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Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles and Leela in this Post:

Thank You Baba For Always Being With Us

Shirdi Sai Devotee Parvati from India says: Thank You Baba for always being with us and saving us always from wrong to happen.
I am Parvati Sandesh from India, a Sai Devotee.
Hello Sai brother and sisters Om Sairam myself Parvati, from India, small devotee of Baba, without whom I am nothing. Thank You Baba for always being with me and always Blessing me and my family. Keep blessing us all always. Today I am sharing my few miracles experience of Sai Baba after I started MahaParayan which I promised Baba that I will share it, but sorry Baba for the delay.

Few months back, my mother’s both legs started paining a lot and one day I saw a blood clot in her leg, and she was complaining of leg pain that day a lot. I got worried about it, as from 15 days she was complaining of leg pain, many negative thought came in my mind regarding it. I started praying Baba, to heal her leg pain and to make my negative thought wrong. I took her to doctor and said about leg pain and blood clots. Doctor cleared that blood clots were due to the hurt she got somewhere and about leg pain; he started for her calcium treatment and gave medicine for two months. Then within a month her leg pains was cleared. I promised Baba that I will share this in this blog. So today I am sharing this Baba. Thank You very much for always being with us. Now I will go to second experience.

From year back, there was a lot of negativity in our home, my father, mother and sister, my husband all use to feel ill frequently. My father also had some skin problems which last for more than a year; he also met with a small accident, down in business, no promotion to my sister, this way many negativity. Than we came to know that someone has done black magic on us, due to which we were facing this all, we also did one pooja for this, which also didn’t worked. Then I prayed to Baba, to make us free from this black magic and I started Sai Nav guruvar vrat and daily naam jap Om Sri Sainathaya Namaha 108 times, and during my vrat only, we were free from black magic, my father skin problem, his and mom and all health issue all disappeared, my sister got promoted, all was fine then. Now, and now vrat also got over and all problems were cleared and my wish came true soon. Thank You Baba for saving us from these dark clouds and making us free from black magic. Now I will come to third experience.

I always try to make my post small as possible, but Baba’s miracles are so much that even we try to make post small, but it becomes long. I am having five year daughter. With Baba’s grace, she is healthy, happy, cute and always blessed. Baba always bless my baby, like You always blessed her, You never made her sad, You never gave her pain, You always gave her all what she desired. Thank You for all this, Thank You for always taking care of her so well, and loving her and she also loves You a lot.

As I have shared in my very first post, about our bad days during my delivery time and how Baba removed us from that dark clouds. I am always thankful to Baba for that. From that time, due to bad past, many negative thoughts used to come in my mind, same regarding my baby, if any other baby is ill, I used to compare it with my baby, and bad thought used to come in my mind for my baby. Then I used to become tensed, unnecessarily, only because of negative thoughts, I used to fight with my negative thoughts, always used to pray Baba to prove my negative thoughts wrong, I really don’t like to share this, that what all used to come in my mind. If I used to see any rape case in TV, again would start worrying about my baby, and till she returned home from school many thought started running in my mind. Once I came to know about one boy’s death due to Cancer, which again made home in my mind, and I started to compare this with my baby that if she fells ill, my mind started thinking about that boy. No, I even don’t want to express this all, because now I am out of this thought. Yes with Baba’s grace, He proved that all my negative thoughts which comes about my daughter and all other are all fake, wrong, and He will not allow to happen such wrong to anyone of us, and He made me free from negative thoughts. Four and half years I spent in this struggle fighting with my negative thoughts. I prayed Baba, to help me and to prove all my negative thoughts wrong and Your blessing right, and yes slowly slowly I don’t know how, but now negative thought don’t stay more time in my mind, even if it comes. It disappears within few seconds. I started chanting naam Jaap, which helped me and I also promised Baba that I will share this on this blog. I know negative thoughts coming in my mind was foolishness but was worst. Baba helped me to come out of these foolish thoughts, and also proved that all my negative thoughts were wrong, fake, false and only His blessing is true and pure. He made me realize, that what negative thought come in my mind are all wrong, fake and it will not work, and only His blessing will work. He always proved me that He is always with us, and will not allow anything wrong to happen as such. He made me free from negative thoughts, really Naam Jaap has so much power. As we start thinking of Sai, as we start chanting Sai, then no place remains in our mind for such negative thoughts, only what remains is Sai Sai Sai. Thank You Baba, for proving all my negative thought wrong and fake by showering Your true blessings and making me free from negative thoughts. Please be always with us and all Your devotees. we are nothing without You, can’t even imagine a single day without You. Yes, please keep showering Your blessing always on all Your devotees. Sri Sachidanand Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Om Sairam.

Baba – Wish fulfiller

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from USA says: Om Sairam! Thanks Team for publishing devotees’ experiences and maintaining this blog. Whenever I am depressed or lose hopes I read the experiences in the blog and feel confident that Sai will take care and no need to worry about anything. I started experiencing Baba miracles from 2006. From then whenever I am in trouble Baba is always with me to pull me from any hurdle. I wanted to write my experiences from long time but I kept postponing. Forgive me Baba for delaying in posting my experiences.

My first experience with Sai Baba miracle is when I was searching a job after my MCA. I was attending interviews but I was not getting selected. Once I heard Sai Baba’s chanting vehicle going across the street and I offered dakshina and I thought I should read Sai Satcharitra. First time I finished Sai Satcharitra in a week and the next interview I attended, I went till last round in the interview, but I could not get offer. I felt like because of reading Sai Satcharitra I went till last round. So I made in my mind that if I get a job offer then I will finish Sai Satcharitra in a day. Wonder of wonders in the next interview I got offer and I finished reading Sai Satcharitra in a day and I got job in a big MNC and I continued in that MNC for 4 years without any issues.

Sai Baba helped me in my love marriage. After my marriage, I was not having kids for 2 years. I prayed to Baba to bless me a boy and I did 9 Guruvarala vratam and within a year I gave birth to a healthy baby boy with Sai’s blessings. There were many experiences where Baba was always with me whenever I was in trouble but I wanted to share my recent experience.

I am currently staying in USA and I applied for H1B extension in month of June 2018. In October I got RFE (Request for Additional Evidence) which we responded in December. In Response to that RFE, USCIS sent NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) for my application on Dec 27 2018. In notice they were asking for additional documentation from me. I responded to NOID on Jan 15 2019 and expecting for a decision. I thought in my mind that if I get approval I will share my all experiences in Sai’s Devotees’ experiences blog. I finished reading Sai Satcharitra in a week. I did not get any response from USCIS for a month. On Feb 26 2019 USCIS Immigration team visited and interviewed me in person in my office. Then everyone was saying you will get approval as they interviewed in person. But I didn’t hear back anything again for one month. As I was nearing 240 days after my Visa expiry I was in a situation where I could not stay in USA after May 20 2019. So we upgraded my application to premium on April 10 2019, thinking I should get result in 15 days. But on April 17 2019 they again sent NOID. I was still having hopes on Sai Baba and I was sure Sai will never put His children in trouble and the sufferings are temporary. I responded to NOID on May 10 and I got approval on May 13, 2019. Getting H1B approval is not big deal, but my case went through lot of iterations, it went till denying the application but atlast it got approved. As I thought in my mind I will post my experience after my approval I am posting my experience. Sai Baba Ki Jai!

Found My Chain

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam! I am a small devotee of our Beloved Sai Baba.
We were about to start for Tirupati (had booked a vehicle) that we realized my ‘Nala Poosalu Chain’ (Black Beads chain) was missing. Actually few days back when we were returning from our village my Mom had kept it in a small red potli and kept in my bag along with another chain. She told me she was keeping it and had kept it in front of me. I was saying “Yes Yes” but I did not pay attention to it. Before leaving for Tirupati it was noticed that the potli was not there in the bag. We searched everywhere in the cupboard, other bags etc. but couldn’t find it. I had faith in Sai Baba that He will give it.

The vehicle came and we started for Tirupati. I remembered an incident shared on this divine portal that the devotee had lost something and prayed Baba by chanting the below mantra and found it.

“Om Namo Bhagavathe Saayinaathaaya!

Amritha Vaakkiya Varshaaya!

Sakala Loka Poojithaaya!

Sarva Dhosa Nivaaranaaya! Shirdi Vaasaaya !

Saayi Naathaayadhe Namaha! ” (repeat 9 times)

I opened that experience and chanted that mantra. After coming back from Tirupati (Sunday) the next day (Monday) we went to my house as I was joining back office. My father dropped us (my Mom, son and daughter) there and went home. Next day(Tuesday) my father called my Mom and told that he found a red potli under the bed behind the carrom board (may be while pushing the carrom board the potli also got pushed) and the chains (Nalla pusalu and other chain) were there in it. We were happy that Sai Baba helped us find it. Love You Sai Ma. Om Sri Sachitanand Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai!

Baba Helped In Completing Thursday Pooja

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: I am a devotee of our Sainath who regularly reads this blog that gives hope and positivity to all the readers. Thanks to Hetalji for your service.
This is my 5th experience on this blog and few of my other experiences were already published.

Coming to my experience, today being Thursday (16.5.19) I was ready to do my Thursday evening pooja for our beloved Sai. At the end of pooja I usually offer a sweet dish purchased from outside to Baba. Since I was on leave I thought I can prepare wheat halwa on my own. While adding milk to the halwa I doubted the milk had gone spoilt. Immediately I rushed to Baba and grabbed Udi and added few to the dish praying to Sai that the sweet dish shouldn’t be spoilt. Also I prayed to Him that I will post the experience on the blog. So here I am posting it as Baba kept His word as usual. Though the halwa did not turn out to be excellent but it was not spoilt and hence I ordered one more sweet dish as per my routine. Thanks Baba for accepting my small offer to You. Please protect me and my family and all Your devotees all the time. You know the problems that my mom and aunt are facing every day. Please resolve it soon Sairam. Sri Satchidananda Samartha Sathguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai! Om Sairam.

Sai Baba’s Blessings

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Om Sairam. Hi I am a very small devotee of Sai Baba from Rajasthan Ajmer. First of all I would like to thank Hetalji for this precious effort of kindness which not only gives us strength but also gives a ray of hope in our hard times.
Here I want to share my two experiences which happened last night and today morning.

First experience was last night where during sleeping hours there was an electricity cut off and we were feeling very uneasy due to heat. Cut off remained for a long time meanwhile I prayed to Baba to please make electricity available and Baba listened my request and electricity came within time.

Second experience was today itself as in morning I checked my phone and it was not working due to which I was upset. I tried many times but it was not getting started. Today is my Baba’s day and after finishing pooja I prayed Sai Baba wholeheartedly to please make my phone work and that I would surely share my experience. Baba showered His blessings on me and my phone started working. I was so relaxed and happy because of Baba only it to happened. Thank You so much Nanu keep shower Your blessings on us. Om Sairam.

Sai Baba’s Love

Anonymous Shirdi Sai Devotee from India says: Hello Devotees, Hope you all are fine. I am sharing my experience here after long time.
Everything went fine, all because of my Lord. Whenever we call Him with His name wholeheartedly, He will appear in any form to help us. Actually I had one problem. I was praying to God that, “I know You are with me, You won’t leave me at any situation. Please show me any way to solve this”. On the same day, around 11 pm I got help from our God through one person. That person was helping me. Yesterday everything got settled down successfully. Thanks Appa for being with me and blessing me all the time. Be with all of us and bless us. We all our Your children. Om Sairam!

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