Following experiences are really touching and the second one brought tears in my eyes.

Divine Miracle Of Sai Ram To Achieve Motherhood

Sai Sister Sagarika from India says: Dear Hetalji, you are doing a great job by bringing miracles of Sai Baba to everyone. May Sai Bless you with all happiness in your life. I am sharing my miracle experience of Sai Ram and request you to publish it in your blog. Please don’t disclose my email ID.

I promise to Sai that as soon as I experience the miracle, I will post it to your site immediately. I could not do it, because of my fault (as You know, Baba, my thoughts). You gave the greatest blessing to me. Still I could not believe it, so please, Baba, forgive me.

I am staying in Mumbai. After six years of my marriage, I could not conceive. I went through many doctors, medicines and two surgeries and much more, which gave me psychological, physical imbalance. This affected me in such a way that I lose my job, my hopes, everything. From December 2010, my sufferings were much more and I was diagnosed with a rare disorder, where chances of conception were very minimal and uterus removal was the only option. One could imagine my mental and emotional state. I cried in front of all Gods and Sai again. I went to a reputed doctor of Mumbai, who suggested me to take a chance of IVF.

From that day onward and in every moment, I found Sai Baba blessing hand in different form. Still despite of all that things, I filled with negative thoughts. Sometimes I was so confused that I never believed Sai Baba and sometimes I felt guilty and I cried in front of Baba. This continued with the entire treatment of IVF. After that, I was waiting for the final result and on that day also I found Sai Baba’s Blessing hand photo on the diagnostic center. I was very confused with mixed thoughts and on the evening, when the result came. To my utter surprise, it was positive and I am pregnant. I could not believe such miracle in my life. I pray BABA to be with me throughout my life and bless all those needy with motherhood touch to their life.

My experience with Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee says: Sai Ram Hetal ji. You are doing a wonderful work. Sai will bless you for this. Please do not share my name and mail id. I wish to share my experience with Lord Sai Baba. I have had countless experiences with Him due to His grace, but I wish to share the prominent one which happened on my first Shirdi trip.

Baba came to give me Darshan physically:

I started believing Sai in 2010. I came to know about Him may be fifteen years back. Then He reminded me in 2008, but there is a day when you fall in love with Him and it came in 2010. He helped me in trouble which was His first miracle in my life. I will share that some other day. The first miracle, I started worshipping Him and reading a lot to find more about our beloved Sai Baba. It created an urge in my heart to go for His Darshan and He finally gave me a chance to visit Shirdi in April 2011. While traveling towards Shirdi, our train got late. As I had just three and a half days of time and we scheduled our journey time in that it was very hectic. The train was halted on numerous stations for prolonged intervals. The delay finally made me angry. Sai Baba, please forgive me for that, I am a fool. Finally, at Jalgaon station, I said Sai Baba, if the train is anymore halted for prolonged intervals, I am not going to visit You in Shirdi. The first miracle happened. It did not stop on any station for more than 1 minute till we reached Shirdi. That train was a special train, and used to go to Shirdi not to Kopargaon only. As I am a doubting Thomas, during whole of my journey, I was thinking what the use of visiting one more temple is. And what pleasure it will be to just visit Sai’s Samadhi. There are numerous temples in India and I have visited quite a few.

Finally our train reached Shirdi in morning hours at 4 AM. We went to hotel and went to sleep as we were very tired. We woke up at 10 AM, got ready, went to temple and joined the queue, which was very long. My daughter had a tough time as she is very young (only one year that time). We were anxious about her. But Baba is omniscient. He took good care of us. Noon Aarti commenced, when we were in queue and it was hot and humid in temple. But we were before a cooler when the queue was stopped, and there was a water tap also. My daughter was very happy to have water and air from cooler. Then after one and a half hour, queue started moving again. Throughout my time in queue, I kept chanting ‘SHIRDI MAJHE PANDHARPUR’. To be honest that is the only bhajan and only one line, I knew that time. We were in queue for more than three hours. We had a good Darshan. Then we came out and sat before the window where you can have Darshan from the window. My daughter started playing there. She was running here and there. I thought if she tries to move far from us, I will go and bring her.

And then He came. An old aged person in His early sixties came towards us. He did not look like a beggar at all. He kept His hand on back of my daughter and guiding her through the pressure of hand brought her near us, where I was sitting with my wife. He sat besides us and spoke in Marathi, which meant I have come from Pandharpur. I am hungry and I need 21 rupees to have food. Please give me the same. Instantly, it flashed to my mind that just a fortnight back I vowed to Baba. I have a problem, which is bugging me. Please solve this. I will feed someone hungry with 21 rupees. I hate donating money to beggars. So I said I will feed someone hungry and needy. The problem was solved, but I forgot to fulfill the vow. Maybe that was Baba’s will to strengthen my faith. I took money from my wife and gave it to Him. He took out a flower from His pocket and gave it to me and then He blessed me and left. I was looking towards Him till the time He didn’t disappear. He didn’t ask anyone for anything then. He simply left the temple premise.

Then came to my mind, I had tears in my eyes in temple and I was chanting ‘Shirdi Majhe Pandharpur’. He really came from Pandharpur. He wanted the 21 rupees I forgot. He wanted me to believe that I was not in Shirdi to visit just another temple which has a Samadhi. And the last thing, He gave me His blessings with flower. If it were a beggar, He was not required to give me a flower. He wanted me to realize that He was different from a beggar. He was there before me.

When He came and sat by my side, my heart knew Him. I have one more wish. I want Him to fulfill and I am sure He will. Sorry for the long experience. Please share this to Sai Devotee, so that people know if they trust Him, He will come as He loves His children more than they love Him.

I will get in touch with you again. Please let me know when you post this.

Om Sai Ram

Sai Baba Wished Me Happy Diwali

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi Hetal, I would really appreciate it if you could post this experience on your blog. I start my day reading your blog. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I have had a lot of experiences, but I have never been able to pen them down. This was a small incident so thought of sending you something small. Hopefully, one day I will be able to post the longer experiences. Please don’t publish my name or email.

This is a very small experience, but it went to show me how Baba listens to each and every thought of mine and He fulfills my wish no matter how small or big they are. He is truly very kind and very patient with all of us. Sometimes I wonder how He is so patient with me and why He loves me so unconditionally in spite of me not being able to follow His path at all times. I believe I am flawed and overly demanding and keep whining to Him all the time, yet He stands by me whenever and wherever I need Him.

I moved from India to US around 10 years back. When I was in India, I used to like most of us look for His picture or name on streets while driving and this I continued after moving out here. But obviously, it is hard to spot the word “Sai” here and luckily for me on and off I see trucks with the word “Saia” and for me that was good enough. Every time, I have felt alone, or every time I have asked if He is there with me that truck always passes by me. Every time, I want him to reinforce that I am making the right decision that truck will pass by me.

Last week, it was Diwali and I was driving to run an errand and I had a very silly thought. I told Baba that I would like Him to wish me Happy Diwali by showing me that truck. It was a silly wish and I really did not expect Him to listen to such a trivial passing thought. But within 30 seconds, I saw that truck passed by me.

Baba is truly there with us at all times and we really are blessed and lucky to be loved by Him. Thank you Baba.

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  1. Sai Sister Sagarika, really Sai Baba is very kind to all His children. He takes care of them everytime n everywhere. May Sai keep showering His blessings on U n Ur family. I hav lot many experiences bt couldnt share. But now Sai instruct me to share so very I m gonna do it. Om Sai Ram

  2. Sai Sister Sagarika:
    Definitely baba will bless u with a healthy and cute worries all happies sai is there for us..sai will take care of us..sai will never let his childrens down..sagarika me too in the same also going through soo scared of my too felt the sam but my sai is there..sai will protect us..dont worry..he will take care of the end of jan am done with my IVF process..we r travelling in the same boat we definitely get baba blessings through out our life to our family..baba today baba makes me to write this and share with u..please keep updating next happening miracle in ur life…i will get in touch with all sai eagerly waiting for my positive results..keep updating…

  3. Dear Sagarikaji,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy.. Sai baba will bless you with a healthy child. Please post your experience after delivery. Every experience is giving so much of confidance. We just have to hang in there with faith and patience. Even I am trying to conceive and seeking baba's blessings.. I need everyone's wishes and baba's blessings..
    Jai sai Ram

  4. Sometimes i dnt write my feelings via comment…but its true, i feel really amazing whenever i read experiences….lovely sagarika ji….may sai natha bless u always..2nd experience is really good…..OH LORD SAI U ARE HERE….ALWAYS AROUND US, GUIDING US…3RD experience is also good…i too experience such small experiences whenever i need my sai bhagwan….

  5. Jai Sai Ram…happy to read everyone's experience…the second one almost brought tears to my eyes :))…I do love you Baba…a lot more than I am able to show…stay with me always…Jai Sai Ram!

  6. Sai Ram…i m Overwhelmed after going through these experiences.This Blog is now part of my life and really cant end up my day without it.I too had a miscarriage and now when i m planning to conceive Sagrika's and such similar experience gives me strength.I wish baba's blessings for all those who are seeking motherhood…n same wish for me.OM SAI RAM

  7. Congrats Sagrika.Baba ji will surely bless you with a healthy child.
    Really our Baba ji is great.
    I only wish even i attain motherhood soon by Baba ji's grace….i am already nearing 40…so i am doubtful whether i can become a mother with IVF treatment at this age.But i am holding on to Baba's feet strongly and asking him to forgive my sins and bless me and my husband soon with a healthy child.
    On top of this problem my husband is not keen on this IVF Treatment…only i am pushing my self in this direction.Baba ji please make my husband to co-operate with me in this treatment and please give me a healthy child soon which will strengthen our marital bond.

  8. @Anonymous
    Hi Sagarika….. Hearty Congratulations to you….. Baba has blessed you with the precious gift. May baba bless you and your family in abundance and have a healthy child. Please share your story once you deliver a lovely child.
    My journey is also similar in pain and miseries when it comes to having a baby, we have been trying to conceive for almost 8 years with lot of misfortune. I conceived in 2005 naturally but as I had typhoid during the first trimester my doctor advised us for abortion as the chances of having abnormalities would be 95% so we had to terminate with a heavy heart and all of us thought at that time, it was the right thing to do… But see how unfortunate we have been after that …. I was never able to conceive naturally later for 4 years and hence finally went for the fertility doctor,they tried all sorts of medication with no result, I also had a surgery in 2010 with no results, then doc advised us IVF as our last resort. I was not willing to go for such a long process with all the pressure and for me it sounded as though it was very artificial means to go for it. One day I was convinced that we should go for IVF as we almost waited for six months after surgery with medications again with no results and even we are getting older. We did our IVF process in Sep- October 2010 and in November was confirmed positive with pregnancy, but even this time too our fate was such that we came to know in December 2010 that it was Ectopic pregnancy and we had to terminate because its growing somewhere other than uterus, we were again crushed, felt as if our life fell apart again. Just before this I always got message from Baba that " you reap what you sow " several times. I don't know what we have done in our previous lives but we are definitely suffering now. Baba said we can not get away with our karmic sins. I have asked Baba several times why he's not blessing us with a baby? always I got an answer that I need patience and message as " If the mango tree was full of fruits how good it would look" from the Sai Satcharita  ….Baba has been testing us a lot. I did Sai Vrat 2 times as well but baba didn't answer us. He's really testing our faith & patience a lot. I have lost my temper, patience, faith a lot of times and again go back to Baba only for his affection he's the only one I trust and can tell my sorrows to!!!  I know that we have to suffer our karma and only then Baba will bless us. Recently, I was telling Baba to give me assurance that you will bless us and I said if u don't assure me then I will think will never be blessed with baby, the same day I got message on Sai Satcharita and also on one site that he will bless us…. I hope that day comes soon with Baba's blessing and I am sure that day will be very soon because I trust my Baba. Till then may Baba give me patience to hold on there…. May baba bless all of them with abundance.
    I luv u Baba and u luv everyone too….
    Om Sairam.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing such nice experiences..dear second devotee on this post, you are really lucky to see our baba physically..the last comment on this post is so heart touching, dear sai sister if baba assured you that he will bless you..he definitely know right, one devotee in Satcharitra will be suffering from some disease and will ask another devotee to tell baba to spread over next 10 births as he's not able to bear that pain..when baba hears that he says WHY DOES HE NEED TO SUFFER FOR 10 MORE BIRTHS WHEN I'M HERE..
    He said it right,dont worry he will bless you also..just keep hanging on to him..all he needs from us is that.

    Wonderful Experiences.
    Baba I love you.
    Please come to me and give me your darshan Baba.
    Sorry Baba for such a big wish.
    I want your Darshan one more time Baba.

  11. Sagarikaji,baba will surely listen to ur prayers.Dont worry.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Sairama, please bless me for good job with nice package.
    I performed sai vrath to save my present job, but eventhogh i lost this job, i hope baba is testing me, he will give better job than this so only i lost this job i think.

    Baba please give me a good job soon, i dont want to be idle in home. please sairama you know how much i depressed.please forgive my mistakes sayee.

    Give me a good job soon,please sairama!!i am begging you for good job with nice package.please sairama!provide me a nice job and also give me talents sairama.

    You are my only hope i believe you strongly.please help me sairama!!!

    My entire family is upset because of me, i lost my job.
    please atleast make them happy by giving me nice job sairama!!!

  13. Nice Experiences. I had tears in my eyes while reading second experience.
    A comment of Sai sister is very heart touching. May baba Bless you with a healthy child.
    sagarika Ji Baba will listen to you. He blessed you.

    Om Sai Ram

  14. @Anonymous

    Dear All,

    Thank you very much for your comments. I am the one who posted second comment. Let me tell you my heart's wish, I have asked Baba to take me to the time when he was physically alive. I wish to stay in Shirdi of that period I know he can change frame of time. I know that He will grant this to me but he is testing my faith and love for him.

    Belive it that if you love him truly without any selfishness he will come and if you ask him that if you ara baba he will accept it.

  15. Dear Sagarika ji, May you enjoy the special Motherhood and be remain blessed. Dear Sai Devotee having physically Darshan of BABA, you are so lucky and also I would say you are lucky as you can relate this incident to SEE BABA in person.
    Dear Sai devotee from USA, I feel the same way when I see SAIA word on the passing truck that it is my SAI Baba made me see Sai A.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  16. Hi Sai Devotees,
    Some how i was very frustrated with the things happenings around me..I dont know why Baba is not with me, where he was with me Till 6 years back.He used to give me whatever i want.Some how i feel , he has left me.
    The problem i was facing was…I have 6 and half years Son who is very good and blessed with Sai wishes. We have been trying for the second one from last 5 years, but donno what is happening. I was always asking Baba to help me out. And day be day, my son started comparing..why i dont have brothers or sisiters when my friends have.His cute little friends circle have sisters and brothers.We are truying a lot , visited doctors.visted temples. have talked to sai most of the times, expressed my grief, cried a lot in front of him..asking not for me but atleast see my sons face and fulfill his wish.Sai, have read your charitra with full concetration and felt that baba is with me .Though i feel i need to be patience, some how i lose that and feel very depressed. Some times i feel gap is being increased .Please baba, i spoke to you many times, u have listened to me so many times and fulfilled my wishes, but donno y u were angry with me..please baba……I was eagerly waiting for that day..and excuse me for the sins which i have done……

  17. Dear Anon devotee,
    I can relate very well to what u r going thru now. Actually when my daughter was 5 years old from that time I wanted to have another child but my husband never supported me in this. I tried cajoling, threatening, tears etc but he was not moved at all. I saw everyone around me getting pregnant and I fought and cried in front of Baba but somehow nothing happened. I was so desperate that I stopped eating lunch and would give that to crows, cows etc just to pressurise Baba but still nothing . Then we got transferred to another town from where we happened to visit various places like char-dham, Vaishno devi etc. One swami also said I will have a son. Trust me truly after all these years of waiting I was indeed blessed with a son and although my daughter and he have a age gap of 8 years still Baba gave me that happiness. So u too please hold on. He will surely fulfill ur wish.

  18. Dear frustrated Sai Devotee, BABA is ALWAYS with you as HE is with every creation HE has created. We the human beings are gifted to notice HIS presence and Blessings. You may have read in SAI Satcharitra that BABA/ the CREATOR has all the power and HE weaves the pattern of MAYA-JAAL. WE all have to play as per the duties HE assigned to each one of us and pay our dues of PAST KARMAs in this life. We have to do our duties with our 110% devotion with a big smile remembering BABA every moment. Perhaps you may not have such dues to fulfill as bringing up more kids, or may be at a little later age you will have a child and at that time you will play the role as a parent.
    SO keep up your faith and have SABURI. Enjoy each moment with your loving son. Do not pass on your frustration dealing with him with dissatisfaction towards BABA's care towards you. Answer his cute comments about "why not having a sibling" intelligent way to help him enjoy playing with his friends rather than making him feel that he is the only one among his friends who does not have a sibling.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  19. Thanks to both of you ("Dear frustrated and Dear Anon Devotee) for consoling me. I wish this has come from Sai who really helps me.I will be more patience and wait till he bless me with another child.Iam sure he is with me, but sometimes as above i feel like so..This blog is really helping me to share my feelings and get the right words from the Sai devotees, such that i get back to good track.

  20. Dear Frustrated Sai Devotee, Just day before yesterday, I was saved from a major car accident and I surely believe BABA saved me for my family. Though my 4 month old new car is now will have to go to Body shop repairs for a major repair work. Soon you will read that in post here somewhere.
    If you try to SAI's hand in each event in your life, your life would be so peaceful and you will feel BABA's blessings all the time.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  21. Om Sai Ram….
    I am in such a state where all I can do is keep praying to Baba…been Asthmatic for 20 years.. got ectopic pregnancy 5 years back and we have been trying to conceive since last 2 years…on medicinces most of my life.. I feel low and all I can do is pray… please please bless us.. my husband and family are very supportive and we keep the faith going…. I feel I have troubled them enough…
    Baba please bless us… forgive me for any mistakes I may have done.. tears roll down my cheeks … sitting in a corner of the room.. all I know is to pray to Baba… please bless… Om sai ram … om sai ram..

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