Few more experiences are shared.

Daughter’s Visit To Dubai

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: Jai Sai Ram, I have a daughter living in Australia, who is recently divorced and was planning to visit us. Her parents in laws are in Dubai. She has a young son as well. My daughter’s ex-husband however wouldn’t allow my grandchild to travel with my daughter to Dubai as he was afraid that they wouldn’t return to Australia. He had my grandson’s passport with him. We were all very disturbed.

One day I was speaking to my sister-in-law, who is a devotee of Sri Sai Baba and she mentioned about Shri Sai Satcharitra and how I should perform it and have faith in Baba. On the 6th day, my daughter’s ex-husband called us as he was very concerned about my grandson and daughter coming to Dubai. He wasn’t agreeing to give my grandchild’s passport.

Keeping my faith, I performed Shri Sai Satcharitra again and on the 6th day again I received a call for the second time from my daughter’s ex-husband. He still didn’t agree to send my grandson with my daughter. I still had my faith in Baba and had my daughter’s tickets booked for the 29th of August. The caretaker of my house, Padma, is also a strong believer in Sai Baba. My sister-in-law as well Padma both prayed to Baba asking Him to show a miracle, since they didn’t want me to lose my faith in Baba. Miraculously on the 29th morning, the day my daughter was supposed to travel to Dubai, her ex-husband agreed to give her my grandson’s passport and both of them took the flight and came to Dubai. Although it took some time but a true miracle happened. I thank Sri Sai Baba for His kindness and blessings. May His blessings always be upon us. Jai Sai Ram

Sai Baba Gave Me A Invaluable One Week To Live With My Mom Who Was Fighting With Blood Cancer

Sai Sister Vikram Ji from UAE says: It was during March 2012, when my family came to know sad news that my mom had leukemia or in simple terms blood cancer. My parents were living in Jamnagar (Gujarat) during that time. My father decided to quit his job and move to Gurgaon, where my sisters live with their families as mom needed full time support. I had just moved to Dubai then and was not able to bring her to Dubai as she didn’t have her passport. I visited her every now and then. We tried to find any possible medicine and best doctors for her. All in vain as she was in her last stages of the cancer. The only thing, we could have done, is pray to Sai Baba. I remember during this entire time, I always use to pray and remember Sai Baba for her healthy recovery. As the time passed by, she started becoming very weak and there was time, when doctors gave up. Doctors were also of the opinion that the patients with blood cancer normally have very tough last few days/weeks. They had no hope that she can revive and live any longer. On the other hand, she was on the suffering end. Somewhere I knew that it’s going to be difficult for my mom to survive. I prayed Lord Sai to help my mom by giving her strength and not to go through all that pain. Miraculously, she became almost fine. Surprisingly her platelets count also went up. Even doctors were not able to believe how this can happen. This gave all of us a little hope, but that lasted just for a week. I flew with my wife and kids to Gurgaon to spend some time with her. We spent a week with her and came back to Dubai. I didn’t know that this was the last time I was seeing her alive. Just after two weeks, I got a call from my father that she died of cardiac arrest in the hospital. I can’t explain my feeling at that time. She fought with cancer for 3 long months before she passed away in June 2012. Amidst all this, I thank Sai Baba for giving my mom that one week of strength and time to spend with us. Even after 2 months of her death, I have not been able to come to my normal life. What I am today is only because of these two – one my Sai Baba and second is my Mom. Now I have decided to work and earn enough money to construct a Sai Temple in memory of my mom. God bless my mom.

Miracles Of Shirdi Sai Baba

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Shirdi Sai Baba helped me to find Panditji for doing Satyanaryan pooja. Baba gave me opportunity to post it. Baba is showing His grace each and every day in my life. This one is the short one. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id. Please edit below experience if you feel necessary. This is my second experience on this blog. I am thankful to Hetal Ji for maintaining this site and guiding many needful devotees to get motivated and share their experiences. My friend had arranged Satyanaryan pooja in his house on Sunday afternoon. He and his wife had cooked lot of food for around 30 – 40 people and decorated the house, as it was the first function in their new house. But things changed by afternoon, he gave a call to the Panditji to check if he is familiar with address, but his son picked up the call and said that his father (Panditji) is admitted in the hospital for chest pain, and he is sorry that they cannot arrange other Panditji nor couldn’t give a call. It is difficult here to find Panditji and at a short notice especially where we stay. My friend started calling every one of his contacts to look for the Panditji including me. I gave him temple phone and ask him for if they have anyone available, but he said that he is already booked and can’t come. We all were greatly tensed like what to do. When things are impossible, Sai Baba makes it possible. I went to temple, at the time afternoon Aarti was going on, I said my Sai Baba, do something let my friends find the Panditji and function finishes accordingly. As the Aarti was finished, I got a call from my mate that Panditji has been arranged. I was so happy that time. Thank You Sai Baba for helping me and my friends and sorry for posting it very late. Bolo Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai.
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  1. To the devotee in the second experience, it is a noble thought you have. However, I would like to suggest that you do something charitable like giving food to the poor in the name of your mother every year during her shraddha ceremony. As Baba likes giving food to the hungry a lot, it will please both Baba and give peace to your mother's soul.
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Hi, Can anybody replied to the my following experiences..as I'm imaginating or is it real..

    I prayed Baba every moment,I felt he is with me..As I'm going thro tough phase,He is giving the solutions thro books, other devotees experiences or smetimes raising a thought in my mind..But recently, He is always with me,He is accompanying me..

    Last Sunday, I gone to Baba temple..starting to do 108 Pradakshina around Dhuni, there he also started doing it..and speaking with me abt my problem..I requested Baba, don't do Pradakshina, you can get the pain..Then He asked me wt abt u, I said, I'm getting pain, but as I'm doing this fr u, So I feel happy..Then I speak with Him like this, Y U r with me..go and bless ur devotees..He said that My assistant is there, no pblm..I thought all these are my imaginations, as we are in His way..so feeling like this.Then suddenly, only 10 Pradakshina are pending to complete 108..He disappeared & present on His Aasanam..

    I asked Him, Why U have gone..? Then He scolded me, Am I not having any work to do the Pradakshina with u..I want 2 bless my devotees & given me a beautiful smile..I thought that after completin of Pradakshina, I'll go there to Baba Idol to take blessings..so, He has
    gone there..

    Then yesterday also, I felt very bad & cried a lot before Baba, then slept..Then I got a dream..In that I saw Durga matha in a temple, She
    is there really in dyana mudra..then slowly water coming frm Her left eye..and smebody saying to me, U cried..thats y she is also crying..As I'm having nails, I didn't wipe her tears as she will be hurted..

    If Baba came in my dream, I felt its imagination but I saw Goddess..I'm totally confused..really all are these blessings..? or my imaginations..?Please reply to me..

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Dear Sister Pratyusha, God is one. So Durga Maa is also Baba and Baba is Durga Maa. The fact that you saw Durga Maa in your dream is a blessing in itself. So be happy and leave all doubts. Trust in Baba, trust in God. Please read 'Sai Satcharitra' and all your difficulties will vanish. Baba is with you always and he loves and cares for you.

      May Baba bless us always with good health, long life, peace, prosperity and happiness. We surrender at your Lotus feet Gurudev, please be with us always in every work that we do. We love you a lot and thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Dear Anonymous Devotees,

      Thanks for your concern..I know, he is always with me..but he is not fulfilling my wish..delaying it.Unable to bare the pain what I'm feeling.And losing my faith on Him.But that condition is at that time only. Afterwards again, I'll pray Him. And daily I'm reading sai satcharitra. While reading that, He came to me & taking me in His lap..& blessing me.I think, He is having some other plan & waiting for that miracle..

      If I get that, definitely, I'll post that experience..

      Thank You..

  3. The first experience is a lesson for all of us, who keep saying that even if we do parayan, our prayers don't get answered, in reality they do but we have to give time for things to happen, thank u for increasing my faith in parayan, today is my seventh day of parayan and here I read a post related to it. To the second, devotee remember baba is always with u, nd it is a noble thought of building a temple of Sai.
    Dear Pratyusha ji, don't get perturbed", by what you see and feel, baba must be near you and he is blessing you all the time.How can you forget baba's words "God is one", so he can come in any form to bless you. Just feel and cherish all these beautiful moments…Om Sai Ram

  4. Om sai jai sai. Thank you for sharing these experience. Today is my 7th day of parayan and I am sure Baba is going to answer my prayer.
    Saiji bless us always.

  5. Touching experience, may your Mother's soul reach Baba's lotus feet.

    O Deva, thank you for all that you have given and for taking care of your devotees.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Very nice experiences! First devotee from UAE, your experience shows how Baba can change the minds of people to help His devotees and it is good that he gave up the passport and allowed your grandchild and daughter to visit you in UAE. Vikram Ji, I'm sorry you lost your mother but don't worry, Baba will also make sure she is fine now and no longer suffering; like how Baba told Kote Patil he will soon leave this world, Baba made sure your mother had a good last week with you before she left this world and it is wonderful you are raising funds to build a Baba temple in her honor. Last devotee, Baba was the one who arranged for the other pandit ji to come for your pooja, perhaps it was a way for Baba to test your faith and patience but Baba made everything work out in the end. OM SAI RAM!

  7. baba bless my parents with good health and happiness…. they will have to be happy forever…….. my father is suffering with severe cold…. you will have to cure his health….he's just 60 years old…. atleast he has to be with me 10 more years… i have lot of curiosity do some services to my parents… please save him from a difficult situation…. he has to be recover from his health problem….. iam also often getting some health problems… please deva i do not have your udi with me… i want it ….. help me to get soon…..

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