Shirdi Sai Baba Took Us Out Of Situational Tangles – Sai Devotee Hemant

Today i am sharing experience of Sai brother Hemant ji.

Sai brother Hemant ji says: Hetal Ji Om Sai Ram,

I have some experiences with Sai Baba and i like to share those with you and other devotees please share this with other devotees in your blog if you deem fit. Thanks.

My experience…

I would like to share one of my experience. We were in great trouble – me, my father my mother. I got cheated in my first and last love affair in 2004 and till today i am alone as she married someone else and she used to love someone else, i was merely a victim of a flirt. But later the conditions became worst for me. Actually we availed home loan of Rs. 2,50,000 in 1999 and due to some reasons we were unable to repay that. And again in 2003 my father availed a commercial loan of Rs. 10,00,000 from a bank. But later with time, we were unable to repay that too. At the same time my father was running an NGO in which he was arrested in a false case, it was alleged that he had taken Rs. 14,00,000 of other persons and used the same for his own use. But it was not the truth.

He got arrested for that false case and he was in jail for 5 months. At the same time the first bank filed a case against us to get the possession of our house and most embarrassingly the second bank filed a case for recovery of Rs. 21,00,000 on us while my father was in jail. At that time i was just a student, i had no job nor any earnings. The first bank filed a case for the recovery of Rs. 3,60,000 and asked for the possession of our house in the court of district magistrate. While the second bank also wanted the possession of the same house, because my father had mortgaged the same property to avail the loan and i was the owner of that property. So it brought multiple problems to us. Because the first bank also filed a complaint case against my mother as she had issued cheques to repay the installments. And the most dangerous probability was that neither banks didn’t know the fact that my father had mortgaged the same property there, if they had come to know it may have resulted in a disaster. Because i was the owner of that property and the banks could have filed an FIR against me for mortgaging the same property to them u/s 420 IPC.

There were only 2 persons at my home me and my mother, we both were innocents and didn’t participated in any work of my father. But we were going to be the victim of that. I and my mom asked many people for help but no one helped us. We used to cry at nights for help, because we were unable to arrange such large sum as i was a student only and my mom was a housewife. It was like a nervous breakdown for me, because i was going to be prosecuted in an non bailable offense for such a large amount. And if it had happened i had to pass my life into the jail. So i was highly depressed. All the day i used to think how to come out from this. As the dead line to pay Rs. 3,60,000 was coming near i was getting nervous. I developed my mentality that i am not going to get away from it and i and my mom planned to commit suicide if we fail to repay those amounts. It was better for us to die instead of getting prosecuted for the crime which we had not done. And it was better for me to die as i was a Devdas who got cheated in his very first and last love affair.

At that time i saw Sai Baba on a tv serial. And i prayed and wept to him for help, and i asked questions about our problem to him through his questions and answers book. He answered positively and the answer was “Two persons will come to help you don’t worry”.

And after a week my Jeejaji and sister arrived, they arranged Rs. 3,60,000 and gave to the first bank. As a result of this the first bank took back the cheque bounce case and case for possession of my house. So the danger of my and my mom’s prosecution was now over. But there was still the other bank’s case pending. I cried for help to Baba. And the most surprisingly the DRT (debt recovery tribunal) where the claim of Rs. 21,00,000 was trialed stopped working for 3 months due to some ‘Hadtaals’ and ‘Pradarshans’. I was amazed seeing this. But it was not the end of our problems, my father who was innocent and 64 years old was in the jail, he had severe Hernia but due to lack of money he didnt get operated, was now suffering greatly in the jail. His bail application was rejected in both trial court and sessions court. I filed a bail petition in the high court. And we didn’t have money for his operation so i prayed to Baba to get my father operated in the jail before the hearing of his bail petition. And i asked question through that book and answer was “Do not worry you work will be completed”. And strangely the same day he was being operated in the govt. hospital through jail, his bail petition was allowed. Me and my mom got extremely happy on hearing that my father’s operation was a success and his bail petition is allowed on the same day. After a week we got him released on bail and he was alright. Later we compromised with the second bank to pay Rs. 10,50,000 and the second bank agreed as it had cheated us by sanctioning the govt. scheme loan in wrong pattern due to which our loan failed. Now only one problem remains that criminal case against my father but he is innocent and i trust Sai Nath so i know well outcome of this problem too through Sai’s grace. And about my love problem i know that SaiNath will do his best for me. In those 5 months i suffered like hell but only and only due to Sai Baba’s grace i got relaxed. Even now tears are in my eyes as i am narrating our story. Now i see him as a saviour of his devotees. He asks only 2 things “Shradhha aur Saburi”. I bow to the great master Shree Sai Nath.

Thank You Hetal ji 🙂

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  1. It was really heart-touching to read this.

    I 've prayed sincerely to baba to solve all your problems soon n give you strength to go through all this.

    Sai bless you n your family!:)

  2. Very very touching my dear boy. I am sure you are baba's beloved child and he will take care of you and your family… fear not my dear he is there taking care of his children.

    I pray all your issues are solved and you fins a lovely woman worthy of you.

  3. May Sai Baba always be with you…our "Bhola Bhandari.. Shri Sai" is very kind and think yourself very luck that he has come in your life to help you out of every problem you have…May Baba bless you always Jai Sai Ram!

  4. Dear Friend,

    How lucky you have been…to be blessed by him in so many ways.I hope and pray that you get solutions to all your troubles.May baba bless us forever like this.

  5. Do not worry,you are getting the blessings of Baba, during your tough time of your life in this young age of yours.Do not leave your faith in Baba during any of your sad or happy circumstances. No one is great than HIM, that means no problem is greater than HIM.This is the testing time of yours, keep unwavering faith and get through.
    Regarding your lost love, do not bother about your ladylove who left you and married another guy, may be some strong circumstances forced her so. Better forget her,as she is a wife of somebody. Always remember marriages are made in heaven. So Baba has some other girl for you as your life partner, so do not brood over your past love.

    Have patience and wait for Baba's decision which is unfathomable.

    I pray Baba to help you in all your endeavours.

  6. Hi Hemant G,
    I do not have words after reading your experince and it is true that Baba is our Saviour and ask only sharddha & Saburi from us.
    I am sure that baba will keep continuing showering his grace upon your family & soon criminal case against your father will be taken back.

    May Baba bless you always.

    Jai Sai Nath

  7. OM SAI RAM,

    Let's pray baba to give you strength and HIS kindness to get rid off from this tough time.

    Dunia mei kitna gam hai, lekin mera gum kitna kam hai.

    – OM SAI RAM.

  8. I acn say only one thing in response to this story that Sai Nath is always with his devotees, to help them achieve what they desire and end their problems. when anyone does not know what to do and where to go, just surrender yourself to the Great Sai Nath and Sai will take care of the rest for you….

    Jai Sai Nath

  9. Very nice experiences…..thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

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