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Herewith i am sharing experience of Sai sister Disha ji from India.

Sai sister Disha ji says: I have been reading articles in this blog from a long time. I came across an article which described an experience so similar to me and it is coincidence that I read this at the same time when I needed to know if Baba is there for me. I was inspired to share my unforgettable experience with our beloved BABA.

Last year, it had been an unimaginable agony year. It began with setbacks like betrayal from some near ones, leading to isolation, followed by my father’s heart attack and other family issues. It was impossible for me to concentrate on my academics as I was almost into depression and couldn’t feel peaceful and contented with anything at any hour of the day.

It was when I started worshiping Sai as I had heard a lot about Him. I visited Shirdi in quest of PEACE. When I returned, I resumed with my study but because of persistence of distractions and negative thoughts, my concentration level continued to remain low. Also, at the time when I was in Shirdi, my elder brother had met with a major accident which I was told about by my family when I returned. Soon he recovered and one day when we were chatting, he told me that the accident was a very major one and only a few seconds decided his fate and I winked, smiled and said, “How could have anything happened to you, when I was at Baba’s place itself” and he smiled back and agreed.

Few days passed and dad’s heart problem was getting the better. We tried our best not to discuss any problem or any stress related issue in front of him and keep him happy so that he can regain his will and recover soon. But I was getting weak at mind because situations are adding fuel to my depression and I became sunken at face. I lost 50% of my hair due to stress and became insomniac and my concentration power was being even weaker and leading me to resort to tranquilizers.

Amidst of all this, I kept on talking enthusiastically about Baba to bhaiya (brother) and make him hear Baba’s “Gyara Vachan” (Eleven Quotes), aartis and other bhajans and consequently he once wished to visit “SAI TEMPLE” with us on a Thursday. I was more than pleased to take him along and we visited Baba Temple on the same day. During aarti he kept his eyes closed and was smiling and dancing to the tune of the aarti. This made me laugh because he looked funny doing that in the crowd. He then changed his ringtone to “Sai Mantra” and his inclination increased towards Baba even more. Bhaiya (brother) started spending more time with us whenever he got time from office and I used to love being there with him.

Meanwhile, I kept suffering in silence from depression, which I was embarrassed to discuss with my family or anyone and dad’s heart ailment stopped me from even thinking to bring up the issue. My only hope was SAI and I continued praying to Him.

Just one month before my major entrance exams, On Thursday my father entered home from work with a grief-stricken face and started crying uncontrollably. Mom and I became scared to death. I was thinking that what’s next now. After asking dad many times, He regained strength and told that, “Bhaiya chala gaya”(brother died). We paralysed for few minutes. I struggled to speak and asked how. I was told that he met with a major accident and died on spot. I couldn’t believe what I was just told. I called my uncle, who was in the same hospital where my brother was admitted and declared dead, and asked him to check again that it can’t be true. But he confirmed that bhaiya (brother) had expired.

It was Thursday and his body was to be relieved on Friday morning after post-mortem. On that unbearable Thursday night, I decided to stop worshipping Baba and started looking at him with disgust and hatred. After bhaiya’s (brother’s) funeral proceeding, the next one month was passed with great difficulty and then suddenly I came across an article from Mrs. Veena who talked about the demise of her son and how during last days her son started worshipping Baba and started spending more time with his family, and almost escaped death once. She too had stopped believing in Baba until Baba came in her dream. It was when I started to join lines and realised bhaiya’s (brother’s) fate was pre-decided, but Baba extended his life by saving him from the previous accident and we could enjoy his last few days together. Bhaiya’s (brother’s) sudden devotion to Sai meant that he will be taken care of by Baba and He’s there with Him in peace. My tears kept rolling down on my cheeks and I apologised and resumed my belief in my Sadguru.

Now, my father has recovered tremendously and has overcome grief to a great extent and beyond our expectations. I have successfully managed to take admission in one of the reputed college. Although, my mind turns to negativity even now, but things are far better than before and I immensely believe that it will be all good and new with passage of time.

My heartiest thanks and devotion to Baba who made it possible for me to sail through these times.

Baba, I am nothing without your support and guidance. Please be there always.


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  1. Wonderful experience! Makes tears come to the eyes. My dear, I really appreciate the fact that you came back to Baba. Many people would blame him and never look back but you suffered your grief and returned to him… He is always with you taking care of you…

  2. Dear friend…

    Sai Baba is always with us.. nothing can happen without his command, we should accept the situations what ever he puts. Dont be with negative thoughts.. baba is inside you, just do meditations u will find peace with baba, take care!! he loves u unconditionally…

  3. We always think we are having troubles and grief…but we never think about pain of others..Even people around the world is suffering a lot then we do suffer…

  4. Thank you Baba. For every thing . Your invisible support meant the world during all times. We recognize the bigger picture always at a later stage. Please bless us so we culminate this journey with the real purpose well-served in the shortest span of time possible .

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