Sai Baba’s Support During Heart Break & Rebirth – Experience Of Anonymous Devotee

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Anonymous devotee from India says: I am doing my masters right now in the UK and that is definitely because of Shri Sadguru Sai. Om Sai Ram. I came in contact with Baba three years back through a best friend of mine. It’s very strange because we were friends for three years but she told me only in the fourth year of our friendship. She gave me the Sai Satcharitra Book and asked me to read it daily and she said everything will go well after that. I was a great believer in God but really had no clue about the existence of Shri Sadguru Sai Baba, Who is now my sole protector. I adhered to what she said and actually started reading it chapter by chapter and sometime page by page. What I am going to narrate now is something what made me believe strongly in Sai Baba’s existence.

I probably did not know what crying was until the day I met this guy. I was someone who was always scared of commitments and hence ran away from even speaking to men with the fear that I might end up falling for the wrong ones. But destiny had it for me as I fell for this strange guy during work and that’s where the definition of terror seemed more pronounced in my life. He proposed to me like after 15 days of knowing each other. I don’t know but yes I was attracted to him in a certain way. I did not know what love was but I thought I was in love. It started off well like all relationships do in the beginning but after a year the actual journey on the rough road began. He started behaving weird in every possible way. He had once said I am Lord Lakshmi in his life and the next time onwards I only heard him abuse me and call me a slave. I had gotten very serious about him after the first year and he started to take me for granted. I was scared of losing him because in my knowledge he was my first love and I thought I should do everything to retain this relationship. He started using very harsh words and he started saying he will be with me if I am his slave. I don’t know how and why but I did listen to him and got treated that way.

I used to cry everyday to Baba asking Him to change the guy and make him treat me good. He also believed in Baba a lot and we even went to Baba’s Temple most of the Thursdays. I started believing him more because he was a Sai devotee but I was only being innocent I guess. He was very cruel and harsh. He sometimes went to the extent of cursing my family. At one point I even started feeling I might have to break up but when I spoke of breaking up he use to abuse me more and speak ill about me. So I decided this is my life and started living with it. I cried every day, I don’t remember a single day for 1.5 years that I haven’t cried, and almost every day I cried till 1am or 2am in the morning and then went to sleep. I even remember times when Sai Baba came in my dream and comforted me making me sleep on His lap. I use to confide everything to Baba and just go on. But somewhere, I did not want to lose him because it had been 2.5 years and I thought whether pain or gain I should not leave him. But I now feel he was prepared to ditch me because suddenly he left Bangalore and moved to his town and he said he was shifting so that he can talk to his parents about me and take me with him soon. I don’t know why but I believed him and after all this I was still prepared to be a slave and get tortured but I just wanted to be with him.

But, after he went there he changed, he changed to an extent where he never called me for weeks and when he spoke, he only abused me. Somehow two months after he left I convinced him to speak to his parents before I leave India as I was planning for my higher studies abroad. I even stopped praying, going to temple and said I would only go once his family accepts me. I never expected even in my dreams that Baba would let me down but yes he said his parents are not accepting me and he just left. If that was it, it would be fine but he insulted me saying that I am not beautiful and that’s why they don’t want me. This was unacceptable. I completely broke down on hearing this. Someone who ran behind me for a year saying I was the most beautiful girl just said I am not good looking and left. I was devastated to such an extent that I even was planning to cancel doing my higher studies. He broke up with me just before my Visa interview. Even after all this I attended my interview because there was a voice in my head that always told me “it shall pass” but your education should not be given up for the sake of anyone.

I was so dejected and I hated Baba because I thought He would help me and not give up on me but strangely He gave up on me and that’s what I thought then. I ran behind him for days, weeks and then two months after break up still called him as a small ray of hope but he turned out to be a crook. I was left in a state of dismay but strangely I never attempted for suicide. To be frank I had attempted for it when he was there in my life. After he left I cried, I was upset and even probably in a state of depression but never lost hope and now guys I proudly would say the strength was Sai Baba, the voice in my head was none other than Baba. It is said in the Sai Satcharitra book that one has to suffer his deeds of the past and even God can’t help him out because it’s Karma. It’s been almost seven months now and I am so grateful that the guy even came into my life because I learnt so much. Even though he left before my Visa interview as I mentioned, I went ahead and came for my studies. Staying alone made me strong, independent and gave me the superior power that a woman should have. I had lost self-respect and almost everything because I wanted to be with someone who treated me like a slave. Now I realise how important this life given to us is. I met people who taught me different things. I learnt how important family is and how they stood by me through thick and thin. I strongly believe that Karma is something one has to go through but with Baba holding your hands the dangers are comparatively less.

With personal experience I must say that I believe in the sentence “Sai Baba will do what is best for His devotees” but it’s unusual that people believe this or consider this because all of us only believe in what’s happening in the present and we curse God when we have problems and forget Him when we are happy. It’s human to remember God in times of trouble but we forget that it’s also human to appreciate and thank him for having protected us in the past. I would request all of you reading this to recall your past may be one incident at least where you feel you cursed God but today you feel it happened for the best. I bet, all of you will be able to recall one such situation. I am not saying I am very happy after he left. I still cry, I have other problems if you all think he was my only problem but Sai Baba is there with me to take care and I believe He will do what is best for me. These eight months were definitely tough but I am still there, writing this for all of you to read and learn that everyone goes through bad times but remember “it shall pass”. Your dreams will definitely take over the reality but remember they can be controlled and that can be done by doing “Namjapp” of Sai Baba. Om Sai Sai. Bow to Shri Sai, Peace be to all.

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    love u baba .thank u so much for everything baba.pls bless all of us .

  2. Soul-Elevating Shirdi-Pilgrimage
    Even though Samartha Sadguru Sai Baba had attracted me in 1971. it was Basheer Baba the saint of Ram Sai Nagar (A P), who had given impetus to me during his first visit to Calcutta Sai Samaj in October 1973. Since then the Sai-momentum is never lost in me.

    I pay my obeisance to Sai Baba at Shirdi each year without a break since 1976 in October-November by Saigrace. As usual, I had booked my sleeper berth for Bombay in September last to avoid Puja stampede at the booking office. Yet I could secure my berth only in "Gitanjali" (an inconvenient train for Shirdi-trip) and not in the "Bombay Mail" which would stop at Manmad unlike "Gitanjali".

    On 23rd Oct. '82, I boarded my train, and alighted on the next day at Bhusaval at 1.30 P. M. with a resolve to travel to Manmad by bus. When I contacted the ticket collector to get an endorsement on my ticket for the break in the journey, he obliged me. But after I left the building, he seemed to have had a second thought and hailed me back and advised me not to break the journey. He continued and said that "Giianjali" would just crawl at Manmad and I could easily avail it and alight from it at the station since I had had with me only a brief case. I took it as Sai-guidance. But only at Nasik Jn., I could alight from it when it was crawling and not at Manmad. I later boarded a bus bound for Shirdi at the Nasik Central bus stand and arrived at Shirdi the same night at 10. 15 P. M. just in good Sai-time to witness "Sesh Aarati". Again, Sai had blessed this child to witness it despite the obstacle.

    After offering my salutation to Sai Baba, I rushed to "'Shanti Niwas" booking counter only to secure a locker and not a. room. I slept peacefully and at day-break I began my Sai-hunt for my Sai-uncles Adya Prasad Tripathiji (Betul) and P. J. Reddyji (Hyderabad). It was with the kind understanding assistance of Shindesaheb I could locate Tripathiji without effort and Tripathiji in turn helped me to locate Reddyji. We thus became a trinity there.

    I have been nursing a desire for long to count the Sai-Hundi collections. It was fulfilled on 25-10-1982 at 8-30 A. M. through our able administrator Kakare Sahib. Tripathiji was hovering around the place when Kakresahib invited him too to share the Sai-fortune. It took us as many as two hours to count the huge treasure of Sai. I counted them thinking of Sai as our Sai was rubbing coins chanting His devotees' names for their welfare.

    • Aum Sai,

      Was looking for Saint Basheer Baba Maharaj info and couldnt find after googling. Would be Thankful if you could chare photos of Shri Basheer Baba and Saibaba Mandir built by him at Ram Sai Nagar, Prodaattur, Cuddapah A.P.


  3. Again my first child was ushered into this world on 14-8-1982 and we considered her arrival as Sai-Prasad and christened her Sai Deepa the name chosen by our Sai after casting the lot to Him before aarati was taken. I was always given accommodation at "Shanti-Niwas" unsolicited and this time I was offered unsolicited Sai-Prasad for my accommodation on 25-10-82. the day it was thrown open to the multitudes of Sai-devotees It is again a Saigrace, not a coincidence.

    While we three were moving about, we stumbled over the ailing Ram Baba and had. the Sailuck to get his blessing by a pat for each. Each year when we pay our visit to Shirdi, we behold better amenities. This year we felt happy when we could view the goings-on at Samadhi Shrine of Sai on the closed-circuit Television. It speaks volumes of Kakresahib's, Pathaksahib's. Shindesahib's and the Staff's devotion to their work and Sai-service to the Sai-devotees.

    On 7th morning, I boarded the bus at Shirdi at 8. 45 A.M bound for Manmad. But we were told that the bus would reach its destination within two hours only which meant that I would have to miss the Varanasi Express at Manmad. As Sai had helped me through the Ticket Collector at Bhusaval Jn, I was helped by Him exactly in a similar fashion this time also. When I alighted the bus at Manmad, the Varanasi Express was already parked there. I ran to catch it; but it had already started to chug along. I cast away my brief case and a bag into the compartment and dived into it with full force. If I were to miss, I would not be able to resume duty on 29th October. Such obstacles continued to shadow me and Sai also took care of me always.

    On my return journey to Howrah by Calcutta Mail, .a few kilometers away from Howrah at Tikiapara Stn. On 29-10-82 morning, the Mail screeched to a resounding halt. Later we learnt that it would not leave the spot for a long time as a local train had derailed at Howrah Station itself. Fortunately for us. another local train was approaching our station and we waved our hands to the driver and he, out of sympathy, halted it for us. It was not a scheduled stop, for it was coming from Uluberia Station.

    My Sai-Brothers can now realize that I was dogged with obstacles at every turn and Sai Baba saw to it that His child rejoined his family members safely and resumed duty in good time. j^
    (Source Shri Sai Leela – April 1983)


    Very Happy for you:)

    Yes Whatever Happens it happens for BEST.

    Learn you lesson from this relationship & wait your will get man of your dreams (Yes Girls it happens, I am married to one of those for last five years with Baba's blessings).

    Yes you are right that you let that person to mistreat you.

    You are right staying along you learn how strong & independent we can be ( Along with That I learnt that when you are alone in foreign country your only hope is GOD, in those times GOD really STANDS with you, as you don't have false hopes from the world & family). GOD is the only protector. & We learn it when we live alone.

    Very impressing story, same as mine, where I achieved everything ON MY OWN TERMS With baba's Grace & living alone in Foreign country.

    Girls, do not let others MIS-Treat you.

    Yes surely NAMJAAP is best thing that can help you to cross hurdles- its not from theory, but I practiced it MYSELF & IT made me CONQUER every possible hurdle in this world.


    Love to ALL, Peace TO ALL

  5. Best post ever. A good reminder to all of us. Love comes and goes only Baba is the real reality and the provider of the unconditional love. A pillar to all of us to hold on to him. Nothing is permanent on this earth, everything is temporary except your devotion to the Great Creator of the Universe. That pays you off in the end of the day. Moksha.

  6. Amazing experience and glad to see that Baba has guided you to safety from what was a disastrous relationship.

    O Sai, bless us, Your children, and protect us from all evil and harm, like a Mother does.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Dear devotee,

    I am really speechless reading your story with tears in my eyes and mind.
    This is exactly similar in my case with slight variations the face that i have a one side love and he does not seem interested in me.Even i am leaving abroad for my studies with a greatest heart break.I never know how am i going to manage this and cried even this morning.But after reading your story it was like baba advising me through you.I am also now very sure that baba is with me and doing the best for all of his children including me.
    Baba thank you baba i am coming to your temple today.Always be with me.You know the pain i am undergoing right now with no one to share.Please be with me baba please.

    And thank you once again for sharing dear.

  8. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Jahagirdar of Abdulpur*****
    In Abdulpur of Hyderbad State, under the then Government of Nizam, there was
    a Jahagirdar by name Deshpande who had two wives but no children. Deshpande was
    sixty year old. To earn God’s favour he went to the holy place Ganagapur in Karnataka
    State. There he got a vision in his dream directing him to go to Akkalkot. So he went to
    Akkalkot with his wives. After taking ‘Darshan’ of Sri Swamiji they stood in front of him.
    Sri Swamiji said, “If a hundred gold coins donated, you will get a brinjal
    (daughter) and if a thousand gold coins donated, you will get an elephant (son)”. And
    Sri Swamiji put a cocoanut in the Anchal of the first wife and then asked them to put
    the same cocoanut in the ‘Anchal’ of the second wife. Jahagirdar Deshpande worshipped
    Sri Swamiji in Shodshopchar way and arranged sumptuous meals to thousand
    Brahmins. Then Deshpande returned home by mentally offering continuous prayers to
    Sri Swamiji. Then in time, Deshpande got one son and one daughter by the kind grace
    of Sri Swamiji.


  9. What a lovely experience, thanks for sharing it and confirming our faith in baba, like many other devotees…Om Sai Ram

  10. Sai maa
    Please please be there with me showering your blessings on us and showing us the path of happiness and good health
    Luv u
    Falling at your lotus feet

  11. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
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    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  12. Om sai ram. This experience is a good example for all those who only demand what they want whether good or bad.

  13. Dear sister, your story is similar to mine. I guess many girls are going through this. I am happy to know how you face it. I wish you good things will start happen in your life and you will become stronger and happier. Sai will guide us all.


  15. Dear sister! Om sai Ram…
    Thanku Hetal di for creating such a wonderful pain healer blog reading which many soules are consoled and gain faith and courage to fight the tough times of their life.
    Tha story shared by sai sister above is same as mine. Only difference is I got married to the guy…I faced lots of difficulties vd the family and later they cheated on me..still after leaving there house I wept for him and thought to live a life of slave with the people. I am a independent garl still that time coudnt afford to leave him…IT am also persuing my higher studies and because of my inlaws and husband's behaviour hv left their home and staying with my brother. I believe babaji surely help his kids and never let them alone face the problem..I have full confidence babaji wud surly do the best for his children..I am also doing my studies and have full faith that h baba will bring stability and happuness in my life..May we all be blessed with sai baba ji grace…Thanks for sharing your story sister…Love you babaji

  16. Wonderful Experience!!

    Sai Baba, I should clear this interview today. Please help me!!

    Love you baba

  17. What all you said about baba is very true and very well narrated. May the best person come in to your life for such a caring person like you. I believe all the humans should learn to be independent which makes us strong. Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Baba you know me why I am posting this comment and what is my state of situation is. At some point in life I need an answer from you for the question I ask you now. Why should I give hope on something if some thing is not happening and I should take it as it might be bad for me if that happens, and think that may be you wanted to give me the best and wants to protect me. I don't worry about karma, if you say why should I fear when you are with me, why can't you make it happen by changing it good ? Why can't you change it good and give it back to me? I have the same innocent faith and love for him , which I have in you strongly. But y losing him alone is the left option ? Why can't you change something if it's bad into good and give it to me? Why is it always losing things are the only option? Why feeling compromised thinking you will give the best or better than this In my life is the only left option? My pain and questions are addressed to you since I believe you strongly that only you will be with me always.

    • Same here sister… i too ask the same question from Baba…. whatever it is im happy atleast Baba had not left me…

    • Hi Dear devotee,

      Greetings from me, and apology for replying so late to something you had posted a long time before. The reason I am replying is, I came across this post today, and by Baba's inspiration, i write, not only for you for hundreds of others who are maybe going through the same problem.
      When you ask why cannot Baba change the person to good and give it to me, it is almost like asking your mother to change an apple into a grape, because you like it. What is ours, will be what stays, and what is not, will never stay. Baba can force them to stay with you, and change them to be exactly what you want. But, tell me dear, is it worth it? The way we are, or how Baba created us, is dependant on a multitude of factors, on Karma, on rinanubandh. Do you really want Baba to alter everything that comes your way according to you, hence interfering in the karmas of all others who are going to be interacting with you in this existence? Think about it dear. Now, this situation seems very difficult. It feels like this is the only thing you want, but is it wise to take your judgement against Baba's?
      Shraddha is when we trust our Guru. Not just as a means of attaining what we desire, but also as acceptance, that whatever He does is good, and that is shreyaskar for us.

      I have been through the same problem as yours. I waited months, even years for things to change. I blamed Baba too, but like a sweet mother, He gave me a shoulder to cry on, and the strength to move ahead when I needed. After living through the whole situation, I must admit, it definitely did a lot more good to me than bad. I know now, that I am over one bad karma, I suffered the pain I had to, and a step closer to Baba, because I know, anyone in this world may forsake me, but not my Baba.

      Keep holding on tight to Baba. Instead of being adamant on what you want, believe that what is best for you, will come to you. Just Keep Faith.

      All my best wishes for a great future ahead.
      Om Sai Ram.

  19. A very nice experience dear devotee……..
    Even i am in love from a guy from past 4 years.And he is still waiting for me,for my parents to get convinced.Please pray sainath,to help me i request all the dear readers to pray for me.

    Om sai ram

  20. Hi Sai Ram! Very inspirational story.. I am glad you understood that it is karma and you will come out of it slowly but steady. I would say those guys who abuse women or girls, they have no future. When he will start paying his karma back he will surely remember your tears. Leave him and be happened to me as well. Now I am strong and more towards to sai. Sai pulled me towards him just like pulling bird with string. Do not let any damn guy to rule your life, you should rule their life. I think he was attracted you and then when he realise that you are serious about him, he started abusing you and that is the reason he ran away from you. Yes as another devotee said Do chant SAI SAI it will help you when you are going through your hard times. It is my experience as well. Good luck to you for your further study and be strong. Rest leave it up to sai he will take care.

  21. Dear sister, lts really heart touching. Yes, Baba does the best on a good time. All we need to have is shradha and Saburi.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Dear sister,
    My life experience is similar to u but happened 2 times, the second experience is from marriage, he used to treat me as a slave to the extreme point and it was only baba who got me out of that cursed relation and that evil family. just waiting for baba to completely turn my life. I had started to move on but still remnants of that cursed relation is there. Anyways, our baba will not let us fall for he is our faither, mother,guru,daivam,friend, everything.

  23. jai sairam. Baba pls help me at this tragic period of my life.I am suffering from fatal desease. pls cure me.please save me. I do not want to die leaving my 5 yrs old daughter alone in this cruel world. Baba pls cure me atleast for the sake of my child.please………

    • Be strong, Be determined to leave, will power is more important, and leave the rest to Baba. Om Sai Ram !!

  24. After 6 moths of Broken marriage, my husband left me with two kids, I felt like ending it all, i almost committed suicide because he left us with nothing, i was emotionally down all this while. Thanks to a prophet called saibaba of saibaba temple which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, I came across several of testimonies about this particular prophet. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer,and other sickness, some testified that he prayed to stop divorce and get a good paid job so on. He is amazing, i also come across one particular testimony, it was about a woman called trisha , she testified about how he brought back her Ex lover in less than 2 days, and at the end of her testimony she dropped his email.After reading all these, I decided to give it a try. I contacted him via email and explained my problem to him. In just 48hours, my husband came back to me. We resolved our issues, and we are even happier than ever. prophet saibaba you are a gifted man and thank you for everything you had done in my life. If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine prophet, Try him anytime, he is the answer to your problems. you can contact him on

  25. iam shocked to read this experience…..even iam suffering with the same situation since 7 months but prepared to move on with my life without him.but the pain is that iam unable to forget him.i can say sai satcharitra is the best medicine to come out of such situations.
    Next thing is that i have selected another experience (july 13) but this experience got opened.when i started reading its nothing but my story and understood that baba wanted to give me a message..thanks baba

  26. please sai baba give my mikun back.i have faith only on u.i have lost all my happy.i know it is quite impossible but plz sai ram plz return my mikun i love him very much he also loves me very much plz return my faith sai baba i dont know how to pray you also i dont know how to happy u? i am a stupid i am a fool i am so bad .plz give me punishment plz give my mikun i cant live without him plz sai ram my mikun loves u very much thats why i am believing u plz dont break my faith.i will be hopeless.plz sai ram give me my mikun and after my marriage i will go to siridi om sri sainathaya namah

  27. om sai ram. I am going through a false case please help me in not filing the case baba. I am scared of it. Please help me baba. You are my mother and father. I only believed in you that you would help me get through any problem. Please help me on this also baba.

  28. Hats off to you madam, Sai Ram!!..
    Sai Baba in his book Sai Satcharita said, that faith and patience of a person ultimately means the courage of a person, which is a must to win over any battles or obstacles that life offers, Baba must be super proud of you, i am sure!!, in fact i think he deliberately made me read your story, just to inspire me and cultivate invaluable values of faith and patience in my life!!..

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