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Sai Sister from India says: I am from India married three years back and by Baba’s blessings I have a baby boy. So first of all heart full Thanks to My lovely Baba. I am a big devotee of Him since 2007. He has done what not, I can tell you plenty of miracles. My husband when he came to see me I was not interested to talk to him as proverb says luck will knock our door only once, previous day night Baba has come in my dreams just He did ashirwad then just like that everything went smooth. Secondly whenever I shift my house my Baba temple will be there. Thank You Baba.

Finally we took a flat and I am very fortunate we have Baba temple nearby my house and house warming ceremony was also luckily happened on Thursday. One fine day I was sleeping Baba came in my dreams dropped banana. Next month I got confirmed. So happy to say is I got delivered on Thursday and hospital name starts with Sai and my boy name is Sai. Recent experience I didn’t get periods for two months just I demanded Him that I should get it in two days. So sweet of my Baba next day I got it. Still there are lot of miracles happened and will happen even I have that much confidence. Finally He is simply superb. Love You Baba

Baba Udi Miracle

Sai Sister from India says: Hi, I am G.L Sai Sriya from Nagpur Maharashtra. I am in class 6. Our family are devotees of Lord Sai Baba. Here I am sharing my wonderful experience. Sorry Baba I did not post my experience earlier. On Jan 2014 that day I am ready for going to school. My mom was making my hair with two plates just like everyday my mom saw that on left side of my head at one place, I lost my hair at one particular area, we were worried and we immediately went to allopathic doctor. He said it was alopecia, it means particular area there will be hair fall and there is no treatment for this and we were upset .We prayed to Baba and we beg for His help. My mom told me to read Sai Satcharitra 15th chapter and everyday my mom started applying Udi on that particular part. Within a week slowly hair grew on my head because of Baba’s Udi it was possible. Otherwise I will never get my hair back. Thank You Baba for giving back my hair. Om Sai Ram. Be always with me. Om Sai Ram. Thanks for your team. This is my beautiful experience. We always pray Baba and a small matter also we are asking permission for Baba through question and answers website your Sai Every day we are watching Baba’s aarthi from Shirdi through online live darshan in early morning. I started reading and watching kakad aarti. My papa, mamma and I often go to Sai Mandir in Nagpur. Now we are waiting for another miracle/help for my papa transfer. He is staying three hour distance from NGP. Please Baba do the needful. My mummy always tells me Baba knows everything. He will give whatever we want at correct time and when the time will come Baba only knows. Thanks for everything Baba. Please always be with us. Please post this article and edit where ever you feel necessary.

Sai Listens To Our Prayers

Sai Brother from USA says: Hetalji, I always feel zealous about you, Baba has chosen you for doing a good work like this, I don’t know when He is going assign me some work. Thank you in advance for sharing my experiences, as I promised to share my experiences. Sorry for the mistakes and narration, I am not good at English. I am a healthcare professional living in USA from Jan 2008, came to know Baba in 2002 but become devotee from from late 2008. I am a devotee of Baba, believe in Baba’s presence everywhere. As you all know Baba never lets you down when you pray, I shared my previous experience in 2012. Two months back I did a professional mistake, by the time I realized it was little too late and I was in panic, which could have put bad remark in my professional license.

I was so much worried that, I lost control on everything. One good habit I have developed over the years, that whenever I am in trouble I utter baba’s name. I was praying Baba during the time. mean while in Q&A app in my phone I asked baba, I got answer which means ‘I walk 3 miles to save my devotee’, by Baba’s grace the problem got solved without any issues. In the same weekend I went to Baba’s temple nearby, I put GPS which showed the distance around 3 miles from the place where I work. And again last week I was in a different kind of professional trouble, I asked Baba in same manner (Q&A app), Baba gave me answer which means “problem will be solved and thing will be recovered”, true are His words the problem got solved and the thing got recovered. I can’t think myself out of both the problems without Baba’s help, I can’t think my life without Baba.

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  1. Beautiful experiences..!!
    Baba.. as you know.. exams are starting from tomorrow. So please hold my hand and make me write them successfully.. (p)
    OM SAI RAM (f)

  2. Baba's Wonderful Udhi


    What have you done for your son? What are you doing for him each day…? Do you give him each day a patient, sympathetic attempt to see life from his viewpoint? Do you nag at him about his faults, or are you wisely silent when you cannot truthfully praise? Do you hold up before him a high ideal toy trying each day to be in your own life and character all that you wish him to be?

    If my questions contain any hints that you can use, then seize them and act upon them without delay, it may take time, but if you never give up, but patiently, day by day, live before him according to your highest ideals, you will finally command his respect and influence his life. Example is better than a precept, influence is more far reaching than authority.


    It was 1964.The Olympic games were going on in Tokyo. India was not doing well in Hockey and it was feared whether she would even reach the final, let alone bag the gold medal. Meanwhile my friend Shri G.N. Rana, invited me to attend Sai Baba's Kirtan. With some hesitation I went there with my child. I saw one Sai devotee watching how 'Prasad' was being prepared for the occasion. Later the Kirtan started and I also joined it.

    If I remember it well, there was a small statue of Sai Baba, apart from His photographs. At the time I looked on the Statue and found something was attracting me towards it. What it was I could not realize it then, but to test Sai Baba as it were, I pledged there and then that if India won the gold medal in hockey, I would send Rs, 5/- to Shirdi. It was very funny on my part but it is a fact. India did win the gold medal and I kept my promise by sending an M.O of Rs. 5/- to Shirdi.

    It was 1986.1 had some stomach trouble for some time, I was advised by doctor that I should never keep my stomach empty. So whenever I felt pain in stomach, I would eat a biscuit or two or have a cup of milk. This would give me some relief, but pain would again be there after some time. I consulted my family doctor and he warned me that if I were not regular in my diet, I would develop a stomach ulcer. He gave some medicine, which of course did give me some relief. One day I took this medicine when the above-mentioned Sai devotee was with me. He asked me what it was. I told him every thing. He told me that he had a medicine to cure me provided I stop taking my medicine. I readily agreed. He gave me some Udhi and asked me to take it daily in the morning with a little water. I did accordingly and was soon rid of the trouble. Since then I have been taking Sai Baba's Udhi with water regularly and I never had any stomach pain.

    What I want from Sai Baba is His blessings. One day an old lady living in Natha told me that she had seen Sai Baba in a dream extending His hand like an umbrella, over me i.e., B.N. Kaul, and members of my family. I invoke Sai Baba's name and pray to him to continue to extend His protective Hand on members of my family and over me.

  3. Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram
    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Very sweet experiences.

    Be with us O Sadguru as we begin a new week and guide us through to love, health, success and happiness. We are forever indebted to Your lotus feet for continuously blessing us.

    Jai Sairam

  5. A Short Biography of Shree Swami Samarth
    *****Leucoderma Vinchurkar*****
    In the then state of Akkalkot, there was a regent by name Madhavrao
    Dadasaheb Vinchurkar (A regent is a person who rules when the regular ruler is absent
    or unfit). He was a great devotee of Sri Swami. Sri Swami would visit Vinchurkar’s
    house every now and then. On every visit Vinchurkar would render great devotional
    service to Sri Swami. Once, a white spot (leucoderma) appeared on the thigh of
    Vinchurkar. He became very nervous and started worrying with the very thought that
    this white spot should not spread to other parts of his body.
    Once, when Vinchurkar observed that Sri Swami was in a jolly mood, he offered
    his prayers to get him rid of the white spot. Sri Swami asked, “What is the spot called
    as? ”. Vinchurkar replied, “It is called as white spot”. Sri Swami asked him “What is that
    on your finger? ”. Vinchurkar replied, “Ring”. “What type of stone are you wearing on
    that ring? ”. Vinchurkar replied “White stone”. Sri Swami asked Vinchurkar to throw
    away the white stone ring. Then Vinchurkar got rid of the ring from his finger and put it
    on Sri Swamiji’s finger. Few days later the white spot on Vinchurkar’s thigh disappeared

    A North Indian Brahmin by name Lalsaheb worked as a servant in the then State
    of Hyderabad, South India. He suffered from white spot (leucoderma), so he was very
    worried. Acting on someone’s suggestion he started performing religious ceremonials in
    the temple of Lord Venkatesh at Alawal. Lord Venkatesh’s temple was famous for
    devotee’s prayers getting answered (Jagruth Daivat). However, there was no result. So
    he returned to Hyderbad. One night in Hyderabad, he got a vision in his dream that one
    beautiful cow climbed the staircase of his house and went up to the top floor. When
    Lalsaheb went running to beat the cow, he saw a lustrous ‘Yogi’ wearing red-ochre
    colour costume, following the cow. Lalsaheb asked that Yogi “Who are you? To who
    does this cow belong? The door was closed, still how did the cow climb the stairs and
    come up? ”. Then the lustrous Yogi spoke “This cow belongs to me. I am residing either
    at, Ganagapur or Solapur (both in Maharashtra). Nobody can stop us. Whenever and
    wherever required we show ourselves in this manifested or obscure forms”.
    Finally Lalsaheb woke up from his dream. The next day he met a gentleman who
    advised him to go to Akkalkot and take the blessings of Sri Swami Samarth. Therefore,
    Lalasahed left for Akkalkot. After reaching Akkalkot he was surprised to find the same
    lustrous Yogi wearing red-ochre colour costume and his beautiful cow as he had seen
    before in his vision. Seeing this miracle he prostrated at the lotus feet of Sri Swami
    Samarth. Then Sri Swami spoke “Oh! You were trying to beat my cow. Are you so much
    intoxicated and rude? ”. Lalsaheb repented for what he had done in his dream. Sri
    Swami ordered him to feed street dogs. Lalsaheb remained at Akkalkot and started
    feeding dogs. Then within few days itself all the white spots on his body disappeared
    and he was completely cured of leucoderma. He became ecstatic and he returned

  6. Jai Sairam,

    Yesterday night baba saved me and my kid from a major accident. My daughter wanted to drink hot water. I switched on the Electric kettle. I asked her to wait. By the time i finished my other work and returned the water became very hot in the kettle. I told my daughter to wait. But she didn't hear me or i don't know what went wrong before i could look at her she touched the kettle being a steel one, even the outer body of the kettle will be very very hot. With her little hand she touched the kettle which she was not aware of the heat she tried lifting the kettle and she just dropped the kettle down. Its boiling hot water which fell on the ground and little bit on my toes. Thankfully nothing happened to my little one. She cried very badly because i got hurt and she couldn't see me bearing the pain. But mine is little bit but what would have happened to my dear if she has dropped the kettle on her?? She didn't stop crying i told her that Baba only saved both of us from this major accident. She looked at baba's picture and smiled. Oh sai only you can protect all your devotees at all the time. Thank you is such a small word to use… I should always remember you Sai.. Jai Sairam

  7. Om sai ram….baba u r helping everybody…why not me?..i beg u ya to mujhe maut dedo…yaaa mera kalyankaro… naukri nai lagi..lagte lagte rehgayi….aur jo naukri thi vo chut gayi..paisa bhi nai milraa….do mahine ka….itni liabilities hai….kya karu…kaha jaauu.maut bhi nai aati….naaa aaap chamatkar karte…plzzz baba chamatkar kijiye ….problems ko durr kijiye mere..sankato se obaaariye mere sai….i beg u…
    Om sai ram

  8. Sai maa
    Please help me to overcome my anxiety and panic
    Please please please please
    Luv u a lot
    Falling at your lotus feet

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  10. om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,om sairam,
    om sairam,om sairam,om sairam.

    pls help me and save my life saimaa…pls resolve all my problems.jaisairam

  11. Om sai ram..!!
    Thr are many miracles that happend to me….baba sorted ol my problems…he z the best……one of miracle i want to share there was my exam ….in december i was not well prepared and i was really scared bout what will happen then i asked a ques form sai baba in tat ques answer app hw will b my exam?? As i was very scared nd guess wat i got the answer by him…it was written there wait for 36 hours u will b happy ….nd then i calculated exactly 36 hrs were remaining for the starting of xam…And my xam went goid by sai's grace sai baba u r the best……plz show ur kripa on me always nd plzz….give me blessing with good result for that exam…:)

  12. Om sai ram..!!
    Thr are many miracles that happend to me….baba sorted ol my problems…he z the best……one of miracle i want to share there was my exam ….in december i was not well prepared and i was really scared bout what will happen then i asked a ques form sai baba in tat ques answer app hw will b my exam?? As i was very scared nd guess wat i got the answer by him…it was written there wait for 36 hours u will b happy ….nd then i calculated exactly 36 hrs were remaining for the starting of xam…And my xam went goid by sai's grace sai baba u r the best……plz show ur kripa on me always nd plzz….give me blessing with good result for that exam…:)

  13. Baba, you are so kind. Please show me more kindness. I need you and I need your help badly Baba. Please show me more mercy Baba. Save this mad child of yours. I have no words. But you know everything. I surrender to you Baba. Only you can save me.

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