I Am Sure Baba Will Do The Same – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Herewith i am sharing experience of an anonymous Sai sister who went to Shirdi.

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om Sai Ram Hetal Ji, Firstly I am requesting you to please don’t disclose my Email id. Thank you so much for this blog. With help of this blog, we can share our Sai experience with all of our Sai Brother and sisters. Thank you once again.

Well I am very small devotee of Sai Baba since 4 years and within two year (2010 and 2011) got the chance to have Baba’s Darshan for 3 times (2 times in 2010 and 1 time in last week). I am very happy as Baba called me for Darshan this time completely unplanned.

1st of this month was my birthday, 26 of last month (i.e. 26 Sep). I had very strong feeling that I have to spend my birthday with Baba as I am working with IT sector and one very important project was going on. It was not possible to get the leave for my Shirdi visit. So I have no option and dropped my plan for some other time, but still I have some hope. So I met with my manager and told him that I and my family are planning to go Shirdi. So I need 3 days leave for the same. He said NO, it’s not possible for him to give leave to me. So I was very disappointed that and came back to my desk and started working. I was praying to Baba that I want to come for Your Darshan. Baba, please do something please and truly miracle took place. Very next day my manager was on leave and he called me and informed me that I can go for leaves. Oh Baba, thank You so much for that. I was so happy and I can’t express my feeling.

Another miracle: from Delhi to Kopergaon by train its around 20-21 hour journey and I got the leave only for 3 days. 21 hours for going and 21 hours for coming back and during the Dusshera festival 5-6 hour will take for Baba’s Darshan, I have very less time. So I again started praying to Baba and ask my manager for one more day and miracle was that he was smiling and telling me, “App nahi sudhrogi”. That time, I was also smiling and giving thanks to Baba. After that my brother booked the ticket from TATKAL booking. My journey was started. Our boarding station was New Delhi and our train timing was 8:50 PM. But we got late and left our home around 7:30 PM. It was the office timing and heavy traffic jam on the road and we couldn’t move from traffic. I saw my watch its 8:10 PM. Oh Sai Ram, we can’t reach and can’t get the train. My mom was scolding to my uncle (Chacha ji) and I was sitting in the auto and praying to Baba. Baba, please do something. I want to come for Your Darshan. Suddenly my uncle get down from the auto and started instructing to other people and one more old man came and started doing the same along with my uncle. Meanwhile, I was trying to contact railway customer care for information that train is on time or late. But I was not getting connected and customer care number was busy since 25 minutes. Then I said to Baba, please help me and suddenly number got connected and got the confirmation that train was on time. Then that executive informed me NZM station is the one of stop for the train and for my surprise same station is very near to my home. My uncle asked auto driver to go to NZM railway station. Timing for NZM station was 9:20 PM and with the Baba’s grace we reached to NZM station 9:08 PM and got the train. After that I gave a very big thanks to my SAI BABA.

Next day around 08:30 PM, we reached Manmad and hired one taxi to reached Shirdi. Next morning, I went for Baba’s Darshan and had Darshan. When I was in the queue, one boy started talking to me. He was from Andhra Pradesh and I am from Delhi. When we entered in Samadhi Mandir, Pandit ji gave me peda and bunch of flower from the Baba’s Samadhi. Wow, I have no words to express my happiness.

These days, I am going some of my personal problems and prayed to Baba that please bless me with my LOVE in my life and asked Baba if you are going to fulfill my pray, please give me some hint. When I came out of the Samadhi Mandir, suddenly I stopped one of the Book Shop and look one book. For my surprise, name of the book was “Apke sawal baba ke jawab”. For checking the book, I opened one page and start reading one line. Line was “Jo bhi karo pure vishwas ke sath karo aur, adhure vishwas mein kaam adhura rah jata hai, roz suraj ko jal do UDI ka use karo aur Sai Namavali ko padho, kaam jaroor pura hoga”. Tears came in my eyes and I again gave my thanks to Baba.

Finally time came to left My Baba’s house (Shirdi) and we were waiting for taxi for going Manmad station. The same boy to whom I met at mandir queue, he was coming from Samadhi Mandir. He just saw me and came to me for saying bye. He was having big bunch of flower which he got from Baba’s Samadhi. He gave that to me and told me, that flower is for me from Baba’s side. Oh my Sai Ram, I can’t express my happiness. Baba again gave me the positive answer in terms of flower. Thank you so much BABA and I LOVE YOU so much.

I am suffering from my personal issue from last three months. One day (i.e. 15 Oct 2011), I was really sad and went to Sai Temple near to my home. That was the evening Aarthi time. Pandit ji was doing Aarti. I was standing in the corner and crying a lot praying to Baba, please bless me with my love. I truly love him. I want to spend my life with him. After finishing the Aarti, everybody went near to Baba’s Murti and doing Pranam and got Prashad from pandit ji. That was the day of Karvachauth. Everyone, who went to near Baba’s murti, Pandit ji was giving him/her flower from Baba’s feet. I was also thinking that if Pandit ji give me any flower to me, that would be the positive hint for me. I went to Baba and touched Baba’s feet, but Pandit ji did not give me the flower. I was standing there around 5 minutes, but Pandit ji did not give me the flower. I was so disappointed and took my bag and was going back to my home. When I came out from the temple, there is one more Murti (small) of Baba. I cried a lot in front of Baba and was asking Baba “Tell me one thing. I am not Your daughter. Why You are doing this to me”. For my surprise the same pandit ji came to me, only with one flower, he looked at me and gave that flower to me. Oh GOD, I can’t tell you my happiness. Baba shows His love to me and gave me the positive answer. I love you Baba.

I am requesting to all of you, who is reading my Experience, please ask Baba to bless me with my love. Baba, please give me the chance to come Shirdi with my Love. I will come with him. Promise. Baba, I love you.


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  1. Sister I am little disappointed. After having got an assurance from Sai you are still asking us to pray for your love. Sai has clearly told you have Pure Viswas not Adhureviswas. You need no more prayers no more assurance. If you see yourseld calm and happy knowing and waiting for the true love to come in your life, then you have full faith. If you are still worried and need proof etc..

    I am also just like this. But slowly learning what full faith means…. It is not easy but a must have….

  2. I totally agree with the above devotee,Baba knows what is right for us.Baba needs us to have faith in Him and do the right things.We will all pray for each other's well being.
    Rest Baba will take care.
    Om Sai Ram

  3. after reading your experience even i want to share my experience but i don't know when baba will make me write that i hope even i can share all my baba experience as soon as possible ….

  4. Dear Sister,

    Baba has taken away my marriage to a cruel person, and separated me from him. My marriage lasted all of 6 months. Then Baba brought me back home. Then after my divorce, another person came into my life and I was with him for three years. He promised to marry me and spend his life with me, but walked away after going to another country. But still I hold on to Baba's feet, because Baba is the only true lover for all. Baba is Ram, Shiva, Allah and Krishna. Baba will make all of us happy in the end. You will receive your true love someday. Until then, and even after that, dont forget to love Baba every minute. Forget people, they come and go, but Baba is here to stay with us and love us. He loves you and you already know that. So I am so happy for you right now.
    God bless your little and sweet loving soul.

  5. Dont worry sister when baba has given you so many assurances and positive signs I am sure he will reunite you and your love. All my best wishes and prayers are also with you may you and your love be together alwaz and have a very loving and peaceful life together.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. baba always live up to his words………may you be showered with his grace all through your life…..jai sai deva…

  7. some times no no every time we think our thoughts r right and u all going for this living relationship and living things on earth ….which r useless
    no one r thinking and not writing that …
    my life is very very bless full by sai ma and where god is recognizing us and staying with us in every minute , second and every thoughts …in this big world and infront of all living things .
    let pray to saibaba our father …that plz stay with us thats enough no more any desires …
    what u give we all will accept ..

    thinking of u every minute and every second in my life
    a small bhakt devotee of sai ma
    love u baba .
    jai sai ram

  8. Dear Sai Sister,please dont worry ,when baba has given u so many assurance then why u r worried.keep ur faith strong in him.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  9. Dear Anonymous sister,

    When Baba has given you so many assurence then why r u worried. You should not worry it shows that u r loosing your faith.

    Baba know what is best for us But we should wait for the right time.

    OM Sai Ram

  10. Here all unknw devotees trying to convey Sai's msg to you that have patience and faith in sai..soon you will get what you never even expected..

    Om sai ram..jiske sath baba ka aashirwad ho use kisi baat ki chinta kaisee..sab baba per chor do or unka sache dil se smaran karo …


  11. Things change and so do situations. Keep faith in baba but also remember the person that is today may not be tomorrow, so one must keep asking baba and act accordingly. There is no fixed instance in life as the life itself is ever moving and ever changing. And there is no harm in asking others to pray for you. Dont listen to others who tell you about how to worship the lord, only he knows and only he can direct.

  12. Om sai ram.
    i am very happy after reading your exprience…and i also got some hint for me from baba through above comments.
    baba showed you the path dear…pls have faith …baba bless u with ur love..and pls inform here whenever u will get ur happiness…sai ram.

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