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I had been on a vacation for couple of days. It was a wonderful vacation which i needed badly without my knowledge. A change in atmosphere and a pause in work has improved my health. Many comments and mails are pouring in to know improvement in my health. I am overwhelmed to see so much of love and care for me. Last week we had 500th post on this blessed blog. I am very much thankful to my team members who took care of continuity of blog work in my absence. Now that i am back i am filled with more energy and enthusiasm to work on our blogs and we are working on surprises for you all on this New Year.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Firstly Hetal ji thank you so much for this site. Sai Baba has guided me throughout my life until now. People, who believe in my Sai, don’t have to worry about anything. The only two important things to be remembered are ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’. Please don’t disclose my name and email id. Please do address me as anonymous devotee of my Sai Baba. Please upload a Sai Baba’s picture, while posting the experiences.

I came to know about my Sai, when I was about to start my under graduation in India. I started reading Sai Baba Satcharitra (1 page) daily after my bath. Whenever, I am confused in taking decisions, only thing I used to follow is taking chits (I used to write chits so that they cover every possibility of that situation) by chanting His name. Whatever comes in the chit, I used to follow blindly. Following are some of the situations.

There are some interviews going in a reputed college, which is 2 hours away from my place. All my friends are near to that college. Only my house is far. On the day of the interview, government announced a bandh. So no buses were running on that day. My father did not give me permission to attend the interview as there is no bus facility that day. As all my friends were going, I also wanted to go very badly. I had an argument with my father, but my father did not give me permission. At last, I requested my father that I will take chits writing all the possibilities regarding attending interviews. Whatever comes, I will follow. My father accepted. The possibilities, I have mentioned are

Go and attend Interview, you will succeed.
No use if you go attend the interview
Go, It will be a experience
Don’t go

These are some of the options I have written in the chits. After chanting Sai Baba’s name, I have taken a chit the answer is NO use if you go attend the interview. So I dropped the idea of attending the interview. After 2 days, results for that interview were announced and many of my friends got selected. I felt very bad that I did not attend the interview. Then after some days, we all came to know that it is a fake company who conducted the interview and all the selection process and everything got cancelled.

I have a sister, who is 2 years younger to me. After the above incident, she used to write chits and always used to ask me to pick one by chanting Sai Baba’s name. Until today, whatever I have picked by chanting my Sai’s name, that is my sister’s future (Her Eamcet rank her under graduation college; her field of study everything has happened according to Sai Baba’s chits).

I visited Shirdi for the first time at the end of my under graduation.

After my under graduation, I came to USA for pursuing masters. I have met some wonderful people here in my masters. Every moment is a wonderful moment. Every day is a beautiful day. I enjoyed each and every second, but only one year. The 3rd semester and 4th semester’s of my masters were very painful. I read Sai Baba’s Satcharitra Parayan in 1 week at this time. After my 3rd semester, I went to India and I also visited Shirdi for second time. The day, I was in Shirdi, is Thursday “My Baba’s day”. I wanted to attend evening Aarthi and was asking Baba, please let it happen. Security guard was asking us (my family) to move to front. If we move front, he is going to stop people behind us to allow them for Aarthi. I too want to stop without moving front. But the security guard was shouting to go front. I chanted Baba’s name for some time and I asked the security guard that I want to attend Aarthi. Then he smiled and asked us to come back. I had a very good Darshan of Sai Baba. As it was Thursday, there was a Palaki Utsav. Some priests brought Palaki of Sai Baba into Samadhi Mandir and all the devotees were trying to touch it. I also wanted to touch, but I was not able to as there was lot of crowd between me and Palaki. Suddenly, priest carrying Palaki stopped and looked at me and smiled. I also smiled at him and touched the Palaki. After Darshan, I went near the Neem tree and all the devotees were seeing down. But I was not able to understand, why they are looking down. Then after some time, I came to know that they are looking for Neem leaves. I also started asking Baba to give me some Neem leaves. Then I was doing 11 pradkshan around Neem tree. I was able to pick 6 to 7 Neem leaves, while doing pradkshan. Thank you so much Baba for that wonderful Shirdi trip.

After coming from India, by Sai Baba’s grace, I completed my masters successfully. Then I joined a consultancy trying hard for the job. In the meanwhile, my sister came for pursuing her masters. I need to get a job very badly, because I need to take care of my sister. My sister started reading Sai Baba Satcharitra for the sake of my job and her on campus job. I started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat. After first Thursday of Nav Guruvar Vrat, we both got job on the same day and same time. Thank you so much Baba for being with me and my family.

I have read Sai Baba Satcharitra for second time after I got a job. Daily while reading, tears used to roll in my eyes. On October 17th, I was reading book in a chapter It was mentioned that Sai Baba went to Samadhi on October 15th and devotees took His body to Butivaada on October 17th. The day, I was reading, was matched to the day His body was taken to Butivaada. When I read it, I felt happy in my mind for that coincidence.

I have one thing in my life for which I am asking Baba to let it happen from 3 years. I have taken chits regarding this. He gave me the answer in my favor. That is so unusual thing, which I can’t be happened without my Baba’s grace. But I know my Baba is with me and will let that thing happen. I will soon post the experience after it happens. Sorry, I know my experience is too long, but I wanted to write in detail.

Thanks and Regards,

Anonymous devotee


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  1. Om sai ram,
    Even I have the habit of asking baba through chits. He has given me all positive signs that he will give me after completion of my vrat.
    Yesterday, I was not keeping well. I was thinking of ways to commit suicide because I'm so frustrated and tired of life. Its been 4 weeks of my vrat and there no sign of improvement. I became impatient and got angry with baba.
    Please I would like that you all should pray that I should always have deep shraddha and saburi in baba. My faith always trembles, which I don't like.
    I don't want to leave you baba. Even I want to have deep faith in you like other devotees. Please help me and give me strength to have shraddha and saburi. Please.. baba.. I don't want to leave you and please don't leave me alone..

  2. Dear Sai Brothers/Sisters,
    I would like to bring people together with the objective of building a Shirdi Saibaba Mandir or Meditation Hall anywhere in Pammal/Anagaputhur/Kundrathur areas of chennai, Tamilnadu, India and also to perform charitable activities to the public irrespective of caste, creed or religion. I(Hope, tomorrow I become we with saima blessings) am looking few major donor(s) contribute the land or substantial cost of the project and would like to have a significant control in the management and administration of the Trust to ensure its proper functioning.


  3. Om Sai Ram,nice experience and for Shwetaji i would like to say a doha by Soordas it says " mera man anant kahan sukh paye,jaise jahaj ka panchi ud ke phir jahaj par aaye" similarly sometimes due to human weaknesses our trust on Baba may tremble…but we should always remember Baba is only hope for us.Few months back i had a deep longing to sing baba's aarti but in our area temple is far away and it is not possible to visit daily there.It is baba's grace that all of a sudden some old persons in out appartment decided to construct a small temple of Shri Sai and with small contribution of all the flat members now we have a small temple of baba in our garden area.So thats the divine love of baba for their devotee.May lord Sai bless us all.

  4. Dear Hetalji,

    Thanks to you and your team for posting such wonderful experiences and miracles of our beloved lord shri Sai.

    Dear Shewataji,

    If you have read "sai satcharita" then you should have know that baba always says that because of our past karmas we face difficulties and hard ships and if we dont go through and think of ending our life, then we have to take rebirth and again face the same difficulties.

    I am not sure what your problem is, but all you have to do is to be a little more patient. Try your best and leave rest to Baba. Baba will never let his devotee drown. In last minute, Baba comes and rescues!! this happened to me many times.

    so sister, please forget of negative thoughts on your life and surrender completely to Baba and see what he does.

    Jai Sai Ram…

    I Love You Baba.
    Wonderful Expperience.
    I Love You So Much Baba.

  6. JAI SAIRAM Swethaji,
    Please do not end your life by comitting suiside and all.
    Leave everything at Baba's feet and do Saranagathi at his feet and tell him "Please Baba my life is at your feet do as you like with me Baba".He'll definitely take care of you.Do not keep anything in mind just leave everything at his feet.That's it.
    But at any cost do not leave Baba.
    We cannot lead life without our Baba.
    I Love You Baba.

  7. Thank you for all .I am the anonymous devotee who posted this experience.I am waiting from longtime to see my experience in this blog.You know what this experience is posted on 23rd December .Last year on the same day dec 23rd I am in shiridi(Awesome coincidence).I am recollecting the moments of shiridi and opened the blog and I am surprised to see the experience.Thanks Hetal ji.Om Sai Ram

  8. Very nice experience. This is really a coincidence that your experience is published the same day you visited Shirdi. This way Baba fulfill your wish as you mentioned above. Baba knows oursmall to small wish & fulfill them. also. Baba is Great.

    Baba, you know what happenned with me last night.I leave everything on you. Please do whatever is good for me.

  9. baba blesses all of you but when me?
    he gave me so many struggles……..i dont know when i am happy…..always problems and problems……..i am also devotee of yours but why baba why this much sad in my life………..why i am not happy…….financially i am not settled and i am asking you for the past 2 yrs but no response …..i need good job baba….

    baba nigamga nenu ne bhakthuraleni ani neku anipisthe give me good property and good job and peace in home

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