In today’s post i am sharing experiences of two devotees. Though the title suggests that there must be three experiences then, why only two devotees? Well, two experiences are of Sai sister Meeraji in the end.

Shirdi Sai Baba Experience

Anonymous Devotee says: Hi Hetalji, Please post my experience in your blog and please don’t write my name and email id.

MAGIC OF Udi and other experiences:

I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since my college days. But my belief in Him became more strong after my marriage. He has guided me through the right path and has always been with me in my good and bad times. If I have any problem, I always pray to Baba and think that I need to be patient and keep faith in Baba and He will take care of everything. I have always noticed that in a short span of time my problem is solved or some positive change would have happened to it reinforcing my faith in Baba. I would like to share an experience which happened recently.

One day, I finished my dinner and I was about to go to sleep. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and it was becoming very painful. I was scared that it might be appendicitis and I might need to rush to hospital immediately and it would be very difficult to manage as I have very small baby. Then, I took UDI along with water and went to bed praying to Baba to cure my pain. As soon as I drank UDI water, there was a sudden relief in my pain. Pain got reduced to some extent. After 10 minutes pain was almost gone. I thanked Baba for helping me. I slept chanting Baba’s name that night. Really it is the magic of UDI that my stomach pain was cured. If I have promised to Baba that I would offer some prayer to Baba like making Prasad or reading Sai Satcharitra and I forgot it or I was not able to complete it. Baba has always reminded me and made sure that I have kept my promise. I would like to share an experience about it.

It was Gurupurnima day and I thought that I will read one chapter from Sai Satcharitra. But because of housework and taking care of my baby, who is very young, I didn’t get time to read Sai Satcharitra during the day. I kept delaying thinking that I will do it later in the evening. In the night at 11 PM, I was putting my son to sleep and remembered that I need to read Sai Satcharitra. I was thinking how I am going to complete the parayan as it was late already and I can’t read the book while putting my son to sleep, since the lights were turned off. If I will go to other room to read, my son might wake up and cry for milk. I suddenly remembered that I can read the parayan from my iPhone from Shirdi Sai Sansthan Website. I completed the parayan and offered Dakshina to Baba. I was very happy that I was able to fulfill the promise that I made to Baba.

Baba’s Presence and Leela

Sai Sister Meera ji from USA says:

  • Baba’s blessed child even when I was not aware of BABA. This incident happened almost 40 years ago, but reading Ms. Sheena ji of UK’s experience reminded me of my own experience.

    I was traveling by train from Ahmadabad to Mumbai. It was a night travel. The train starts around 7 or 8 PM and reached Mumbai by 6 AM. I was traveling alone so got my reservation in Ladies compartment. One of the co-passengers had an infant with her. The baby somehow got restless around 9 pm and kept crying till 11 pm. I had sympathy for the first time mom. She was trying her best to keep the baby calm, but the baby cries went up high and high. There was no point is showing displeasure or discomfort caused by this baby’s crying. But the thought passed by my mind, “Baby, please be quiet. Get some rest, so you will feel better and we, others also can get some sleep”. To my surprise, the next I woke up when Borivali station was nearing. Ahaa, the baby slept all through the night and so do we all. How was that possible if BABA has not helped the Baby by relieving her/his discomfort that made the baby cry so much. I did not know about BABA at that time, but definitely BABA kept my words, and listened my cry for help.

    Recent experience:

    Since last 4-5 days I had gum pain. Perhaps caused by flossing my teeth and had a cut on my lower gums. But when I looked in the mirror, I noticed the gum line of one tooth on the lower jaw is receding and there was some spot looking like some sort of decay. I got scared as I am very conscious about oral hygiene. The pain was bothering me all day and all night and I did not know what to do? I even told my husband, and said jokingly that there should be some ointment I can apply on this bothering spot just like we apply for a cut on the outer skin. Well, finding no relief and having constant pain, I applied UDI on the problem spot of that tooth and the skin at the joint of that lower jaw and my lower lip. Gradually the pain subsided and was little bit bearable.

    Yesterday I got an urgent appointment with my dentist. He performed a routine cleaning and when I asked about the gum spot at the lower front tooth he said nothing to worry. He has removed the hard coating formed over there and it happens with aging where bone mass around the teeth receding. The gum line also recedes exposing the tooth base. Keep brushing, flossing and performing gum-massage every time you eat, and your problem will go away. And to me it was good news that there was no decay on that tooth. I would surely like to give credit to UDI to lessen my pain and no tooth decay!

    Jai Sai Ram.

  • I want to share Baba’s Leela that I find very strange and yet feel very happy to note that BABA is with me.

    I am thinking of BABA all day long and at every step BABA’s name is on my lips, though I am not doing POOJA as such. Sometimes I feel like cultivating that habit, but somehow, my mindset is such that doing such pooja to me is not natural. I do have BABA’s small idol, BABA’s photo in my kitchen pantry, on one of the shelves. Anyway, I do feel like offering whatever I eat or drink to BABA first. When there is an urge to place some Prasad to offer BABA pops up on my mind. I do place some dry fruit or whole banana etc.

    Well, this time I was having some front tooth problem and wanted to avoid a direct bite using my front teeth altogether. I sliced my banana that I eat as my breakfast. Thought came to me why not I offer some to BABA. So I placed a few slices and some cashews in a small dish. After 10-15 minutes, I thought not to keep the Prasad open so placed a plastic lid on top of the dish.

    I wanted to share this Prasad with my husband as he had gone out for some work. I was waiting for him to return. When he came, I totally forgot about Prasad. Well I remembered at very late evening, when I opened the pantry to get something to prepare dinner. Oh Prasad is still to be shared. And I was imagining it turned darkened banana slices, instead they were as fresh as if they were cut just now. I could not believe my eyes and I would like to see this as BABA’s Leela. I did not tell this to my other family members as they might think I have gone crazy. But it’s ok to share it here, right?

    Here, in Sierra Vista, you won’t expect to see Sai BABA’s photo on other vehicle. I had some incident in the past that was connected to my husband’s melanoma detection (I will share that in a separate experience), where I had a dream, where the figure that I saw was very much resembling to Jesus Christ and yet I heard voice talking to me in English and Hindi, “Everything will be alright, my child, don’t worry. sab kuchha achchhaa ho jaayega”. And really my husband was out of cancer in all the tests and diagnosing surgeries performed after that incident.

    Well, I saw Lord Jesus Christ on the back of the rear window glass of a truck that is passing by me most of the time. I either going out or returning to my apartment and if I don’t see the truck passing by me, it is parked in the small street adjacent to my apartment complex. It gives me so much peace to see one of the forms of BABA always around me that I wanted to share that joy with other Sai devotees.

    I wanted to show my gratitude to my apartment manager for her special care to offer me this apartment in a miraculous way by making her oil portrait, no charge to her. That portrait I could finish almost within a week, I think that was possible only because of BABA’s grace. Really the portrait came out very impressive. And the same way I am offered a commissioned work from my Store GM for his graduation photo. He is the one who has offered me my job which is also BABA’s miracle. I had applied for the same job for the past 5 years and even though the GM of this store wanted to hire me, but my application was not going through the computer process.

    Once, I went to the same store to buy the computer desk (which is I am using right now). I had to wait for someone to get me this box of computer desk from the warehouse. This GM happened to be on the sales floor. He came to me and said, I think you had applied for the job here, right? Are you still considering working here? And when I said yes, he asked me to re-apply. I did so but again I was kicked out by the computer software. I told him about my problem and he really helped me telling me how to select the computer answers and with his guidance like this I could clear the computer acceptance and I am having this job since then. And this job is what made me eligible for fulfilling the required procedure to get the apartment. Don’t you think, all these events are also BABA’s Leela.

    I am working on this commissioned portrait and this one is also coming out very impressive, though it has many subtle details like his medals and name badge and USA flag in the background. I feel very humble with BABA’s grace.

    BABA please be with me always!

    Jai Sai Ram.

More Experiences of Sai Sister Meera ji:

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  1. SAIRAM!!This is really a nice experience.This shows BABA is always with us.JAI SAIRAM!
    OM Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai!!

  2. Dear Hetal ji, I am very happy to see all my posts that I wrote to you are seen here. I am experiencing BABA's presence and sort of protection in everything happens in day to day activity. Just a couple of days ago, I had a very rude customer at the job who complained to our customer Service Department at HQ level, about me about arguing with him even though I was trying to help him in his issue. I was so upset with the development as I could not sleep all night and anger over this rude customer's behavior bothered me. At last I got up early in the morning and wrote an e-mail to my store manager that I was wrongly accused by the customer and my name should be cleared with the HQ management personnel.
    To my utter surprise, my Store manager replied me along with the complete communication of this topic discussion with the upper management and not only that he wrote strongly and in clear language to my divisional manager that I did nothing wrong, instead I was just following the store policy in the given situation and not only that he had given other two senior to me employees' names as a proof of support in my favor.
    BABA turned the table in my favor this way which to me it seemed a doomed case and a shameful accusation on my best service to our store customers.
    Jai Sai Ram. BABA is always with me! 😀

  3. In connection to this Meera aunty,i recently had an incident too.One of my neighbours behaved very rudely with me.I got so upset and i rebelled back in the same tone as he behaved with me but in the process he abused me further.I got so scared and started feeling so bad and prayed to Baba that please make everything calm.I just stayed calm and didnt reply after that.But everyday i am so angry,why should someone behave like that,what right does that person have?i dont know what is right what is wrong?we get angry…we fight with people,Baba says dont fight.say one or two words and leave.Because the moment we get into arguments,things only get worse.I really have been thinking about asking Sai devotees here,what is the best way to deal with a situation when someone behaves inappropriately with you?what does Baba want us to do?
    Om Sai Ram

  4. Dear Angry and upset Sai Devotee,
    You are not at all at fault getting angry when something like this takes place. I would say, whatever the issue and whatever you think that is "correct" just say to the other person in a very respectful and base tone, I mean , not raising your voice pattern, and let them not to raise thier voice either. Anything can be worked when talked like "adults". And even after that the matter does go beyond your handling capacity, just leave that conversation at that point.
    We can not change other person's thinking or behaviour once they think "they are RIGHT!!". BABA will take care of you by granting you peace at heart and not letting that ugly situation bother you.
    Also BABA will make the other party realize their mistake sooner or later.
    That's what I do. In my household too I have never allowed "arguments" though I had suffered because of that but surely BABA has always taken care of the issues and matters have not gone out of control to make a hell in my quiet home!
    Also I have read in Sai Satchritra or somewhere that when you don't react with anger towards the other angry party, you are like a mirror against the Sun Rays…they bounce back in the same direction from where they come from.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Om Sai Ram. Dear brother devotee, I have been a devotee of Baba for the past 3 years. I knew very little about Him till then. Twice I had a chance to visit Shirdi and be blessed by Him. However, I have been experiencing a very bad fall in my career since past 4 years. I wonder if my devotion is lacking in something. I have read Sai Satcharitra once. Everytime I feel now the ocean is calm a storm comes in my career life. Unscrupulous people have succeded in chucking me out of work in the past 1 year twice and being well qualified I am a lot upset with worry to get a right job match again. I sincerely pray to Baba to protect me with lots of peace and happiness.

  6. Very nice experience Meera Ji. I am also a Sai Baba devotee here in USA, and although we may not see Baba in his regular form, here in the USA, we can see him in many other forms, knowing that he is here with us all the time to help and guide us. Om Sai Ram!

  7. Thanks Aunty!
    I have to work on controlling my emotions too.I prayed to Baba to answer through a devotee of His, and He replied through you, a devotee so close to Him.
    I strongly believe that this is Baba's reply and I will try to follow it Aunty.As you said,Baba will take care of things,who am I to set right people.
    Again and again Baba says have patience and have faith in me!
    Om Sai Ram


  9. Dear Anonymous Sai Devotee from USA,
    Yes, I am in USA and I too feel the same. Once I had requested a proof for my doubting mind to believe that Shirdi Sai BABA and Satya Sai BABA are one and the same…(at that time Satya Sai BABA was alive). I noticed Orange colored car passed by me! I was surprised to see that type of color in CAR.
    Well after that I kept noticing that saffron color in various things, like a person wearing such T-shirt, A vehicle with Orange color advertisement and what not! So it is out faith that works the trick. And perhaps that's the way BABA want us to see BABA in each and every form.
    I am happy to live my days thinking of BABA and life is good!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  10. Siddha Prapancha ravipunja mahanubhava ,mahimakara divyabhava,deena prabodhanidhi satkaruna prabhava ,kathswamvina thribhuvaneswara rakshakome,nithyajagrustha madhistham nirathananda vardhanam satyadeepa mahabodham sainadha gurumbaje.

  11. babaji ………pl do miracle in my life….please forgive me for my mistakes….i cann,t think my life without saroj…meri bhul ki saja itni mad do…love you sai…bless all the devotees.

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