Sai Baba Saved From Deadly Disease and Blesses With Child – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai Ram Dear Hetal ji and the team, I would like to share my experience in this forum. Please keep my name and email id confidential. My experience is lengthy. I have tried so many times to cut it short and but didn’t quite succeed in making it further shorter. Please feel free to edit it as you deem appropriate. May Baba bless you and your family for providing such a great platform to strengthen devotion towards Baba. Thank you!

Baba dragged this sparrow to His feet around 1995 -96. Since then He has been my Mother, Best Friend and Guide. The below experiences are just a few of many wonderful miracles He has performed in my life. Like every newly married woman, I started off my married life 8 yrs back with high spirits and lots of dreams. Baba has blessed me with a wonderful husband and in-laws who are also staunch devotees of Baba. It all started in 2008 Feb, when we happened to go to a Baba Mandir Pran Prathishta here in the US. Although we did not pay for the special ticket, I got a rare chance to do Abhishekam for Baba’s huge brand new Idol due to the unavailability of a certain sponsor. I felt even more special when priest asked others standing in the line for performing Abhishekam to hand over their pot/Kalasam to him. Perhaps this was the first sign Baba gave to assure that He is going to be hold my hand and help me cross the ordeal. I was to go through the next 6 years.

Couple of days later I started to bleed profusely. That afternoon while I was taking nap, Baba appeared in my dream and asked me to take pregnancy test immediately. I reluctantly took the test and was shocked to see the positive result. We rushed to a doctor who gave us the bad news that I was miscarrying already. To worsen things further, I had a huge cyst in my ovary that appeared suspicious and doctor insisted that I get operated immediately. I was scared to death but was left with no other option than to agree for the surgery. During my hospital stay I had various experiences to strengthen my faith in Baba. To my huge relief, the biopsy results came back normal. When I was leaving the hospital after discharge and thanking Baba in my mind, I was in for a sweet surprise. A security person named “Baba jaan” (which is an uncommon name in the US) greeted me at the gate. I am sure it was none other than our beloved Baba. By His grace, I got pregnant the following year. Things were going smooth this time and I was enjoying every bit of pregnancy. Suddenly one morning in my 2nd trimester, I woke up to profuse bleeding. We rushed to a hospital only to find out the baby had passed on. To say the least, I was completely shattered. The thought of baby waving and doing a chicken dance in the last ultrasound was haunting me. I was going through an emotional turmoil, feeling shocked, guilty, sad, dejected, angry and above all desperately looking for an answer as to why it happened to me. “Why me?” was the question in my mind and I started questioning my faith and existence of Baba. How could He let this happen to me?

I badly needed peace of mind. So I quit my job which was going very well and went to my hometown in India to find solace. When I returned couple of months later and was ready to take up another job, Baba immediately found me a better job with a better salary while my previous company was going through tough times and lay-offs. I couldn’t appreciate Baba’s timely help during that time since I was desperately looking for an answer. Meanwhile all test reports of mine, my husband and the foetus came back normal. I was frustrated not knowing the reason or getting the closure I was looking for. Time was passing by. I was slowly moving on and desperately waiting to get pregnant again. My hope was diminishing as every month went by. I had several failed IUIs. I even tried alternative medicines including Ayurvedic, Chinese and acupuncture treatment etc. All in vain. I remember how angry and desperate I was during those dark days. I used to throw away Baba’s pictures.

Then couple of days later I would go back to Him since He was my only ray of hope. I was having a love-hate relationship with Baba and giving Him deadlines to get me pregnant. Since I couldn’t wait any longer, we decided to try IVF as a last resort. Money and the rigorous oral medications and injections didn’t seem to be a deal breaker for me in the face of the success percentage. At the end of the cycle, I got 4 embryos. The best two were placed in my womb and the remaining two were frozen. My joy knew no bounds when I found out that I was pregnant with twins, but shortly after, twin A ended in miscarriage. I was told twin B was doing fine and had all chances of survival. But at a 10 weeks appointment, we found that the heartbeat of the foetus had stopped the day before. I have no words to describe the grief and anguish I was going through. Shortly after, I did get pregnant for the 4th time. But that happiness too was short-lived. I miscarried at 6 weeks. I was a wreck by now. I could not imagine going through another pregnancy. I badly wanted a change of place. My Baba obliged to my request. He found both my husband and I nice jobs in a different city of our choice with the relocation expenses covered by the employer. Change of place definitely helped. I started concentrating on my job. Visiting Baba’s temple regularly on Thursdays and eating His Prasad for dinner became a habit. My outlook on life slowly started changing. I was no longer demanding a child from Baba. I started believing that Baba only does good for me and there must be a valid reason for those 4 miscarriages.

By His grace, we bought a beautiful house. Main selling point for me was, it had a huge Baba temple close-by. My mind got diverted in decorating and setting up the house. As we were settling down in our new house, we encountered another bump on the road to pregnancy. I found out that I was having huge fibroids and severe endometriosis. Doctors suggested another surgery but this time I was not willing to undergo one without visiting my Sai in Shirdi. By Baba’s grace, we visited Shirdi couple of months later. It was my 5th time in Shirdi and this time I wanted a definitive answer from Baba regarding a child. I wished to get a coconut from Baba. We have seen various instances in Satcharitra (Mrs. aurangabad, Mrs. Sapatnekar) where Coconut from Baba has yielded a child. I was reminded of Baba’s comment – “Will coconut give an issue? How foolish are people to fancy such things? “. With this thought running in my mind, I went to Dwarkamai. It was very crowded but I gathered courage and asked the priest for a coconut. And, he gave one to me. Though I was initially happy that the priest obliged me, I was later thinking it would be better if Baba gives it on His own rather than me demanding one and I regretted asking for a coconut. Baba read this thought of mine. Later that day, when I went to Samadhi Mandir to take His blessings, the priest there thrust a coconut on my hand without me asking for one. My joy knew no bounds. I was in tears. That moment I knew for sure my prayer was going to be answered very soon. Suddenly my mind was put at ease and everything became clear. I was willing to undergo any number of surgeries.

Upon my return, I immediately underwent a surgery. This time, to my shock and disbelief, the biopsy findings suggested Borderline cancer. As someone who has lost dear ones to the disease, I know that the cancer treatment is worse than the disease itself. Though I was scared, this time I had strong faith in my saviour Baba. I was asked to follow up with an Oncologist who confirmed that the only treatment needed in my case was a surgery to remove the cyst and no further treatment was needed. He also mentioned that, had we not caught this at the right time, it could have turned into cancer. I couldn’t thank Baba enough for His timely help in saving me from the deadly disease and rescuing me from the cruel chemotherapy treatment. To my astonishment, the doctor said I am perfectly fit to get pregnant and insisted I go through another IVF soon to increase my chances. It was during that time, I remembered the remaining 2 frozen embryos I had left in my old city. I wanted to give those frozen ones a try before proceeding with a new IVF. However, I didn’t have high hopes since doctors warned me that frozen embryos are not as effective as a fresh transfer. Besides, they were in another city and they were not the best graded ones. How do I get them transported here and will they last the transportation and thawing process?

This time my approach was entirely different. From all the previous experiences, one thing was clear. Getting a child is not in my hands, therefore I decided to leave it to Baba as He knows what is best for me. I started Nav Guruvar Vrat, chanted Baba’s holy names and Sai Amritvani regularly. I also started non-stop Satcharitra Saptah Parayan. Baba arranged for the embryos to arrive from my old city to the current one on a Thursday. On the day I finished the Satcharitra 1st Saptah, I came to know that both embryos survived transportation and thawing process. Both were transferred to my womb and I decided continued the Satcharitra Saptah Parayan. The following Thursday, Baba’s Udi arrived from Shirdi. This was sent in return for a humble donation made during my Shirdi visit. The timing of the Udi arrival gave me hope and strengthened my faith. My pregnancy test was scheduled to be couple of weeks later. The day before the pregnancy test, I was in for another surprise to further strengthen my faith in Baba. That evening when I went to online Darshan site as I do every day, Mrs. Aurangabad chapter from Satcharitra was being read that day in Shirdi. The same night I had a dream of a baby kicking me inside my tummy. From all these positive signs that Baba gave, one could guess that the time I have been waiting for has finally come. I came to know that I was pregnant with twins again. I was super delighted and vowed to continue the Saptah Parayan of Satcharitra, Amritvani and Nav Guruvar Vrat for the entire pregnancy.

This time again around 9 weeks, one midnight I woke up to profuse bleeding . Though my initial reaction was crying and blaming Baba but by early morning, I started to become calm and decided to accept what Baba had in store for me. We rushed to a doctor in the morning and found that I had lost a twin. Doctor said there are 50/50 chances for the other twin to survive. I continued my prayers to Baba, my pillar of strength and hope. By His grace, the other twin survived and I went on to carry the baby full term. On my way to the c-section, my husband and I stopped by at a Baba temple to take His blessings. Baba never disappoints His devotees. A flower fell down from His hand. What more could I ask for? Knowing my wish, He blessed me with a baby boy on a Thursday. As per my vow, I completed the last week of 4th Nav Guruvar after the baby was born. I went to a nearby Baba temple with sweets. However I was disappointed when I noticed that Prasad was already being served to devotees. I anyhow went in and left the sweet at Baba’s feet, thanked Him and then stood in a queue for Prasad. I wished in my mind to receive the sweet I took for Him (rasagullah) as Prasad but I knew it was not possible. When my turn came, the queue split and in the commotion that followed somebody thrust a Prasad box in my hand. When I came to the car and opened the box, to my sweet surprise, my box contained the very sweet I took for Baba. To confirm further I asked my husband what kind of sweet he received in his box. He, like others in the queue got another sweet that was being served there. My dear Baba, I can’t thank You enough for saving me from a deadly disease and blessing me with a healthy child. You know am not perfect in any means. Forgiving all my mistakes, please continue to be with me & my family and guide us in every step of life! My story is to give hope to devotees who go through tough time getting pregnant. Please continue to have faith in Him. His delay is not a denial and His timing is perfect! Whenever you doubt and feel low, please remember “Sai is working out things for you even if you don’t feel it. Have faith and patience. Where faith and patience grow Miracles happen”

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  1. Wow…what a experience…my faith in Sai has tripled after your experience sai devotee…I was losing my faith in sai as my family is also going through very very tough health issue which has been going on for a long time…hoping sai will help now and completely relieve us of this tension…thanks for sharing this .a real faith booster..

  2. Wao Amazing experience dear Sai Sister. I m so happy for you .May Baba bless every lady who is wishing for baby very soon. Thank you my dear Baba.

  3. BABA as YOU know now after doing the puja immediately when i checked i got periods. While doing puja i felt wet but as YOU know im having discharge and feeling wet most of the times. So i thought like that only. I read all Shiva, Hanuman , Dattatreya, Surya Bhagawans slokas. BABA Im worried what will happen now. Yesterday my mangalasutra broke and now this happened. BABA I dint do it wantedly. Please save me and my family. My husband is going to temple. Please be with him and protect him all the time. BABA please i should hv stopped doing when i felt wet as i felt it common for me. I didnt expect it BABA as i didnt remember last months date. Its my fault only. BABA please request other gods ffor me not to punish me. Im very much scared BABA. Please help me BABA

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sai Sister, please be assured that BABA loves us a lot and is our kind Mother. He will protect your husband and your family always.

      Best wishes.

      OM SAI RAM.

    • Baba is all the gods together. Our heart is only important for him. You have a pure heart. Baba will not be angry with you.

    • Dear Sister, you are overthinking. Nothing bad will happen to you.
      Unless you know you have periods, there is no harm in doing pooja. It happens to other people too. I am a girl and I have had situations like you too. Infact, some of my friends don't stop in periods and do regular pooja.
      There is no reason for god to punish you. Please dont think negative all the time.
      Jai Mata Di! Jai Sai Nath! Jai Sad Guru!

    • Hi,

      after reading your story above, i just cried by seeing your devotion and i am still crying. Actually i should touch your feet first and then Baba's. Keeping faith and patience even after going thru all failures is very difficult, and in ur case its just an impossible.
      But with your devotion u make Baba to come down and help you. Hats off to your devotion. Thanks for sharing this and making our faith more stronger.

  4. Dear Sister,
    Your miraculous experience boost my devotion, you are truly blessed soul. You have showed Shradda and Saburi at every step, which gave you good results. I congratulate you and wish you good luck.

  5. Incredible leela of baba.
    Baba blessed you with child which was not written in your destiny. Baba burned your karma and gave you new life.
    The road to faith and patience is not smooth but if we preserve then we win.

  6. Rare is a devotee like u, who held in Sai even when you are in deadly, bad n frustration situation.

    Thanks for ur experience and believing in him.

    May Sai take u cross from ocean of worldly existence and be eternarly happy always with Sai n with ur family.

  7. Dear devotee,u r a perfect eg of shraddha n happy to read ur experince.the coconut portion in ur experience brought tears to my eyes.its like Baba is invisible,yet hears to our sairam

  8. Baba you know me baba. I am your child. I won't do anything wrong. Please save me and my family. Save this marriage baba please. Bless my family. I love you baba.

  9. Dear sister,
    wonderful experience..
    After reading this my faith on baba increased to manifolds…
    You taught me real shraddha and saburi ..
    I will keep this in mind for lifetime..
    May baba shower happiness on you..
    Om sai ram !

  10. Another little experience I just had moments ago,

    Recently I travelled back to home from a different country; I had kept mobile SIM carefully in an envelope. As I am returning to that country for work today, I thought of checking if the SIM was there. Lo, it wasn't; so I thought it might have slipped outside in the main pocket; but it was not to be found; believe me it could not have gone anywhere else, but the fact I searched through few times was proving otherwise. Immediately I begged for Baba's help and resolved in my mind that I will share this experience if He could save me from the hassle for getting another SIM etc; lo! the next moment I could see it lying in the main pocket and hence here I am sharing this experience with you all.

    Bolo Sainath ki Jai!!

    Anant Koti Brahmaand Nayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Para Brahma Sadguru Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  11. Beautiful experience and I must say dear devotee, your faith in Baba is immense and may He continue to hold your hand through out.

    O Sai, Thank You for a life filled with love and happiness 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  12. Wow what an experience……i m left dumbstruck… Evn my father is suffering from oesophageal cancer… I know that He will bless us also nd one day will invite us to SAI DHAM Shirdi

    anirviṇṇaḥ sthaviṣṭhōbhūrdharmayūpō mahāmakhaḥ |
    nakṣatranemirnakṣatrī kṣamaḥ, kṣāmaḥ samīhanaḥ || 47 ||

    435. Anirviṇṇaḥ: One who is never heedless, because He is ever selffulfilled.
    436. Sthaviṣṭhaḥ: One of huge proportions, because He is in the
    form of cosmic person.
    437. Abhūḥ: One without birth. Or one has no existence.
    438. Dharma-yūpaḥ: The sacrificial post for Dharmas, that is, one to
    whom all the forms of Dharma, which are His own form of
    worship, are attached, just as a sacrificial animal is attached to
    a Yupa or a sacrificial post.
    439. Mahāmakhaḥ: One by offering sacrifices to whom, those
    sacrifices deserve to be called great, because they well give the
    fruit of Nirvana.
    440. Nakṣatra-nemiḥ: The heart of all nakshatras.
    441. Nakṣatrī: He is in the form of the nakshatra, Moon.
    442. Kṣamaḥ: One who is clever in everything.
    443. Kṣāmaḥ: One who remains in the state of pure self after all the
    modifications of the mind have dwindled.
    444. Samīhanaḥ: One who exerts well for creation, etc.

  14. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth

    The Swaroop Sampradaya follows the path of ‘Rajyog’, a simple and easy mode
    of abstract meditation and not that of ‘Hath Yog’ that is a mode of austere devotion.
    One can accomplish the ‘RajYog’ by living in this illusive world and conducting normal
    household duties. Even King Janaka289 had attained ‘Rajyog’. One can continue with the
    feelings of sacrifice internally, while maintaining worldly relationships with external
    society, but strictly without any attachments. To achieve such detachment is possible
    but not easy. Shree Digambardas Maharaj has versed –
    “Internally with feelings of Sacrifice and worldly relationship externally (l)
    You can still maintain yourself without any attachments (ll)”.
    ‘Rajyog’ has five different modes –
    “Pipeelika mode, Kapi mode, Meena mode, Shambhavi mode and
    Vihangam mode”.
    Pipeelika (Ant) Mode, where the aspirant attains accomplishment starting from
    the very base organic circle, crosses each circle after than until he reaches the
    thousandth circle, just like an ant.
    Kapi (Monkey) Mode is where the aspirant attains accomplishment jumping like
    a monkey from one organic circle to another, until he reaches the Thousandth circle.
    Meena (Fish) Mode is where the person who attains accomplishment, sees an
    ocean filled with knowledge of self and that person filled with joy sinks into that sea of
    self-knowledge. In this condition, the living being absorbs into the essence of Supreme
    Spirit along with the knowledge of self.
    In Shambhavi (Hemp) Mode, accomplishment is easily performed based on the
    principle of ‘Soham’, a feeling that “I am that Supreme Spirit”. The natural and
    continuous accomplishment of ‘Soham’ comes along with breathing techniques. This
    accomplishment is also called as ‘Ajapajap’. With the kind mercy of a Sadguru, the
    person who repeats ‘Soham Soham’ accomplishes the liberation from personal existence
    and gets absorbed in divine substance, with the realisation that He is the Soul.
    In the Vihangam Mode (Bird), the person who attains accomplishment flies like a
    bird and in a moment reaches the Supreme Soul. He gets absorbed in the essence of
    Supreme Spirit without any delay.
    This path can be achieved only with the kind blessings of a Sadguru. If anyone
    tries to practice by reading books without the blessings of a Sadguru that person can
    loose their mental balance. One should not advise an immature person to these modes.
    If a person is immature because of the lack of accomplishment, prostration of strength
    takes place and that person becomes wicked. If the accomplishment takes place in a
    proper manner, the person who accomplishes attains the knowledge which itself is a
    clear proof of the success.
    Basically, this path leads to the worship of the attribute-less, but to achieve
    success in that path one has to worship a deity having attributes and form. Only
    through this worship can one attain the attribute-less Supreme Soul. There is always
    oneness in the natural state of self as well as that of the Supreme Soul. The names may
    be different but the result is the same. The final accomplishment of an individual self is
    always to get absorbed into the universal self, the Supreme Soul. Only a great Sadguru
    can bless his disciple and take him beyond this worldly illusion by granting him the
    divine sight and accomplishment of the individual self, getting absorbed into the all
    pervaded universal self, the Supreme Soul.

  15. Dear sister, I have no words to say only tears after reading your experience. I am speechless with your utmost faith and patience. Its just wonderful to read your experience.

  16. Dear sister
    I was in tears by the time I finush reading this experience. May sai be with you always . he will never let his devotees down. ANANTHA KODI BRAHMANDA NAYAGA RAJADI RAJA YOGI RAJA PARABRAHMA SRI SACHITANANTHA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI

  17. OM SAI RAM…!!!
    Sai sister congratulations. You have great faith and patience, let it increase more by the the blessings of our beloved DEVA.

    love you baba (f)

  18. Why did u hurt me soo much baba.u have given me soo much pain that I stopped my pooja from today. I felt u were just making fun of me all this while. U kicked me away today baba as I don't think I can ever trust you after what happened to me today

  19. Om Sai Ram to all
    Dear Sai sister,
    I am commenting after a long time. Your experience was beautiful! May Sai Ma shower His choicest blessings on you, your family and specially on your little one!

    Baba sad saath rehna
    Love You baba ji
    Sabse Zyaada ji

  20. Hi thank u fr sharing your experience. I used to ask him every time that why is he testing me n giving pain. But now I realised that he certainly has different plans for me n he takes care of me every minute of my life. Thank u baba. Love u

  21. Very nice experience madam.omsairam.saibaba today I had gone for. House warming ceremony it was nice but repeatedly getting remained of my mother, I know she can never come back but sometimes you can understand baba.take care of my father and brother.give me good budhi. Love you Saibaba

  22. Om Sai Ram !!! The very fact that you have a very understanding lovable husband by itself proves that you have Baba's immense blessings dear Sai sister….what a faith boosting experience you have shared to help us devotees …Sure Baba will help and guide you and your family further ,,,,Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai !!!!

  23. Great experience. I was in tears reading your experience. My life sounds similar to all the miscarriages I had and still hoping one day Baba will bless us too.your experience gave me a strong belief that when time comes, we would have something blessed by Baba too. That someday is what we are waiting for!
    thank you for sharing your experience and may Baba bless you all. Om Sairam.

  24. I got tears when reading your experience. Your faith is great. Sai ram. Congratulations and Baba bless you and your child. Sai ram.

  25. Baba please bless my mom with good health baba….she should be healthy…nowadays she is worrying a lot about me…please help us baba…i should never hurt my mom…i should be with her always… Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  26. Om Sai Ram.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Had tears in my eyes, while reading it. Have increased my faith even more in our Baba.

    May Baba keep us blessed forever.

    OM SAI RAM!!!!!!

  27. dear sai didi cant tell my happiness after reading ur sister had similar problems and lost our little daughter two months back during her second trimester. Having faced so much of miseries and ur faith and love on shri sai is profoundly increasing..bowing before your devotion. After reading your post a new ray of hope passes in for my sister…Absolutely his delay is not denial…jai sai ram..jai jai sai ram

  28. Dear Sai Devotee what a wonderful experience you have posted. Reading it made my day. While reading your experience my eyes welled several times. Baba made you gold by testing you so much. Baba is with you and your family. Baba please keep your blessings on everyone of us always. Thanks for the post.

  29. very very nice experience.
    this shows gods grace is there for his devotees always.
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

  30. Dear Sai Sister, words fail me as i express my gratitude to you and my Baba for getting me to read this experience. I have been undergoing a very similar situation from the past couple of years. I came across your experience at the time when i was just about to give up hope. Thanks to you, Hetalji and team and our dear Babaji

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