A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 14

In today’s post also i am sharing few brief experiences.

Our Thanks To Baba

Anonymous devotee says: You all are doing a wonderful job in spreading BABAji’s love and making all our faith in our beloved SAI strong. Keep up the good work and we all pray let SAI help you in all ways.

I am posting my experience or miracle of our beloved SAI. I request you to please post these experiences with corrections where ever you feel appropriate. Thank you and let SAI always bless all. Please do not put my name.


Dear Sai Brothers/ Sisters,

I had prayed to BABA, when we as a family were going through very very bad times in business, where we were going to loose our houses, cars and what all we had made and earned in last 20 years. We had no support from any bank, as USA is still going through very sever recession.

I have my old mother, son, daughter in law, daughter and a grand child. The Bank from where we had taken the loan was closing every thing of ours, I only had the recourse of BABA, so was praying to HIM to somehow save us at least do something where even if we loose our business premise, at least not loose our houses, was reading SAI SATCHARITRA daily, and in between I just had this FAITH that BABA will do something, what, do not know but we will be saved and kept telling my kids, as HE had made my heart very calm.

So of course HE did save us, from somewhere 2-3 persons came and why have no idea, but one of the person knew my daughter, when my daughter told him as to what all was happening in our lives and business. He told her that he will talk to his friends, and just relax, he brought his two friends to invest in the new company and start the work in as a new beginning.

I cannot say that we are out of the woods, but we are on the path of coming out of the problems, one by one.
Will write more in near future BABA WILLING, as we keep on going forward will keep all of you posted.

Sai Baba Always Listen To Us

Sai sister Niiruu ji says: Namaskar hetal ji, please take our sincere namaskar to you and your family as well, this is a very nice blog wherein all our Sai devotees can share their joys, sorrows and how Baba helped us in adversaries or dis-beliefs even and eventually we develop strong belief in Baba.

Yes, there have been experiences till now, but one of the most startling is since the time i have started doing 50 days shraddha and saburi pooja every morning and every evening religiously. It is written that we should always keep some water in front of Sai Baba, as water has got lot of healing powers, so i am keeping since day 1 without any expectation in my mind or heart. So after some days of keeping water regularly i asked one day to Baba, please have water from my vessel, why you not having Baba, without looking at the vessel i kept on asking him each day, i used to think that may be i am not that capable, so i kept on praying to baba, please have water, but he said once to me, that i am having each day, i am testing Your Bhakti, i was wonder struck in my heart, till now i am not able to believe this, this is a miracle for me and if Baba only wants then only things can happen, otherwise they wont happen, may all Sai bhaktas be happy in their lives and experience Baba’s miracles each day. Bolo Sai Baba ki Jai

Reading Sai Satcharita works wonders!!!

K. Koppal ji from India says: This is my true life experience. Reading Sai Sacharita works wonders. No doubt! I was jobless for the last one year. (I had an executive job in middle east). Only recently (last month) while surfing internet I came across with this blog – “Devotee experience with Saibaba”. The devotees experiences there inspired me to search for Sai Satcharita. I found an online site of sai sacharita. For one week or so I could not start it. Later one day I began reading it automatically. Believe it or not i completed exactly on the 7th day, without my keeping any track of days. Nothing happened. Again I started reading. After reading thrice I learned so many things, the foremost one is that HE IS THE DOER OF ALL THINGS AND NOT WE. Hence I thanked him that AT LEAST I GOT THIS KNOWLEDGE. Then a week ago I left everything to him and told my self that let Saibaba do whatever he wants. Lo! the miracle happened !! Next day I received a call from my ex-boss to join him urgently AND NOW I AM BACK IN MY JOB. Thereafter I am reading Sai Satcharita every day. Now I understand what Baba wants from us. It is not money nor any rituals, but SHRADDHA (DEEP FAITH) on him and to know for real that HE IS THE DOER AND GIVER OF EVERYTHING, NOT ANY OF US. Yes it is true!. Let us have SABOORI (PATIENCE). Let everybody know this truth. Let Sai bless us all. Let us not forget to read Sai Satcharita come what may!!! Jai Shirdi Sai.!!!

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Hetal Patil
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  1. dear all sai devottes,

    i would like to share my experience with you,,actually i was facing bad time from january 2010 in my love life.i used to cry soo much in front of baba to solve my problem and give me my love back ,,very recently baba blessed me and helped me to solve my problem..the person whom i love soo much understood me and now we both are very happy together,,i strongly believe all this is because of baba..

    keep praying baba..have total faith in him..have patience and wait untill u get what u want..
    i am sure u ll definitely fulfill all ur wishes by praying and believing our god baba..

    om sai ram

  2. now my love is facing tough time to get good job..i am sure very soon baba will bless him with a very good job and make me happy:)

    i will be back to share that experience..


    This words are very calm, beautiful and full of faith. As such there are number of experience of baba's wonder but sharing only one which had happened with us.

    My self Pankaj Mishra is a part of the Sai's community Gwalior(India). we are in the practice of performing yearly Shirdi Yatra to first 100 to 150 sai devotee. whereas we take care of all responsibility right from Gwalior Station to Shirdi and vicevrsa.

    In the year of 2006-2007 while performing yatra A old lady was with us to have a darshan of sai. she had a Leg pain hence was not in the condition to stand in the line. suddenly A Baby boy came across to her claiming himself as he has a good contact with guard on VIP gate and took her to there without our knowledge. He just show the way to old lady and vanish from there. the moment she entered in the hall she noted that the BOY who took her there was none other SAI BABA only because…….

    1) How could that baby boy knows she has a leg pain?
    2) How just a small boy took her on VIP gate inspite of onduty guard?

    This is very true story experienced by me only. I request to all my friends to have a true faith on baba. there may be delay on fulfilling your desire but surly will happen.

    Sai Bhakat,
    Pankaj Mishra

  4. jai SAI RAM.

    I am so moved with above love story. Its seems like my present. God bless you both.

    I am praying that she[my love] too understand my feeling my love for her. i know from bottom of my heart and depth of my soul that she is the one, the soul-mate but why she don't understand…
    i cant stand this pain anymore it really hurts, life seems nothing. i am praying to SAI BABA to give my love… please pray for me as who knows BABA may with you this time and bless me for your prayer.


  5. Baba naku kuda bharath kavali baba. .i miss him. .baba,nanu em cheyamanna chestanu.but,bharath ni matram dooram cheyaku.
    Baba,i want to go back to my college life,but.epudu naku bharath gurtostadu.
    M sorry baba.na tappulni kshaminchu.naku bharath prema kavali.pls baba,bharath ki chepu,inkepudu bharathni visiginchanu.
    Please baba,send him back to my life.i love him baba.

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