Need Faith

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello Hetal ji, Thanks for this website. Please ensure to post this. I need some advice. Please do not disclose my name or email ID. I am eagerly waiting to post a miracle on this website. I have had lot of ups and downs in my life but overall not so bad and I am grateful for what I have. However, there is one thing which never seems to happen. And, after a lot of thinking, yes, I do understand I am probably paying my dues and washing of my Karma.

However, sometimes this thing in life just won’t happen and makes me feel as though I am the only one in the whole world who is such a sinner that I can’t have this accomplished in life. This phase of life has been extremely frustrating. I read Sai Satcharitra, I performed the Sai Vrat. But, I see no indications or signs from Baba that it is going to happen what I wished for. I am just tired of this and want this to end now.

I keep thinking, Is Sai really listening to me? Has He accepted me as His Devotee? Is He going to help me at all? I am in so much distress and I cry out to Him numerous times. I read so many Miracles on this website and longing to have one of my own and I want to post my experience too happily and spread the greatness of Baba. But that day never seems to come. I don’t know what to do anymore and sometimes I feel it may not just happen. Please advise me. What do I need to do to have more faith. I am afraid if I will lose faith because I don’t see it happening and no signs too. I also want to be a part of this group and want to happily post miracles that I may experience. But, if I don’t see anything happening, I feel as though my prayers are not heard but neglected. Please, fellow Sai devotees. Pray for me and advise me in this regard. Appreciate it.

Showing Me His Presence

Sai Sister Sarbjeet from India says: My name is sarbjeet kaur. I am from Punjab, working in Chandigarh. I knew Sai Baba ji from my collage days. I neither felt His presence in collage days nor did I try. After finishing my graduation in Jalandhar I came to Chandigarh for job in 2010. I stay in a PG. My roommate is Hindu by religion but her family has adopted Christianity. I do not believe in religions. And this is the reason that I love Sai Babe ji because He is not from any specific religion. He believes in God Only. One day me and my roommate had a good healthy discussion on religions. We were fine with each other. After few days she started dominating her religion on me and she said that until someone not starts believing in Jesus, he or she cannot be happy as you will be miserable like this after 30 years. You can have bet with me. All this nonsense made me restless. I am not against Jesus or any other form of god. But I do not like if someone try to be judgmental on my beliefs for Sai Baba.

Next day I went to my office, but was restless. I lost my inner peace because of last day’s discussions. For whole day I was reading people who have experienced Sai Baba ji‘s miracle, that was Friday I was praying to Baba to give me my inner peace. Please show me path. I said that I am not losing my faith but my faith needs Your help. I need to feel Your presence, please come to me and save me from being emotionally exhausted. On Saturday I was on my weekly off. One of my colleague, who used to work with me called me up to confirm if I want to go to Shirdi. Her family was going to Shirdi, She was not able to go as she was not getting leaves from her new office. I got her call in the afternoon on Saturday. My train was booked in the evening around 8pm. Within 4-5 hours I confirmed about my leaves from my office; surprisingly my boss granted me leave for 4-5 days with even without asking any question. I went to Shirdi. Got my peace of mind, cried like anything there. Sai Baba ji I know I am not perfect, please bless me and everyone else on this planet earth.

Prayer For My Son Surgery

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I became devotee of Sai Baba by reading the experiences in your blog that are posted every day. Before going to bed i read those experiences. It’s not the experience, but i want prayers for my son from all the devotees of Sai Baba. He is suffering from epilepsy from his 7th month on wards. Now he is 3 years old. Last year he underwent brain surgery but it was not successful. Now again doctors decided to do one more surgery of his brain. I started doing Nav Guruvar Vrat and praying Baba for his health. One happy news for me is my son surgery was schedule on 8-May-2014 it was Thursday and it’s Baba day. So please all the devotees who read this blog pray to Baba for my son and make this surgery to be successful and i need all your blessings along with Baba to my son. Please pray for him. Please excuse me if any mistakes in my English. Om Sri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai. Baba please save my son and bless him with good health. I will surely right this as my first experience to Baba

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  1. Paryers for your son. May Baba bless him and give him good health. Om Sai Ram. For the person experience no 1 , Baba listens everyone , he never rejects any one. Just wait for the right time whenever he 'll respond. Believe in Faith and Patience. Baba recognizes those who believes in Faith and Patience. Do not lose it.

  2. Third devotee, Baba will be with your son during the surgery and make it a success. Your son will have a happy long and prosperous life. All our prayers are with you. Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

    • Surgery was scheduled for May 8th and not now in October. Our prayers are delayed because this is posted late….

  3. Sai Ram 1st devotee.I'm in the same situation as yours, not getting what I need no matter how hard I pray to Baba and put all my faith on him. But all these has made me even more strong and determined, and I have decided that I will never give up. Now instead of pleading to Baba, I've asked him to make me strong enough to tackle all the struggles that I go through and to have patience. It is upto him to decide my fate now. All these suffering that we go through might be the result of our past or present karma that has to be done over once and for all. So my advice to you, fellow Sai devotee is to be strong, do good karma & be good to everybody. Sai will reward you not immediately, but definitely.


    Very nice experience Sarabjit.

    Prayers for first & third Devotee. Babaji please bless all:)

    Love to ALL, Peace to All.

  5. Dear fellow Sai devotees,

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences here.

    Devotee 1 – I can imagine your frustration; but has Baba not asked for complete surrender? you are in Baba's fold already, which is why you know about this forum; going through experiences here helps one improve their faith and not lose hope.

    Everybody has to pay for their karmas, there is no escaping from that; it could have been worse (God forbid it doesn't happen) and Baba is there to take me through this bad phase – thoughts like these should help…..try to concentrate what all is good in your life, however miniscule it might be……it could be the job you still have…….etc, this will keep you in good stead and possibly bring joy to yourself for few seconds may be…………you need to be in a happier state of mind to attract the good; I myself can talk about why my life is miserable if I start concentrating about things I do not have in my life – what's the point, that would not change anything, in fact a waste of time (few hours), most importantly it will lower my morale, which is most dangerous as it'd keep me from doing something to improve my lot. The moment I talk about what I already have and what I can do with it to achieve more, the whole game changes and believe me the good phase starts then and there itself.

    When Baba was in flesh, around that time also there were those who had to suffer for long; Mr. Ambadekar's episode in chap 26 of SatCharitra ( talks about his plight. He had been going to Shirdi for 7 years watching everyone getting blessed in front of his eyes but no relief for him. When he paid off for his karmas, his life changed for better. Baba's support through those 7 years kept him hanging in there.

    So hang in there, do things that give you peace of mind, help others if you can – this will exhaust you bad karma even quicker.

    May Sai keep blessing us all.

    Read SatCharitra online@

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

    • I have noticed in this forum that commentators as well as contributors talk about "Karma"and to have to somehow PAY for the karma. NONE can live without doing any Karma, which simply means action… It is SINFUL actions (in thought, word and deed) that have to be suffered for. No one complains about paying for karma when something they enjoy is happening in their life!! why?? in those things they are simply reaping the fruits of MERITORIOUS Karma. These are called PAAP and PUNYA in Hindi. This is just settling balance sheet of Life. One has to reap the fruits of BOTH types of Karma and cannot be selective or expect God to be selective in conferring the fruits of only PUNYA karma, which can happen only if one has done only PUNYA in all previous lifetimes!!

  6. Baba Appears as an Old Man

    By R. Radhakrishnan

    (Source Sai Padananda _ April 2002)

    Lovely temple for Sai Baba has come up at Mekkudi, 18 km from Trichy on the Madurai route. It is built at a cost 65 lakhs and it can accommodate over 500 devotees for congregation. Kumbabhishekam took place on 24th and 25th October 2001.

    On 25th October 2001 around 11 a.m., a tall bearded old man came to the temple. He was dressed poorly and was holding a bamboo stick of 7-ft height. His personality resembled Baba. On seeing him, my intuition prompted me that it is Sai Baba himself has come in that form. I received him with folded hands and made him sit on a vacant chair. I called Sai Bandhu K. V. Ramani and told him my feelings. He immediately took out an 'Anga Vastra' and bowed to him by placing it around the old man's neck. Then the old man pretended that his legs were paining and asked us whether Baba would alleviate his suffering. We affirmed that Baba would take care of everything. He then looked at Baba's idol and bowed to him. By then, my wife, a few devotees like Swaminathan came there and were quick to recognize the old man as Baba and prostrated before him.

    The old man told us that he has kept some 'kanikai', which he will bring it next time. He also told us that he has been visiting this place since a long time and declared that this is a sanctified place and the devotees who come to this temple will be blessed and their problems would be automatically solved.

    Then he received the prasad – sweet ‘pongal’. He put it in his upper cloth and took leave of us. He walked back to the entrance holding the bamboo shaft for support. Sri Swaminathan escorted him and at the exit door offered him a ‘dakshina’ of Rs. 10/- with reverence.

    Sai Baba appears in any form, at any time, at any place in the form of a fakir, Sadhu, dog, cat, pig etc., and blesses the devotees. We should be alert always to recognize Baba. If we are always thinking of him, then we would have his 'darshan' easily.

  7. Dear devotee 1 baba will surely bless you when time comes.devotee 2 so nice you got a chance o visit shiridi.Devotee dont worry i just remembered a chapter from sai satcharitha where baba cured epilepsy..dont worry baba will take care of your child read sai raam

  8. Dear 3rd devotee
    read this from satcharitha as mentioned in 26th chapter

    "Harishchandra Pitale

    There was a gentleman by name Harishchandra Pital in Bombay. He had a son, who suffered from epilepsy. He tried many allopathic and ayurvedic doctors, but there was no cure. There remained only one way of remedy, viz. resorting to the saints. It has been stated in Chapter XV that Das Ganu by his inimitable and splendid kirtans spread the fame of Sai Baba in the Bombay Presidency. Mr. Pitale heard some of these kirtans in 1910 and learnt therefrom and from others that Baba, by His touch and mere glance, cured many incurable diseases. Then a desire arose in his mind to see Sai Baba. Making all preparations and taking presents and fruit-baskets, Mr. Pitale came to Shirdi with family, wife and children. He then went to the Masjid with them, prostrated before Baba and placed his sick son on Baba’s Feet. No sooner Baba saw the child than an untoward thing happened. The son immediately revolved his eyes and fell down senseless. His mouth began to foam and his whole body began to perspire profusely and it seemed as if he breathed himself out. Seeing this, the parents became very nervous and excited. The boy used to get such fits very often, but this fit seemed to persist long. Tears began to flow ceaselessly from the mother’s eyes and she began to wail, crying that her condition was like that of a person, who being afraid of the robbers ran into a house which collapsed on him,or like a cow fearing a tiger, ran into the hands of a butcher, or like a traveller, who being tormented by the heat of the sun went to take refuge under a tree, which fell upon him, or like a devout person going for worship into a temple which collapsed upon him. Then Baba comforted her saying – “Do not wail like this, wait a bit, have patience, take the boy to your lodging, he will come to his senses within half an hour.” They did as directed by Baba and found that His words came true. As soon as he was taken into the Wada, the boy recovered and all the Pitale family, husband, wife and others were very delighted and all their doubts disappeared. "

  9. Om sai ram
    OM sai ram
    Om sai ram
    OM sai ram
    OM sai ram
    OM sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
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    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sao ram
    OM sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    love u baba.pls take care of everyone baba.thank u baba.

  10. Heartfelt please which I am sure our dear Deva would have already answered by now.

    To the first devotee, I too am pleading with Him but then I realize that my faith is not strong enough. I pray for all our faith in Him increases and he accepts our love and devotion.

    O Sai, we bow to You and surrender to You and beg You to strengthen our Faith so You may rain nectar on us 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  11. Maa please come. You know what I am going through Maa. Please help me bless me and make me completely alright my maa
    Let me b happy and confident
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  12. Maa
    Long back I had asked u to make M get a vehicle for R
    It has happened only because of you maa.thank u maa
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  13. This message is for the devotee who has shared the first experience.

    I have been through the phase you have mentioned many a times in life.But all I did was to remember God and beg his pardon.Not even a single moment I have thought that God will let me down.Baba as all knows tests our faith and when the test is over he hugs you tightly and gives you plenty.There are numerous devotees who have experienced this.It may feel like am giving the same advise but yes this is totally true.When you start putting faith on Baba you can slowly feel the transformation you are going through.Try to think of different ways to solve your problem.Baba will guide through the best way safely and beyond your imagination.Put your complete faith on him, think about him, breathe him, talk to him…he is always there.He might take some time to respond as patience is one of the virtue preached by Baba.

    • I agree with you completely, fellow Sai devotee. We should try to think of different ways of solving our problems.

    • no.he will not listen.he has his own favorites.does not matter if i live like hell,cry 24*7,beg like a begger,stop eating for weeks,try to kill myself…the thing is HE DOES NOT CARE.u r talking abt patience ,,m being patient for 10 years and hv seen only and only sorrows in since my childhood.i alwz try to b polite and good human being,dont hurt anyone not even insects.donate food and money as much as i cabale others but even after following his teaching he does not even look at me.he has been lying to be from so many years that yes u will get it and u will succeed but after believing his words i hv lost it.i dont even wat to do where to go.bcoz all i know his HIM but he is rejecting me,pushing me away i dont knw wat to do..m angry,disheartened,broken into pieces just finished.just want to die but he is so cruel he wont even let me die.

    • Hi there,

      You say you have been patient so far, 10 years is a really long time, I agree…and still your good time has not come? makes me wonder, what might be missing ……………could it be the other paisa that Baba asks i.e. Faith, Shraddha!!… might be just on the edge of a turnaround of your time for good; keep faith, if you do; the bad phase would not feel a burden………….He will keep you in good stead.

      May Baba end your troubles soon!!

  14. What could have i possibly done to deserve this hell I have created for myself in my head? Why aren't you helping me. I am miserable, and no matter how positive and how I try to focus on something positive, after a few days I break down and realize that nothing is going to be ok. Why are you not answering my prayers? So many prayers… Just give me this one thing I have asked for. It's not in my control. Please. I am begging you. I hate crying and being miserable. I have given up all my vices, except one, and even that I am reducing. But I am seriously just tempted to be like, what the hell, and go drown my sorrows in a bottle, or drugs. Because my head won't stop.

  15. sai baba please protect that baby.please give him good health .
    please give happiness to that family .
    Please baba. what ever sin the baby has remove it .let him not have any more pain.please baba

  16. Baba,

    Please take care of my daughter health and show us a path to cure my daughters neck issue..Dont leave us..thanks baba for everything.please be with us always..

    love you baba

  17. Baba is there everywhere…Antaryami..please protect everyone and keep them you so much baba..

  18. Exp 1 : Shirdi trip will give you peace of mind, and relieve you from all the difficulties, plan.. and pray baba for permission. Om Sai Ram.
    Exp 2 : Lovely experience. Om sai ram.
    Exp 3 : Udi mixd with water for your baby. Om Sai Ram.

    Sai baba bless us all . Sai ram.

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