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Anonymous Devotee from India says: I promised to Sai that i will post my experience. So today is Thursday. I am posting the same with Baba’s blessings. I am a very strong devotee of Sai Baba. I moved to US one year back. I was working in India before and was very hesitant to move to US since i am not a lover of US and also was hesitant about getting a job in US. But i was sure that Sai Ram will help me. I was worried about my job and one day i saw Sai Baba question and answers book. I got a reply that you will get the solution on the next day of asking your question. Next day one of my husband’s friend called him and asked if your wife is available for working, but it’s a new domain. I was very happy and also confused since it’s a new domain. But i accepted it as Sai told me in His question answer book. Since i did not have EAD, i applied and then later contacted that friend after 4 months. Meanwhile i was just reading about the new domain. But after contacting that person, i did not get proper jobs as he told. I was getting frustrated and was confused whether i took a wrong decision. But also was sure Sai has told me, so it will be for my good.

I had the habit of putting lots and taking decision as per Baba’s advice. So whenever i put lots whether it’s the new domain or my old domain, i got new domain. So i stayed with that despite of so many issues. I was worried about how will i get to know the new domain well before i get a job and Sai showed me the way. He gave me a trainer that too it happened accidentally. I just got to work for two weeks in a small project. At that time when i needed some help in coding i got to see some blog and sent a mail asking for some coding help. Then after contacting that guy for code, i came to know he was a trainer too in this domain. See Baba’s grace. I was again confused as to whether to take it or not. Then as per Baba’s lot i got take it. So i enrolled it for that. Then i worked very hard during my training. Then i was sure at least i will get a job after training. Then after that also no openings, no interviews.

2 months went like that after training. I was undergoing much anxiety stress in these 2 months. Then one day i just applied for opening in a job site. I got a call and they scheduled interview for me. I felt very happy. Again since it was first interview after so many struggles, i was very scared and had lot of anxiety. I prayed Baba a lot and He showed me positive signs of what i thought. The interview both phone and face to face went on well. I had 3 rounds of face to face. Luckily all questions i knew. There i felt Baba’s blessing lot and even i answered confidently. With Baba’s grace, they are also ok with my answers. I am yet to know my results. They said they will let me know in one or two days. I am sure He will do well for me and i will be selected. Dear devotees, one thing be sure Baba is listening to us and He will do the things in His own pace. But will give us what we want at the last. He is there with us. Just follow His teachings. Then have faith and patience. Everything will happen for Sure. Om Sai Ram. Without You i am not there. I will be Your devotee always and try to follow Your principles always

My Sai There Every Time

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am a Sai devotee from childhood and used to get His blessings and experiences with me that He is there for me every time. I even used to get some dreams that Sai on His own or some other means reminding me that He is there for me and taking care of most of the things in my life. Sai showered His blessings in every major aspect in my life. I should really say my first job is by Baba’s grace only. Then no need to see back in my career most of the times. Here and there some issues there as a human being but finally happy with what I have. The most important thing is my marriage. Baba I cannot say simply Thanks for the love You have shown upon us. It’s You for sure. Regarding first kid even though everybody at home was having their own expectations for a girl child, I am not sure of it. Even I used to say that don’t be so anxious and in my mind I had a doubt that whether it is a girl or boy. Finally I left it to God and as a surprise it’s a girl child only. Baba as You said You will be there with Your devotees. Thank You very much for all Your blessings. I am hoping my best that You’ll definitely show Your kind blessings for that is bothering me in my mind these days very much. I used to experience good news every time I complete Sai Baba Parayan. Really it is a wonderful experience. Baba please be there with us every time and if we are forgetting for some reason please awake us and shower Your love on everybody. Om Sri Sai Ram

Sai Baba Saved Our Lives

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram, My complete family are devotees of Lord Sai for over a decade now. The creator of the blog is doing an excellent job. I start my day by reading these wonderful miracles of our dear Sai whose miracles are unfathomable. May He always bless His devotees. My complete family is devoted to Baba, for us He is our sole refuge. There have been countless miracles in our lives due to Baba’s grace. I am stating one of them, which saved our lives. Though this is not the first time He saved us from the clutches of death. It was a sunny afternoon and we (my mother, driver and I) were on our way to a friend’s place. I was driving the car, my mother was sitting in the back seat and the driver sat next to the driver’s seat. On the way, we saw Baba’s temple which was closed, so we prostrated to our dear Sai from outside and resumed our journey. We were passing by an area which was being developed, lots of constructions going on. Narrow roads, kids playing around, so i was driving at the speed of 20.

I was on the main road of the locality and a car came and rammed our car very badly from the left side. Even after hitting our car He had not applied the brakes, rather his foot was on the accelerator and his car pushed our car from side and we were very close to hit a transformer. But, thankfully Baba saved us. None of them injured, though the car was damaged badly, such that it had to be towed. The car fellow who came and hit us, started abusing us just because he was son of a minister, but as Baba is our protector, the people who had gathered there seeing the accident said that it was his fault and not mine as he came and banged. Thanking Baba for saving our lives, and not even getting injured even after such a huge accident we went to Baba’s temple. When we went to collect our car from the garage after repairs the mechanic who repaired told us that the speed at which the other car was driving must have been at 80’s as the damage to our car was severe. All we did was to thank Baba. Dear Sai Maa may You always bless us and Be with us. We can never thank You enough for all Your blessings. All we need is You Baba Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai

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  1. Nice experiences. Bless us all Sairam. Victory be to our Sadguru Maharaj who is pure consciousness , knowledge and bliss.

  2. BABA today after coming back from temple I saw my magalasutra chain broke. BABA though I don't wear it daily and too sentimental about it but for some reason I felt bad as today is amavasya. Today is the last day of my Kartikamasam puja. Why did this happened BABA? Did I do anything wrong in my puja all this month. You know I cant live with out my husband. BABA please nothing should happen to him and we should not fight and get separated. BABA pleas bless me happy life with my husband and kids. I should die before him as I cant live with out him. BABA please I beg YOU nothing should happen to my husband.

    • you are overthinking! dont worry too much. I used to be like you too, once my landlady did put my pooja diya off saying that its a fire threat, it was navratra day. I cried so much thinking something bad will happen. But instead i got blessed.

      Even if there is something bad which might happen, your mangalsutra took brunt and you and your husband are free from all sins and will live happily.

      Stay blessed by baba! Jai Mata Di! Jai SadGuru! Om Sai Ram!

    • Don't worry about it….say sorry to baba and feed to poor people ,then baba will sure erase your bad karmas

      Sai ram

  3. Baba I am feeling very sad right now and there is too much fear and pain in my heart.You know why…Please please please help me saimaa…I don't want another rejection

  4. Baba please help me mom baba…i dont know how to make her happy…please help her baba…i need my mom….i want to be with her baba…please bless us baba…Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

  5. OM SAI RAM!!!!

    Baba, please keep blessing us till our last breath.

    Ananta Koti Brahmanand Nayak Raja dhi Raj Yogi raj Parabrahma
    Shree Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

    Om Sai. Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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