We went through very painful process (physically, mentally). Why Sai is testing me, Hetal Ji? Please, Hetal Ji, give me strength to face second cycle.

Again I have to go through for second cycle because they had retrieved only 6 eggs. 3 got fertilized. If I would have got more eggs, no need to go though from the first. I have to take medicines, injections everyday etc. I am so scared of all those. Please Sai help me. I am so tensed, scared. Need strength, support from all Sai devotees. Please pray for me. Please, Hetal Ji, do for me. I don’t know why Sai did this for me. Maybe Sai is trying to give me the best. Please take care of me. I hold my hand tightly Sai. Don’t leave me Sai.

Sai, we are in confusion weather we have to continue in the same fertility center or we need to change. Please help me. We are in trouble Sai. Please help me out Sai. Please, this is our life Sai. We want kids, Sai. Please, Sai, bless me with a healthy baby. I am waiting for your positive sign. Sai, I need your presence. Please be with me forever and ever.

I request all Sai Devotees to pray for me. I am in very bad shape. Please, I want to get pregnant soon. Sai, please give me positive sign.

Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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  1. Hi Dear, Baba will bless you with a healthy baby don't worry ….you are just 25 years old don't get panicked ..Baba will test his devotees and expect faith and patience but will never let them down..this is from my personal experience…we will all pray for you..just believe in our Baba..he is everything and will bless you soon to become a mother…

    Om Sai Ram

    Sai's daughter

  2. JAI SAIRAM Anonymousji,
    Don't be sad and don't get depressed.
    Sai is with you. Please ask Sai through yoursaibaba.com and get answers to your questions.
    If possible please start Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat.
    Sai surely will bless you with baby.
    you are just 25 years old, why do you worry that much.
    Have faith in Sai and leave everything to Sai, you'll be happy.
    Once you leave everything to Sai, he'll take care of everything.


  3. @Anonymous – Baba will definitely give you a child.. do not worry.. baba is with you.. surrender to him.. by thinking in a way that what is he going to do is best for your life. Meeru result gurnchi asalu aalochinchakunda.. sai ram ni taliste chalu… "sarva kartha aina sai ni sharanu pondi oorupu tho phalitham anubhavinchu ayana panulu ela chakkabedatharo chudu" he will definitely do that.

  4. Dear devotee from usa – please dont get depression baba wil bless you beautiful child. He is testing your patience that how much faith you got on baba trust me he is going to give you best just get surrender to him and have full faith on him and chant his nama japa everything wil go fine beleive me we all his beloved childrens he always wants us to be happy baba will bless wat is good for us on right time just be in patience dont cry like that please .
    We all wil do prayers for u.

    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  5. Dear sai devotee….please dont loose faith in baba…he will surely help you out of this….may be for something good to happen…ur going through tough phase..hav faith in him..everything will be fine…we can feel the pain u and ur hubby are suffering with…we all pray for u…hope u will be blessed with a healthy baby…omsairam

  6. Very nice experiences! Jayalekshmy Ji, Baba must have come as that woman to allow you for darshan because he didn't want you to leave without having his blessings. 1st devotee from USA, Baba arranged for you to have the job he chose for you and made sure everything worked out well. 2nd Devotee from USA, we will all pray for you to have your baby soon. You should also do the 9 Thursdays Vrat as well. Baba will bless you with a child soon, and you should also consult with your OB/GYN MD and see if you should try another fertility clinic or get the opinion of another OB/GYN doctor. Om Sai Ram!

  7. OM SAI RAM!!!
    Dear sai devotee,don't loose hope,keep faith on sai,he surly bless u a cute baby.
    om sai ram!!!

  8. Dear sai sister,
    I totally under stand what you are going through as I have been through the same. Have faith dear as our Beloved Sai will give us what is best for us. Be calm and try not to be so tense. Sai loves you and he is taking care of you. Will include you in my prayers.

  9. Anonymous devotee from USA,Dont worry please have complete faith in SAI,he will bless you with a wonderful baby.Nice experience jeyalakshmy ji, Im able to feel the joy you would have had when that lady called you to have sai's darshan. Anonymous devotee from USA, excellent experience if we trust and surrender completely to Baba he makes all impossible things possible.

  10. @ sai devotee # 3, don't worry.. Saibaba has plans for everyone. he is our maa, he knows which is the right time to give anything. i can totally understand your situation as me n my husband r also trying for a baby.. sometimes we also undergo stress. we are yet to be blessed with a baby.. but i have left all my worries to Sai, i'm 100% sure that he is going to give me baby one day.. He is karunamoorthy. He cannot and will not disappoint his children.. from your last experience, i understand there was some problem for your husband and that is resolved.. sameway this will also turn out positive.. From what i read about IVF, it is not necessary that every cycle will turn positive n become a baby.. so be patient.. specially you need to be really cool while undergoing these kind of procedures for the fetus to stay safe n healthy in your womb.. so, think of your 'beautiful baby' that is going to come.. for its sake, you should not get tensed..remember in mind that if u get tensed and worked up, it is going to impact your kutti.. Visualize that you are already pregnant and there is a cute little baby in your womb already n be happy as how much you would be happy that time…things will turn out positive by Sai's grace… And don't forget, surrender to Saibaba 100% , say him that he is your only hope and leave the rest to him.. He is just testing us for a while.. It doesn't take even 1 sec for him to make a miracle if he wants to… SO BE POSITIVE AND GET READY FOR A MIRACLE !! ( of course, me too waiting for him to do that miracle for me !)

  11. may baba bless u with a beautiful child for all the hard phases u r going thru…..dont lose faith……He is watching over all of us.

  12. Sister from USA,

    Jai Sai Ram. Why are you stressing your self? you need to relax and be peaceful. You are only 25 yrs, but as a mother i can understand. Do not worry, just take Baba name and try and meditate on Baba. If you did not get successful that does not mean Baba did not bless you, there is a reason for everything. Perhaps Baba wanted to give you a healthy child.

    Please do not hurt your self, by getting restless and frustated. Please leave everything to Baba and wait with complete faith & patience.

    Baba will bless you with a child soon.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  13. Oh baba, Tears rolled down after seeing your pain and how much you are waiting and praying for a child. Sister I will surely pray for you. This is all what we can do. Please takecare of your health.Dont get depressed. Everything will go fine. Baba is always with us. See baba will definately fullfill your wish and he only will come to your house in the form of your child.Please have faith and patience in him.

  14. Dear sister from USA

    Pl donot be annoyed and also donot loose your patience.
    our sai definitely shows miracle and you will be blessed with baby. we will all pray for you.

    Om Sai Ram

  15. Om Sai Jai Sai
    Saiji please give strength to your chlild to face this situation and wisdom to have blind faith on you. Bless her with a baby and make this couple happy.
    Dont worry sai sister you will have your baby soon just have patience and have full faith on Saiji, I am sure he is just waiting for the right time to gift you.
    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  16. Dear saidevotee no.3.don't loose faith on our beloved sai.He'll surely bless u with a healthy baby.All u have to do is to keep firm faith on lord sai.everything wil become allright in near future. OM SRI SAINATHAYA NAMAH.

  17. Sai Baba, please bless your devotee with a beautiful child soon…please baba..if you are here for all of us, why we need to go to others for any help…please sai..please…bless the couple with your kind mercy…

  18. Dear sai divotee sis,ur pain can be learned into ur words but i m sure baba will bless u with a healthy child,u r just 25 and its not time to worry about,more cool calm n positive you will be the more better will be results.one of my relative had the block in both tubes n after 18 years of marriage when she is 40+. ,she got a baby boy on Guru Purnima last year,n more she herself is a Dr .gyno.so we cant see future but we have full trust on baba.keep urself occupied in baba n he knows all our pain like mother.om Sai Ram

  19. to the sai devotee in the last section,
    you seem to be going through a lot of pain and I can feel it from the way you wrote. My uncle and his wife also tried to get a child for many years. Finally, they just decided to adopt a baby girl as they were getting old. She brings so much life to them and now they think that they should've adopted her earlier. there are many kids who need a family and maybe Baba wants you to give a life to kids like those.

  20. Hi sister plz don't get depressed, I can understand what u r going thro as 2 of my Frend experienced the same and u know what after the failure of ivf they were in the similar situation and took a break and the very next month they got pregnant naturally by Baba's grace and delivered beautiful healthy baby a girl for one and a boy for other. The most importmt thing is they were doing sai brat at that time so have faith in Sai u will also share the good news soon may baba bless all of us. Gayathri

  21. Dear Jayalekshmy Ji, your experience tells us NOT TO WORRY FOR ANYTHING, HE TAKES CARE OF EVERYTHING. Thanks for sharing such Short and Sweet experience with us.

    Dear Anonymous-ji(Job experience), your experience is wonderful. It shows Baba has plans for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

    Dear Anonymous-ji, I am so sad to read your experience. I can say, BABA has plans for everyone. HE only knows the right time. Never let your "Faith" and "Patience" deteriorate.
    May BABA bless everyone with happiness.

    Om Sai Rama

  22. Jai Sai Ram,

    I am also in pain like this, My son is suffering from blood cancer and we r in HK. I also cry everyday. Baba please take us out from this situation. I want my son dieases free. Baba pls. give him a long and healthy life. Baba please bless ur devotees with kids. I wish she can have a small cute baby.

    Thanks Baba for everything.

    Om Sai Ram

  23. Sai Maa is always with us to protect and guide.Dnt worry, soon your trouble will get vanish by the grace of LOrd Sai.

  24. Baba,

    Please bless your devotee with a beautiful child… We dont have anyone else except u…. Please dont leave us baba….

  25. Dear Jayalekshmy Ji, your experience is so good & inspiring.Thanks for sharing with us.

    Dear Anonymous-ji,2nd experience- your experience is also so nice where Baba help you in a miraculous way.

    Dear Anonymous-ji, 3rd experience- tears rolled on from my eyes while reading your experience. Dont worry have faith on BABA. He will definitely bless you with a healthy baby. Just wait for the the right time.

    May BABA bless everyone with Health & happiness.

    Om Sai Ram

  26. Dear Hetalji,

    Baba has blessed me(Jayalekshmy,India) thru you also. Thanks for posting and sharing my experience with sai family.

    Sai will never leave us … He will bring what is due and the best for us.. but He may make us wait; to make us better persons and repent our mistakes and sometimes to get full concentration on the matter of our prayer.. Dear Sai sister(USA), you will be definitely blessed by HIM.May be the child to be born to you in this birth of yours is yet to advent on this earth. We all pray for you…. We are all praying for you and all the members of the Sai Family.
    Samasta Lokaa Sukhino Bhavanthu..

  27. Dear Sister,
    We all will pray for Baba to give a nice hale and healthy baby. Don't get depressed. Baba will take care.

  28. Dear Friend,

    Baba will surely bless u .Let him decide the right time and right way.You will get your wish fulfilled through baba soon.
    May Sai bless you with strength,faith and hope and happy times ahead..Jai sai Ram

  29. sister please be calm have a strong faith in our baba he will defienetly bless u with a good baby and u will really share ur eperience very soon
    jai sairam

  30. Sai devotee 2, same situation im facing now a days, i have applied lots of jobs but all in vain. i am praying to baba please help me out from this embarrassing time. after reading of your experience i think baba has sent this message for me that i should have faith on him like you.

    Sai devotee 3, please have faith on sai, he will definitely bless you with a healthy kid. Don't shake your faith on him.



  31. sai sister dont worry.baba will bless you with baby soon.please pray to shibpur baba and donate there.u can visit shibpursaibaba.org for more details.om sairam.

  32. Experience #3 Om Sai! I deeply sympathise with you. If I may suggest something to u, in order to get pregnant please remember ur being happy is th prime requirement physiologically n psychologically both. If u r stressed ur body releases many hormones to stop impregnation. please understand that reproductive system is a luxury for body & not a necessity. SO if everything else is okay with ur body it allows baby to stay or it removes the baby for its own survival. SO plz b happy n make sure to avoid all stress n all c results 🙂 god luck!

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