Today also three more experiences are presented.

Sai Baba Saved Me

Anonymous Devotee says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, first of all I would like to thanks Baba Ji for giving you His blessings to provide such a pious platform to Sai devotees to share their experience, love and faith on Sai Baba Ji. It’s my request that please don’t mention my name and e-mail id here. I am going to publish here my experience that I have promised Sai Baba Ji. Baba Ji, please forgive me for late publishing here and please give me blessings to write here my experience in simplest way that Your devotees can understand and increase their faith on You and please forgive me for all mistakes that I will commit in writing here and please accept my promise that I did. Om Sai Ram.

Last year, I came to Sai Baba Ji’s lotus feet with full devotion, when I was facing personal as well as professional problems. But I use to worship Sai Baba Ji from around last 3 years. From last year, my every breath is the blessing of Sai Baba Ji. He Himself called me in His lotus feet. Now I will narrate my experience.

I was working in an organization. After some time, I left that organization due to some reasons. But some of my seniors spread a net to catch me badly in their net without my fault after I left the job and without intimating me. After around 2 months, I came to know about their strategy to make me humiliated and they demanded a huge amount to relieve me from that net. I was left with no option due to certain personal problems also at the same time. I pleaded a lot to everyone to help me to get out of this, where I am involved without my fault. But I did not get any ray of hope. Everyone told me to stand against all of them, who planned that bad strategy against me. I was completely shattered and disturbed and I was not able to concentrate on my exams that I had to appear after few days and for which I was preparing day and night. So I could not devote time for all these things. Then my mother told me that sit in front of God Sai and Hanuman Ji and only He’ll escape me from devil’s net. I sat in front of Sai Baba Ji and Hanuman Ji and I prayed a lot and tell Them everything. God knew that I was innocent. I prayed that I will publish my experience on this blog after I will be free and I will offer Prasad in Their temples and I will do one week Saptah of Sai Satcharitra.

From the next day onwards, things started taking another turn. People, who were not supporting me earlier also, impart their favor to me and helped me and gradually by their blessings I relieved from devils net with a little amount. Sai Baba Ji and Hanuman Ji Himself arranged money also without much effort. Earlier, I thought badly about all those people that they must suffer for their bad actions soon that they did very badly against an innocent. Then I recalled Sai Baba Ji’s preaching that “Every person suffers for his bad deeds, but you should always think and do well to others. Others will suffer if they will do badly”. After that day, I got internal calmness and relaxation that I am no body to give them punishment and to think that something bad should happen to all those people because Sai Baba Ji is looking everything. He knew that how many tears they gave to me by planning so bad strategy against me without my fault. He will decide the fruit of their actions and He positively does justice to everyone. I am so much thankful to Sai Baba Ji that now even a single step of mine is not possible without His blessings. I have changed a lot from the time (last Year) I came under the Eternal Blessings of my loving Sai Baba Ji. “Meri zindagi ki dori ab Sai Baba Ji ke haath main hi hai” (My life is in Sai Baba Ji’s hand). He has brought so many good things in my life and I am sure that Sai Baba Ji is also helping me to get whatever is required for me and whatever is good for me. He has shown me so many experiences. I will request all Sai devotees that please have Shradda and Saburi in the pious feet of Sai Baba Ji and He will definitely take your entire burden. Just have faith unconditionally and have faith that “Sai Baba Ji hmesha aapko apni ungli pakad ke challaenge” (Sai Baba will guide with His finger) and put your best in everything you do. Sometime even I felt that Sai Baba Ji is with me or not, but after you pray to Sai Baba Ji with pure devotion, He shows you that He is your parents, friend, everything. All Sai Devotees please maintain your faith on Sai Baba Ji’s feet for life long. Sai Baba Ji, “Please mujhe hamesha apne charano main lga ke rakho, aur mere dil apne prati sachi shrada jagao”.

Om Sai Ram Ji.

Devotee Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Thanks a lot Hetal Ji, for providing this beautiful platform to mention Devotees experiences. Please do not mention my email id and name. Sai Baba Ji, please forgive me as I am late to mention this experience. Today I am mentioning this experience. It is also by YOUR blessing only Sai Baba Ji.

It was a time, when I was about to suicide due to disturbances in my professional as well as personal life. By Sai’s wish only, I am living life happily again. One day on the way, I saw a man who was wearing the same dress as Sai Baba Ji wore (i.e. White dress and was holding a katora in His hands). I never saw a person like Him before this especially in that area. I felt happy as Sai Baba Ji’s gave me His Darshan. After that, I started feeling good gradually. Then on the last day of my Nav Vrat of Thursday, I got a call for job interview from a consultancy, where I have applied around 5 months back. In those days, one great and unbelievable experience happened.

One day, some sadhu mahatma came our home, who used to come our home from last 5-6 years every year. Earlier they never sang any Bhajan of Sai Baba Ji. But on that day, they sang Sai Baba ji’s bhajan. By listening that, tears rolled out of my eyes and I felt that Sai Baba Ji is with me. Then one of them told my father to keep Red Rose at Sai Baba Ji’s idol for 15-21 days and said that after that every problem will be solved. Through the consultancy one day, I found an opportunity in my core field. When I went there for the interview again, I saw Sai Baba Ji’s idol there on the way. This again gave energy and confidence to me. I selected and joined that. That company earlier offering very less pay to me, but gradually that offered comparatively good pay. After 2-3 days, MD of the company showed me good opportunities of growth, but gradually I found that he is not offering me good profile. By looking at Sai Baba Ji’s, I decided to leave that company. On the way, I saw a Sai Baba Ji’s photo. On Sai Baba Ji’s question answer page, I found answer that a person from outside will come who will help me and brother and friend will help me. The same day, my sister’s friend came at our place from outstation. She convinced me and I decided to apply again for the job. The same day (i.e. on Thursday) in the evening, I got a call for interview from the company where I applied about a month earlier. It was somewhat difficult to arrange tickets for the very next day. Sai Baba Ji, helped me to do it and then I called one of my old friends and she helped me a lot. After that, I easily found every way to the interview place, when I was very new to that city. I went alone in other people’s eyes, but in fact Sai Baba Ji is always with me that I realized every time as He appeared in the form of idol, photo, music etc.

After interview, I prayed Sai Baba Ji’s that I will come to a temple nearby if I will know my positive result. Then in the evening, I got positive confirmation and I went to the temple. Then on Thursday, after getting my offer letter, I went to Lodhi Road Sai Baba Ji’s Mandir and I was surprised that I reached there at the time of AARTI and I sat there for long time. I took out my offer letter and Pujari Ji touched it with idol and I got flower as Sai Baba Ji’s blessings. After that, I joined my company.

Gradually everything settled. I faced many problems here, but by recalling Sai Baba Ji every time He helped me to complete every time. By Sai Baba Ji’s blessings, I performed well. Sai Baba Ji’s questions and answers site is really true as Sai Baba Ji gave me true answers every time I asked. I will request all Sai Devotees to keep Shradda and Saburi and He will bless us every time with the best. Sai Baba Ji, please forgives me if I have done any mistake or forgot anything to write. Sai Baba Ji, Please give me more and more opportunities to mention here good experiences of my life.

Sai Baba Blessed Me With Driving License

Sai Sister Neha from Dubai says: My name is Neha. Baba helped me in my difficult times. In my daily life, I see many miracles of Baba. I am a true Devotee of Baba from past 10 years. This time, I really wanted to share my experience.

I am staying in Dubai, which is in UAE. 1 month before, I joined my driving classes. It is very difficult to get driving license in Dubai, if you don’t have any experience of driving. I was not very good in driving. I passed my signal and parking test and after that I started my road driving. I had finished many classes, but I was not very confident. After finishing my classes, my Instructor sent me for assessment. My examiner said you are not good in driving. I came back home and was crying near Baba’s photo.

After 1 week, I had to go for the final road test. I was very nervous. I was sure that I will fail. The day came, when I went for the exam. My examiner called me to start. When I sat on the seat, suddenly I felt like Baba is helping me to drive and He is only driving the car. By Baba’s grace, I passed the test. The examiner was happy with me.

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  1. Dear Hetal Thanks for providing such a wonderful service…. We get peace and even we are blessed when we read anything about our beloved Sai Babaji. I want to share an experience with Babaji.Its related to my marriage.
    My father was searching a good match for me for a long time.He was tensed whether we'll get desired match or not. At that time i was asked to do vrats and pooja for getting married soon coz i was manglik and many hurdles were coming in searching a good profile.But I have full faith on Sai Babaji. I had done lot of vrats but i never did Sai Babaji's nine thursday vrat.One day a lady asked me to start nine thursday vrat and she said you just start the vrats and then see, your wish will be fullfilled before nineth thursday. We all were tensed but then i decided i will do vrat. Now every thursday i started going to babaji's temple and was doing vrat. It was seventh thursday i can remember even now, i was standing in front of babaji's idol and was saying babaji only one thursday is left and after that i have to do udhyapan and till now we dint find any good match. Nothing has happened and my parents are still in worries.And howcome if in seven thursdays nothing has happened but in one week any miracle could happen…. But i was wrong bcoz when it comes to sai babaji and when he listens nothing matters but your pure heart and prayer only matters… Miracle happened, we got a call from one decent family and it was my eighth thursay fast i got engaged and to my surprise i received saibabaji's gold locket as first ornament from my inlaws family whereas they are not a devotee of saibabaji. My faith got increased coz in this way babaji came to attend my ring ceremony also. and after that i finished my nine thursday fast.
    In this way baba settled everything in nine thursdays only whereas we were not able to settle it in 2-3yrs. Then baba came in my sangeet function also.One of my friend from saibaba temple gifted me a very beautiful photograph of babaji.
    There are so many other miracles also which has happened to me and will keep on happening coz babaji is still there. If you want to feel his presence just chant his name or help the needy people around you, feed poor people then you will feel him near you and that's my faith….. OM SAI RAM

  2. Wow!Great experiences..May sai baba ji bless me with bhakti,shardha,vishwaas and saburi in his pious sai naathaye namah.

  3. Very nice experiences.
    Love to read them all.
    Dear Hetalji ,big thank you to you.hope u r felling alrite now.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  4. All these experiences are so heart-warming. Love reading & eagerly keep waiting to read devotees' experiences – Don't know whether I'll ever have this wonderful opportunity to post my own experience with Shri SaiRam here ever!

  5. Om Sai Ram…..All the experiences have strengthened my faith …….i am also hoping that Baba will listen to my prayers soon. Baba please shower your blessings on me also ….pls baba help me in my personal problem …..Om Sai Saithayae namah….

  6. Sai baba ne hamesha mera sath diya hai. baba isbar bhi sab thek kar do. Mere parivar ko mila do.main janti hun aap sab thek kar doge par jaldi kar do na main ab thaak gayi hun. Aapke pass shirdi aana chahti hun mujhe aapne pati ke sath aana hai kripa karo.

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