A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 37

Dear Sai Readers, i am sharing few experiences in today’s post.

My Experience

Godz kid says: Hello Hetal Ji, I’ve been reading your blog for long now. I am an avid reader of Sai Baba literature and am a regular reader of your blog. I want to wish you the very best of everything, for you give hope to people when they need it the most. I am sharing my experience.

I am writing this today but should have done this long ago. Sitting here when I write this, I am a healed soul all because of Baba’s grace. Had he not come into my life, my life would have been wretched as it was going few years back.

Whatever I remember of my past, I would say I have 95% of bad memories. Its true that one’s life is good or bad totally depending on the people around. And I have been unfortunate in having people around me who have just humiliated me. From the time I remember my life has started I have been facing humiliation, mockery and disrespect by people around me. Today when I have seen a lot and learned a lot I realize that those people are not so evolved and still have a lot to learn in life. But before I got this realization the damage had been done.

Due to the unfavourable circumstances I was put into every moment, my confidence was completely shattered. On top of it, I was completely devastated when the person who let me believe that he loved me and was their to support me, he too started avoiding me and just changed. Things at home were also very bad. The whole atmosphere around me was full of gloom. But I just kept moving on. I don’t know how but I think I had some unseen support which I never realized. That support I today call as God. It was only god who just took me through that time. Years passed by but my condition didn’t change. Then I got to know about Baba. The whole definition of God changed for me. I realized that there is a higher power that would help me unconditionally. That would not deceive me like people around me have done. I prayed heavily to Baba. I prayed and prayed. I prayed till my saturation.

When suddenly one day I got the news that my workplace has shifted. I never realized that this was going to be the end of all the torture. But gradually, I started getting out of the bad atmosphere. New people around me were co operative, kind and very understanding. I am at peace now. Smiling under Baba’s glory. All that I am today, I am because of him. I have a good position, high compensation and respect. All due to Baba. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I would say all these years that have been tough for me, I have learned a lot. I have learned small things that I would have never thought of, had I not been put into such circumstances. I take special care now not to speak any word that might hurt anyone. I take care that I don’t disrespect anyone knowingly or unknowingly. I want to be good to everyone around me. Even though I am at a high position, I take special care not to feel proud of it. I don’t think anyone is lower to me. I owe all this to Baba. He is controlling my life. I thank him for giving me all this that I never thought I would get. I am full of gratitude for him. He is everything to me.

Sai Baba’s protection

Sai sister Meera ji says: Dear Hetal ji, I remember an incident happened long time back. At that time I did not know anything about BABA’s leela or protection to HIS special children. I did not go to my parents home for my first delivery. My husband insisted that I can go to my parents home after the delivery but not for the delivery.

After the delivery, say about after 15 days this event happened. My husband was sleeping in the adjoining room where I was with my new born son. Suddenly at midnight he pushed the doors open of my room and I woke up, startled by hearing that thud noise. He asked, if everything is ok? I was surprised, what might can go wrong? why is he asking such a question at midnight?

My son was kept on “maanchi” (a small baby cot, mini replica of our Khaatalo”). To my surprise, I could not see my son from the angle where I can see him while still sleeping in my bed. What I noticed was he had moved down up to his waist, his head was where his body should be and his legs were dangling from that Maanchi. A few minutes delay and he would have been on the floor!

Could you believe a baby of 15 days old can make movement like this? My husband said he woke up with a dream where he saw my son tumbling down the hill and so he came to check up.

Now reading so many experiences of devotees and even myself experiencing such protections from Almighty BABA, I realize that BABA had taken care of my and my son ALWAYS!

Also almost similar thing happened with my younger son. But this was little different.

On his 5th birthday we went to Vihar lake (Andheri) to have a picnic party as a celebration of his birthday. When we reached there, several people were running up and down from the slope of that park while regular footsteps also could be used. Since we were there for fun we also thought of running down the slope. My 3 sisters, my elder son age 8, my husband and myself. Naturally, the younger son was little scared to walk down on the stony slope, my husband carried him and we all started at the same time sort of running a race. We all reached down safely except my husband lost his balance perhaps he stepped on a round stone. He tried to keep his balance holding my son in his arms at the same time, we saw both of them tumbling down. Both were bruised heavily and my husband got a big wound on his elbow but my son was miraculously protected from a dangerous head injury.

With this type of falling down the slope a major accident could have occurred. BABA saved both, my husband and my son.

Pranaams BABA.


Sai Baba’s Experiences

Sai sister Kiran ji from Beliz says: Om Sai Ram !!

Om Sai Ram Hetal ji, Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service to everyone. This is really a great website. By Sai Baba’s grace, I regularly visit this website. All the experiences are very heart touching and shows us the different ways how Baba help all His devotees. May Sai bless you for this great work !!

Sai Baba has always been showering his blessings on all of us. I want to share one of my experiences with all Sai devotees. I had promised Baba to share this experience but I am very sorry for this delay in doing so. Please forgive me Baba.

By Sai Baba’s grace, I got a very high administrative position. We all were happy for this achievement. Slowly some old and political matters started to arise. I thought to resign from that job. But I continued as per Sai’s will. I got charged for 22 counts of uttering a false document. And that too for the period, even before I had started to work. Me and my family were shocked to hear that. Those charges had nothing to do with me. But my position being a very high position and closely related to politics, I had to face those charges. I couldn’t believe that I can be ever charged criminally. The day when I was charged was Thursday. I said to Sai Baba please help me, it is your day and I am getting charged. But Sai Baba always say to have Shradha and Saburi. That’s what we also had.

After few months, I resigned from that job. Then we had to appear in the court. In court, every time it was adjourned. One whole year spent like this. Then on Oct 13th, 2010 we had the hearing. While going to the court, I asked Sai Baba to please finish my case today only. There were three more persons who were charged with me. On that day hearing was set for 3 persons. The magistrate adjourned the case for both of them on some future dates. Then it was my turn. My attorney started to discuss my case. Then the opposite prosecutor had to respond. He could not respond and he asked for more time. The case was adjourned till after noon. In afternoon, he responded by saying that he only had one thing to say. After he finished saying that, the Magistrate said this is not uttering a false document. Then she looked at me and said you are discharged. I was surprised and happy. I couldn’t believe on my ears. Again she said you are discharged. And by Sai Baba’s grace my case finished without any problems. Although it took so! me time but we have to always remember “Shradha and Saburi”. Finally with Sai Baba’s blessings everything became alright.

I don’t have enough words to thank Sai Baba for his greatness. Sai Baba please keep blessing all Sai devotees as always.

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  1. Dear Meeraji, its wonderful to notice that your faith in Baba has never wavered in all these years. It is very heart warming to note that Baba first protected your sons and then their children…

    Thanks sharing your experiences on this blog.


  2. @AnonymousDear J,
    Sai Ram, Sorry I had not read your response and suddenly I am just browsing for other devotees experiences and comments from other readers I read your reply. Yes, that's true, my faith goes deeper and deeper as BABA takes care of my troubles even before my asking his help. Many a times I sense that SPECIAL HELPING HAND after the trouble is over.
    Every day, every moment is filled with his mercy in my life.
    Jai Sai Ram.
    Meera, Sierra Vista, AZ

  3. om sai ram. My name is Rachna and i am totally dependent on my baba for all my problems.I always have sai baba to protect me from all the problems i face. A few months back i was very disturbed by the office politics and also due to my mother's health. Things were just all against me. I had no good thing happening in my life. People in office were playing politics against me, my mother's health was detoriating, someone from political background was annoying me and i had no hope of things getting in my favour. Some office people had made my life miserable. i decided to leave the job. One day i was on my way to some office work and found a sai mandir on my way. i went inside and found that afternoon aarti was being performed. I was very depressed that day and asked baba to relieve me from all the tensions. I asked him to do that which is best for me and my future. To my shock, when i went back to my office that evening, i found a change in people's attitude towards me. And 2 days later my mother's report for cancer detection came and it was also in our favour. My baba helped me and my family. he is always there for us. I love you a baba. Always keep kripa on my family and all the people in the world. OM SAI RAM……..

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