Here are few more experiences of devotees of Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Baba’s Motherly Love Towards Devotees

Sai Sister Shwetha Ji from Dubai says: Dear Devotees, I would like to share lot of beautiful experiences of Baba in my life, but for now I will share the most cherished experience. This incident was happened during the year 2010. I was diagnosed with cancer and it’s very rare type of cancer, but curable. Baba was always there helping me to undergo trauma. During those tough times, one will not believe, I had beautiful experiences of Baba. I felt Baba holding my hands and giving me courage to face the tough situations. I have cried so many times, but somehow Baba would wipe my tears as I was responding well to the treatment. By Baba’s holy grace, I am completely cured now and leading a happy life. After this incident, I was back to my work and wanted to get promoted to motivate myself to do better in life. So I started 9 week’s Sai vrat, but to my surprise, my prayers were not answered. I did not blame Baba, but I decided to resign and look out for better options. I resigned the job, but a miracle was waiting. My boss rejected my resignation and promoted me. Baba has always given me motherly love and I am sure Baba will continue to do so. I am really grateful the almighty for all the blessings showered on me and pray that everybody is blessed by Baba.

This is one more experience, which I would like to share. One day, I visited Sai Baba temple. I am very fond of Prasadam, which is prepared of rice. While entering the temple, I saw other devotees carrying the Prasadam. I wanted to taste the Prasadam, but by the time I reached the counter, the Prasadam was finished and temple authorities started distributing sweet laddu’s, which I accepted. But I was really not satisfied as I wanted to taste rice Prasadam. I had told my husband also about my wish. Again there was a miracle. As I came out of the temple and I went near the footwear stand, there I found a box of rice Prasadam waiting for me. As there was nobody around, I picked it up and relished taste of Prasadam. The box was not opened and it was hot as well. This Prasadam was from Baba. My husband was also very happy and we prayed and thanked Baba for Prasadam. I wish all the devotees’ wishes whether small or big be fulfilled by Baba’s grace. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba’s Miracles In My Life

Sai Brother Khairnar Ji from India says: Sai ram to all Baba Devotees. Thanks Hetal Ji for giving platform. I am in touch with Baba more than 10 years. Without Baba, I would be no more. Baba has given everything in my life. I was in love with a girl. We both were from different caste. I am regular visiting to Sai temple at Titwala. I always pray to Baba that I want to marry my love. My family was searching girl for me. As we are Baba’s devotees, I told them everything truth that I am in love, but my family is against it. I pray to Baba from bottom of heart. Please help me, as I am Sai Devotee only. Sai Devotees must have faith and patience. With Baba’s blessing, my family decided to see girl of my choice and miracles happened they like girl of my choice, specially my dad. As my birthday fall on 25, may both families decide to meet on that day. My in-laws are also like me. But my wife and I decided that we will get marry on Thursday only. So we got married on 10-July-2008. Every year on 10-July, we go to Shirdi only. Without Baba’s blessing, we can’t be together and by Baba’s grace, my wife gave birth to my daughter on Guru Poornima day (14-July-2011) and her name is also connected with Baba NISHTHA (means faith). Baba has given His blessing to me in the form of Nistha. I want to be devoted to Him only. Without Baba, I would no more.

Sai Baba Helps Us Always

Sai Brother Ramkesh Ji from India says: I love Sai Maa. Sai Sister Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. I am from Jammu. Sister, you are doing a great job and we all wish that May Sai Baba Ji bless you always with good health and wealth and fulfill all your desires.

This is going to be my 2nd experience. My 1st experience was posted on 11 Feb 2012. Hetal Ji, please don’t disclose my id, but you can mention my name. This experience is about how Sai UDI helped in delivery of my Sister. My sister was pregnant and doctors gave expected date for the last week of November 2011. We were little scared of this because in these days most of the delivery cases are being done by caesarian operation, which is painful and scary. But we all believe our Sai Maa blindly. I wished Baba Ji that there should not be any problem in delivery. I and my family members kept praying for this. Finally the day came that was 30 November 2011, Wednesday. My Sister got admitted in a Govt. Hospital, in the morning as she felt some pain in stomach. Doctors told that today any time delivery can occur. So we have to be more cautious. By evening we were informed by her in-laws that they are in the Hospital. My elder brother, Maa and I went to Hospital, which is 15 km away from our home. We prayed Sai Baba that You are the only Supreme Power and our Maa, who is controlling everything and You have to do all right. I took sacred UDI, which I had brought from Holy Shirdi. We reached around 08:30 PM. My Maa and her Mother in law were with her inside the ward and I, my brother and our Brother -in-law were waiting outside. I also prayed that baby should come on Thursday as it will be Baba’s arrival in our life. Around 11:25 PM, she felt severe pain, which we can listen very well waiting outside. I immediately went inside the Ward and gave her UDI with water and said her don’t worry, Sai Baba is with you and you will feel His presence. I left the Ward and went outside. The moment, I gave her UDI, she felt relief from pain and felt invisible power to face this. I believe Baba Ji was standing there beside her.

Around 11:45 PM, she was taken to the delivery room. Here I was continuously remembering Baba’s Holy Name Om Sai Ram. I had faith that Sai Baba will send a gift on Thursday. Exactly 12:05 AM, on 01 December 2012, Thursday, Sai Shakti came to us. A very sweet and cute baby came in our life, with Normal delivery. She was smiling at the time of birth. She is our luck as Saimaa has sent her on Thursday, my fast day. We all thanked Baba Ji and tears came out from my eyes. This is how UDI and Baba Ji looks after His Children. I love You Sai Baba Ji. Without You, we can’t live in this world. Sai UDI is very sacred and helpful in our life. Don’t ever doubt on Baba Ji. He is with us always. I feel His presence all the time. He really loves all His devotees. Baba Ji always bless His children.

Om Sai Ram.


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  1. Jai sai Ram,

    beautiful experiences. May all of you have baba blessings for ever.

    Allah malik.

    Servant of baba.

  2. “Paramam Pavithram Baba Vibhuthim, Paramam Vichithram Leela Vibhuthim, Paramaartha Ishtartha Moksha Pradhaatham, Baba Vibhuthim Idhamaashrayaami, Sai Vibhuthim Idhamaashrayaami”.

    Jai Sai Nath

  3. All three experienceswere very touching.SAIis great and lucky are those devotees who are blessed by lord saibaba. OM SAINATHAYA NAMAH

  4. Sairam,

    We have an organization called Sri Shirdi Sai Biksha Kendra in Malleshwaram (Bangalore). It is a Social and Spiritual Service Organization. For past 10 years we have been performing Guru Pournima and Datta Jayanthi on large scale. This year (2012) we have planned to perform Sahasra Datta Paduka Pooja on July 3rd, Tuesday i.e. on Guru Pournima. On that day, whoever are part of Pooja will be given a Datta Paduka with the complete Set of all the items required for Pooja. Please contact 9986619260 (Arun) in case you are interested

  5. Sai brother khairnarji you are so lucky that baba got you married to your love and blessed you with so much happiness…I hope baba blesses me too and reunites me with my love who was my husband too forever we have gone thru hell and have similar situation as u had then fighting with similar issues. anyways watever is baba's wish but i really feel happy when i read experiences of baba uniting and helping people in love marry each other. baba always gave love to everyone irrespective of caste and creed so i feel he shud keep blessing and making people understand this through examples like this. May baba keep you and your wife and kid happy always.

    jai sai ram

  6. Thanks for giving me my visa babaji. I left u everything. And took. The risks and u took care of everything.

  7. Experiences mentioned are so touching & powerful, immediately bringing you immense Faith in the Great Lord Shri Sai Baba. It is far beyond human comprehension to know how Baba helps us in every way knowingly & unknowlingly. May all get the grace of Baba.


  8. Wonderful experiences. By Baba's Grace I have landed a good job after a long wait. am joining tomorrow..please be with me Baba and guide me in the new organisation. Thanks for everything. Will share my experience on my job soon on this Sacred Blog by Baba's Grace. Love you so much Baba.

    Jai SaiRam

  9. I feel so happy when i read that baba reunite 2 loved ones.i m also in love but his family is not accepting me as m from different caste.baba plz aap hi meri help karo aap mere papa bankar unke paas meri shadi ki baat karne jao,mujhe pata hai aap jaoge to wo kabhi bhi mana nahi kar payenge.aapke bina ye baat main or kisi ko nahi bol sakti mere mummy papa or bhai behan ko bhi nahi.aaphi se sab share karti hun ek friend ki tarah ek beti ki tarah.plz baba aap unhe kaise bhi karke mana lo.plz sai devotees pray for sai raam

  10. Please Baba, cure fully my mom's legs.Let her do her work normally as usual.OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

  11. Very nice experiences! Shweta Ji, it is wonderful Baba reserved a box of nice rice prasadam for you and also wonderful how you got the promotion you wanted (sometimes when people see they are going to lose what we give them, then they realize our value). Ramkesh Ji, congrats on the birth of your new baby! It is also wonderful that Baba made sure she is born on a Thursday, and she is a baby blessed by Baba himself. Khairnar Ji, it is wonderful that Baba helped you marry the girl you liked a lot and also made sure that your families get along very well. Om Sai Ram!

    yes its true without his presence i feel totally dark and he is our light

  13. Dear Swethaji! Thank you for sharing your experience…May Baba give you happiness and health. My Sister was diagnosed with cancer too and with Baba's grace responded well to the treatment and has recovered completely. It was a very rough phase in all of our lives but only and only with Sai Baba's blessing, grace and help we overcame it. We experienced so many miracles during this time and since then…Baba is everything for us…

    Om Sai Ram!

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