Devotees are sharing their blissful moments with Lord Sai Baba in following few experiences.

Baba Is There With Us

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Hello Hetal Ji, If there are any mistakes, can you please correct me? Please don’t disclose my name and email address. Congratulations and Thank you Hetal Ji for your wonderful work. My tears are frozen in my eyes. If tears start rolling down, then I will not be able to stop those because of my love, emotion on Baba. For Devotees, I can tell one thing strongly that Baba is with us always. I experienced so many times that Baba is listening to us. I am going to write my latest experience now.

Since 1 year, I faced so many problems, but with Baba’s presence in my life, I was able to pass all those problems. Baba gave me a good job. I am very happy with that. I have attended a so many interviews while searching for the job. Whenever I attended an interview, I was hoping for the job. After my result, I used to talk with Baba, but I am having faith on Baba that He will bless me with a nice job. I started 9 Thursday Vrat 3 months ago. While doing that, miracles happen in my life. Whatever interviews, I attended, I managed to succeed. At the end, I got 2 offers. I was confused and Baba showed me a solution. One job from agent name called pant and other from diff person. I have chosen a Pants job because Baba told me before getting a job that “You will get a good job but salary will be bit less” offer was give by Pant (I remembered Hemad Pant). That’s why I have chosen that job. And Baba blessed my husband also with good job. Here one miracle happened. My husband hasn’t got a job in same city wherever I am working, but now because of Baba, we are working in a same city.

So many miracles happened in my life. I can strongly believe and 100% tell Baba is there with us. He never let us down. But we need to have Shraddha and Saburi. Whatever problem you have, leave it to Baba. He will give you the good solution. He will show you the best path. He is everything to us. Thank You Baba. I know You won’t expect from us. Only faith requires reaching You. I don’t want to stop writing on Baba. You are everything to me.

Baba's Blessing On My Family At Shirdi

Sai Sister Namita Ji from USA says: Jai Sai Ram. Thanks for posting so many experiences. God bless you. I am writing my experience and hope you share with all devotees. I, my husband and my son went to Shirdi some 4 years back from Pune. That was our first trip to Shirdi. We were very happy to see the Saibaba in Shirdi Mandir. We saw a short line to Baba Darshan. We stood in the line very happily. Suddenly when our turn came, we were asked for the VIP pass, which we didn’t have and had to move out of the line. Then we went upstairs to join a big line. As my kid was small, we were very upset as to when we will get Darshan, in such a big line. We stood there for some time, and then finally thought to go back to our hotel room and try the next day for Darshan. As we were returning, again we saw the VIP line. But we were sad as we were returning. Again we thought why not approach a person in VIP line and request him to accompany us. This was Baba blessings that the person we approached had luckily 3 VIP pass extra. He asked us to join and soon we got Baba's Darshan. Baba always helps those, who need Him. He never disappoints anybody. Thanks Baba for this wonderful Leela, which became a memorable. From then till now many miracles have taken place in our life. We always feel Baba strongly in our life. Baba, please bless us always and take us in right path. I Love You Saibaba.

Sai's Presence In My Dream As A Child

Sai Sister Pooja Ji from Kuwait says: Dearest Hetal Ji, Thank you so much for providing this platform for sharing our experiences. May Sainath bless you and your family always. This Miracle is small as compared to many you post, but my Baba has asked me to post it. So I am doing it as per His wish. I would like to share my experience, but I don't know where to start. So I invoke the Grace of Sainath Prabhu to help and write. Last year, I went to India for a marriage of my husband’s cousin. Few days before the marriage, my sister in law (younger) insulted me in front of her husband and my husband. This event caused me much pain as I always treated her like my younger sister and she was staying with me, my husband and in-laws for seven years before her marriage. After that incident, I have not been able to forgive or forget this incident. But Sainath says not to keep bad feelings for anyone in the heart. I wanted to be able to do the same, but it was not possible. Last night, I had a dream, where I was with my sister in law and her son of 4 years was there as well. I was saying goodbye to them and suddenly I told my nephew that I will not say bye to your mother as she hurt me deeply. But I will hug you. The moment I put my arms around him, I felt a relief. I have not felt since that incidence as if Sainath himself came and hugged me. Since I woke up, I have not felt so relaxed and refreshed ever. And when I think of that incident, which I have been doing since last year daily, I felt nothing only. I had a smile on my face. I realised my prayers have been answered and I have finally forgiven her or Sainath has helped me ease my pain. Thank You Sainath. You know the inner feelings of all and help them even if it feels so small. Sorry Hetal Ji, if it is too long or if I have made any mistakes. See if you want to post it as per your wish. Sai Ram, Pooja
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  1. I too had the same experience as the second devotee's experience.
    We dont have VIP pass and we were asked to leave the line.
    One person suddenly came and gave us VIP passes as they need to catch the train.So Baba helped us to have a blissful darshan without any hurdle.

    OM Sainathaya namah….

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba, please do guide us always to lead a god life and to be of value and use to others. Please help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our lives. We thank you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Dear Sai sister Pooja ji you are indeed blessed. I am also waiting for such a help from my Baba so that even I can forgive my mother in law. She did insult and is still insulting me very bad in person, but in front of others she is just manipulating things. Though everybody knows her still nobody is there to support or talk for me except Baba. Because of her I went into deep depression and with Baba's grace I am coming out of it still I have a fear about her next move and wasting all my energy and thought fearing about her. Please Baba help me to forgive her and move on with my personal life. I am also waiting for Your miracle.

    Yesterday when I was reading this site, I reminded of my Shirdi trip and a person exactly like Baba came and asked for dakshina, I gave Him a one rupee coin becuase there were so many people with me so I gave everyone my coins so that they will get the cahnce to give the coin to Baba, but suddenly yesterday I felt see I offered only one rupee which means either shraddha or saburi to Baba and Baba dint hint me to donate 2 rupees though He came live to me and thatz why all the sufferings are happening to me. After sometime I totally forgot about all these things. After about an hour or two, I went to the market wherein I saw a Maruthi temple. So I asked my husband whether he will join me. We all went with my little daughter and had a good darshan and they were doing some pooja to Lord Shiva as yesterday was Monday. I was standing and watching and just thought it would be really nice if I could see a Baba's foto at least if not Baba's idol, but I dint find any. Then I told my husband I will do pradakshina and come, when I was doing it, Wow !! what a surprise I saw a beautiful idol of Babaji along with Ganeshji. I was so happy and thanking Baba for making my smallest wish come true. Before entering the temple actually I asked my husband to give me some change to put there in hundi. He gave me a coin which I dint look as I was carrying all the vegetables and my husband was carrying my little daughter. When I saw Baba I just reminded of the coin and thought of putting it and took it from the bag. To my utter surprise it was a 2-rupee coin 🙂 I was so happy and put that coin thinking I am now offering my shraddha and saburi to my Baba. When I came out one old man was standing and my husband gave him 2 rupees so i thought even my husband offered shraddha and saburi to Baba thought he is not a devotee of Baba. Thank you Baba thank You so much for making my wish complete. Please keep us under Your Holy Feet always and bless us always. I love You Baba.

  4. Baba, still u r testing, I'm also decided to leave u..U r not at all listening to my prayers..every time, u r showing ur presence by hiding the truth. y u r doing like this. I never visit ur temple now onwards, this is the punishment, I'm giving to u and for myself..still I remembered the day, I saw U..U r feeling very happy by seeing me when I came to ur temple for ur darshan after 11 days as grandma expired..May be I have done anything wrong, please punish me in another way..hw many times, I have to ask u..everytime U r showing the positive..But in reality, my wish is not fulfilling..u r postponing, I didn't ask u anything, I didn't pray U..U knew everything, but Y u r punishing me like this..Please save me..I didn't visit ur temple & u, until U fulfill my wish..Gudbye..

  5. om sai ram
    nice experience thankyou for sharing

    may sai baba make my family and me to have his holy darshan
    may call shirdi

    om sai ram

    sadguru sainath ki jai

  6. Dear Pooja ji, you seem to be an instrument to so many of us who suffered the way you did and found some peace! I too had been insulted by my younger sister in law in front of my husband, her husband and other family and friends (as we were celebrating one of our family- friend's surprise B'day party). Oh…my heart is still bleeding as I can not even imagine some one being insulted like I had been….it happened almost about 25 years ago and I am surprised to see the same topic surfaced here!
    I am blessed with cheerful happy personality always so such pains remains in my heart but others can hardly make out that I am hurt and suffering! But as years go by we learned that everybody is different, we can not change them, we have to accept as they are and go on with LIFE.
    Thanks for sharing and happy that now you are not feeling that pain.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  7. Thank You Baba, yesterday was my wedding anniversary and since it was Thursday i was doing my nav guru vrat and crying to Baba saying nobody from my husband's side wished me, especially my mil. I told Baba i dint do any wrong then why i have to suffer all this humiliation by her. Then I told my husband I was so disappointed. We started to go to Baba temple then suddenly he received a call from his mom, i donno what happened to him, he suddenly told his mom to wish me and gave the phone to me. She has no other go other than wishing me. I felt so good and thanked my Baba for making this happen. Without His grace this would not have happened. Till now i was surprised by my husband's act who will never do like this. thanks Baba thank You so much and please take care of my babhi and newborn. please bless peace of mind to my parents and be with them. Love You Baba please bless all of us.

  8. such a wonderful experiences. baba , you know what is my situation right now, i have complete faith on you, whatever is happening, and to whom i am connected is just because of you. without your intention no one can enter into my life, that to this stage. pls always be with me like this. i am not asking, that i dont, want any pains, or problems, but always be with us, how worst the situation may me. because, if you are with me, i can handle anything, i will get all that patience, which i required to solve the problem. but just bless me, and be with me not only in this birth, for every birth. bacause without you am incomplete, am nothing…. pls bless all of us baba.

    jai sai ram!

  9. Very nice experiences! Pooja Ji, Baba came as your nephew to comfort you and tell you not to worry about the mean things your sister-in-law said, all those who do bad things will face the fruit of their karma (it is something that even Lord Rama had to face and could not prevent). First devotee from UK, although you were given a job with less salary, Baba made sure you and your husband got a job in the same city and don't worry, Baba will provide more than enough for you. Namita Ji, Baba arranged those extra VIP passes when you were in Shirdi and made sure that you had a nice visit there. Om Sai Ram!

  10. Love and devotion of all saibhakta's infuses lot of devotion in me..Thank u all of u and thank u hetal ji for ur wonderful service..CONGRATULATIONS FOR UR BOY BABY..HE HAS GOT BABA'S INFINITE BLESSINGS..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

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