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Sharing in today’s post, experience of Sai brother Rohit ji.

Hello Hetalji. I always read the devotees experiences on your site, this time am writing my own experience.

Hi, am Rohit from bidar, Karnataka. I am a great devotee of BABA. I daily read sai satcharitra, without reading satcharitra I feel something missing in life i-e. i feel like am away from BABA. But as soon as I read a chapter i feel like am present in Shirdi & incidents depicted in sai satcharitra are happening in front of me. So this is the power of sai satcharitra which makes us interact with BABA.

Since I started reading Sai satcharitra, many things around me have changed. I would like to share my engineering experience here, I was in 3rd year of enggineering i had my exams in the month of June. Since it was the past summer time, the power cut was more & more. We rarely had the power at night. I was very much troubled by this power problem. I studied in candle light for all exams. The preparation was not satisfactory to me. But somehow by chanting BABA’S name attempted all the exams. For all the exams, when I first entered the exam hall, I got the answer booklet & at first I prayed to BABA, wrote his name in the rough column of booklet. I always apply BABA’s udi while going out & also for exams. So somehow exams got over & I was fearing about the result as one of my paper was very tough & thought that I wont pass in it. For Other subjects I was sure that I will pass. Months passed & now it was the time for results. Since these 2 months I prayed BABA whole heartedly. The result was announced on the raksha bandhan day (august). Due to server problem, the total marks was only displayed but not the pass/fail information. Since I prayed BABA a lot. Then, after some time the full result came out. The subject in which I had doubt got cleared with 35 marks i-e. boundary. So this was only BABA’s miracle which saved me from a backlog. Since this was an achievement for me. So am really very thankful to BABA.

One more incident, when I was in final year, I wrote all exams well. I was expecting 62% as I evaluated myself about the marks I wrote. But see BABA’s miracle here, I prayed BABA to give me how much I deserve, but he gave me more than I deserved i-e. I got 68% nearly 6% more. So this is a just a MIRACULOUS world of SAI BABA.

I have completed my engineering, now am in search of a job. I know BABA will fulfill my dreams. Thank you BABA, I will surely post my next experience after I get the job by grace of BABA.


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  1. Om Sai Ram,
    you post is very inspiring i am studying for exam right now, i study hard but somehow i do not get the results i look for. I will keep praying to BABA and I hope he showers his grace on me.

  2. hey hi rohit even i have same kind of experience in my engineering career coz every sem these vtu people set one paper very tough rite… my name is poonam and im from gulbarga near by to your place.. its great to see your mail

  3. sai is very merciful. i want to share my experiences and miracles. i will start writing about them. iTs great hetal for this blog. sai bless you always.

  4. sai baba bless us all.i am also doing enggineering and rohit i had same experiences as yours.baba has a very big heart and always helps us out

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