Miracles I Witnessed At Shibpur – Sai Devotee Maya

I was dumbfounded reading this heart throbbing experience. No words to write anything as introduction. Kindly go through it directly.

Sai Sister Maya Ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am sending you the blissful experiences of our Sai Ma gave me at Shibpur. He fulfilled all my wishes that I cried like a child before leaving. He is our merciful mother and father, but we don’t understand His grace and think negative, become bitter or sometimes blame Him. We can’t even decipher His greatness because of our ignorance. There are many more things than mere material desires that He fulfills. Spiritual uplift that is what I got there. Sai in Shri Sai Satcharitra says, “My coffers are filled with spiritual treasures, but none seeks it”. This is so true.

I am sorry this post is very long, but if you read it fully you will understand. I had to write all the minute details because they answer certain questions that pop up later. I am sending this to you to share on your blog instead of posting it in the group so that every Sai devotee gets benefited. This post answers many spiritual questions.

Miraculous Call Of Baba

I had a wish to visit Shibpur ever since I heard about it. I donated for the temple also. Same night Baba gave me Darshan and I saw a remote village which I suppose was Shibpur only. Since this place is located in a politically sensitive and disturbed area with unstable law and order conditions, I was avoiding going alone. I coaxed my friend Shama to accompany me however it didn’t materialize. Nobody was ready to go with me (as Baba said, “nobody can visit me till I call”). And the wish remained submerged in my heart.

Last year was very bad for me health wise. In September, I reached a point, where I felt I needed a break. Applied for leave to visit Sai at Shirdi to recharge myself, but it was rejected twice. Dejected due to the state of affairs, I blamed Sai and fought with Him (I do that often). I challenged Him, “I am not going to think of visiting You till You Yourself call me. You don’t have a human form. Let me see how You will summon me”. I cried. In January, I applied for leave to join my kids on their vacation. In my heart, I also wished to go to Shirdi. I knew going to Shibpur was out of question. Sai had already said, “Those whom I consider MINE, will visit me at Shibpur and not those who consider me as God”. I was aware leave will be rejected this time and for all logical reasons. Two of my peers were on medical leave and there were no other choices, who could assume my charge. I was pessimistic.

But Then A Strange Thing Happened

A friend Nagarjun, who is more of a Guru to me, left a message in my inbox – I would like to accompany you to Shibpur. I could not believe my eyes – Sai’s call. Was it? Was Sai speaking through Nagarjun? Yes, He was. It was an invitation from Sai to visit Him at Shibpur. It was an answer to my challenge. Baba can speak even though He left His mortal coil. What surprised me most was how did Nagarjun know that I wished to visit Shibpur that too in January? I asked him that. He replied that he felt like visiting that place. But Baba (I address Nagarjun as Baba), I am not getting leave. I informed him. He laughed and said your leave has been sanctioned and believe me we are going to Shibpur. I saw this in my vision. After two days, I was informed that my leave was sanctioned. This was another surprise. Still I wanted to reassure myself that Sai actually wanted me to visit Shibpur and not Shirdi. In the evening, Nagarjun asked me Chutti mil gayi (Did you get leave)? I said yes. So where are you going? “I am not sure”, I told. Okay wait till tomorrow, you will know, he said. Next evening, I told him. I am not sure yet, you tell me what Sai wants. He said Shibpur. I was simply ecstatic. This was an honorable invitation and a more clear indication from Sai. My ego was satisfied and anger subsided. I was so happy. Sai fulfilled my wish to visit Him at Shibpur that too with my Guru. He gave me more than I wished.

Introduction Of Nagarjun

He is a basically a healer gifted with powers of premonition. He reads thoughts, visits souls and can see beyond the things, especially in meditation. He found me in a social networking site when I needed healing. He healed me and guided me on the path of spirituality. Here I would also like to mention that he heals those, who need it free of cost. He showed right path to many drifted people, who are now well settled in their lives. He does this to get peace for himself and to spread love. He is a rare goal and human being. He says his sole aim is to serve people and dispel pain and suffering, but on one condition. He chooses pure souls, the real needy ones.

I would also like to mention that Nagarjun is a great devotee of Shakti and draws his powers from her. He told me that he lost connectivity with HER during this Navratras. When asked why, he said this must be another process of evolution. He was looking for some divine blessings to upgrade his existing spiritual and gifted powers and capabilities. He was not sure it was Sai and always told me that I don’t bow my head before any deity or power. He was not aware why he felt like visiting Sai. Probably it was an experiment.

Introduction Of Another Guru Anju Sharma

She is a Reiki healer from Karnal, blessed with divine powers. She is a professional healer and a wonderful person. I came into her contact due to Nagarjun. She blessed me and took into her fold. The most striking thing is she knocks me whenever I am upset or need guidance. She is a highly evolved and enlightened soul, who sees and feels things much before we normal human beings can.

Baba Gave Me Darshan In Dream

Before leaving home, I prayed to Sai – Baba my only wish is that You meet me in human form, put Your hand on my head and bless me. Be with me throughout. I just want to meet You and nothing else. Same night, I saw a dream. I was standing in a crowded room and Sathya Sai Baba entered the room and walked straight towards me. I was dumbfounded. I asked him – Baba, I called Sai. Did He send you instead? He spoke nothing and gave a sly smile, put His hand on my head, blessed me and walked out quietly. Next morning, when I recalled the dream, I was stupefied. Baba fulfilled my wish same day. Throughout my journey Baba’s presence was felt. A co-passenger had Sai bhajan as the dial tone and whenever his phone rang, I felt as if Sai was around.

Sai Devotee Met Me In Train

In the evening, many local travelers boarded the compartment at Allahabad. They were sitting on the side seats and curtains of my side were drawn. I could hear noise there, but I kept reading Sai Satcharitra. After few minutes, a man came inside and sat on the seat in front of me. I took few minutes break and Sai Satcharitra was on the table. He asked my permission to see the book and I allowed. I noticed his interest in the book and smiled. I was glad he was an ardent Sai devotee and let him read the book. After few minutes, he started asking me about my experiences with Sai and I described them in detail. He was filled with Bhakti Bhaav for Sai and shared his own. Then, he requested me if he could take my Sai Satcharitra. I smiled. I could have given him that happily if it was not a gift from Sai Mandir Chandigarh. I promised him that I would send him a copy by courier soon. He gave me his address and phone number. After that he shifted his seat to other side where about five of his companions were gossiping.

I was very happy. I had a wish before setting out on my journey to distribute Sai Satcharitra to true devotees of Baba. Sai fulfilled this wish too. I was also wondering why out of those six passengers, only this person came inside and talked to me. Obviously Sai vibrations pulled him towards me.

Sai Rescued At Every Step And Guided Us

We set out for Shibpur around 4.30 PM. It was 15 km away from Bethuadhari. We enquired many people about the way. It was confusing again. There were two places by same name. They asked which Shibpur? We said Sai Temple. Locals feigned ignorance. We are not aware of any such temple. I was shattered how come local villagers don’t know. I was almost in tears. We moved ahead. An old man wearing white clothes and white beard was standing in front of a shop. For a moment, I identified him with my Sai and requested driver to enquire from him. He spoke to that old man and he guided us correctly. Go straight 12 kms and avoid talking to locals (an inert warning), then you will reach Shibpur. Image of that old man still lingers in my mind. Due to his guidance, we could reach Shibpur and later driver told me he was a Muslim. Somehow I felt some strong connection with him.

Blissful Destination (8th Feb, 2012)

Throughout the way, I was disillusioned, prayed. Oh Sai, what kind of test is this? People in Your area don’t know You, whereas I came from so far to see You. Are You there or I was fooled by some enthusiastic devotees on internet? Was that just a hype created through internet or anything existed at Shibpur? I traveled for three days to see You. Was my effort just a waste? My heart cried and mind wandered. Finally we reached Shibpur. All my doubts vanished the moment. I set my foot inside the temple. I felt a strange sense of peace as if no doubt and fear existed.

Characters Of Sai Satcharitra

Members of Temple Management were aware of our visit. They welcomed us whole-heartily and our hearts melted and responded to their pure love. Sujoy Mandal, who spoke Hindi, took us to visitor’s room. He took us around the temple and apprised us of the miracles taking place in the area. His smile and enthusiasm was child like he reminded me of Shama, Baba’s bhakt in Masjid at Shirdi. Then Manojit Biswas, an old man and few other members talked to us in the visitor’s room. Sujoy asked us to wait till Aarti was over. We agreed.

The Aarti was another memorable experience. It was pure love for Baba more than Bhakti. The kind of love Meera had for Lord Krishna, pure devotion. Apparently, the remote area people lacked knowledge about the method of Aarti done at Shirdi. Still they did it in their own style in Bengali. I could see the person performing Aarti, Monty Ghosh, in a trance. He wore orange robes and was dancing while his eyes closed, reminded me of Mahalsapati during Baba’s Chawadi Samaroh mentioned in Sai Satcharitra.

I would also like to make a special mention about the Secretary of the Temple Society. He is a calm and gentle soul. He was there throughout around us with a smile, but he could not interact with us due to language problem. All other Members were also present in the evening in the Aarti and visitor’s room. All of them were good souls completely in communion with powerful Sai vibrations of that place. I have no doubt that they are reincarnations of characters of Sai Satcharitra, who served Baba in His Masjid.

Amazing Experiences During Aarti

Few minutes before Aarti, I and Nagarjun went into the main Sai Temple. I don’t have words to express the feeling. Powerful vibrations of Sai embraced us. I am a normal human being, so experienced them only in the peace that prevailed in the air and my mind. But Nagarjun was a spiritually blessed person. He shared with me later that. Sai hugged him. He told me that he experienced such overwhelming emotions only two times before in his life – one was in Chatrapur Mandir and other in Vaishno Devi. He said he could not control his emotions and tears were flowing from his eyes. We both were convinced that devotee’s beliefs are true. Sai was very much present in Shibpur.

Aarti is performed at four places. One at Main Temple, Dhuni Place, Bade Baba Mandir and Temple, where lot of other deities are installed (pictures are already attached in the blog). Sujoy asked us to follow them as they proceeded to all the temples for Aarti and we did. Aarti started in Bade Baba Mandir. Again same vibrations engulfed me. I felt a strong desire to offer the “Chanwar Sewa” (it was a kind of hand fan with silk threads) to Baba. I kept watching the priest doing that, but after few moments, I could not stop myself. I went to Baba’s main idol and stretched my hand before the priest quietly for the chanwar. He smiled and handed it to me. I stood near Baba, closed my eyes and kept offering the chanwar sewa. I was not aware how long I did, but after few minutes I gave it back to him and came back to my place. There were Padukas of Baba, which people were worshiping after completion of Aarti formalities. I stood quietly letting others do that. With intent to see if Nagarjun would bow down before Baba. Because he shared his experience of main temple later and I was unaware of his reaction. He told me again and again that he doesn’t bow before anybody as he was a strong willed person who never accepts anyone as Guru. I saw him going near Baba’s Paduka. He bowed down whole heartedly. I could feel. I was happy for him. He found his Guru.

Then we moved ahead to next temple for Aarti. While walking downstairs, I noticed Nagarjun was walking in the opposite direction. I found it strange, but he was aware that there was some reason. Aarti was taking place in the last temple, where all deities were placed. I stood outside in the compound. It was a wonderful scene. It was twilight, drumbeats accompanying Aarti and big lamps. The whole atmosphere was highly charged. I saw Nagarjun was standing mesmerized and I could sense his happiness. For the first time, he came up to me, overwhelmed with emotions. He thanked me for bringing him to Sai. He was almost crying. He put his hand on my head and blessed. I was happy this time not for him but myself. I didn’t I pray to Sai to bless by placing his hand on my head in human form. The only wish, I made before setting out on my journey. So here I got that in Shibpur in Baba’s presence.

Baba’s Sweet Message To Us

After Aarti, Sujoy and others asked us to wait in the visitor’s room to take Prasad and they also handed us visitor’s book to write our experiences. I promised them to write my feelings in detail instead of writing there. Nagarjun felt same. It was impossible to write anything on that spot after what we experienced. Sujoy brought two quarter plates full of sweets along with a samosa. I don’t eat sweets, but I looked at the quantity of the Prasad in wonder, full quarter plate with sweets. Nagarjun prompted me to finish it soon and something else was going on in my mind. I finished them with great difficulty. The samosa was tasty too, very different from what I tasted it at my place. The Rasgulla, it was yummy.

We took leave from them, but they kept on insisting us to wait till night Aarti. We wanted to stay till night, but the warnings of the local people made us to rush back. While driving back, we both were so happy, an inexplicable feeling. I shared with him the thoughts that were running in my mind while eating that plate full of sweets. Honestly, I never ate so many sweets in one go ever in my life. I felt as if Baba said, “You fools give up all your negativity and imbibe this sweetness inside you. Didn’t you doubt my existence and cursed my people all the way? So now give up those negative thoughts and be positive. I will fill you up with sweetness, leaving no space for bitterness. Be sweet to all henceforth”. Nagarjun agreed and we had a hearty laugh over Baba’s sweet message to cynical fools like us.

More Wonders For Me

Baba revealed himself to me through my Guru Nagarjun. I learnt this when he shared his experiences while driving back. I was filled with awe and wonder when Nagarjun said that he felt a cool breeze touching his arms all the time, when I was offering “chawar sewa” to Sai. This was simply unbelievable. He further said that I closed my eyes in deep meditation and clearly saw some blessings going to you from Baba at the moment you were offering Him sewa. I don’t know how to elaborate my feelings on this. But apparently it was an indication from Sai that my service reached Him and He paid me back in form of blessings. Nagarjun was the medium to see and feel my Sai. Obviously I was medium to reach HIM. I was sure that now I got my Guru. I was seeking since so long.

He further told me that Sai had blessed him with more powers which he could sense. He said that while walking downstairs, he saw Sai clearing the path for him and therefore he walked back to hold Him from doing that. What a blessed experience, simply incredible. How could I witness this form of Sai if Nagarjun was not with me? Can we normal human beings ever think of such grace of Almighty? He does it, but we can’t see therefore blame Him. I thanked Almighty my Sai again and again for revealing His benevolent form to me through Nagarjun.

Unbelievable Example Of Soul Connectivity

This was not all. When we were having our dinner, Nagarjun got a SMS from Anju Sharma, the healer I introduced to you all in the beginning. She wrote – Thanks, lot of energy and blessings are coming from Sai. Some door has opened. She also described certain things she saw in the vision while meditating. I was again dumbfounded. I asked him how she knew about this when we have not informed her about this. He smiled and told this is what soul connectivity is. Connected souls can sense things. I again wanted clarification as how energy and blessings went to her when we did not pray for her. He explained that when Almighty blesses a human being, the blessings go to all those connected to him. Strange isn’t it. At least for me, it was a great revelation.

Sai Fulfilled Two More Wishes After Tormenting Me For 2 Hours (9th Feb, 2012)

While having our dinner after Baba’s Darshan, I asked Nagarjun don’t you feel that still something is left, a strange feeling. He agreed. I wanted to stay back on 9th Feb, Thursday, Baba’s day and His favorite number. We were with Him in His area, but we won’t able to visit Him. Some gloom descended upon me. But I had no choice. My seat was reserved and I had to catch my train before 11.45 AM on 9th Feb. It takes approx 5 hours from Shibpur to Kolkata. So we decided to leave for Kolkata in the morning at 5.30 AM. We had 6 and half hours at our disposal, which was more than enough.

Strange thing happened on the way. There was a heavy traffic jam right from the point we started. It was unbelievable; we could not reach 30 kms in 2 and half hours. I was tense. After 3 hours, we could only reach Krishnanagar (30 kms from Shibpur). We halted at a dhaba to have tea. There was no space to move ahead. All vehicles stuck in the jam. I told Nagarjun now it was impossible to catch the train. Crossing barrackpore around 10 am was another tough task. He gave me hope, not to worry we could work out some alternative. I knew it was impossible, decided in my heart not to worry and go back to Shibpur to seek something that my heartfelt was left behind. While having tea, I told him some incidents from Sai Satcharitra, where Baba held back devotees at Shirdi and they could leave the place only when He permitted. Nobody could leave Shirdi till Baba gave permission. This is a known fact. I told him that Baba doesn’t want His ardent devotees to leave with unfulfilled desires. However, I was hesitant to suggest going back to Shibpur. He would call me an idiot. I thought and kept quiet.

Nagarjun asked the driver, what to do now. He said sir now I can’t assure you anything. Nagarjun looked at me for a moment and smiled. Let’s go back to Shibpur. I was so glad. He spelled out my wish. We laughed a lot and asked the driver to take the reverse direction. Tears came into my eyes and I cried like a child. There was another challenge staring us. How to reach our destinations? He wanted to go to Delhi and me Visakhapatnam. Both are in different directions. Somehow I was assured, confident that Baba would find a way. I was not worried anymore after witnessing this miracle of Sai.

We decided to visit Mayapur Navdeep Temple of ISCKON, a wonderful place, where you can experience divine blessings of Lord Krishna. Sai gave us a wonderful opportunity to witness Madhyan Aarti at Shibpur. Nagarjun took me to main temple and asked me to close eyes and meditate. He sat beside me. After few moments, he touched the point between the eyebrows for few seconds and asked to continue. After few moments, there was peace. Mind was free. I saw some light rays filtering from a dark background for few minutes. I opened my eyes. Nagarjun was sitting besides facing me. He asked what you saw. I narrated my experience. He said, yes, light came to you. But I put my hand between you and Sai. That’s why you saw filtered rays. Now you can meditate freely. This was another valuable gift from Sai.

We came out of the temple and the Temple people offered us Madhyan Prashad – Rice with potato curry, tomato chutney, badi and dal. I was eating calmly. Nagarjun looked at me and smiled. Another wish is fulfilled. I said yes. I took a vow in last February not to eat rice (my favorite) till this February and to break this vow only after visiting Shirdi. Sai knew about it and made a wonderful arrangement- I gave up my vow by taking rice as Sai’s Prasad on 9th, which happened to be a Thursday and in His miraculous temple.

Finally Nagarjun sought their permission to leave and they gladly agreed. He said, now I took formal permission from Sai and His people. He won’t stop us now. Now nothing is left behind. Yeah, yeah, I agreed. We were filled.


Now main issue was to get some reservation to reach home. We tried in Krishnanagar and nothing was available. Nagarjun contacted some local people, who also gave no hope, but assured to try. I was tense. He told me not to worry and closed his eyes. Again Sai appeared in his vision and handed over two tickets, one for him and one for me. He smiled and said see Sai is with us. Within few minutes, he got a phone call, our tickets were confirmed.

As we got close to reaching Kolkata, I was again in tears. I was crying quietly looking towards window. Nagarjun sensed the pain and again assured don’t cry. Sai is with us in this car. I cried out loudly. No Baba, I am feeling as if I left my father’s home. Such was the feeling of leaving Shibpur.

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  1. Excellent experience Mayaji, I was dumbstuck by reading ur experience,fully spiritual one, I wish i was also there with you people to experience such wonderful miracles. Really felt happy, becuase yesterday i thought of doing some donotion online to shibpur baba, but then didnt mind it so seriously and let it free, and today baba himself came and reminded to fulfil it.. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  2. Sai sister Maya ji, your experience brought tears to my eyes. I felt as if I'm witnessing everything with my naked eyes by being in Shibpur with you and your Baba Nagarjun ji. Really a heart melting experience. May you and everyone around you be blessed like this with Sai's grace.

    Thank you Hetal ji for giving me and everyone an oppurtunity to read such a wonderful and unique experience through this blog.

  3. Sai Baba.. I am waiting for You.. Please come to see me please please please please please please.. Your Child..

  4. jai sai ram
    really it would have been really a difficult task to give words to what you felt and the blessings which baba showered on you.its so calming…..i really can't explain what i am feeling right now after reading your experience.all i have a peaceful smile on my face and a humble prayer to baba to call me at shibpur and shirdi.my life is incomplete without going to shirdi and shibpur.please baba call us there.i really want to go there after my marriage and i wish baba bless me soon.without you baba i am nothing.baba you are mine and i am yours.love you baba.and thanks alot for sharing your experience.

  5. oh…this is not just an experience, it is like breathing fresh air after suffocating for long. U are so blessed to have a guru guiding you, I have been waiting for one who would talk to me thru SAI. I wish I was in ur place to experience what all you have mentioned above. I am also in Chandigarh, maybe if i can talk to you or get in touch with u, I would feel so blessed. Sometimes I have questions for my Sai, sometimes I want direction from him, sometimes I fight with him when I am in pain, rest of the time I simply remember him and feel his blessings in all things around me. I wish I had someone to guide me like ur guru Nagarjun ji, and Anju Sharma ji. U are truly blessed and the beautiful way you have written is like water for a thirsty soul. May Baba keep blessing us all.

  6. Om Sai Ram

    Very well drafted. First I thank Baba for atleast giving me an opportunity to read this experience and thank you for sharing such an unique and amazing experience. Even I wish Baba to call me to Shibpur & Shridi and experience the miracles. Baba please bless our family and everyone.

  7. Hi ..beautiful experience 🙂 thnx for posting this on this wondeful site 🙂 heart touching story 😀 thnx .. hope i also will be blessed by SAI BABA one day

  8. With your heart touching narration – a part of love you received has come our way. You have not just shared the story you shared the loved. Our hearts are filled. We are all blessed !!

  9. Yes… can you please give us the email id of nagarjun ji and anju Sharma ji? I would also like to contact them..

  10. Om Sai Ram,

    Very very heart touching experience. Yes indeed like breathing fresh air after too much suffocation. You are truly blessed. I want to visit Shibpur as well but really donot have clue whether Baba will call me as first of all, my husband has another guru i.e. Shri Swaminarayan. Secondly, I live outside India and thirdly and most important is it is in West Bengal. Here I would like to share my small experience with all sai devotees (Sorry Hetalji for mentioning it here but please consider this). Sai Baba rescued me from a boy who had made some black magic in such a way that just after meeting him for 1month I was just blindly following him. Apparently, he was from West Bengal and I am from opposite state of India. I started lying to my parents and meeting him. I must mention here that we both were really well educated and he was doing a good job at that time and I was in my final year of masters. I was so blindly following him that I made my marriage registered with him in a different place where he was working(which was actually in my state). And I was dreaming to live with him forever. But Our Father Sai know that it was all fraud but since it was also that period of my like when I was already attracted to Lord Sai and as a result of which on birthday of that guy I gifted him Sai Satcharitra. My mother had already sensed that something was going wrong with me as I was not talking much at home. But guess what he got caught in sending vulgar message in his company and the main Security person of that Industry later on happened to be one of my papa's best friend when they were working in Indian Airforce. Then that uncle called my father and everything was revealed. I was such a ashamed in front of my parents but Sai saved me from that guy. As later on it was found that registered marriage which he did with me was also fake. And now my parents have the proof about this fake case. And my parents never ever in dream also will allow me to go West Bengal.
    I only want to say that what I am today (happily married to guy found by my parents, settled in UK and got a best opportunity in my career) only, only and only because of Our Almighty Shri Sainath.
    Sorry it was lengthy and not sure about grammer.
    But please all Sai devotess and Mayaji, pray for me that I can visit this wonderful temple at Shibpur. You are really blessed and very near to Sai so please make a recommendation for me.

    Om Sai Ram

    Sai ki beti

  11. wonderful experiences, when ever i am feelin very very low i ask baba to some how show his presence n some how he does it and this tym its through u… thank u so much :-)..

  12. Wonderfull Experience mayaji,really you are blessed by our baba,Want to visit shibpur by baba's grace,Om Sairam

  13. Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful in the only word i have 🙂 We all love you Sai 🙂

    Please always take good care of us.. thanks a lot for everything 🙂

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  14. What an wonderful experience, tears rolled down my eyes, you are indeed blessed. Happy for you and I am praying Baba to call me also. Can anybody tell me how to make online donation to Shibpur Sai temple. Can Maya ji tell me how to contact those healers by any chance. I live in Lucknow. I will be really greatful to you. Thank You all. May Baba bless all of us. Love You Baba and I am desperately waiting for Your call.


  15. Hi Maya ji, you are very lucky to have such beautiful experiences with Baba. Even I have a wish to visit Shibpur Baba temple some day. Can you please pass me the details of how to visit Shibpur from Kolkata and other details of the temple management. My email id: neeraja.vijjapu@gmail.com

  16. Dear Mayaji,

    You are the blessed soul indeed.What a blissful experience.What more you need in life.While reading your experience I thought I will live on the situation and experience the bliss myself.An excellent narration of your experience with beautiful words and phrases,which is also one of the blessings of BABA on you.

    Since the time I heard of Shibpur Baba temple on internet, I too have a strong yearning to visit the temple atleast once in my life time. But,as you said that SaiBaba feels that, "those whom I consider MINE, will visit me at Shibpur and not those who consider me as God”. It is the fact.Unless we are blessed by SAI we cannot visit Shibpur BABA temple.

    Thank you once again for illustrating such a fabulous experience.


  17. Sairam mayaji, thank you very much for this posting.The post on roadmap of shibpur by u last month was very helpful for me. My shibpur visit was scheduled on 17th March and your post was published just before I start my journey.I was going all alone so it was saiji's way to guide me how to reach there as I had only guidlines from the webpage of shibpur Sai baba mandir.
    Since friday I was narrating Amitji's dream to my maid from the pamplet given by shibpur mandir staff and see how Deva came himself to give darshan thru your shibpur experience.
    You are absolutely right, shibpur is divine place. The peace of mind and positive vibration I got there is still felt today scrolling down your post.
    Thank you saiji for everything and awaiting my gift which I have requested you.
    May baba bless all of us. Om Sai Jai Sai

  18. SAIRAM,

    Can you tell me how can we donate for Shibpur sai temple , i am in Delhi so let me know as i want to donate.



    I request if Mayaji can tell me about the spritual heal she mentioned Nagarjun ji as i am in Delhi and need help sincerely suffering from last 18 years if baba permits then please help me.


    Since the time I heard of Shibpur SAI Temple I am longing to go and have the divine experience. As known "those whom I consider MINE, will visit me at Shibpur and not those who consider me as God”. Only SAIMA should bless me and call me to HER.I am single lady residing in a south most town. In our place SAIMA of Shirdi is known to few that too only very recent. No one Knows about HIM in Shibpur.Nobody even travel agents who cover Calcutta,Darjeeling etc are not willing to think or know about our SAIMA at Shibpur. If anybody arranging from Chennai or Madurai please let me know.
    ever since I came to know of SAIMA at Shibpur I wish to donate but I'm not able to add the account no given in this website so not able to do it also ( I dont want to say it as donation but it is also SAIMA's blessing only}So many times I 've tried. This thought of not sending the money to Shibpur yet pricks me every now and then. I was shocked to see today's exp because the thought of not sending HIS money only woke me up this morning.Pl let me know how to send it. Pl. pray to HIM that HE should consider me HIS.

  21. please let every one who need such healers help should get their contact,so please don,t ignore it let .

  22. sai Ram … please tell me about the Nagarjuna ji,,as my problems is not getting reduce day by day it is increasing, i will be thankful if you please give me his details.

    Sai Ram Ji

  23. sairamji,
    Wonderful experience. Amazing i would say. You are very much fortunate. Kindly let us know if we can post this in the devotees's experiences section of the temple website.

  24. I first would like to thank my Baba for fulfilling my desire of reading Shibpur Sai's miracles and secondly for Hetal didi for posting such wonderful experiences in this ever blessed blog..a thought crossed my mind just yesterday that i would like to read Shibpur experiences and see what my Baba has done for me..i love you my Baba..I bow whole heartedly at your lotus feet ma Baba.
    Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..Jai Guru Deva Datta.

  25. What a wonderful experience Maya you surely are blessed thank you so much for sharing it with all of us it gives immense joy to us,can you please share Nagarunaji's email id with us as I would also like to get in touch with him.

    Om Sai Jai Jai Sai

  26. Sairam Mayaji I am from Chandigarh but live in the states will be visiting my hometown in the month of June if u could please please give me some contact number or email I would really really appreciate I would also like to know how to get in touch with Nagarjunji and the healer if possible if u can help in any way I would really appreciate.

  27. Sai Ram,

    amazing miracles, I am so thankful to you sharing such a nice experience.

    I am also going the tough period of my life, since My son has blood cancer, if u really want to help needy people pls. pass my email id to Baba Nagarjun. hema44@hotmail.com

    Sai Ram, God bless you!!!!

  28. Om Sai Ram,
    What a experience i was on tears … thanks for posting such a wonderful experience…


  29. just reading before i was feeling vary depresed ,hey sai nath i want to visit u in shivpur with my family.


    After reading comments requesting Baba Nagarjun's contact information, I felt like responding with my comments.

    I had similar first reaction, how nice it would if you have a spiritual guide in flesh and blood, giving directions and help whenever we need.

    But then, I was reminded of Baba's quote: "I am sitting here ready to give you the whole gold-embroidered Shella (valuable cloth), then why go to others to steal rags, and why should you get into the habit of stealing"

    Baba Nagarjun is a gift to Mayaji from Baba. Why should we steal her gift. Let us ask Baba himslef.

    Mayaji is NOT LUCKY, as many of us might think. She is READY. When we are 'ready', guru comes knocking on our door. Let us prepare ourselves.

    Also getting Nagarjun's contact might not help us in any way. Most of us are not ready to receive. We think we are, but we are not. God's grace is showering equally on all of us, if we were ready, we will get it. Even I am not 🙁

    Let us pray to Baba to give us the understanding and show us the path. Our persistent longing will pay off.. LOVE.

  31. Breathtaking experience. Sai plz cure my mom. Baba plz wipe all the bad karma which she had done in her past life. Baba plz shower blessing on my mom. Plz baba show some miracle in my mom health. Sairam

  32. Very nice Shibpur experience! Baba must be sending you blessings through your friend and I liked the quote you gave, “You fools give up all your negativity and imbibe this sweetness inside you. Didn’t you doubt my existence and cursed my people all the way? So now give up those negative thoughts and be positive. I will fill you up with sweetness, leaving no space for bitterness. Be sweet to all henceforth”. Om Sai Ram!

  33. Respected Mayaji,

    Very nice experience and fulfilled my thirst. For info of all sai devottees, can you please give us rout map as to how to reach Shibpur… Keep receiving nectar from Lord Sai. Very Very Nice experience.

  34. Dear Maya ji,

    Thanks a lot for posting your experience. I needs your help..Kindly please provide me Baba Nagarjun's Email ID. I am in need of it.
    my email id:saibaba21@yahoo.com

  35. Om Sai Ram.. have come to know about Shibpur few months back..and since then hv a wish to visit Shibpur..after going through MAyaji's experience ….i also wish and desire to visit Shibpur…Can plan in coming June vacation if Baba wishes…anybody there to accompany me…? My email id is trishlasuri23@gmail.com . Hv learnt through comments that so many of us are willing to go there ….we can work out some group travel from delhi…if possible and by Baba's grace…..can reply on my id….if seriously planning.OM SAI RAM

  36. Om Sai Ram,
    This is a wonderful post Mayaji.. Thanks a lot Hetalji and Mayaji for the post.. May Sai bless you all..

  37. Om sai ram.Mohua sai daughter,plz baba plz plz give me a suitable job in leading tv channel in india.plz baba plz plz plz.om sai ram.

  38. i cried after reading this experience i dont know why but still teras coming out…….Pls sai ma bless us also and i also want to visit any of these two places.Pls call me alos to visit u and i want to have this knid of blessfull experience……….
    OM SAI RAm………

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  40. REALLY WONDERFUL EXPERIENCEs IF U DONT MIND CAN U PLEASE DISCLOSE MR.NAGARJUNA MAIL ID OR MY ID IS kaviom07@gmail.com pls inform his details in this id.if sai want me to know about his details u will read it and contact me.its all sai wish.jai sai.

  41. thanks a lot sairam for your blessings on my promotion. PLease help my BILS to get a nice job.
    om srisairam, om srisairam,omsrisairam,omsrisairam,omsrisairam,omsrisairam omsrisairam, omsrisairam, omsrisam

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