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Anonymous Devotee from India says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I am very new to your site since I have started reading your blog just from a week ago. I never thought this soon I will share my experience. Please edit wherever necessary as I am new to this site. Please don’t include my name and e-mail id.

I don’t know how to describe because while typing this my hands are shivering as still I can’t believe what has happened in this one week time. I believed in Sai Baba, but never had much attention towards Him. I used to worship Him as any other God. I had been going through rough path of life for so many years. I had dreams of Sai Baba, but never took it seriously. Since I have started reading experiences of devotees in this site, I understood how stupid I have been these years, when Sai Baba Himself came in my dream. But I never understood Him. Thanks to all the people whoever posted in this site and to creators, who have seeded the faith in people like me.

One dream which I can never forget is that when I saw Sai Baba in His own form in a saffron kafni. I remember in dream that He was coming along with His devotees surrounding Him and lots of devotees, where standing at both the sides to see Him. Whereas I was there just looking at Baba. When from a long distance He waves His hands towards me to come close to Him, then He takes a cloth bag or some sort of cover from me and smiles and then He goes back. I don’t know what was there in that bag. I never did understand the dream. As I said I was not a big devotee of Sai Baba at that time. I just thought that God is with me, I was very happy.

I want to tell how this blog changed my life. I started reading this blog from 13 Feb 2013. I was so touched by Baba’s grace towards all I became addicted to this blog and Sai Baba that I read day and night without doing any other thing. I came to know about Shree Sai Satcharitra from the devotees experiences and was dying to read it. So I downloaded it from a website as I don’t know where to get the book. I started reading simply like any other book. When I finished 7th chapter, I couldn’t continue further because of the usual girl’s problem. I thought I will read after 4 days. Then again when I started reading, I could not continue because of some interruption. Also I have migraine problem because of which I was having problem to look at my laptop for long hours at this time.

I read through the net that Shree Sai Satcharitra has to be read in a pure way. I understood why I couldn’t read the book because I was doing it in wrong way. Just yesterday (18 Feb 2013), I was telling Baba that I will read the book in proper way. Please forgive me for the mistake I did. I then thought if I could get the book version it would be very nice as I can sit and read before Sai Baba. Thinking this way, I was telling Sai Baba that where can I get the book as I rarely go out and don’t know where I can get it? I am sure soon I will get this book with Your grace and will start reading. From 13 Feb 2013, every day of my life started and ended with reading this blog. But today (19 Feb 2013), I couldn’t read the blog as my dad was using my laptop. I was much upset and in the noon and went to sleep. Suddenly I got up and was very sad that I am not able to read the devotees experiences today. That’s when the miracle happened. Maybe Baba wanted me to post my own experience, which I am doing now. As soon as I got up from the sleep, I was just checking my books cupboard for no reason. I got the Bhagavath Gita book. I thought I should place it in the table, where I keep books. So I took it out and when I went near the books table, I thought I should remove the last book from there and place this book there. When I took out the last book to my biggest surprise, which I still can’t believe is that the book which I removed was Shree Sai Satcharitra. I was stunned for minutes. I don’t know either anybody from my family know that such book is there in our home. My mom said maybe when we went to Shirdi once in 2005 or 2006 at that time, we would have brought it. But we never opened the book since these many years. The surprise is that we have shifted our house so many times these years and I used to check the books often in the table as there are only few books I have. I never noticed this book for nearly 8 years. From 2005 only the problems started in my life. I was just thinking today that if I had seen this book at that time itself, it could have changed my life. But I realized that as Sai Baba says we have to pay for our past karmas. He was quietly there watching over me and protecting me and when time came and when I started to believe in Him, He is showering His blessings on me by giving me the book to read.

One more thing as I mentioned at the time, this one week I have had so many experiences as I saw Sai Baba in my dream in a dark background with white dress. I was first scared, but to my surprise I saw His original photo, which was took in 1906 in net and I realized that I saw the same, and again yesterday (18 Feb 2013) in the noon, I saw Sai Baba in dreams also. I saw a wooden bed like thing in which I saw mud covered with flowers and so many people surrounding it. I could remember that it was not from what we see in these days right from the people to the wooden bed like thing, which I saw. I was thinking about this once I got up and looked at Sai Baba’s statue and said I don’t understand Baba then while I was reading this blog, something struck my head as I thought whether it was Baba’s Mahasamadhi, which I saw in dreams. Suddenly my hands went to see the site, where there was Baba’s original Mahasamadhi photo. I was dumbstruck as what I saw in dream matched the photo. I have attached the photo, which I believe I saw in my dream. I never did know that there could be original pictures of Sai Baba until I saw both in dreams. Lots of thanks to Sai Baba.

I have been struggling with life even after passing degree with good grades. I couldn’t get job as something goes wrong every time. I attend the interview and get selected, but because of some reasons I couldn’t get the job. I felt that I have become dependable on all and was feeling very painful for more than one and half years, when suddenly I read some lines from Shree Sai Satcharitra how Sai Baba used to beg for food from people of Shirdi. I realized that Baba is conveying something towards me. I understood Sai Baba knows what is better to whom He will help, when correct time comes.

I feel if Sai Baba can be so kind towards a person like me (who doesn’t deserve), who never gave attention towards Him and is showing His presence every time, I feel alone how much are those souls blessed, who worship Him for so many years. Thanks to all because of You all my life have changed and I realized Baba’s blessing towards me. With Baba’s blessings, I am going to start reading Shree Sai Satcharitra. One thing I realized is that Sai Baba hears all our pains even when we don’t tell Him. He knows the right thing for us and will never leave us alone. I wanted to share all this with you all because I know none other than the devotees of Sai Baba could understand this happiness. Believe in Sai Baba. We never know what unbelievable miracle He will do to us. Om Sai Shree Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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  1. What an amazing experience!! We are truly blessed souls as our Beloved Baba is always with us protecting us.. I strongly feel that our past good deeds has brought us close to Him and we should feel very lucky about it!!
    Baba, please take care of my parents and help me in giving them beautiful future!! Forgive me for all my sins and keep correcting me when am going in the wrong path!! Bless me in such a way that I can help lot of people who are in need.. I bow down and surrender to your lotus feet.. Never ever leave me as you are my pillar of strength.. Love you BABA!! YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING

    OM SAI RAM!!

  2. very nice experience and depicted with lot of passion and enthusiasm – May Sai give you all what you wish for…..Baba sabka bhala karte hain……Sri Satchit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  3. Jai Sai Ram,Nice experiences thanks for sharing it …

    One more thing i wanted to share you all,Last week it happened(Mad -2),I had started nava guruwar viratham tha t morning i had expected/wish i need any and temple prasadam from any body…after that i forget and i was busy in my office and also in call .Suddenly my collegue called me go and take shirdhi prasadam, one of my another collegue went to shirdi and kept all the prasadam in his desk.thank you baba and u know my interanal feelings and u send udhi from shirdhi.Thanks a lot baba love you baba.

  4. You are truly a blessed soul that Baba is so close to you..Your experience is really wonderful. Baba's love towards his devotees is based on all your past lives as well. Though you haven't been close to him until now you would have been a very close devotee in your past life and as the time came Baba is just giving you the fruits of it. Now that you have started to understand this I'm sure Baba will change your life for good and fill it with loads of happiness and more than anything else with lots of Baba's love.

    Om Sai Ram

    I look forward to reading many more wonderful miracles from you in the future.

    Om Sai Ram

    • thank you frnd.. truly we all r blessed.. baba recently gave a wonderful lifetime experience which i have shared, its about baba arranging for my shirdi trip.. when it gets posted i hope it will bring lots of faith to all our beloved sai devotees.. i have no words for sai's love towards us all…

    • at this moment i really felt that i need baba's help and u am waiting for i have a belive dat baba will definetly help me and save me and bless me
      om sai ram

  5. i want to thankyou for posting this lovely miracle.
    you know it was like reading my own experience, today baba ha blessed me through your post.i would like to share this very beautiful thing that happened just yesterday.
    i have my exams coming close,and iam not able to concentrate on my studies due to many reasons, i asked sai maa to bless me by the following chapter that i was about to read in shree sai satcharitra, and then when i opened the holy book,i read the chapter about 'megha'…..where in that chapter my name occurs many felt like as if baba is calling out my name himself.i felt so blessed that my heart pounded fast and was singing with the ultimate pleasure….
    i live alone here in this place,and baba comes many times in my dreams to tell me that you are not alone and that you are just one of my kid,that i have to take care of,dont you worry,YOU HAVE ME.
    but still this human mind wanders, keeps questioning, doubts at many times, sad it is.
    pls forgive us all for our sins sai maa, ad make us watch every step that we take.and bless all…

  6. Wow! How lucky you are to have had Him give you darshan in your dreams. I was envious for a minutes till I call to this line of yours "how much are those souls blessed, who worship Him for so many years" and my eyes welled up.

    This reminded me of the story of Hemadpant and HV Sathe and how Deva blesses Hemadpant by asking him to go to Shyama and listen to His leelas and how Hemadpant realizes his thought was wrong.

    Thank You O Sai for answering my questions and for everything 🙂 Be with us always O Sadguru, bless us and guide us.

    Jai Sairam

    • sharma ji truly we all are blessed to be sai's children.. onething is sure that if sai pulls a person towards him he makes sure that the person sticks to him to the end, even when we doubt him he will not leave us as such is his motherly love.. thank you so much for your wonderful comments..

    • yes,we are very lucky to have our sai………..we are truly blessed..a person who truly believes in him will have no u sai baba,u r my everything,i'm nothing without you..

    • Love u sai baba…u are there for me too…when I read these posts I do get that feeling..please keep me as your good child always.whenever I go astray pull me on the right track.take care of me too are my confidence.don't ever leave me.i really need u baba..!!

    • Baba, Surely take care of your family, i wan to share my experience, it happened yesterday, i started reading satcharitra, and yesterday it was first day, in the morning i red 2 chapters and evening i have to complete 2 more chapters , in the evening i attended marriage in a function hall, so i informed my mom that i have to got to home and shud complete the chapter, she said ok, from there i gone to home, i lighted 2 diyas and started reading sai satcharitra, after completion that, i just wondering that baba is listening me or not, so i requested him that if your listening to me give me an hint, no reply from baba, so i thought that baba is not with me , may be in my prayer there is sme mistake, i felt like iam lone no one is there, after i went ot function hall again, i was surprised that i heard sai baba song in function hall. may this is ahint that, baba is with me…… please forgive me baba, and please forgive me all coz iam not that much good in english fluency..

    • I know this happens to me lot of times .I'll be seriously thinking of something and the moment I think of sai bhagavan I happen to see his photo .I totally surrender to him for all my pains and prayers. He always answers my prayers. Thank you baba.

    • sai baba tis is amit from andheri west mumbai i am a great devotee of yours many experience had been seen by me want 2 share many of it onces in shirdi i was about to meet up my friend and had only 500 hundred with me to return to mumbai as my friends came we went to sai baba international hotel we 3 of us had tea and snacks that cost up to 340 rs 160 rs were remaning and the day was sunday a bus ticket costed upto to 300 and had only 160 rs i had faith in sai baba my brains were not working coz my friends went away to there respectively places and dont hv the habit of asking money from anybody i went in darshan line it took me 2 hours i prayed sai baba that plz arrange a bus for me that i can reach my destiny i came out of mandir walked on road and a conductor kept on shouting 160 rs mumbai that was my day made by my sai baba bad faze comes in everyonce life even the richest or even the poor but shraddha saburi should be there dont forget ur god in good faze of ur life alawys thank god that he had not made u dependabale on any one sai baba jo galat jagah jaa rahe hain unke upar apna pyaara sa haath rakh dena yahi sai se hamesha prathana karta hu friends om sai ram sai is every where just keep faith in him he will give u a lot of troubles in begning but ending will be urs shuru ke 5 saal mehnat karoge toh 50 saal khushi se rahoge par agar shurvat ke 5 saal majha karoge aage ke 50 saal bahut pachtaoge apne life se ………………………….

    • Tats really nice. Even I have problem with regard to my marriage. Too many complications in it.i wish baba will solve my problem.

    • I want to share my memorable experience of saibaba as upto 2009 I saw shirdi baba serial in tv.other that that I didn't know much abt many mental stress I had on that time bcoz I finished PG in 200 but I never got a job for more than a day me and my mom went to a boy house to give my cousin sister horoscope For that boy.that was Thursday and that sister gave me saibaba book and tell me you can pray for whatever u want By doing pooja. From next Thursday I started pooja with baba blessing and when I finished 9th week pooja.the very next day on Friday I got a very gud job with very decent salary and incentive. This is onlying because of my baba.I suffered from chicken pox and after recovery I had rashes which was itchy burning and I cried to baba on the same day night a saffron rays and hands I guess came and put rays or hands in my chest and within 2 days the whole problem marriage also happened due to baba pooja.I stride doing pooja and 4th week pooja marriage fixed.baba is always with us.

  7. Dear Sai Devotees, Thanks for sharing such beautiful experiences. I feel so blessed having constant dreams of BABA in various episodes say from 4 am till 6 am (when actually I woke up!).
    They were like BABA's make shift temple at the cross roads somewhere and people keep coming for BABA's darshan, offering Rs.10-15 or even much more, never asking for money back from what they have offered a big notes, bringing cooked rice for Prasad and that prasad was distributed right than and there to other devotees. Some may doubt if they were left overs and do any harm distributing such cooked food, while the believers would comment saying, even if that is the case, BABA will turn them into fresh prasad once that is offered to HIM.
    Some scenario links were like a painting artist would pick color shade of rising Sun at the time of SUNRISE and create darkest dark to lightest light shade and than create BABA's painting using those shades and kept on doing such variation using various color tones, in different poses of BABA!
    Even when I got up from my bed, I smiled at BABA's painting that I am working on , saying, yes, BABA I am going to work on this work today , thanks for making me with you even before I woke up!
    And LO! here I am reading Hetal ji's blog talks about almost similar topics!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  8. Jai Sai Ram ji ki,

    Dear Sai sister you are truly blessed since Baba ji has repeatedly given you darshan in your dreams. May Baba ji shower his choicest blessings on you and may your faith in him grow by the day.

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

    Wonderful Experience.
    You are blessed soul by Baba.
    Please excuse me, my husband and my son for all our mistakes.
    We love you so much Baba.

  10. Om Sai Ram !

    Baba please please come in our dreams too. Love you Baba. Please keep blessing all of us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.


  12. Sai ram, nice experience friend. Sai baba thank you for my daughter success. I really need your blessing for good health. Please baba bless us.

  13. Om Sai Jai Sai. wow amazing experience. thank you for sharing with us. deva thank you for everything. Deva I am grateful to you for answering and clearing all my doubts.Saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  14. thank you frnds for all your wishes and nothing wonderful than sharing such miracles of baba with you all.. om sai ram..

  15. wonderful experience…really this blog is a boost up for all of us.sai ji pls pls my lord never ever leave me….om sai ram

  16. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

    • Om Sai Ram !

      May Baba bless her soul to rest in peace ! Amen !

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  17. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  18. Dear Anonymous Sai Devotee ji, very sorry to hear your Grand mother passed away. May her soul be rested with BABA and find eternity. Do what your Grand Ma loved the most as a tribute to her soul. Keep on chanting BABA's name , that will give you strength to bear this lose to you and your family. My condolences to you family too.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  19. Thanks to the team (Hetal, Rana and Anil) maintaining this blog. The above experience shows what a kind and good deed this team is doing for many devotees.

  20. Very nice experience! Baba showed you that book when it was the right time for you to come to Baba's grace. Baba calls us to Him when it is the right time and we should all feel so lucky to be Baba devotees and be showered with Baba's blessings. Om Sai Ram!

  21. Om sai ram really its true thing that believe baba fully trust him with your full attention he will definitely help us …jai sai ram

  22. Om sai ram…
    I have started reading this bog recently 3 days before, from thursday 9th may 2013. Really this blog keeps me closer to my sai…
    Now i want to read this blog everyday. I read the experiences of the devotees I felt the sensation waves throughout my body and sometimes my eyes get wet. I am lucky to be blessed by Sai kripa, as these signs are the positive indication of Sai with me. I just want to say one thing to my Sai…. "Please, Sai never leave me… be always there with me….."

  23. Yes, dear Nidhi ji, that's how BABA pulls devotee towards SAI BABA closer to HIM! May you be blessed and you enjoy BABA's blessings in your daily life too! Jai SAI RAM.

  24. baba bless me please i should get good score in gre and toefl .i am writing on agust 29th thursday .please hold my hands and make me to score well please baba!!!!!i am so afraid.

  25. i wan to share my experience, it happened yesterday, i started reading satcharitra, and yesterday it was first day, in the morning i red 2 chapters and evening i have to complete 2 more chapters , in the evening i attended marriage in a function hall, so i informed my mom that i have to got to home and shud complete the chapter, she said ok, from there i gone to home, i lighted 2 diyas and started reading sai satcharitra, after completion that, i just wondering that baba is listening me or not, so i requested him that if your listening to me give me an hint, no reply from baba, so i thought that baba is not with me , may be in my prayer there is sme mistake, i felt like iam lone no one is there, after i went ot function hall again, i was surprised that i heard sai baba song in function hall. may this is ahint that, baba is with me…… please forgive me baba, and please forgive me all coz iam not that much good in english fluency..

  26. Hey Sai Baba please shower your blessings on us……please do some miracle…please fulfill our wish. Always be with us. Om Sai Ram….

  27. Om sai ram…
    Deva, please come in my dreams again and bless me. Please always be with me, never ever leave me.
    Help me in helping those who are in need. Bless all your children and make there wishes fulfill.
    Om sai namoh namah..
    Shree sai namoh namah..
    Jai jai sai namoh namah..
    Sadguru sai namoh namah..


  29. Dear saibaba,
    I am one your true devotee…saibaba i was in lot of trouble from year 2005 as i got married to a NRI whom when i went to US found to be a big fraud as he was already married.with gr8 pain i returned back but frm that time i was not having good relationship with my only elder brother as i thought he is the one who was responsible for my this status as he didnt inquired abt my in laws fam.but by coincidence i went to shirdi and after going there i felt myself stressed free ,me and my bro again enjoyed a gud relationship,i even realised ki what i beared in my marriage was also the outcome of past karmas….i pray baba as i m fatherless and i have one elder bro and mom who are every happiness of this world…and my bro has decided that he wont get married until i got settled…pls baba i m afraid of marriage thing…but i dont want to see my mom in pain becoz both of her kids are living lonely life. …pls help me

    • I pray sai ram to solve your marriage problems and you and your brother both get settled with good lovable life partners.I could very well feel your pain bcoz i had the same problem in my marriage too..
      Dear Sai,
      We all love you , trust you and waiting to get your blessing showers

    • Dear Devotee,
      I am also one another victim . Mom and me are Sai devotee. Mine is arranged marriage . My mom left groom search completely to SaiBaba that Baba will show her good alliance for her daughter. She expected a Sai Devotee. She wanted her son in law to be like a son . Baba showed her a groom who is a Sai Devotee .My mom felt very happy about the alliance and my marriage happened. My mom did engagement and marriage on her expense . she did more than what she can do . But after marriage Saipa showed us a twist. My husband treated me like a stranger and i was merely staying in their home like guest . i left my IT job in chennai to live with my husband in Hyderabad. My mom completely believed them and handed over to those money devils. Later after 6 months i came to know that he is already married. All 3 of them my husband and in law cheated my mom who is a single women living for the sake of her daughter alone . I ask you Sai Ram i can definitely take this as a punishment to my sins but what did my mom do. She trusted You she trusted them a lot because she believed that You have choosen them. Now they abuse my mom and blame that we are money motive family trying to get money from them . His father say i have link with someone. His mother says i should not tell to anyone in their apartment that i am fatherless, that will affect their prestige. How Can a Sai devotee cheat anyone knowingly and ruin a girls life like this. I know they will definitely suffed for cheating his first wife , cheating my mother and me . I beg Sai to give justice.
      Jai Sai Ram

  30. Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai
    Shree Sai

  31. OM SAI RAM! Baba pls guide me through this time and keep my kid healthy and perfect..all i want is her to be OK. U have helped me in the past always …pls be with me now also. Baba i know u are there but pls show me the path. Make sorrows come to an end.OM sai RAm…OM sai ram….Om sai ram.

  32. OM SAI RAM….baba has shown me the path. I am from the above post of Tuesday, November 26, 2013 10:33:00 AM. This is to all the people who believe in Sai Ram! He has always been with us and am so happy he guided me this time also. Baba I know u are there! OM SAI RAM! …..Om Sai RAM…..Om Sai Ram……….Om Sai Ram………..Om Sai RAm………
    Believe In Om SAI RAM.

  33. om sai ram i love u plz never live me i want u to be with me always coz i knw i ws nt being frank wit u and i deserve ths whtz happening to me now plz help me dont leave me alone

  34. Om sai ram…sai take care of me nd my family…i m a final engg student…pls guide me to select in an interview coming in sai ram…

  35. Om sairam……..sainath is my guru…my god…my everythng….he always listen to prayers …sainath bless us all

  36. Om sai sri sai jai jai sai !!!
    Babaji please get me a good job and make my family united.We are trying to go US please help us in getting it.Am coming to shirdi this thursday..please bless me to have a good darshan and wash away all my sins and please heal my moms ilness…
    Baba bless me to come to shirdi often and shower ur blessings
    Jai Sai Ram

    • Dear friends,
      i just started following thus blog yesterday. I want to share an experience.
      this was way back in 2000, when i had just started following Shri sachidanand sainath. It was then that one of my friend offered me orginal photograph of baba.i was overjoyed as i was not aware that original photos of baba are available. I felt blessed and real happiness. Those were bad days for my family. We didn't even could manage Rs 400 to pay electricity bill. Those was the financial situation. And i remember just before i got Sai baba's orginal photo, i had cried at home for some reason. Though all my sorrow went off when i got the photo. Same night the God, the maharaj, the real king my baba came in my dreams, i was lying in his laps and he kept his hand on my forehead and Sai "ro mat". I got up with jiy the nest morning. That was the day and today is the day after 14 years. Baba has blessed me with all happiness. I m working at senior level in a mnc company. All blessing of him. I could feel him to b there nest to me at every step of life and pray to him to be there. As he has said" Shraddha rakh sabar se kaam le". Baba bless everyone, give you love to all and wether it happiness or sorrow, b with all. Shri sachidanand satguru Sai bath maharaj Ki jai.

    • Dear Anonymous ji, Jai Sai RAM. I felt very happy to read your post that was posted almost exactly one year before! Today it is 13th of April 2015 and you had posted on 10th April 2014! I would like to consider this as an answer to my request to BABA all these days since my elder son got the news of Esophageal cancer. I wished BABA would come to my dream just the way HE did come when my husband was detected melanoma cancer. HE had given me a vivid experience and told me "Don't cry my child, everything will be alright. Sab kuchha achchhaa ho jaayegaa. This is all for family unity" I was crying at midnight and I know it was not a dream. But I did hear this message in very unique voice what we say "Aakaashvaani". I did not understand at that time, but the very next day my husband's CAT scan report came normal, his another major surgery to remove all the lymph nodes near the melanoma site (almost 70!) to make sure the cancer is not spread, went very well, all lymph nodes reports came normal and my husband did not have to go through any chemo/radiation therapy. This happened in 1996! And now in 2014 Oct. my son got this cancer news shook us tremendously. I have been requesting BABA to give me darshan/vision just like I had in 1996! But to my utter disappointment, I do not have till now! But at least reading your post I feel BABA has fulfilled my request. My son had to go through 6 chemo/28 radiation treatment and the surgery. There was a major complication in the surgery and he is recovering very very slowly, a very painful recovery…I just ask BABA to stop my son's punishment and make him healthy again!
      Jai Sai RAM. Pray for my son, please!

  37. i dont know why baba is keep eye on me , i feel very sad due to my problam but dont know why baba is not ready to forgive me but my only hope is baba only , please baba forgive me and do the need full to me . u know that how much i got worried for everyday infront of ur photo …. plese baba forgive my all things and give ur blessing to me to got what i loss , only u can able to give me that please baba

  38. om sri sainathay namha……….baba i feel u in each and every time.may is my previous birth sin that i am not getting a good job.i know u trying for me.but it may be my luck i am not getting,but i know oneday i will get a good job.please baba be always with me

  39. Ananthakoti Bramhanda Nayaka RajadhiRaja YogiRaja Parabramha Sri Sachidhanandha Sadguru SaiNath Maharaj ki "JAI"

  40. Sai devotees, please do visit and go to "Live Darshan of Sai Baba" and get the blessing of Sri sai baba. You can also check out Sai answers my questions link in the same website , and get responses from Lord Sai to all your concerns/problems/issues. Jai Sai Ram.

  41. Om Shri Sachidananda Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !!!!!!!!

    i feel though we r in kalyug still we are lucky to be in Sai baba's saran.
    Baba you have saved me from the worse situation that i faced a couple of years back….. since then i have utter faith in you n your blessings…. hey Sainath today again my n my family life is going thru lots of problems……. baba please listen to my prayers and show the right path.
    Baba kindly bless my maternal and paternal family with all hapyns n peace also protect all of us all bighnas……..

    Om sai Shree sai Jai jai sai

  42. Please BABA HELP my family and me
    YOU HAVE SHOWERED YOUR BLESSINGS on my family and me in the past and present
    Please continue to BLESS us in future also

  43. Save me from this trouble I have put myself in and also take care of those two souls whom I have hurt so much. It was never intended, I promise to be truthful to everyone and to respect the person who stood by me in my times of trouble. Give me guidance, wisdom and courage to face the punishment for my sins. OM SAI RAM

  44. I m in a critical problem. Plz help me if anyone can. My 3.5 year bhatija was a true devotee of sai baba even due to him al the family started to believe in him but on 17 feb he expired. Y it hapened wid my family. Al the time he was singing bhajans of sai baba and keep praying. Uski sai baba ne kyu nahi suni. Whe left al of us

  45. OM Sri Sai baba pls bless our family.Pls help our kids study well and good health.

    om sri sai baba ki jai..

  46. om sai ram ..u have given me a second life.. i will never ever think that i will face such kind of problems but baba u thought me how to face it.. gave me the boldness to overcome it.. i trusted in you and did 9weeks fasting and believe it or not the last day of my pooja evening 5.30p.m. he gave my life back… thank u baba.. thank u thanku thanku….. om sai ram

  47. om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram

  48. Om sai ram……baba I need your blesssings for my daughter shraddha who will be appearing for her mh-cet exams in may…

  49. Very nice to read all those lovely experiences..I'm one the strong devotee of Ganpu ji and matarani. ..past couple of months I'm jobless and going though a rough phase of life…During this period of life I came across some good friends..who asked me to pray to laxmi mata and Also read Sai Satcharita, by doing vain have laxmi vrat and reading Sai ji's book I'm getting inner peace and is able to control my anger and ego…hope like every one experienced gods miracle in their life's…I also pray to god to bless with his miracle. OM SAINATHAYA NAMAH

  50. hi everyone i found this blog today and i must say it is so interesting. I was never a devotee of sai baba. But since last october i felt i needed to learn more about baba and pray more to him. I done alot of reading to understand baba more.. To be truthful i am a recovering drug addict and i feel so lost at times i feel like im fighting a battle with evil everysingle day of my life. I started fasting on thursdays and talking to baba more ofen i really do feel his presence at times. The past few years has been so terribble for me but its all a result of my own actions. I lost the love of my life due to my addiction and the person i became when i did drugs i live with so much regret i miss her so much. We were toogether for five years. I have since surrended my life to baba. sometimes i question if baba ever listens to me. I pray lto baba to watch over me and protect me against the evil i fight everyday .i brokee my girlfriends heart and her family hates me so much and i dont blame them i really pray i will be given a chance one day to redeem myself and beg for forgiveness from her family and her. For now i need to focus on becoming a better person and cultivating new habits,also finding a job because my business seems to be going no where. Pls forgive me for all my sins baba. Pls guid me and protect me baba.

    • I pray Sai Baba bless u to come out of the evil completely, may He makes u a best human being, god bless u….All the best.

    • My dear friend. .I too came across this blog today like.most of us do. I read about your experience and your past. You are bold enough and courageous to admit ur mistakes. This shows the quality of a man. I must say thatyou have half redeemed urself. Pls do chant 'Om Shree Sainath Samartha' and write it in a diary dedicated to His Holiness. And just believe. I don't know how or why I am responding to your post but I just wanted to. Maybe Our Guruji Sri Sainath Maharaj made me do it. But I felt the need to answer your post…without which I couldn't have gone further. Good Luck and God bless. OM SHRI SAINATH SAMARTHA

  51. i want to meditate and chant to baba but i dont know if im saying what is required. I usually say sai sai sai. Pls help me if i am wrong. DASH.

  52. if there is realy god in this world bzc he tell us be truely pass 2012 i am a bad one but also praying god he tell us trust on me and i will solve all ur problem but it not happen. i trust him blindly i cry from past 14month from my heart but nonthing will happen when we canable we go to god door but when that door also not help me then were i go . I want to tell myself there is no god bzc in cry, i shout from my heart, and i show how pain is their in my heart but nothing happing

    • don leave the trust on baba..he wl show you gud path..keep on believing god…one day your life will become gud as your wish..jst think like you are getting nearby to those days.

    • I read ur comnt I request u to have faith on sainath. this is ur bad past karmas which u have to pay. bt side by this he is with u n protecting u n sometimes testing u. bt have patience he will surely listen to u. n 1 day u get d same thing which u wanted everytime. JAI SAINATH. ANANT KOTI BHRAMAND NAYAK RAJADHIRAJ YOGIRAJ PARABHRAMMA SHREE SACHIDANAND SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAY

  53. Om Sai Ram
    I believe in Baba like all of fact Baba has always responded to me….but today I am badly in need of baba's blessing…I will never leave my trust on baba..Om Sai baba

  54. Dear All Devotees,
    Om Sairam
    Sai baba is always with us just like our mother. I love u baba…thank u to help us to overcome the crisis that me my husband and our 2 small kids and my elder sister is going through.
    love u baba.
    Om Sairam

  55. om sai ram
    hi i am a devotee of baba
    i want 2 ask a question
    i kept one week sai charita path for a wish which is hard 2 cum true
    on the 6th day night
    sumthng happened that took me more away from my wish
    i knw in my heart dat d wish is right
    but baba did dis 2 tst me?
    on the 6th day morning,
    i had a dream
    i was struck in a dessert and dere was nothing all around
    i was tnsd
    but suddenly baba came
    took me on his shoulder n took me to a new place which was good
    n baba said-"whenevr u will need me or u r in trouble,i will alwayz pick u up on my shoulder n save u"
    i got happy by this vision but dat night sumthn happend that took away almost all d chances for my wish 2 cum true
    i still have faith on baba
    dat he can turn impossible to possible
    plz help me if u can
    om sai ram
    if ny1 can make out wt is happening plz reply at
    m really helpless….. 🙁

  56. Yes sai baba is awesome…. He had always helped me whenever i needed him… But this time i m unsure whether baba would able to help me oe not….. I made a huge mistake of my life… I will not even get a second chance….. I may broke heart of my mummy and papa. I hope that baba wont let down

    • dont wrry
      baba is alwayz with u
      if u r right
      den at d end
      victory wil b urs
      jst have trust and patience on baba……………..

    • Iz it?r u sure?I m also a true devotee of sai baba.but now i m crossing d worst phase of my life.its paining me a lot to live.i hv cried a lot in front of baba.i hv gone to shiridi also…but nothing happened…but i m living with a hope dat sai baba ll help me…waiting for his bless..

  57. Hello sai devotees.. I am also one of the sai devotee.. I just met sai baba 3 days back.. I was very upset n was crying fr thewhole day as someone very close to me has broken my heart very deeply n i was asking baba about wat had happened?? I was asking come n give me darshan.. Plz help me out.. N it was just unimaginable that the one who broken my heart only gifted me a huge picture of sai baba that evening.. N when i saw baba's picture i just felt like heaven.. Devotees babaji sabki sunte hai n we are lucky people that we got sai.. N we should tell other people to believe in him..

    Once I made a wish to baba n light diyas for 5 days n offer some sweets n miracle happened my wish come true.. You can also do this to babaji.. Babaji only need faith n patience.. Om sai ram.. Om sai ram.. Om sai ram.. Om sai ram..Om sai ram.. Om sai ram.. Om sai ram.. Om sai ram.. Om sai ram..Om sai ram..

  58. All u guys r lucky dat u got his help butld lyk to share my expierwnce too I hav been a ston h devotee of sathya sai from my birth 1 evening in october I saw a hoarding of shirdi sai cuming for biksha during akanda bhajan I thought can he cum to me to my surprise he was behind me he asked me to take him home during my travel wid him he was continuously preaching I understood none we went home he drank ttea took sweet chapathis blessed me he told me sai doesnt cum home dat easily he knew how much I had in ny pocket he promised me koi bhi kasht ho baba ko yad karo dur hojayega he knew everything abt ne my prblms my fathers death all he told me to go to temple on thursday nd all my prblms would vanish I went slowly one day I got a satcharithra book I opened it it was written any wish will be granted within completion of book I started it on thursday I hav read 15 weeks in 20 weeks but I found ny lyf even horrible wen ever I had a prbln I remembered him and it flares up for sure so can any 1 answer dis false promises given by sai I am now in a more worst situation dan ever in my lyf can any of ur prayersreach him u say wow sai as ge has done miracles I say love you even Wen I have got sorrows from u I havfollowed atleast half of his preachings in satcgarithra den realized alk wer of no use but still I kept my calm he kniws wat all I have dond for his live only love I wanted but he made me a puppet nd fooledme to d core but still I luv u sai not as I hav hope I dont have even bits if faith on u but luv u as it is my duty to luv u as a son of urs its up to u nd u forgot ur duty u say patience nd stand by ur word I challenge all sai bhakthas can any of ur prayers giv me atleast 5 mi nutes of happiness as I hav even forgotten how to laugh due to his grace tanx for d sorrow I know u giv only sorrows nd play all rubbish still I luv u I say ur prayers bcoz I got to noe all my prayers all R waste nd he doesnt care for forme though I luv him a lot I luved him nd he asked me throgh his books to forget himit was his blunder he asks me to forget ill kuv him for ever even he asks me to firget him dats my luv he might thriw me out byt my luv will always be der he cant throw dat I challenge sai if all ur experiences r true my lyf will change in 1 week try ur best to please ur lord I promise if I get happiness atleast for a day ill be happy for even a minute dats bcoz of him ill post on d blog try itits an open challenge oh lord whom u hav decidved made a puppet made false promises made my lyf miserabke still d person who loves u inspite of all dis can u prove urself if u dont plz pist all by urself tell all ur people in d blog dat u hav betrayed me still luv u to d core and forever waiting for u to accept my luv dad sai

    • hello
      ur comment clearly shows dat u are really sad n fed up of dis life.u r feeling as if baba is doing alll dis.
      i just want to tell u 1 thing
      throughout our life,in all d happy times,baba alwayz walk wid us holding hands
      but wen v r in trouble
      he pick us up on his shoulder n help us to rescue
      u may b in a big trouble but think for once dt situations could ve been worse
      baba is dere
      may b jst a litl mre tym 2 tst ur patience
      so dnt give up
      m jst 16
      frm d day i got to speak
      i spoke baba evn be4 mom dad
      he is like my besty
      i fight wid him i tok to him evryday
      i knw dis may sound funny but he do answer
      umay think dt at dis age i might nt b having ny big prob but i do……….i m giving biggest tst of my lyf………..deres no 1 wid me xcpt him……….i kept 1 week sai charita for a wish n on 7th day all d chances of fullfilment of my wish were gone.still i guess
      its tym for him to tke my tst
      so jst calm dwn
      n trust him
      he loves his devotess
      dnt fell dejected
      may baba bless u n fulfil ur wish soon.

      om sai ram

  59. Hello everyone. I too want to share my experience here. I live outside india where there is no temple of baba's. So. I go to church thinking jesus & baba all are same. They are just different forms. I used to go to that same church like every other day. One day when I was sitting on the bench in front of the shrine & asking baba that I too want to see him. So many people have this nice experience then why not me. & suddenly my eyes got closed, I went to deep sleep sitting right there & I could see baba's illuminated face coming out of jesus' s shrine & approching me. Suddenly my eyes got open. It was a thrilling experience & first ever with baba. shri sachidanand sadguru sairam maharaj ki jai..

  60. Om Sri Sai Ram.

    Baba Plz save us from this maya. You know about very well. We are waiting for ur miracle .

  61. I want to share sum thing with sister who is one year elder to me. She was facing problem with her marriage.noone was ready to marry her.qithout reason.she was so educated and burial as well. My parents were tensed so one day I decided to to say guru vat. I did it with he'll lot of devotion.on March 3 my puja was over.and on March 19 my sister marr was set.and amazing thing was my brother in law was a great devotee of saibaba.i really love my saibaba.i can't think a single day without taking his name.

  62. I want to share one miracle with you my sister was not getting married.i can tell you she is very butiful and we'll educated .my parents were so upset. So one day i decided to do say brat. I completed that puja on March 3 and my sister s marriage got fixed on March19.and amazing thing is my brother in law he is a great devotee of saibaba.i. really love saibaba.i I cannot even think a single day without chanting his name

  63. Jai sai baba plz muje bhi apni sharan mein le lo muj touch prani per apni koi pa karo baba plzzz jai sai ram

    • Baba ji aapki mahima apram paar hai…..dear Sai lovers …wish u all SaiRam ji.I too hv n xprnc to share… I hv a son n wished for second child to which my husbnd didon't agree cz he is in bad relation with his sister. I wanted second baby cz… I don't wanted son to b alone… I prayed hard n my son too cz from a long time I want able to conciven my sweet baba gave me a sweet daughter 5 months back..m blessed wn there was no hope left….

    • Dear Baba m ur daughter …pls bless me with a love filled family…as u know m worried for many things… n m very hurt by this harsh part of my life.I request all of u to pray for me n my family

  64. i need to be blessed to i m a strong believer of sai baba bt it looks like baba doesn't wish to help me i m gng through the worst phase of my life only one thing is leading to so mny problems nd i m sure dat thing is very small for him to gt me out f it i tried every thng bt nthng worked…. i ask u all who hv been fortunate to seek his miracle take out 3sec nd pray fr me maybe he might listen to u all nd help me ty….

  65. its jst dat i m losing hopes and i don't wish to loose bt i feel helpless every night i go through so much of turmma……….bt baba cant heal me

  66. Hi ….I am a devotee of Sai baba from 2013…but i came close to him only last month….i experienced his presence when I was literally down….Now im facing many difficult phases of my life….daily I cry to him telling my worries…I have strong faith in him and I believe he will take care of me…I came to know about SaiSatcharithra recently and I want to read it immediately….I heard that it has to be read within 7 days for a wish to come true but it has some procedures….I am a college goer and i start from home at 6 am and reach home only by 7 PM…my doubt is whether can I read it in bus while travelling? Because people say that it has to be read only in temple or in home in front of sai baba idol….I dont have leave but I want to read it immediately….Can anyone help me out in this….Tel me how can I read it and what are all the procedures….Om sairam

    • Baba doesn't care for those rituals. All he wants is love and devotion. Just read it whenever you have time and also try to chant his name when ever you have time. He will definitely bless you.

    • Thank you…. I always chant his name….I have stong faith and patience ….Thank you for the reply

    • May Baba Bless you and your family soon . Best time to take HIS Name is in morning after bath . You can always take HIS Name while travelling .
      LOVE YOU BABA for everything

  67. Dear baba, am now a very big devotee of baba.. bsba showed his miracles in front of me a lot of times n so I sm now seeking his guidelines for everything in future too.. bsba, u are living in sai ram.. plz makr my sis snd her son happy. ..

  68. My lord I had started a good work in your name but I feel that I cannot continue with this work. I am facing lots of financial problem. I had tried my best to continue the social work by helping the needy but with out financial help nothing is possible. I had tried very hard but I sense the end.
    My lord one thing is very clear, only having a kind heart is not enough if you got financial strength then good things can be done for the society.
    My lord I can never loose faith in you, you are my only hope. My lord thinking that I would find some help I am adding my bank details. The rest is your decision .
    Name of the bank : Canara bank
    Account number : 0425101041128
    IFSC code : CNRB0000425
    My email id :

    • Do not find this appropriate to seek fin help in the name of serving for baba. There are several ways to serve baba at various volunteering facilities. This site is not meant for using seeking fin. Help giving out your personal banking account etc info.
      Sorry I may sound harsh / rude but you need to understand the goal of Ms Hetal ji's running this website. She has never ever sought fin help running her website!!!
      Jai sai ram.

    • Just now I came to know about this blog..its feel great to hear about Sai babas to post my own experience which happened one year back… Those days I am not a great devotee of baba. I believe him but not attached towards him..i went for a trip to a falls with my relatives..i was wearin a gold hanging which was a new one, my small cousin told me to remove it before goin to bath but I didnt even listen him we all went to bath n we came back and started walking after returning back to our car I have noticed that one of my earring was missing..everyone was tensed the place was full of mud so its not possible to find a gold earring there..that time I prayed baba "Sai ram please help me" the instance I opened my eyes, had seen something glittering in the mud it was my earring which I had lost..baba helped me to get it back om Sri Sai ram

  69. Truely nice n heart touching incident,,, it is 100% true that SAI always listen to us, have patience n keep praying. He will fulfill all your desires at right time…!!! Sai Ram

  70. hi friends i want to share my experience of baba"s miracle which held in my life.last two month i was suffering from severe copld .i got swelling on my left side jaw .i went to doctor they gave me medicine .then to the pain and the swelling dint reduce..again i went to ent .he ask me to take scan,blood test .everything done .he said some abucess collected there you have to take medicines for fifteen days if it dint respond for the medicine we have to do surgery.then after fifteen days again i went to chck up .he ask me to scan again.then he check the scan result and said it is in same size.we have to do surgery,he ask me to come and admitt on friday.i was totally upset .i dont know what to .i started crying there itself.i prayed baba to do somethig without surgery .because i have only daguther.she in 9th now .if i do surgery no one is there to take care of my daughter.i trust baba and with my full husband take me to his friend ,he is a child specialist for anothe wont belive he said this nothig .it will reduse slowly nothing to worry.i came home and pray to baba and i apply baba" vudhi in that swelling .past one and half month iam taking medicines no use.after apply the baba" vudhi from the next day itself slowly the swelling get i fell nothig is there .I thank baba for his wondefull sai ram

  71. hi,
    im a very great devotee of sai baba. im going through the worst phase of my life. im suffering immensely. i loved a person as though he was my whole world. he is also a devotee of sai baba. he also loved me very much and took good care of me but so many things happened in our life that is leading to our separation. our parents also are not interested in getting us married. his parents are searching a girl for him and he also wants to move on his life without me. this is causing extreme pain that i have lost all the strength i had. i have become very weak. other than sai baba i have no1 who can understand my problem. i really wish sai baba does some miracle so that i can get him back in my life. please pray for me.

  72. I don't have any experience. I don't know why Baba is so rude to me. I have taken oath that if this time I will fail in exam I will take commit suicide.

  73. SAI RAM

  74. Jai sainath

    Please bless my baby to develope normally and meet all thd milestones. Let her be a normal baby blessed by you with all the health, intelligence and other good virtues. I promise to bring her to shirdi by her 10th bday. Please let me see a very dramatic and positive change in her in the next four weeks. I also promise to read the sai satcharitra in 7 days starting this thursday. In you i believe. Please dont let me down dear sai!

  75. Baba I am in deep pain and sorrow ……….plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me …. we really dont have any one in this world except you …. baba please stop testing me i am really tired please baba help us … forgive me for all my past sins and allways keep correcting me baba ……. baba you have been solving every one's problems please baba i am really helpless i lost all the hope on every one please and please help me baba …

  76. I never believed in baba…bcz baba never listen to ma prayer…vn v r in need…alwys keep quiet…i alwys listen othrs ppl exprnce..n i thot baba ll do miracle vt me…i jus wnt ma dad get well soon..bcz he is kidney failure ..dialysis gng on frm past 4 yrs..baba kno hws is ma lyf…den y he dng lyk dis vt ma family…i belive in m nt sure he ll listen to ma prayers…plz baba dad ko zindagi do…vo icu mai hai..unne acha kr do baba..if u do miracle vt othrs ..y nt vt ma dad baba…plz baba bless him ..plx plz

  77. thanks a lot sairam you have heard my prayers and wished me what i want.
    please help my friend report to be normal and should not have any complications.
    Please help my brother in law to get a nice job also another brother in law to get a good partner in life.
    PLease help my sister to get a good partner in her life.
    Omsrisairam, omsrisairam, omsrisairam, omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam omsrisairam

  78. Baba hasbeen part of my life for the past one year and he will be for many more years to come. I felt Baba has shown me the meaning of life and I believe that my wish will come true. Please bless us all Baba. Om Sai Ram

  79. really sai baba is a living god.
    and i ask sai baba to hear my prayers and answer my prayer soon.

  80. Hi…

    I love a guy who is in my office . We are from different states .One thing I always feel with him is insecurity that one day I will lose him or he will back out. Last year the same month November I called him on his birthday to wish him that day he told me that he had shown my kudali to pandit and pandit said that this girl is not perfect for your home she is a home breaker all negative things he said to me that time I was totally broke I felt like my heart beat had stopped that day he felt that I lost him . Really I begged in front of him that please don't leave me . But he said no I cant do anything .He distributed sweets in my office that his rishta ho gya hai . Again I felt that I died after hearing that. Whole week I was feeling that I shud die only for him I left my whole family . Then what I did I also found one guy and started chating with him because I unable to tolerate that pain . But after few month I came to know that he was playing some prank to test me that I will chose some other option or not . But in 4 month his condition became like me he was dyng to talk wid me waiting for my call or message . Some where I felt tat I had did wrong but he made the situation like that he provoked me to choose that option. Then I come back to his life again n left that person . And he is saying that he will not marry with me again I begged in front of him he is saying that he lves me but cant marry me . I don't know that this agan one more prank . He said there is no problem for u bcause In one week u will search one guy are more that one guy. But this time I will not repeat my mistake . But I want sai baba to teach him a lesson . I am agin facing the same problem but this time I have faith him sai baba . I have written a long story everybody feel bored while reading this but this is the only solution for me .

    Please advice me what should I do …

  81. My marriage is at the verge of divorce,we have our 2 marriage anniversary on 8th December 2014. Due to problems created by inlaws and husband friends, my married life is at this stage. They throw me out of the house, my husband have affair with a lady and i have seen what a wife cant tolerate to see….

    Still i love my husband, and he hates me.. he is not in touch wityh me ,,,, he said he wants divorce and dont want to stay with me….. He will not leave that lady and will not me….

    Please pray to SAI BABA for me to give me strenght and save my marriage… Before my marriage annivervarsay everythings gets on track… please sai baba show my husband the right path and show him the real faces of the people who have created the mess in our lifes…. I love him alot , and wants to spend my life with him happily ,,,, Sai baba help me, I need you and your blessings ,,,,

  82. Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

  83. Shirdi sai baba help me…
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba
    shirdi sai baba

  84. It's an ever ending big story! Even I faced lots of troubles in getting a job inspite of getting good grades and finally after my B.E. I was waiting for counselling for my mba. Full of frustration and lots of confusion whether to study or to get into job. Those days where really terrible days of my life. Now I'm doing my mba programme in prestigious university and I was happy it initial and I was awaiting for that opportunity but only after getting into it I faced lots of health problems and travelling tired… It was again miserable… atlast end of the 1st sem I somehow started to take fasting. 1st wk I did not feel any difference. But from 2nd wk onwards I started getting baba ji in my dreams. It was my 5th wk fasting it's Wednesday night and Thursday morning I should take up my fasting.. I saw baba in my dream! I don't know how to say… I read lots of experiences… unlike that… It was big white marbled bangalow nd it's centre of living room nd I'm basically an south Indian and we will have photos of God only in pooja room and I know north Indians will have in hall nd have seen in hindi serials… It was like that baba statue cover with orange color shall.. and I was able to smell that fragrance of agarbathI nd I saw bananas very next to statue of sairam I saw sai sitting.. but he never looked like sairam in appearance . But I felt it's him in my dream. Becasuse he had big big curls in his beard.He said sairam's blessings is with u nd it's 4 points. I'm asking him Wat is it only 4 pts? Nd is it fr 6 r fr 10 I asked him and he replied it as for 10. Then he told me in 3 months your family members will ask you to agree to certain things u agree. I'm listening and he said that u write ips exam. Actually I never had Idea of writing ips was about to take up classes for tnpsc grp 1 exams. My dreamed ended. Can anyone interpret my dream? I'm happy now days. I visit baba ji temple wkly 1ce nd 6 wk of fasting is over

  85. Om Sai Ram!!!

    Guys..please help me if you can.. I have seen many of the people saying that ….if sai baba wants to c you then only you get the chance to visit sai mandhir in shirdi or else even though we plan in advance it would be a failure to visit that holy place for some reasons…

    Please reply.

    On Sainath Maharaj ki….JAI!

  86. OM SAI …. Babaji i have a question for you…Is it wrong to worship Jesus when i am actually a Hindu..I know u say Sab Ka Malik Ek!!! Have i gone away from you in doing so? Please please answer me in your own sweet way…i need your guidance.

    • As pet sa baba's eleven principle… one of the principle tells that you can pray and find in any form it may be Ram/Rahim or Jesus..

      It will reach at the the lotus feet of sarvantaryami….

  87. Hello,

    Hey..sai devotees, I have an idea of creating what's app group for sai devotees.. to share daily miracle and questions and advises regarding the same

    If anyone interested please reply to this.

    Hetal Ji I want your advise too.

  88. I am in great dilemma now .My husband and in -laws are totally against me .My parents think that they are greedy people .

    I love my husband but looks like he doesn't love me .He loves his money more than anyone else.He is very abusive towards me .One interesting thing is that He is great follower of SAI Baba .Then how come he could be so mean to me .

    He throws me out of home .I am living at my brother's home now. He says that if I want to come back to him I should sign on Post Nup ( which says all property belongs to him) .

    I have a child also . How can a person who is so religious could be so mean and greedy .

    How can Sai Baba makes his disciple to become so greedy .His disciple is giving so much troubles to his wife and child .Cant Sai Baba change his mind ? If he is so powerful why he is giving so much troubles to me and my kid.

    I want to die and has no wish to live . But I am living only for my child .I want to go back to marital home but my husband has put so many harsh conditions that we all are afraid to sign on those conditions.

    Why Sai baba could not change my hsband 's mind …..Please Sai Baba change my husband mind so that I can live together with my family and child.

    Please I beg you to return back my happiness ….YOu are so powerful ,why are you taking such a long test of me.

    Please I beg you …..return back my family ….otherwise I willget mad .its been 1.5 years I have been living like this . …

    Please change my husband's heart and so do my in-laws mind. they are very old fashioned and money minded people …

    Please do some miracle for me and my child .I will come to Shirdi if I get my family back together.

    Please Baba have mercy on me and my child.We all are very miserable specially my parents .

    GIve back my husband to me …Please change his heart and mind .He should take me home without any conditions .Please do some miracle so that I can trust you more .

    • Hello,

      Please understand that even lords can't help in certain circumstances..

      All your prayers are with Sainath and he is eager to solve your problem but the sins which we human comited in past life or present will be an obstacle for lord…he is waiting those to get finish…

      Remember there will be a special day or special occasion which will definitely bring happiness to you.

      May lord Sai Ram bless you with happy life.

      On Sai Ram..

    • first go to shridi he has told once u step shridi your problems will be sorted out
      baba loves u and u and your family live happily for ever this is your past deeds

  89. jai sai ram
    I m tired and tired , I will not eat anything on Thursday if I get better life and success and live peacefully with my son god do some miracle for me

  90. sai baba….
    jab bhi ye blog padti hu….hazaro bhakt apki kripa ka gungaan karte dikhte hai….mai bhi apse bheekh mangti hu baba….meri bhi sun lo…mai bhi in khusnaseebo me se ek ho hona chahti hu….mai bhi kabhi sukhi hoke yaha likh saku li apne kaise meri fariyad suni hai
    ….mai bheekh mangti hu baba….mujhe shama karo….mujhe meri khushiya lauta do sai nath…..mujhe meri duniya lauta do….mai bheekh mangti hu….baba sun lo

  91. Om Shirdi Sai…Please help me to come out of this trouble…….I need your help Sai baba….Also at work and home my focus is less due to this problem/trouble….please help me….Shirdi Sai.. i will go with my travel plans and you should protect me and my family Shirdi Sai…..

    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram
    Om Sai Ram

  92. Hi! everyone
    This is again one Baba's miracle which happened recently.
    My sister's husband went out and didn't come.He didn't carry his phone with him.
    We all prayed to Baba for his safe arrival to home.I prayed to baba to bring him back.
    He returned safely next day evening.

    I thank Baba to save my sister's family…
    Baba we love you so much….

  93. om dri sai ram, om sri sai ram, om sri sai ram, om sri sai ram, om sri sai ram om sri sai ram, om sri sai ram, om sir sai ram om sri sai ram

  94. Hey sai ram hey sai ram ..hare hare krishna radhe radhe shyam…hope you bless me and fulfil my wishes. .I believe my baba

  95. Baba is very very kind. As it is said, you ask for 100 and he will give you 110. There is no way your prayer will go unanswered.

  96. i am blessed to have such a motherly love(sai baba)towards our family. i really really love u baba
    i have everything in my life sai but marriage is getting delay my old father strugglying day to day in search of groom.he is sick solve this problem i definitely have faith in u and one more thing i would liketo say my sis daughter is often get fever .she sould be fit and health baba my exp is u stay in my home
    i can feel your presence.

  97. om sai ram, sai is every where in every situation, but we r so much within our aftifical life & wants that we don't realise it, not necessary to worship him all the time… but we should remeber him, we should bow to him even when there are no problem & no hassles in our life, as in problem we all go to him… & soon when problem goes off… we dont give much attention to him…. i am also one of the sad soul who does it often…. but as always sai remains with me in all the bad & good day…. Please forvie me deva… & keep my family in your blessing….. Om sai ram…

  98. OM SAI RAM.baba listens to our prayers and blesses with his divine forms whenever needed.may this eternal bond between baba and his devotees flourish each day.

  99. Baba I want to finish imp work.i want to come with 25 maternal relatives pls fullfill my small wish.tomorrow I want a gud news.jaisriram

  100. Thank you Baba for you blessings I am very happy. But please bleass my parents for health and peacefull life they are suffering lots. I will be very happy please bless me to take care of my parents. Please also bless by sister-in-laws also to take care of my parents.

    Thanks Baba

  101. Dear BABA
    Plz give me whatever i want
    sanju money good health name fame glory business tycoon who convert soil to gold richest person of the world

  102. Sai Baba please bless my family with the need joy happiness and I need good life with my close frnd With my parents and all bessings Please help me baba. I LOVE YOU ALOT:-):-):-)

  103. Dear Sai ram,

    I have been your devotee for many years now n like others I also had my doubts before becoming this ardent devotee. You have always been there with me through my thick and thins. I know I must have done something wrong that I am going through this painful phase in my marriage. I pray to you with folded hands and teary eyes please come for my rescue. Please tell my husband I really love him. Please forgive me for the sins I committed. Please baba, save my marriage. I really can't go through this pain once again in my life. Please bless my marriage. Please come for my rescue. I love you baba like always. Sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai
    Please forgive me baba n bless us.

  104. Dear Sai Devotee,
    I was very upset since 3 years that is after my marriage. Sai is with me from my childhood. I run to Him whenever i need help and He helped me in all times. I get happiness while looking at His photo and while visiting His temple. He always took care of me from my childhood becoz I have only my mother and Sai and no other relation so caring and close to me.
    I am in my toughest time now , i wanted to start nav guruvar vrat , satcharithra parayana but i could do nothing . one day suddenly Sai made me to search for his miracles in net and found this devotee experience . From that day onwards regularly i am reading all devotees experience day and night , all through the day , This is the only work i am doing now. I could feel his presence He speaks to me through some incidents. He is beyond religion. He unites the entire world by His motherly love . He made me to think that There is only one supreme power which governs all creatures that is what Sai says Sabka Malik Ek . The girl who wrote this post is very lucky and blessed . Only through her i came to know about this wonderfull site .I got happy tears reading your experience. Hope all your worries are solved by now by Sai blessings.
    Sai Bless all
    Sai Ram

  105. Hi ..I'm facing a very big problem in my life ..i request u all to pls pray for me ..I dont have time ..I need ur prays so that sai ma listens our prays and grants my wish as soon as possible ..I will really be very thankful to all of u ..thank u ..Jai Sai Ram

  106. Sai baba is really with us he wl always there wen we r in need of help frm him i hv experienced it many times he always listen to my wishes and baba gave evrything which i asked baba

  107. I am very thankful to Shri sai for everything wat i m having today
    Really i m very lucky to have d blessings of SHRI SHIRDI SAI NATH THANK YOU BABA
    And myself wid kids

  108. Om Sai
    Om Sai Ram
    Jai Sai
    Jai Sai Ram
    Shiv Sai
    Shiv Sai Ram
    Ram Ram
    Om Sai
    Om Sai Ram
    My Baba
    My Sai
    Sai Sai
    Sai Baba
    Baba Baba
    Love You Baba for everything

  109. Om Sai
    Baba You have Showered Your Blessings on my family and me in the past and present
    Please continue to Bless us all in future also
    Love You Baba for everything

  110. We have been having many miracles in our home. My wife is a strong devotee. We are also Arya Samajis but I simply cannot explain how and why these miracles happen. You may like to write to me on

  111. om sai ram

    my dear baba

    you are my father
    baba please guide me sort out this problem.
    help me to live with my husband,child and all .no one can do except you,becoz you are a miracle of miracles.
    help me for educational,financial,etc, help me my son's studies,and give me peace and all. bless all the peaople in the world baba

    jai sai ram
    bless me baba . i know you will do .love you baba very much,

  112. Om Sai Ram
    May Baba Bless our family with good health and peace of mind
    Love You Baba for everything
    Om Sai Ram

  113. Sai Baba saved me from a cruel and violent man less than a day after I asked. He has answered my every emergency and even the less than dramatic or needed answers. Namaste Guru Dev. Shanti all!

  114. Sai Baba saved me from a cruel and violent man less than a day after I asked. He has answered my every emergency and even the less than-dramatic or needed answers. Namaste Guru Dev. Shanti all!

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