A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 36

Today i am sharing few brief experiences.

Shirdi Sai Baba Saved And Is Saving My Entire Family

Sai brother Pavan ji says: Hi Hetal, Please publish the below post, which describes my experience with SRI SHIRDI SAI BABA.

Dear Friends,

I have so many good experiences with shirdi sai baba. I feel he is
always with me. Whenever i need a suggession/decision, i ask baba and follow his words. That is how i am doing my journey success as of now, under the BABA umbrella, at the holy feet of SRI SHIRDI SAI BABA.

First Experience:- I have completed my education (PG) and searching for a job at the same time my father health was not good. That time, i went to shirdi for the first time, and i prayed for my father’s health and for my job. Before visiting shirdi, i have completed the book “sai leelamrutham” 3 times. In shirdi also i have read that book one more time. I stayed for 2 days and i came back to my home. By the time i came back to my home, my father got cured and he become perfect. I was really shocked to see him. This is the first miracle of baba in my life. After 3 months i got job in Famous IT company and still working. Even in recession period also my job was safe, because its given by baba. So i have given my first salary completely in shirdi as dakshina. Now my father got retired from his services and my job is the only one source which is helping my family in all the ways. I feel Just saying THANKS to baba is not at all enough. What else we can do for him. THANKS A LOT BABA. Meeru leka memu lemu.

Second Experience:- Recently, My mother health condition had become very serious and she went into unconscious. All my family members were crying and in sad mood and almost we lost hope. I had applied for leave and started immediately to my home. At airport, i prayed baba with tears, BABA please save my mother, You are the only one hope, who can save my mother, Births and Deaths are in your hands. You are the owner of this world and every thing in this world is yours. You can do any thing. You are master. Please save my mother. I also prayed, if my mother health becomes ok, i will bring my mother to shirdi and i will also submit dakshina.

We have admitted my mother in chennai hospital. They started treatment immediately and they did couple of medical tests and they said, there was a problem in kidney. We got scared and worried about Financial Situations. I am still doing BABA nama smarana in my heart and prayed to BABA saying that, BABA, we are just a middle class family, we dont have much money, you are the only one hope for us, please save my mother. After a week, doctors told, its a minor problem and have suggested some medicines for cure. After 2 weeks, they have discharged my mother and we reached my home. This is the second biggest baba miracle in my life. THANKS A LOT BABA. Meeru leka memu lemu.


Not only the above 2 incidents, there are so many miracles, BABA did in my life and still continues…, These pages are not simply enough to share my experiences with BABA. I just wanted to share all my experiences with you all.


Sai Baba Saved My Life

Sai brother Abhay ji says: Respected hetal ji, i am abhay gokhale from bhopal. Myself and my family members are totally surrendered to saibaba. I am devotee of shrisaibaba since 1980, when i visited shirdi. Since then, i continuously visited shirdi and after my marriage. I first visited shirdi with my wife and when i got my daughter sanskruti, since then, we all used to go shirdi continuously.

In the year 2007, myself, my wife, my daughter, my father-in-law and mother-in-law went to shirdi. First day, we all went to samadhi mandir and had a nice darshan of saibaba. Then, we went to shanishignaapur and returned to shirdi in the late evening. After having dinner, my in-laws went to their room for taking rest and we to ours. In the midnight, my father in law knocked my room & said that he had a problem and not having urine passed. Actually, he was having such problem since 2 years and every 6 months, he had to undergo a surgery. I was very tensed and i asked the hotel manager for the medical aid. He told me it is possible only in the morning in the sai sansthan’s hospital in front of bus stand. We all heavily passed the time and at 5:30 am, we took my father in law to hospital. At that time, there was no doctor who could operate and fix a cathedral to him. He was facing too much pain because he couldn’t pass urine. At 8 am, doctor came and used dialtration process. But unfortunately, it didn’t work and my father in law got heavy bleeding. Doctor told me to take him to Ahmednagar or Pune because due to heavy bleeding, his position was critical. In the outside of hospital room, myself and my wife were sitting and both of us were crying. In the meantime, one tall fakir came, wearing torn clothes and a garland of worn out flowers and used up bottles around his neck. he stood in front of us and said “Don’t worry! everything will be okay within 2 days”. At the same time, security person of hospital came and asked him to go away. We both saw him & when he went we just followed him but we saw him going far away. The security person told us that i don’t know why he came inside the hospital and passed through here even though there was a different way for going that side. Immediately, we both thought that saibaba came here for our help and immediately, i decided to go to pune. After hiring a taxi, we all reached pune within 4 hours and after reaching hospital, doctor attached him with a cathedral and all the stored urine passed out and my father in law was feeling quite better. Next day, doctor operated him and everything was under control within 2 days. Its all due to blessings of sai baba who came to hospital and told us not to worry, everything will be okay within 2 days. OM SHRI SAIRAM. SAI BABA IS WITH US EVERYTIME AND HE IS SHOWERING HIS BLESSINGS AND KINDNESS ON ALL OF US EVERY MOMENT.



Sai Miracle – His Grace and Blessings – 1

Sai brother Pankaj ji from UAE says: We are devotees of Satguru Shree Sai and feel his presence every moment in our life. We have countless experiences to share and was looking for the right place and time to share Sai experiences. I herewith start with one of my experience.

One Thursday while watching Sai Leela on You Tube where a garland on Baba’s picture grew manifold, a thought crossed my mind why this doesn’t happen with us. May be they are more devoted towards Baba.

Next morning we had gone to visit the Temple and bought a jasmine garland and placed it on Baba’s picture. The night passed by and in the morning we saw that garland had fallen from the frame and when we put it back i was surprised to see that the garland had grown longer, it kept on growing and grew to more than 50’feet. We thanked Baba’s for his grace and love. He showed his presence and blessings. We shared this news with all our friends and they came over to see his miracle and seek his blessings.

Till today every time we offer garland to Baba it grows four to five times we present it to Sai Devotees.

We have many more miracles to share with all Sai Devotees and shall share them gradually.

Om Sai Ram.


(The garland is kept at a Sai Temple in Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh for Sai Devotees Darshan).

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Hetal Patil
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  1. wow amazing!! I am waiting for a miracle to happen in my life too..please dear baba make it happen soon make me feel worth of your blessings

  2. Dear Pankaj ji:

    Your experience is wonderful..One request Pankaj ji – If possible, please place the pics of the Garland in this site..May be few friends could make out to reach your home and had that special darshan..But for us, if you can share it here( Only if plausible), we feel that we are blessed too..

  3. pls sai devotees pray for my friend tosha who is been missing from 3 days…as baba has never answered my prayers i pray you to pray for my friend ..thankyou sai ram

  4. Sai Maa…you know i gave my 12th board examz…please baba..mera result bhot achaa ho so that i get admitted to a very good n reputed college. Bhot ache marks ho baba sabme so that my mum is actually proud of me. you have always helped me. Help me this time even Baba. I have unshakable faith in you. JAI SAI RAM. LOVE YOU SAI MAA. <3

  5. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  6. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

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