A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 213

With this post, few more experiences of devotees are shared.

Sai Maa Saved My Family

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Thanks a lot of this blog. We are all indebted to you for this wonderful work of yours. Please do not publish my name or mail id.

Before writing my experience, I would like to offer koti koti pranam to our beloved Sai Deva. Deva please forgive me if there is any mistake and pardon me for all my sins and let me be at Your feet all the time in this life. I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since 2000. Initially, I used to visit temple very often, but that gradually came down. Before this incident happened, I did not visit our Sai Maa for a long time. I used to pray at home, but even for almost 1 month prior to this, I couldn’t do the same as I was on tour.

My father is old and he was going through a huge crisis in his life. It was a matter related to the court. There was a mistake from our end also and I beg for forgiveness from Sai Deva and surrender to Him. Please help us overcome this or else take our lives to save us from this bad name.

When the issue was at its peak, I was much tensed and couldn’t stop myself from thinking about the matter every second. I even couldn’t attend my work due to the same. Even my father’s health was going down. I was worried for my father. One day just to feel better, I thought of watching a movie, but after watching the movie for 30 minutes, I again started feeling restless and left the movie hall. I was wandering in the mall, when suddenly a thought came in mind to visit Sai Mandir. Immediately, I left the place and drove down to the Mandir. It was around 6 pm and as soon as I reached evening Aarti resumed. I felt happy and stood with all other devotees inside the Mandir for the Aarti. The Aarti went off nicely and as soon as it was going to end, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. One of the devotees helped me to sit on the Mandir floor. As soon as I sat there, I fell unconscious on the floor. Some devotees helped me to a chair nearby and gave me water and prasadam. Slowly I came in my senses. One devotee gave a packet of UDI from Shirdi and applied some on my forehead. I was made to sit in front of Sai Deva. Suddenly I realized that my tension has subsided. I felt as if Deva took out a bad effect from my body and released me from some evil by seeking me to His darbar. I was feeling much relaxed. Sai offered me to sit in front of Him, gave me UDI and Prasad. What else can one ask for?

Next day, I went to the hospital for a detailed checkup, but the doctor couldn’t find anything unusual. It was all Sai’s grace. From that day, my family problem has slowly come down and I am sure with Deva’s blessings, it will be gone in no time. I also started visiting Sai Mandir. With His grace, the manager of the temple approached me to work for the temple on auspicious occasions. My joy knew no bounds, when I heard this. Sai had taken me into His fold.

Om Sai Ram.

Normal Study Report

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to write the Leela’s of Sai. I am Sai devotee since 2011 only and He is the very best father to me. I am impressed with His Leelas more and more. I am just sending few things.

I am planning for my second child. But, I can’t conceive, so I’m taking medication for more than 4 months. And doctor advised to take follicular study for alternate days. While I went to hospital, I like to see SAI’s picture with short distance. But, it was not seen. Then, I have been waiting for doctor, more than an hour. And also, I saw my grandmother and chat with her in auto. Suddenly I saw the SAI Picture in auto and then only I remember that I asked to see Him. But I forgot it and SAI did Leela. In the report also, Sai showed miracle that I have cyst in my ovary, now it is reduced in size.

In my 2nd time visit, that time also I asked to see His picture. But there was heavy rain, so I feel that I am unable to see Him. Just after few seconds, I saw SAI picture in my colleagues mobile in bus. It’s very miracle. In my 3rd time visit, I saw SAI picture, little bit latter after taking the scan, but before doctor advice. Then, last time I got the result as normal. Now I am in SAI vrat for second baby boy, I have already girl one. I faith, soon SAI bless me baby boy and I promise Him to fix the name as SAI in prefix for my boy child.

Hetal Ji, thank you so much for your wonderful work that you have made. I regularly read your blog and thank you lot to share all experience of Baba’s, which create more faith and confident on Baba. Please do not disclose my email and my name. Sai has been with our family and giving lot of blessings in all aspects of life from small to big. I would like to share this experience that happen in last day.
When I read Sai Satcharitra, suddenly I have severe pain in my stomach and it was unbearable. I was very afraid about that if there is any problem in my health and I prayed to Baba. After I apply UDI in my stomach and mix with water, and then I drank. After it, slowly it reduced and this morning there was no evidence of any pain in my stomach. It was unbearable experience. Baba, thank You so much.



My Experience With Baba

Sai Brother Maheswara Ji from India says: Dear Sai Devotees, I am sharing my experiences to you. Dear Hetal Ji, please don’t disclose my mail id. Please do the changes if required.

My name is Maheswara Reddy. I want to share few of my experience with Sai Devotees. I am a Sai devotee since 13 years. My first experience with Saibaba was happened on 2000 June. I completed my B.Sc. computers in 2000. After that, I wrote only 2 entrance exams, one is IIT Madras, second one is M.Sc. computer science. My father scared on me why don’t you write MCA and some other exams. But I was not interest to write other exams. Within one day, result was announced for my M.Sc. entrance results. I went to my sister house. Near to my sister house, there is one Sai Baba temple. I didn’t go to the temple. But by just seeing Baba temple, I prayed that I want a rank in M.Sc. computers. If I got the rank, I believe on You. The next day result was announced. I saw result in paper. I got 343 ranks. It was a great experience for me.


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  1. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai was the kindest of all during his period and he is still the same even after leaving his body for almost 94 years now.

    Hail Hail Sai, the king of the kings Shri Shiridi Sai Nath.

    Servant of Baba.

  2. Sadguru Sai Baba guides his devotees through his enoromous power. He purifies & strengthens our mind.

    Om Sai Ram 🙂

  3. Hi devotees I have a doubt which striked me after reading first experience , is it neccessary to go to temple? even in Satcharita it is said Nirgun worship is best, but since we people require some form we go for sagun worship.. I regulary pray to Baba at home and I read satcharita quite often.. I do go to temple but very rarely once in two months or once in month, but for me not even a single day went without thinking of Baba. Is it really true that bad effects or evil will never enter any temple ? Baba is prevailing everywhere does his powers are more only in temple shrines??? I will be really thankful if anyone can answer and help me.

  4. Dear anonymous in comment 5 after Dr.Mahesh:

    I will give my view on your question. It is actually a good comment which I asked myself many times.
    Temples and shrines are places where there is a lot of positive energy. Worships and rituals to God in any shrine is made to bring the positive energies to the highest levels. When we are in such kind of environment, our negative energies and thoughts cease and are replaced by the good ones. Ever wonder why some very old shrines are so famous and all your prayers are answered when you request in those shrines..it is because of that positive energy is built in for years..Finally it is us that do prayers. Maybe some person who has so much capacity to pray to God with loads of love and +ve energies need not go to temple. But atleast myself and many others are like me who did not reach that stage. We are always confused about things and people and our energies are all mixed up. That is one of the reasons, people recommend going to shrines on your capability to recharge yourself. God is everlasting and he is everywhere. But many of us do not have that capability to recognize him at any place and we have some mode of worship.

  5. Also, one more thing is to follow the traditions to pass it on to the next generations which is very important in any religions that people attend rituals and temples.
    One more thing, I can add is if you look at some temple histories, there are some shrines where it is said that God has promised some devotee to fulfill all people's wishes which are true when they come to some particular shrine and worship.
    For example, shirdi itself where Saibaba has promised that whoever steps on the soil of shirdi will be his children and he will take care of them.
    Other example, is lord balaji temple in Chilkur in AP, India. Legend says that there was a devotee who loved the Lord very much and used to go to Tirupathi every year.

  6. The devotee became very old maybe his late eighties and could not travel anymore. The devotee felt very bad and prayed to Lord Balaji that he was very sorry that he cannot travel and started praying where the current temple is and stopped eating food because he was not happy.
    Then finally the Lord, seeing the devotee love for him, came to him and said that HE was very happy with the devotee and promised him that the place where he has started prayers will be built into small temple and whoever comes and offers their prayers there will be happy. And to this day, you will find lots of devotees in

  7. that temple.
    Even such great devotees have traveled to shrines for worships. God wants your true love beyond anything and traveling to temples and shrines is a way to show that love.
    When common people like us pray in sacred places, we pray with more faith.
    It takes lot of time and patience, to reach a stage where one can see God in everything and it would not make much difference for them wherever they worship since God resides in their hearts which they recognize it and they can feel it.
    I do not know abt u, but for common people like me and many others, we do need some kind of spiritual places to recharge ourselves with lots of positive energies. Also, going to shrines increases our faith in GOD.

  8. Lastly, one simple analogy I would like to use here:
    How would you prefer to see some very good movie like spiderman or batman? Everyone would prefer to see it in a theater with lots of sound effects and on a big screen. If you wait for few months, you can also see it on a TV. But seeing on the screen gives more happiness and better results and u will enjoy it more.
    Just put that in terms of what we thought and maybe u will find the answer urself. Alas, God resides everywhere and he will listen to our prayers when they are filled with pure heart and love.
    Hope I have helped u in understanding something.
    Thanks, Riya

  9. @ dear anonymous devotee i just simply want to tell u tat sai made me think tat u say sai is every where it is universal truth but to go temple is also needed just like air is every where but we need fan just to feel it. Sai is with us every moment . May our great n sweat sai bless u n all devotees. OM SAI RAM -saipriya

  10. Om SAi Ram
    Thanks for sharing. Baba we all love u. Plz stay with us. Thank you so much baba for coming in life in the form of my friend. No words for your love.

    JAi Sai Ram

  11. Baba,

    I am also trying to conceive a child. Please bless us with another healthy child Deva…

    JAI SAI RAM !!!

  12. Nice experiences! Maheswara Ji, it is nice that just by seeing Baba temple that Baba gave you good marks for the exam you gave. 1st devotee from India, it must have been some bad karma in your past births that Baba removed from you so that your family's court case will go well. It is wonderful that you got the help of all other Sai devotees and I hope everything with the court case goes well for you (I am sure it will with Baba's blessings). 2nd devotee from India, it is nice that Baba showed you his picture each time you asked and I'm sure he will bless you with another baby very soon; just have Faith and Patience. Om Sai Ram!

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