How Sai Ma Relieve Me From My Pain

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Many has spread the important of Shirdi Sai few years back including my family but i didn’t pay attention to it as i was strongly believing a Guru’s teaching. I was so bias praying to this guru and think he is the only one who will help me until end of the world. Life went very smoothly until April 2013 last year when i suddenly has major health issue – neurology issue which i suffered and almost give up my life. The doctors have suggested sophisticated surgery with no promises on the result and it’s lifelong damage where i have to bear it forever. I always pray and beg for mercy from the guru that i was praying but i didn’t receive a simple sign of recovery. I spend lot of money and time trying to resort my health issue but I couldn’t bare the pain until i was making decision to end my life.

During this period, i had no believe in God, my guru and anyone. Somehow, during this period, i began to visit Shirdi Sai Mandir near my working place and make it a habit to visit every Thursday. At peak of my pain, i went one Thursday and beg Him and cry to relieve my pain as i couldn’t bear the pain and recover me as i feel want to continue living as i have many responsibilities as a daughter, wife and mother unfinished and it’s sin if i leave this world without finishing my commitment. The moment i reach office and seat at my desk, i was still thinking of Shri Sai, at least You show Your mercy to me. My X-team mate who used to work with me suddenly appear at my workstation and mention “Are you suffering still from the pain, I will bring you to a place where you will get relief. It’s traditional medication which has worked for many, why don’t you try”. At that moment, i knew it’s my Shri Sai who send her to help me.

Without even asking any details, i agreed. To cut the story short, i went for few session of the traditional medication and the pain reduce dramatically within 2 visit. Once i recovered, i stop the treatment and always read 108 Sai mantra everyday and keep applying the heat from the lamp which is next to Sai Statue to the affected area. Now, it’s been almost a year, I have been living without any pain. Oh Sai Nath, You are pure, divine and so loving athma in this world that grace and bless all the living creature in this world when they seek for Your blessing. Shri Sai Nath is the best doctor and best friend a universe can get. He don’t ask any fees for His Darshan but only ask us to live our life with good values. Om Shri Sai Namaha

Sai Helped Me So Much

Anonymous Devotee from US says: Sai Baba helped me so much, I failed in 14 subjects in all semesters. I cleared all my subjects with in one semester. I used to do Sai Vrat. I am very poor student. I am working in USA. I am one of the good employee in company. He helped me financially. He is helping me to raise my kid with good attitude and manners. I want Sai help all my life and also I want Sai to help others.

Baba Helped Me To Find A Job

Anonymous Devotee from Nepal Says: Please do not disclose my name and email id. First of all i want to thank all the people associated with this site for providing us with a wonderful opportunity of sharing our experiences with each other. I have always loved Baba and have been worshipping Him since my childhood. But it was my sister who brought me more closer to Baba. She was the one who let me know about Sai Satcharitra and downloaded it for me. Since then i have been regularly reading Sai Satcharitra. Whenever i feel that i am in trouble Baba makes me realize that He is with me.

I completed my engineering last year and was looking for a job. As i belong to a middle class family finding a job was really very important for me. I tried a lot but could not find a job. I was starting to feel that i would never find a job and would never be able to support my parents economically. The only thing in my mind was my job and career. All these thoughts were taking over me. I was totally depressed. I could not even sleep at night. I then started my Nava Guruvar Vrat. By Baba’s grace in second week of my Vrat i was reading Sai Satcharitra and suddenly got the news that i was selected for the job of a technical assistant in a government bank whose interview i had given earlier. My interview did not go very well so i was not sure if i will get the job. But only by Baba’s grace i got the job that too with salary scale much higher than my expectation. Today i have completed my Nava Guruvar Vrat and am sharing my experience with you all. Om Sai Ram. Ananta Koti Brahmand Nayak Raajadhiraj Yogiraj Parabrahma Shree Sachidanand Sadguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai

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  1. I am trying to post my experience for a long time, but whenever I open the submission page, my Internet crashes. Please let me know if I can send my experience by email. Thanks a lot. Om sai ram

  2. Very nice experiences.

    O Sai, bless us to be Your true disciples who think, speak and do only good and spread Love 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  3. Sai Baba's Blessings

    By Sai Mani R. Jaya Mani

    "Mentally I have renounced everything. I give no importance to any lesser duty, but have devoted my attention wholly to Thee – to loving Thee and serving Thee. I love not crowds, but crowds of souls who love Thee. Bring no one to me who loves Thee not, who does not want to love Thee. Draw only those souls who are seeking Thee, or in whom the desire for Thee can be kindled. I want naught from other human beings but to talk with Thee in them, and to quaff Thy love from the cups of their hearts.

    •Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda "The Divine Romance"

    Belong to a staunch Vaishnav Brahmin family hailing from Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. In the forties, my father was working as a local fund auditor at Cuddaiore, South Arcot District of Tamil Nadu. At that time, Sri Narasimha Swamiji halted at Cuddlore and was doing Sai-propagation for some days. My uncle and my elder brother used to attend his lectures and pooja regularly and give my parents the gist of the lecture everyday.

    After one or two years, it so happened that I fell ill for about a month. Due to high fever, my condition became serious and the Doctors advised my mother to take me to the Municipal Hospital immediately. At that time, my father too was out of station. My mother prayed to Sai Baba and vowed that she will do His pooja regularly, if I recovered. She also made a vow that she would change my name from Jayamani to SaiMani in that eventuality. By Baba's grace, my condition became better before next day morning and there was no need for my hospitalization.

    After some time, we came to Madras from Cuddalore and we regularly visit the Sai Mandir at Mylapore from then onwards till date. I have the fortune of having ‘darshan’ of Sri Narasimha Swamiji only once in my life, a few months before his 'niryan'. I am also Fortunate to have received a copy of 'Kann Kanda Daivam1 {a book in Tamil by Sri S.Seshadri) from the holy hands of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji in 1973.

    Sai Baba always fulfills the desire of His true and sincere devotees, if they really deserve what they wish. He has made me participate in several Sai Devotees conventions and taken me to Shirdi in His own inimitable manner. Let us earnestly follow Baba's teachings and become His true devotees.

    A rock is broken to pieces and turned to dust by the force of running river over thousands of years. Similarly, even the most evil person, can transform him and attain liberation by constantly remembering God.

    Gurudasa: Life and death are but different phases of being. You are a part of the Eternal Life.

    Sri Paramahansa Yogananda: Just as dried pith and cotton, when we put to fire, are instantaneously burnt into ashes, so the accumulated past work of the knower, is burnt up by the fire of true knowledge.

  4. Dear Sai devotees, I have a doubt. Please clarify it. Whenever I see our Sai's idol, I always imagine that I too offer him a colourful cloth to wear some day. I have never visited Shirdi. But I want to visit it. If Sai wishes and calls me to Shirdi in the future, I will offer him a cloth with his blessings. My doubt is can we buy the cloth anywhere and take it to shirdi or is it compulsory that we buy the cloth only in Shirdi? If I wish to offer the same type of cloth for Sai's idol as well as for samadhi, how long should the cloth measure? Where and whom should I hand over the cloth to? Please answer all my questions and tell me if you have more information regarding cloth or any other offering to our Sai. Please.

  5. Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    Om sai ram
    love u baba. pls take care of everyone swami.thank u baba

  6. U only gav me pain… no more i trust u baba…..u made my life so painful…..i am leaving u frm today bye baba…take care

    • Whom so evr u r….i am telng baba to take care in a positive way….i am a devotee frm my childhood to him….i only know hw much painful it is to me to leav him….in a positive note am i telng baba ki i am leavn u u take care….he was always my frnd i always speak to him as a frnd…….if u r realy a baba devotee try to undrstnd the realtnshp btw the devotees n baba and there pain as well dnt pass comntz as u feel like

    • So whom do you trust then ? I am not sure how old are you, but be patient . And from the other end, you need to have your efforts at whatever your problem is, you can't jsut wait for Baba to come and do magic. It's just my two cents. If you are not handicapped and all the body parts are functioning properly then all you need to ask Baba is to give you confidence and make your fearless to face your situation. Thinking you are positive person, hoping you will take in a positive way.

      Om Sai Ram !!

  7. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Baba Gholap*****
    In Nasik, Maharashtra, there was a Brahmin named Baba Gholap, well versed in
    the Vedas and Shastras. He stayed in an ashram, which he had built. On account of
    severe penance two good qualities, humbleness and impartiality were borne in him. He
    was in search of a Guru. One day as usual, when he went to Godavari River to take a
    bath, Sri Swamiji manifested in the form of a divine ascetic with long arms extending
    up to the knees, gave him the divine Darshan, and said, “I am a resident of Akkalkot. I
    have come here to favour you with the fruits of your deeds”. So saying Sri Swamiji
    cleared all the doubts from his mind. Sri Swamiji blessed Gholap and vanished.
    When Gholap went to Akkalkot and took Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’, he reached the
    highest state of meditation in which he achieved unity with the Absolute. Sri Swamiji
    gave his Padukas to Gholap. Gholap came back to Nasik, installed the Padukas of Sri
    Swamiji, and built a temple. Then he renounced all worldly ties and accepted

  8. Baba please help to search good life partner..
    Baba has helped me alot.. I lost my father last year.. But baba standing beside me and helping me in every problem..
    Love u baba
    Om sai ram

  9. plz devotes help me to know 1thing..tht…when we perform sai vrat..our wishes will fullfill within 9weeks..once we complete 9weeks still our wishes or not yet fulfiled…does it mean it will take some more time to fullfill orelse…????

    • Dear Devotee,

      There is no such RULE that our wishes will be fulfilled within 9 weeks. Baba knows BEST for us. Most of the time based on present situation we wish for something that proves to be "disastrous" in future. Baba will take care of everything.


  10. इतनी दया क्या ये कम है साईं बाबा, जो चरणों में तेरे ठिकाना मिला है,
    बड़े भाग्यशाली हैं सब "साईं भक्त" बाबा जी, जिन्हें आपसे दिल लगाना मिला है ॥

    बोलिए श्री साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

    एक खूबसूरत सा रिश्ता है मेरे और साईं बाबा के बीच में,
    ज्यादा मैं मांगता नहीं और कम वो देते नहीं।
    ……बोलो साईं नाथ महाराज की जय

  11. Jai Sai Ram,

    I would like to make a general suggestion here after i have been reading many comments in this forum. Some devotees are asking Baba to grant them Love, meaning to make their love successful, some are asking to make a muracle happen, some are even blaming Baba for their failures and some decided to stop worshiping Baba.

    I would like to say that, all of us are Baba's children and every one has a right to ask the God what he or she likes but the point is you need to have 2 things, faith and patience. If you dont get what you desire doesnt mean that Baba doesnt love you or he didnt listen to your prayers, it simply means we dont deserve it or it is not a worth for us. Baba knows very well what we can take and what we cant. I would simply say that, pray to Baba, work hard and leave it to sai. Baba will never let any one down. However, we should pay our past karmas. I suffered for 15 years that doesnt mean every one will. From my experience, if we are kind and generous then Sai is your saviour. Try to be as much honest as you can be and always be a helping hand. Baba will follow you and always stay beside you. Please practise Faith and patience. Jai Sai Ram

  12. Baba it is very painful to face the rejection from the person who has shown so much love. I want to run away from all these. But I am unable to. Plz be with me. You are my god, father, brother, friend n every thing for me. Why are you giving so much pain. I am unable to bear this. Plz help me.

  13. Sai baba,

    Please be with us always and help our family and parents…Please give good solution to my daughter's neck problem…You are always with me…

    thanks baba and love you baba

  14. you are the antharyami are everywhere..i don need anything.. ur love is enough for me..pls protect u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much baba..

  15. Jai shree ram, shivaya namaha, jai hanuman, jai ganesh, dattatreya, tirupati balaji ki jai, baba ki palkhi, jai durga ma, jai muruga

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