A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 125

Sharing few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba today.

Baba’s Protecting Hand Is The Obstacle For Every Problem

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hetal Di, I want to thank you for this holy website. May Baba bless you and everyone. Baba is with my family and my experience is a proof of this. I am here attaching a picture of Baba which I have drawn. Please share it along with my experience. Di, I request you not to disclose my name and mail id.

One night I saw a dream where bombs were blasting and the fire caused huge smoke, which was preventing me to see anything. After sometime, everything got cleared. I found myself uninjured and I was telling my sister in my dream only that “See how Baba saved us”. This was my dream. In the morning, I told myself not to worry because if anything happen Baba will surely protect us.

Now on the Diwali night, we were all playing with crackers and I was busy in lighting all the diyas. My 7 years old brother was watching everybody playing with the crackers. Suddenly, he decided that he will light a cell and strangely everyone of our family allowed him also. My aunt was holding his hand and he was lighting up that cell. Within a fraction of second, the cell exploded and he started crying. We all were running and there was a huge chaos.

My brother was telling that he can’t see properly and his eyes were closed. Moreover we noticed that some portion of his hair was destroyed and his eyebrows and eyelashes were gone. Right portion of his face also got injured. My father and uncle rushed to an eye hospital with my brother. There they opened his eyes and they found totally black inside. Then he was taken in a room where they washed his eyes.

At home, we were all tensed and all were crying. I was continuously chanting “Om Sai Ram” and then suddenly the dream flashed before my eyes. This made me strong and I was sure that nothing will happen. My family is not aware about Sai Baba, but I am Baba’s devotee. So we don’t have Baba’s UDI and any statue of Baba. But only I was praying and praying in front of an image of Baba, which I have on my cell phone. Then after a long waiting of two hours, we got confirmed that his eyes are ok and doctor prescribed 2 weeks complete rest. I took a pinch of incense stick ash and taking Baba’s name, I placed it under the pillow of my brother. He is now recovering very fast. Now, he can see clearly.

I am thankful to my Sai that He saved my brother. This accident was written on my brother’s destiny due to past karma maybe but due to blessings of Lord Sai my brother escaped from a big trouble. Baba, please bless everyone, protect everyone and don’t leave any of us. Love you a lot.

Baba Helps Me To Get Over My Pain

Sai Sister Vaishali ji from UK says: Dear Hetalji, This is my third post to you and I am waiting for the others to be posted (though I have posted them recently-one in september2011 and next in October 2011). I could not wait for them to be posted.

Please do not disclose my id.

I had an accident one year and 8 months back and since then I have bad shoulder and neck pain. I tried all types of treatment and nothing was helping me. I visited Shirdi as I thought Baba was calling me. I posted Shirdi experience in September. I was so confident that my pain would go completely, after my visit to Shirdi, which was wonderful. But I am suffering with it so badly that sometimes I can’t even move from my bed and it’s so painful. I cried in front of Baba for help. I apply UDI every day after bath to my shoulder.

I have 2 kids and it’s difficult to even cook sometimes. I am trying my best to get over it, but the pain is so unbearable at times that I feel really bad. My only hope is Baba. I do not know what my past karmas are for which I am going through all this at a young age. But I am waiting with Saburi. I am not sure if my Shradda is enough for Baba to show His mercy on me. But being human, we tend to lose faith, when in trouble. I know that I will never lose faith in my Sai and I am ready to suffer as much as He wants me to until He decides to stop testing me.

Thank you Hetal ji for creating such a website. It really gives strength to read the devotees experiences and helps to increase faith in our beloved Sai. I am hoping to visit Shirdi again and hopefully Baba would have cured me completely by then.

Jai Sairam.

Sai Ma Is Helping My Son

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetalji, I am Maya. I live in Austin, TX. Please don’t publish my name or email id. Thank you for providing us a platform for sharing our experiences. It gives us lots of courage to face tough times and gives us lots of hope that Baba is with us always, taking care of us.

Recently I was going on a rough patch of my life. I have a 9 year old son. He uses to lose his focus on his studies sometimes. Very recently, we moved him to a new school where 60% are Indians. And the competition is high. In USA, in the beginning of the school, they do some test, and based on that they shuffle the kids. And the brightest students go in one class. They get additional training, attention etc. Unfortunately, my son did not qualify for the test, so he was moved to a different class. It really pained me a lot. Since it was a new school, my son was finding difficulty in adjusting with the new environment. We moved from public school to a chartered school. So lots of surprise tests, strict attendance, lots of homework, which my son did not have in public school. So unfortunately, it was affecting his studies. Once, he comes home, he keeps whining if I ask him to do his homework. I know he is talented, but since he loses focus, he makes mistakes in his homework. So he gets so much frustrated. Our relationship was getting strained. No peace at all. I did not want my son to be left out, since he was losing his focus in his studies. The teachers said show him to the doctor. Maybe he is having attention deficiency syndrome. He is our only son. I used to cry a lot in front of Sai Ma. I did not like someone treating my son as a patient. So I used to work with him. You know, sometimes, whatever I tried to do good to him, it used to backfire me. I was undergoing lots of stress, no peace of mind. Thought Baba is not taking care of me. I used to ask Baba in the question and answer book. One time it came, don’t worry about pretty things, and keep faith. Being not satisfied, again I asked Baba when you are going to save my child. The answer came as “Donate, work will be done immediately”. So as said by Baba, I went to Sai temple yesterday and donated some food. I prayed to Baba that I did what You asked me to do. Now please save my son. And yesterday, when I went to pick up my son after school, I saw him coming all smiling holding a certificate in his hands. I asked him, what it is. He said look. It was a certificate from the teachers. My son was selected as “The Best Student of the Month”. You know what my son said. Amma, thanks for helping me in my studies, can I hug you. I felt like crying. You can understand how I felt. I was thanking Baba from the bottom of my heart. I know Baba is with him. Surely He will help him in his studies. I will wait with faith and patience. So that one day, I can see my son successful in his life. I have a request to all of my brothers and sisters here please pray for my son. I need all of your prayers and blessings for my son.

Thank you

Om Sai Ram

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  1. Wonderful story, Maya Ji from Texas! We will be praying to Sai Baba to continue to help your son so that one day he will become a very successful professional!

  2. Om Sai Ram Maya Ji,
    I am from US and my son got selected in the class where the kids are doing good academically. I was very happy that with Baba's grace he got into that class. But as the school started, due to tough competition, he could not keep up with the curriculum, tests, assessments, and he was doing bad in studies. He too was whining and grumbling all day. The teacher was complaining about him. I prayed to Baba to help my son with his studies. I was stressed and worried all the time. But surpisingly, from past few weeks, my son has picked up in his studies and has started performing much better than before. Keep faith and patience in Baba and you will get there. I am so thankful to Baba to take care of my son.

    I wish you all the luck and will pray for your son's success. Baba will take care of all his children.

    Om Sai Ram

  3. Dear Vaishali ji from Uk,
    Baba ji will surely protect you and completely cure your malady just have faith.
    My husband is also having the same problem.
    1)First you have to take calcium tablets as prescribed by the doctor.So visit a doctor and start with the supplement.

    2)Start with physiotherapy……..the doctor will recommend you this.

    Even i heard accupressure works …….but not tried for my husband.

    These are my 2 cents.After doing all this you will feel much better.

  4. hi Vaishaliji,
    please get a check up for your health, whether you have
    D-vitamin deficency or not, if you are running low in
    D-vitamin and your body can't absorb calcium at all and it results in weak bones and u will feel tired for small works.
    This happened with me, I got severe pain in right hand shoulder and slowly it started with left hand, left leg and am not able to move my right hand up,luckily one day
    i saw doctor telling the same scenario, and I starting taking SEA COD LIVER CAPSULES three per day and my pain gone and first thing i got diagnosed, the same thing came from the result that am running low in vitamin-D and now i have to consult doctor for calcium supplement and plz do yoga after your pain comes down.
    Before that I want to say one thing, I cried and asked
    Baba plz avoid this pain, becoz i have a son who is 4yrs old and i have to look after him, plz post pone this pain
    till 15yrs and immediately i remembered the doctors programme which i have saw long back that about D-vitamin
    deficinecy, before i use to take sea cod capsules for well being, but after that i stopped. But immediately after remembering doctors programme and with my pain, i
    just started using that capsules and it resulted good.
    Please try that capsules nothing harm in it but if go without diagonsing to a orthopedic doctor, first they prescribe painkillers for this, which reduces our pain initially, but it won't give good result, and I requested
    doctor for dignosing for vitamin_D deficincy, i told the doctor about the TV doctors progamme and that doctor(TV) suggested to use glucosamine tablets along with d vitamin.
    After that only who my consulted doctor written for diagnosing saying that i know much about this.
    So plz keep in mind which i have written for you, as i don't want to suffer any other with this.
    Even it was lenghty written by me, I hope this will help
    many more women to take care abt there health, which is very important vitamin -d. After getting pain only, i came to know abt vitamin_d, by looking after so many articles, plz publish this comment as it is, it helps a lot who read this comment.

  5. Heart throbbing experiences maya ji…may your son, be one of the leading professional…Nice picture drawn by anonymous…really it express your love towards baba….VAISHALI JI we,human beings sail on the same boat…Sometimes we loose our patience…i am also suffering from last 1 n half year personally and professionally..but still holding baba's hand and waiting for something good to happen….



  6. All three Sai Devotees' experiences are very impressive. This surely bring more faith to Sai Devotees who read such articles.
    Sai devotee with shoulder pain after the accident should see the specialist doctor and have his opinion. sometimes the tendons tearing creates inflammation and it takes too long to heal. Reducing inflammation with medicines, ice pack on shoulder where it pains for 20 minutes at a time several times a day will also help reduce pain.
    All I have written here learning from my own experience of shoulder injury in childhood causing subsequent pain due to calcification spur. Over the period of almost 20 years and gradual increase in shoulder pain.Always gave a benefit of doubt that may be I slept in wring position or lifted some heavy item or unusual use of muscles is causing such pain. Finally I had to see a doctor as I could even comb my hair, it was that painful! I could not even change my T-shirt without tears in my eyes.
    See the specialist keeping FAITH in BABA to guide you right path for diagnosis.
    Calcium deficiency and Vitamin D therapy are of course helpful to aging women but your case is rather different than normal calcium deficiency.
    May you get pain relief.

  7. wonderful experiences. While reading first one & last one my eyes were full of tears. I am suffering with same My son is also 9 years old sharp minded bu not consontrates on hios studies. Please pray for him also. I am doing 9 guruvar vrat too. Baba please help me.

    Om sai ram

  8. HiVaishali,
    I'm so sorry that you are living with this pain. I can feel your pain. I also have 2 young kids, this february one morning I suddenly woke up with horrible back pain. I thought I just slept in the wrong position. The pain got worse and spread my arm & hand. It was debilitating, my right hand was completely useless. I had 6 month old baby at that time and it was like I was living my worst nightmare. I couldn't do anything without pain. I tried physical therapy for a few days but the results were too slow. I felt suicidal. Then my mother in India made me talk to a homeo doctor, who diagnosed it as lumbar spondylitis and gave me medicines that my mother sent here to U.S. Those medicines worked and I finally found relief. After 6 weeks I was able to sleep on my back for the first time. So please see a pain doctor or a good homeo doctor. It could be spondylitis. May baba show you the right path to relief.

  9. Thank you for all the wishes and prayers for my son. May Baba
    bless you and all of your family members and my Sai sisters and Brothers with lots of happiness,good health prosperity,success, love, with lots and lots of good things in this year and all the year through.May all your dreams come true. May all our kids success in
    Education, and in their life. Sai mai please make my this wish come true
    Wishing you all a Very Happy New year.
    Thank you Hetalji for bringing us under one roof. " Our Sai Ma".
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram


  10. Maya ji, dont worry! Your son is going to be an excellent student and an outstanding citizen. Please dont put pressure on the child when the school says such things. I am sure the school staff are also new to him and many of them might not have understood him enough to assess him. There are so many new syndromes and names they have for each and every thing in this science age. And people use it loosely these days. They dont realize they make a deep mark in the child's mind. We all have no right to put a child through tough time because we have googled and learnt new names or the school made some comments. Apart from love, there is one another thing that children should be showered with. And, that is appreciation. I am sure you are giving him that and you will be able to bring out that little star in him.

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