A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 669

Very Special Darshan Presented By Sai To Me

Anonymous Devotee from India says: My sister got married in the month of febraury 2014. We all went to shiridi in the month of may for baba darshan.

We took baba darshan for four times. Even then I was very depressed because of my mother’s health. That time my sister got married and she is leaving to her in laws house and i am leaving to banglore for job. I left really bad as we both are leaving my mom alone. We finally went for last darshan before leaving shiridi and the que complex was very crowded and i lost hope. We returned to mookh darshan and there i slept on my mother’s lap and started crying. Suddenly a guard over there called me and said immediately all of you go and join the que with in 15 minutes the darshan will be over and i am sure about it. Listening to his words we got shocked but we thought we will give a try. Really we all got the last darshan before leaving and that was memorable and then i felt my sai will never leave me and he will be always with me. Jai sai ram. Jai jai sai ram. Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadi raja yogi raja para bramha sri sachidanandha samardha sadguru sainadh maharaj ki jai.

Sai Baba Cured My Mother’s Health Problem

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Firstly I came to know about Sai baba in the year 2007. The college which i studied my degree is “Sri Sai college for women”. From that day i became a Sai’s daughter and i was not having much devotion towards Sai before as now. I am really regretting for that every time. Now i have full faith and devotion to Sai which i can’t express in words. Let me share with you all my experience. I have tons of Sai baba’s miracles happened in my life i am sharing one of my recent miracle/experience to all. Last week Friday i.e 28th march My mother suddenly fell sick (fever and cough) Since my mother is a diabetic patient, she is having kidney infection. On top of that she got fever as doctor had told us my mother should not get these types of illness and it is very dangerous for kidney function. I was so much worried about the doctor words and about my mother’s health. But i never lose my hopes on My GURU SAI BABA. My heart was telling Sai is there why are you worrying then i put all my burdens on Sai Baba and prayed to him sincerely to reduce my mother fever and other pains. He finally cured my mother’s fever and throght pain. Now my mother is normal, active and HAPPY. This is all because of Our SAI BABA he never let us down in any of our bad times we should have faith (shradda) and patience (saburi). I am very happy that my mother’s health is normal now as before. I don’t know how to thank Sai Baba for this miracle i know just thanks is not enough, All i can say is i will do your SEVA till my demise (last breath) and i will pray Sai Baba to bless me in my next birth too as his devotee. I just want to be your devotee in all of my births and want to stay at your lotus feet. Please bless my mother with a good health this is all i want for my life. Please call us (me and mother) to Shirdi soon, we want to see you Baba. Anantha Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajahiraja Yogiraja Parabramha Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai. Om Sai Ram.

Thanks to Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Om sai ram I am anonymous devoyee of sai from Ghana. I want to give my deep regards to Baba for fulfilling my wishes.I want to thank my Baba who is always with me and my family. Baba thank u so much for everything.I want to share my biggest experience here. I was not a big devote of Baba before some time. I visited shirdi three four times before marriage. My father is a devotee of sai Baba. I use to go with him.But that were only normal visits for me.From last 3 to 4 months I am attached to Baba like a magnet. I don’t know how this happens to me. I will give thanks to one of my friend who inspire me for this.May God fulfil her all wishes.Now Baba is everything for me.sai chalisa , sai vrat, live darshan of shirdi , sai satcharitra all this is my daily routine. My experience is that Baba makes my daughter Ghana’s national champion of spelling bee.Now she is the one who represent this country in Washington D.C and I am sure Baba will not leave her hand over there. She will win there also.I have full faith on my Baba. I will request to all the devotees that always keep patience and faith on Baba.Baba is every where. May Baba fulfil every one wishes. Shri sachidanand satguru sai nath maharaj ki jai.

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    baba love u &thank u for everything baba.pls take all of us.

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  3. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Jujube Tree*****
    Ramkrishnarao Sirdesai from Mumbai served in Department of Railway. He had
    no children. So he came to Akkalkot along with his wife Annapoornabai. Sri Swamiji
    said “Render your service to Jujube tree, then you will get a son with the radiance of
    fire”. However, Ramkrishnarao came to know that nobody goes round a Jujube Tree.
    Therefore, his wife Annapoornabai started going around the Peepal Tree instead. This
    did not serve any purpose. He asked saints and ascetics about this Jujube Tree. An
    ascetic named Brahmanand told him “You have not understood fully the true meaning
    of Sri Swamiji’s words. Sri Swamiji calls Saint Sri Swamisut as ‘Jujube Tree’.”
    Ramkrishnarao along with his wife went to Sri Swamisut’s Muth and started rendering
    devotional service. In due course Annapoornabai gave birth to a son, by the kind grace
    of Sri Swamiji.

    *****Prasad of Bones*****
    A lady of Lingayat merchant community was childless. She came to Akkalkot to
    offer her prayers to Sri Swamiji. At the time, Sri Swamiji was sitting in the locality of
    Mahar community. A large bone piece lay nearby Sri Swamiji. Sri Swamiji picked up this
    bone and gave it to the lady with blessings and said, “Take this boy”. However, the lady
    thought that touching the piece of bone, which had contact with untouchables, would
    pollute her. She did not go forward to accept the bone piece offered by Sri Swamiji.
    At the time a lady belonging to the Mahar community, was sitting nearby and
    she had no children as well. She prayed to Sri Swamiji “Maharaj kindly bless me with a son”. So she extended her Anchal198 with an earnest prayer. Sri Swamiji was pleased
    with her prayer and put the bone piece in her Anchal instead. By the kind grace of Sri
    Swamiji, good fortune dawned on the lady from the Mahar Community and she gave
    birth to a son.

  4. Saintsby Leeladhar V Vwork jointly – Important work for Bapusaheb Buty

    Saints work jointly and their interest is that humanity progress and devotees progress on their spiritual path and the world is a good place to live. So for this purpose they work jointly with the common objective of the Universal good.

    In Chapter 12 of Sai Satcharitra Sai Baba gave darshan of Guru Gholap to Mule sastry and removed His ego. In Chapter 24 Sai Baba identified Himself with Akkalkot Maharaj and helped Harishchandra Pitale recollect the Rupees two given by Akkalkot Maharaj to Pitale’s father and thus helped Harischandra Pitale to restart the puja. Similarly in Chapter 21, there was a gentalman in Vadagaon near Belgaum (Karnataka) who rose to become a Deputy Collector met the Saint Appa Maharaj who was explaining Vichar Sagar and at Para 34 the saint said to the gentalman “…when you proceed towards northwards on your way, you will, by your good fortune have the darshan of a great Saint”. In course of time through Nana Saheb Chandorkar he goes and meets Sai Baba and now see what Sai Baba says in Para 62 “What the Kannad Appa told you was climbing the Ghat mounted on a he-buffalo. But it is not easy to tread on this path. Here it is inevitable that one wears out the body in hard toil.”

    This are only some small incidents which are mentioned in Sai Satcharitra. There are many incidents which are not recorded in the Sai Satcharitra. During Sai Baba’s time there was another great saint called Gajanan Maharaj at Shegaon in Maharastra, He was also like Sai Baba of Shirdi. Radhakrishna Mayi, Bapusaheb Buty among others were among His devotees and after Gajanan Maharaj’s Mahasamadi they came and settled down in Shirdi at the instructions of Gajanan Maharaj.

    Shriman Bapusaheb Buty who built SAI's Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi was at one time very much devoted to SHRI GAJANAN MAHARAJ of Shegaon. Besides Buty's frequent visits to Shegaon, SHRI GAJANAN MAHARAJ HIMSELF also once visited Nagpur and stayed at Buti's house. During this visit MAHARAJ repeatedly emphasised upon Buty to settle in Shirdi and serve SAI as he had a very important work there which of course HE did not reveal. Later, after GAJANAN MAHARAJ attained Samadhi in 1910, Buty settled in Shirdi and served SAI. The important work of Buty was of course building SAI's Samadhi Mandir at Shirdi. So its clear that the planning of SHIRDI SAMADHI MANDIR was 1ST conceived at Shegaon and that this noble work was to be entrusted to Buty.


  5. Om Sai Ram

    Please help how to submit your experience on this blog.
    I am regular reader of this blog but i really want to know how to submit experience over here.

    Please Help. OM SAI RAM

  6. Sai I have many things to ask. Please give my nephew his parents' care. He is just a little boy yearning to be with his parents. Since his birth, he is separated from them. I can't bear this. He is like my son. I want him to have his parent's care and love. Please bless the child.

    Please give my brother a good job. Since we were in poverty, he couldn't study much. Now he is jobless and having a hard time. Please make him change and give him a good job and help him give good education to his little son.

    Please give my mother and mother-in-law good health and happiness.

    Please give my husband a better job. He lost his father when he was little struggled a lot in life. Please bless him to be debt-free and happy.

    Please baba. Give me all these.

    • Dear devotee, sant shri Asaram Bapuji is suffering all these things from almost 1 year. Their devotees r supporting Sai baba. These r political stunts nothing else. These politician can do anything 4 their 'kursi'. Hindus r in danger. So believe in guru not in political stunts. Om Sai Ram

    • baba give sadbudhi people who really don't know anything about dharma and god..so no argument require here…if they say anything about baba it's not effect baba but they dividing people and make them fight for god..it's really sad.. om sai ram

    • Today We Hindus r running behind money. Baba always speak abt spiritualism. Most of the Hindu community serve baba n politician n other ppl want money of Sai sansthan. Sudarshan TV create a program on Sai baba. The anchor is also from Shirdi. They shows some facts behind this political stunt. They want money. Janendra sarasvatiji, sadhavi pragya Ji, sant Asaramji Bapu etc r innocent n these politician defame them coz of breaking Hindus trust on saints. Court declared that janendra sarasvatiji, pragyaji r innocent. So plz its a request leave them n trust in guru n true saints. Hindus r so iinnocent plz mil kar rho, apne daram ki raksha karo, Sai baba khud mil kar rahna sikhate h. Respect ur culture n saints. Plz support Hindu saints. Om Sai Ram. Sai ko b unki hayati me logo ne khub tang kia, aaj b sant Asaramji jaise sant ko bina karan tang kia ja rha h. Divide n rule kar rhe h politician. So apne santon par vishwas rakho.om Sai Ram

    • Though i agree with all the above statements, I really cannot understand how people can still say HIndus are in danger or please support HIndu saints. Is this what we are learning from Sai teachings. I have learnt just one thing from all that i have got from Sai Baba and that i is "we are just humans". there is not and can be not any other religion greater than Humanity.
      Yes we need to have faith in our guru and ignore the people who are trying various things to get people stop worshiping Sai Baba. But the faith that people have in Baba is soo strong that its very tough to even shake it…. leave alone destroy it 🙂

      I apologize if i have hurt anyone.

    • Hindus r in danger means we don't respect our religion, culture, saints. We r not baba. Sai baba is bramgyani . Only bramgyani can realise who is real saint , v can't. Baba never tell there pupils that leave ur religion, he always encouraged them. Yes humanity is must. But if someone is making u foolish in form of humanity than plz save ur culture. Baba never said don't worship me according to Hindu culture, he always encouraged ppl. M sorry I don't want 2 hurt u guys humanity is all above but if someone is making u fool than plz jago. Politician n other ppl who they want only their profit they r destroying Hindu religion n culture. Save ur saints, save ur culture. If I hurt someone than sorry. Baba never says leaveur drama. yes first v r human, par kuch log aapke in emotions na fayeda uthate h to bacho unse. Sirf Hindu hi bevkuf bante h coz of their nobility. Om Sai Ram. Kisi ke liye bura na chaho , na karo, par apne ko b koi bevkuf na banaye. Jai Sai Ram.

    • Hello again,

      Am sorry my intention was not at all to hurt you, but i must say, i am still not on the same page with you. Maybe you are right in your place 🙂

      but when you say "But if someone is making u foolish in form of humanity than plz save ur culture", my point is exactly that our culture itself (adhering to our religion) should be humanity and also when you say "Sirf Hindu hi bevkuf bante h coz of their nobility", mai aap ko yaad dila du ke iss vaqt confusion Swamiji ke vajah se hee ho raha hai…. and though i am pretty sure ke iske peeche political haath hai… i am afraid, hame ek hoke aur sirf aur sirf "Sab ka maalik ek hai" yeh yaad rakhke aage badhna hoga.


    • Meri Kal post publish nhi hui. May b Hetalji ko kuch thik na laga ho. Ujwalji Sant Asaramji's pupils r supportingour Sai baba not sankarachayaji. Sankaracharyaji political funds me ulajh gaye. Anyways Sai baba sabka malik ek kaye ya Asaramji bapu Sabka mangal sabka bhala ho ye kahe hum log ko ache santon ko respect dena chahiye this is basic point. Coz saints has no religion , Bramgyani sant sabke h koi b religion ke log ho unke liye samaan h. Par kafi tym se ye political game me sad I Pragyaji, jaynendra sarasvatiji, Bapu Asaramji, Ramdevji etc ko fasa dete h, baad me court unko innocent kahta h. So m hurt coz v r not supporting our saints. Sai baba ne b yahi defame saha. M ok with ur post. Om Sai Ram. Saiji sabko satbudhi se.

    • Oh! Sorry Hetalji my mistake maine notice nhi kia mera comment publish hua h. Thnx a lot Sai ki Diwani. Love u too u r very sweet dts y Sai loves u. Om Sai Ram.

  7. i have promised baba that i wont commit sins anymore..but today i have committed it..i am feeling very guilty..will baba execuse me for this??

  8. Baba, please bless my mother. She is suffering from knee pain from long time. She visited all the doctors and took medicines but there is no relief. Please help her….I pray to you Baba..

    Om Sai ram!!

  9. Wonderful experience. O Sai, we surrender ourselves to Your Lotus Feet and give as dakshina our mind, body and ego. Bless us O Sadguru with an abundance of faith and oodles of patience.

    Jai Sairam

    • i recently experienced blessing of baba
      our fan was not working, i just said sai s name and it started working
      i have so many other things to share
      thank u sai
      please keep ur blessing on us like this always
      waiting for sai to fulfill our desire and order for writingour experience

  10. sai baba please take care of him. he is suffering baba. please make my memories from him. i cant see him suffering. he does not deserve this. please baba

  11. baba . im suffering. he also spoke like him
    y baba .again this in my life/
    ,.made him cry. kill me pls .
    what is the use me living.making others cry.
    what did he do for u. y is he crying .

  12. It is odd that there is a muted response from mother sai's children when this Swamiji is tarnishing our Sadguru without an iota of realisation. What can we do to stop this misery ? Sai is as important as our parents and why are we not vocal enough. I wish Narasimha Swami is around to address these baseless allegations. OM Sai Ram

    Sai's child

    • Dear Anonymous, i am a staunch believer/devotee of our Sri Shirdi SaiNath..however, most of the people have hastily judged what the Shankaracharya has said. As per the video i saw, he is saying that RITUALISTIC worship IN TEMPLE for Sri Sai Nath is not prescribed or mentioned in any of our scriptures and shastras and therefore not a Hindu concept or correct. He only asked Hindu temples to abstain from keeping Baba's idols in the temples and offering of traditional worship but instead to have SEPARATE temples for Sri Sai Baba and worship Him there. He has asked the idols removed to be handed over to Shirdi Sai Temples for exclusive worship. Baba belongs to people of all religions yet He is not worshipped in mosques, churches or Jain and Buddhist places of worship. He also has not given any dictat to Hindus not to worship Him in their own homes, as they please.

  13. Sant Asaramji's pupils supporting Sai baba not shankracharyaji. So don't angry with my statements ujwalji. Saint bharat ram on his fb, Twitter account openly supporting Sai baba. Plz check their account n official site u ll b happy. M happy coz they r supporting Sai nathji. Om Sai Ram. Save ur saints plz they r our real money. Jai Sai Ram

    • Hello,

      No…please dont get me wrong. I am not at all angry with anyone 🙂
      I was just trying to put my views across.

      I am with everyone who believes in "Sarva Dharma Samabhav" and "Sabka Maalik Ek". I will definitely take your suggestion and read other Saints views on FB. thank you 🙂

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