I Love You My Lord and Surrender Myself At Your Feet With Body, Mind, Speech

Sai Sister from USA says: Hello Everyone, (Please keep my info anonymous) I live in USA for the past 12 years and I’m an ardent devotee of Baba, Baba is my everything to me, my father, mother, friend, without Him i’m nothing, He has always guided me on the right path even though sometime due to past deeds we tend to go on the wrong path, He sets us on the right path if we have firm faith and patience. I have been Baba’s devotee past 3 years and He has come into my life at the most difficult stage where no one was there for me except Baba and from then to now He is taking care of me every second, He never lets me down, He is my savior and has shown me many miracles so far but this is the most recent one which i promised Baba that i shall post once i get better but have delayed it by a week, Please accept my apologies Baba.

I was terribly sick last week and down with throat infection and was totally bed ridden for a week and even though i was taking medication and applying Udi on time to time still it wouldn’t abate , i couldn’t talk nor eat and I’m someone who cannot take any physical pain and Baba has always kept me away from health ailments as i have no support or anyone to take care of my daughter, if i fall sick , she will be left alone, i always prayed to Baba to keep me healthy so i can attend to my daughter’s daily needs etc, but then this sudden severe sickness must be due to some bad thing that i have done unknowingly or knowingly for which i seek Baba’s forgiveness and coming back to my sickness, the pain was unbearable and even my daughter was sick due to me and i could hardly open my eyes nor attend to her and on the third night as i was going through my phone ,i happened to see Baba’s live Shirdi darshan online and heard a beautiful Bhajan and i passed the phone to my daughter so she can have the darshan too , after the darshan we both slept after applying Udi and taking it by mouth and that same night i was cured within no time and was able to feel better. Baba had blessed us by giving His darshan and cured me the same night finally ending the pain, It was like i was in a different world and Baba has nurtured me and pulled me out from the pain the very moment. Although i was able to eat and talk but was very weak due to the strong medicines and sickness and i never fail to miss to visit Baba’s afternoon Aarti on Thursday.

I had planned it but by the time i finished my pooja at home ,i had no energy left and i also fast on Thursdays and also it was past Aarati time and i sincerely prayed to Baba, I always come to You every week and today i don’t have that much energy to drive to the temple, why can’t You come to see me today in some form or the other, Please come see me, and there goes the miracle, i had asked for a Baba calendar from a temple that i used to go in my earlier place and that day the calendar for 2014 had arrived, along with the Udi Prasad, I was in tears, i was so happy that words cannot explain my plight, Baba had come home to see me, even when i pen down these words, tears of happiness and love roll down my cheeks, Baba is my everything, I cannot imagine my world without Him, i wish and pray to Him that everyone in this world should trust and pray Baba so the world will be a better place, there won’t be any negative emotions or thoughts because where Baba resides there is no room for any negativity, He burns all evil, past karma and bad deeds in no time but all we need is Patience and Faith (Shradha and Saburi) He has always taken care or little things with outmost love and care like a father and mother takes care of their young ones,

I beg and pray to Baba to shower His Love and Grace to me and family always, in this birth and next birth and every birth we have and reside in our hearts and may we always remember His lotus feet to cross this materialistic world. “I Love You My Lord And Surrender Myself At Your Feet With Body,Mind,Speech” Sorry for the long story and Please forgive me if you see any mistakes and feel free to edit it accordingly. Thanks

Sai Baba Cares for Me

Sai Sister from India says: Though I have a number of experiences related to Sai Baba but here I am sharing a small one. For one month I was suffering from continuous fever, cough and cold. I tried many medicines but it was in vain. I went to doctor also but it didn’t work. I was completely fed up with all this. My condition went worse and I was thinking that I would be not able to give my mid semester exams. I was depressed thinking all this. Suddenly it came in my mind to have Baba’s udi. I prayed to Baba and took some Udi mixed in water in afternoon. And same day I started feeling better. Infact there was no fever at all. I was able to give my exams. This was just due to Baba’s grace. Sai Baba is always with us helping us in each and every phase of life. Sai Ram.

My Experience with Baba

Sai Sister from India says: I am from India married three years back and by Baba’s blessings I have a baby boy. So first of all heart full Thanks to My lovely Baba. I am a big devotee of Him since 2007. He has done what not, I can tell you plenty of miracles. My husband when he came to see me I was not interested to talk to him as proverb says luck will knock our door only once, previous day night Baba has come in my dreams just He did ashirwad then just like that everything went smooth. Secondly whenever I shift my house my Baba temple will be there. Thank You Baba.

Finally we took a flat and I am very fortunate we have Baba temple nearby my house and house warming ceremony was also luckily happened on Thursday. One fine day I was sleeping Baba came in my dreams dropped banana. Next month I got confirmed. So happy to say is I got delivered on Thursday and hospital name starts with Sai and my boy name is Sai. Recent experience I didn’t get periods for two months just I demanded Him that I should get it in two days. So sweet of my Baba next day I got it. Still there are lot of miracles happened and will happen even I have that much confidence. Finally He is simply superb. Love You Baba

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  1. Om SAI ram to all !!! Today mornig my 8 years girl had too much pain in her stomuch. I gave her UDI mixed water and aply some UDI on pain area. Then she went o School but crying with pain. I prayed to BABAJI and sent Mail to her Teacher that if she gonna be more sick then call me. She said ok. I wait Many hour for her call but she sent me Mail that my girl was Very good and played with other kids whole day. Thanks a lot my lovly BABAJI. Love You loads .


    This is the interesting story of L. Varadharajan Iyer of Mumbai. Rajan as he’s fondly called knew only the language of violence. He hesitated at nothing and spared no one. His family often was the target of his violent behavior; even his parents suffered his torture. His mother was quite a saintly person but that did not deter him from hitting her. On one occasion he had an argument with his elder brother and he flung a pair of scissors at him, and the wound required thee stitches in his waist. The police were a constant feature in his life.
    The turning point came in 1976, when a Parsi gentleman advised him to go to Shirdi. He introduced Baba to him by giving him a ticket of the movie “Shirdi Ke Sai Baba”. Thankfully he did watch the movie, and felt an incredible urge to visit Shirdi. Impulsively he boarded a bus to Shirdi, during the journey he was befriended by a family who looked after his needs and at Shirdi they introduced him to Sivanesan Swamiji.

    Swamiji looked after all his needs and advised him to sleep in the Dwarka Mai. That night he received the pain and violence that he had given to others all along. He hoped to sleep soundly that night instead he experienced some one drawing out with both his hands all the flesh from his heart and lungs; he could neither ward him off nor could he move. The pain was unbearably excruciating. The next morning he told Swamiji about his awfull experience, he said, “Baba has removed all you bad thoughts and violent behavior and burnt them in the Dhuni” From that day he changed for the better, and needless to say he became devoted to Swamiji and Baba.

    Rajan’s thoughts kept turning to Baba’s devotee Bhagoji Shinde. And he started working with Lok Seva Sangam a Leprosy Eradication Center at Sion Mumbai. There he met other Baba devotes and they often walked to Shirdi (Pad Yatra). On one such occasion upon returning to Mumbai he received a letter from Sister Rosmina of St Rapheal Convent asking him to join her in a project for Leprosy in Jambodhi near Indore. He didn’t hesitate to join her and the Nun was more that a mother to him. There he spent all his time and energy washing and cleaning the patients ‘non healing wounds with tender loving care. His days were filled with alleviating their pain and suffering instead of causing it.

    Each patient became a human being with worries and aspirations. Thus their children needed to be looked after. He got them admitted into a school in Pune that cared for such children. Thus he had to transport them to Pune at the beginning of the school year and bring them back to their families for their vacations. Some Baba devotees donated money and others donated grains and cereals, so the patients did not have to beg. Rajan was aware of how society viewed these patients, so he lived with them. Those who were cured but had deformities would cook their meals and every one ate together, and prayed together. He rehabilitated them to the best of his ability and taught them to grow flowers, vegetables, and started a successful Dairy Project. In the evenings they all met to sing Bhajans (hymns) and the group was named “Shri Bhagoji Shinde Sai Bavani Mandal”

    Rajan was very concerned about their recurring non healing ulcers. Then he heard that a doctor in Colombo Shri Lanka was very successful with Laser treatment and Acupuncture, so he went there and learned everything about it. He returned to Jambodhi and practiced all that he had learnt at Colombo. Even the most resistant non healing ulcers started healing and finally he had success.
    Thus 20 years passed after he first visited Shirdi and he is at peace with himself, for his violence has transformed into love, caring and compassion. This is a life that Baba would have liked and applauded. What a transformation to turn from utter violence to utter compassion.

    Ref God’s Rainbow written and compiled by Zarine Tarapore wala


    Blissful expereinces, But last experience was posted yesterday as first expereince?

    Its My BIRTHDAY Dear SAI JI & I m waiting for my gift Dear SAI JI.

    Love to ALL, Peace to ALL

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Om Sai Ram !!!!!!! Sure Baba's blessings are with you today and forever!!!!!!!!

    • Happy birthday. . 🙂
      Have a wonderful year ahead. . cheer
      Baba's blessings should always be with you..

  4. Baba.. today as you know ..I have 1st exam- paper 1.. please bless me to do very well in the exam. You only should hold my hand and make me to give my best.. (p)
    Falling at your lotus feet (f)

    • Thanks fot your wishes! !

      Baba.. the paper was tough.. but I have no fear for I have casted all my burden on you.. now everything is in your hands!! Do some miracle.. please baba.. I know that you can read my mind.. (p)

  5. Baba please save my life. I need you baba. PLease come Baba. I'm hopeless. Only you are there for me.

    Jai Sai Ram

  6. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  7. Jai Sairam,

    Baba saved me and my kid from an accident. My kid wanted to drink hot water she asked me i switched on the electric kettle. In the mean time i was busy with some other work by then the water became very very hot. I told my daughter to wait. Again i became busy with my work i didn't notice her. She lifted the kettle which is made of stainless steel and she didn't expect it to be so hot she just dropped the kettle down. Before I could reach her she dropped the kettle and luckily the water fell on my toes. Nothing happened to my little one. She cried so badly that i got hurt on my toes. It was jus a small burn i became alright in 10mins. I told her that baba has saved both of us. She looked at baba's calendar and thanked him.. Only baba can save and protect his devotees always. Thank you sai
    Jai sairam

  8. Wonderful experiences. Thank You O sweet lord Sai for blessing us and surrounding us with peace, love and happiness, we are forever indebted to Your lotus feet.

    Jai Sairam

  9. Babaji my maa
    Please please help me to recover completely my maa
    Remove my fear and panic my maa
    Please .Make me live happily and with boldness my maa
    Luv u so much
    Falling at your lotus feet

  10. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    There was a saint named ThakurdasBbaba alias ShreeKrishnaBaba in Mumbai
    who built a temple of Sri Swami Samarth. He was a devotee of Lord Dattatreya. He
    would always sing devotional songs from within his heart in the temple. Due to great
    misfortune he contracted leucodermia and white spots covered his entire body. One day
    Sri Swami took a burning wood from the fireplace and threw it towards Babaji. Babaji
    rubbed the firewood in to powder, then he added holy ash to it and then applied the
    mixture on his white spots. Within just a few days, all the white spots on his body
    disappeared completely.

    A man who belonged to a lower caste suffered from leprosy. He sustained
    himself by begging at holy places. Finally he reached Pandharpur in Solapur District of
    Maharashtra. There, Pandharinath Lord Vithoba157, gave visionary insight to this poor
    man asking him to go to Akkalkot where his disease would get cured. Nevertheless, the
    leper did not pay any attention to this advice. Then he got a second visionary insight saying the same thing. Therefore, finally the leper came to Akkalkot and started taking
    Sri Swami Samarth’s darshan, his Teerth158 and Naamasmaran. He continued his
    devotional service for three years. One day he was blessed by the kind grace of Sri
    Swami. At that time a Brahmin had come for Sri Swamiji’s ‘Darshan’. Sri Swami spoke
    to him “There is an old sandalwood tree in your backyard. Bring it here and give me a
    piece of that sandalwood”. The Brahmin did as advised and gave a piece of sandalwood
    to Sri Swami. Then Sri Swami gave that piece to the leper and said, “Rub this
    sandalwood and apply the paste on your body. The day when this piece of wood gets
    over by rubbing, that day you would be cured of leprosy”. With these kind blessings of
    Sri Swami Samarth the leper started applying the paste of sandalwood and the day that
    sandalwood got finished, his leprosy disappeared completely. After this, he continued
    his devotional service for few more days and then happily returned home.

  11. Om Sai ram!!

    I would like to share a recent miracle. I was sick from Wednesday and I had travel plans, flight from US to India on Saturday. On Friday it was severe, I was thinking that I may have to reschedule my saturday flight. I prayed baba that I should feel good by saturday morning and should have a safe journey. I applied UDI on Friday. As per baba's blessings, I was feeling good on saturday morning and had a nice journey.

    Thank you baba. You always take care of me!!

  12. Sai maa
    Really really sorry
    Please please don't be angry with me
    I will keep up my promise tomorrow
    Maa please let my new medicines give me relief from all my issues
    Please please please
    Luv u
    Falling at your golden feet

  13. Sai maa
    Really really sorry
    Please please don't be angry with me
    I will keep up my promise tomorrow
    Maa please let my new medicines give me relief from all my issues
    Please please please
    Luv u
    Falling at your golden feet

  14. Maa sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
    I will do it tomorrow
    Please hold my hand firmly maa
    Luv u falling at your golden feet

  15. I'm an ardent devotee of shirdi sai baba for the past three years. I want to share a dream with you all which I got. I'm at shirdi inside sai maharaj's durbar and I'm praying whole heartedly. I'm at the right side of baba's statue. Suddenly baba's face turns towards me and he is seeing me with a twinkle in his eye. I got shocked very much and I woke up from my dream. Please let me know the significance of this dream and why baba gave me such a vision. Om sai ram

  16. Baba, Please bless this ignorant soul in recovering the health as much as it can get better. Please let me drive through positive thoughts and far away from Negative one's . Please be my Guru and Guide me though the rough patch I am going through, I will be at your service all the time. Falling at your LOTUS feet. Please be my protector . Om Sai Ram !!

  17. Nice exp….i fl very happy and fl positive while m reading these experiences….baba bless me pa… please forgive me for all mistakes sai…

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