A Couple Of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 13

Herewith i am again sharing three more small incidences of Sai Baba’s grace on His devotees.

Sai Blessed Me And Fulfilled My Marriage wish

Sai sister Sangi ji from United States says: I am here to share one of my experiences with Sai baba. How my marriage happened by over coming so many hurdles.

My marriage with my boy frind was in a great hurdle. Initially his parents didn’t agree. Then he didnt like me and he wanted to leave me as his parents and sister were screwing him up. But i really loved him which made me to bear any kind of pain. But all i believed was Sai. I always prayed him and trusted him. Last year October my marraige happened. But now again my husband want to leave me, he hates me a lot. I too fought with him. Again I am trusting Sai that this fight should be over soon. I cant live without my husband. I am praying Sai to forgive my mistakes and make my husband to love me and trust me. I am sure in my next experience i’ll write how Sai made my husband to stay with me. I always live with his hope that he will save me. Anyone who truly trust Sai will come out of their pains. Om Sri Sai Namo Namaha …

Baba’s Answer To My Agony

Sai sister Neeru ji from India says: I am Neeru and deep devotee of Baba, everything in my life is because of him … I love him…

Dear Friends, I wish to narrate one experience of mine to you though there are many. Even After 4 years of my marriage I was not able to conceive but one day I had a feeling that I conceived so I went to a Sai Baba temple SAI KA ANGAN in Gurgaon. I asked Baba with tears in my eyes. Baba I am tired of going for the pregnancy test and this time I have a strong feeling that I am Pregnant please help and let me know by any hint here in the temple that my intuition is correct. I waited for all most an hour but no hint came from Baba, my heart was filled with sorrow I though that my intuition is not right then while leaving from temple I heard One person (shopkeeper in side the temple) called me from back. How are you Didi.. I have come from Shirdi and have some Prasad. You can take it from me. It was a biggest indication that Baba has heard my prayer and answered my agony. I went home and on next day morning which was a Thursday I performed the Pregnancy test and it was Positive. Today I have a wonderful 15 months old Daughter!!!!! All by grace of Baba. I love you so much Baba that it is not possible to express in words. I see my mother and father in you. Thanks for everything Baba.

Sai Baba Saved My Son From Big Injury:

Sai sister Saimanjula ji from India says: I am saimanjula working lady and i would like to share my experience with Baba sri sai samarth rajadiraj yogiraj parabramh sri sachidananda sadguru sainath maharaj.

Om sairam please bless our country, bless our people, bless our universe baba i am very much glad to be your daughter. Om sairam

Dear Saidevotee,

Two months ago i left home in the morning and reached office. Exactly at 10 am i received call from my daughter. Suddenly i received a news about my son that he has fell from the upstairs of the second floor building that with cloth tied to his eyes. While playing with other children he fell but nothing has happened to him. Nobody knew that he has not injured. Everybody thinking that he has injured a lot. He was admitted to the nursing home. Doctor had admitted him to ICU emergency. He has injected for pain and given drips. Doctor had prescribed to take x-ray, scanning everything done. After that doctor said boy is lucky he is alright nothing has happened to him not to worry. But this miracle is only because of sairam’s blessings with our family. He has saved from his death and calamities. Om Sairam. Bow to sri sairam peace to be all om sai ram omsairam omsairam omsaisrisai jaijai sai. shirdinatha sairam dwarakamai sairam radheshyama sairma dattathreya sairam shiradisai sharanu sai.

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  1. Jai Sai Ram sangi ji,

    I was moved by reading ur experience.I would like to help u by reminding baba words
    "when some one hurts u,stay calm and chant baba name i will care of the rest"

    I think this will help u.Instead of fighting back with ur husband.staying calm may surely help u recover ur love life

  2. om sai nath jai sai nath

    i'm mahesh..here i am to narrate my small and latest leelas of baba that i experienced..me and my parents were going to baba's temple on thursday…during those times,i had heavy sound allergy problem that is whenevr i used to hear musics or sounds with heavy volume,i get a feeling of something running inside my head,i was irritated by tat thing…but wen i went to baba's temple on that thursday,i was feared of that sound that used to come when playing aarti in that temple so i thought of sitting outside the temple til tat aarti ends…but i wanted to hear it…wen aarti started,i was feeling no disturbances ,i was not at all disturbed by that aarti sounds from that speaker i was very normal…to the magic,i was standing below the speakers but i was not getting disturbed by it…i got emotional tat time and i thanked baba for showing his blessings on me….not only in this incident,i experienced HIS presence but also many other times…

    luv u BABAplz be with me and our family and help us..

  3. Om Sai Ram…. Baba please protect my husband and children. Baba grant them good health, happiness and prosperity. Baba there are so many things lined up workwise for me I do not knopw how to execute them. I need good hands to support me baba. No matter what it bounces back to me. Please help me do my daily work baba. Baba my elder one hope he is in the right direction. Please guard him on the right path and give him wisdom baba. My younger one pls give him directiom to get into a college of his choice. Baba please protect my husband and help him execute his dream projects help him get the desired business.

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