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Whenever we call Lord Sai Baba wholeheartedly He makes sure that He comes to us. Following experience says so.

Sai Sister Bindu from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, I wanted to post a true experience that I had encountered in January 2012 and I thought that it would be nice if some of Sai devotees know about this experience. Please do not reveal my id. However you can mention my name.

I always had a dream that I should buy a house and this dream is around 20 years old. I joined office one and half year ago and recently we saw a house and decided to buy that one. We had several failed instances of buying house and I was almost frustrated. I used to pray to Sai and I always felt that whatever is happening good or bad is the will of Sai and there is something good only even if I have some negative thing. Finally, we had zeroed down in the house and as my hubby was out of station, I with my mother-in-law went to give the token amount and the rest we thought we will give it once loan is approved.

The agreement was done and he asked me to read it before he gave the print on a bond paper. And when I started reading the bond paper, I did I realize that he has quoted a higher price than what was negotiated. I was lost, I called my hubby and asked and he spoke to the builder. He said he has quoted the same and said my hubby heard it wrong. My hubby in a fit of anger told to cancel the deal. I and my mother-in-law were in shock. We really liked the house and after a lot of house hunting that we got a good house. The moment builder said that sir (my hubby) does not want to buy the house. I was speechless and so was my mother-in-law. I just asked SAI, why this with me? Today is Thursday and I am fasting on Your name and on Thursday work is not successful. This can never happen. Why this to me? And I prayed to Sai.

Then the wonder of wonders, the builder said ok, there is a misunderstanding and I do not want you to go sad. It is not good to me. Ok I will quote the same price that sir is telling. If you feel, I was truthful, give me anything extra, and else do not give anything with a very heavy heart. I felt bad, but I decided that I will speak to my hubby and tell to give him some money extra. I prayed God and agreement was done. We were waiting for a family friend to sign the agreement as witness. I was praying Sai Baba that “give me Your Darshan, when I will sign” and when the time to sign the agreement came, I was searching for Sai and what I see just opposite there was a shop and it had Sai Baba’s photo and He was wearing red dress and red turban. I had His Darshan and as informal witness Sai was there, when I signed the agreement. I was happy that Sai was there, but somewhere I felt to have His Darshan in person. We finished the agreement and when I was returning to take an auto, there comes a old man in red dress and red turban walking from the opposite direction. If you see his face, it was same like Sai Baba. I had tears in my eyes. He just passed by me and I was telling to my mother-in-law to see Sai Baba and she was also surprised. I wanted to bow to His feet, give Him Dakshina, but I was scared too. I just was looking at Him and moving forward. I could not believe my eyes that Sai Baba came to that place, although Baba didn’t tell anything. He just passed. I felt He fulfilled my wish of providing me with His Darshan. While signing the agreement, I took an oath that I will not take my favorite thing till I sign the registration papers and I am going to stick to it. My favorite is non-veg, so I have decided that I will not take non-veg till registration of my house. I had problems in getting home loan also previously, and this builder has given me a person’s name, who will help us get the loan if we pay 10000 to him. Though I do not like giving bribe, but I said if I get loan, then I will give.

The loan was approved in flat 4 days and I had my house registered on Jan 23, 2012. Right now, there is some woodwork going on and we will be moving to the new house in a month. I feel so stupid now. I should have taken a snap of the old man, who came opposite to me. I could have posted it along with this, but I did not get that idea then. Hetal Ji, please pray to Sai on my behalf to bestow with all good things in the new home and also His blessings to the new house. Om Sai Ram.



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  1. nice experience,i also feel sai is with me i am waiting for my happy matrimonial life i belive sai only at present i have become mad of sai,i am experiencing sai's guidence always each and every step i am holding sai's hand ,sai defenetly settle my issues he only knows what is good for me ,he only desides when should give,i always need is love,please sai forgive my mistakes please guide me in proper way om sairam jai sairam

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai is the busiest person on this planet, yet he never forgets or ignores the smallest request of his devotees.

    Even while Baba lived, devotees invited him personally to join the ocassions and if he promised then he makes sure he kept it. Several examples of it are known to us.

    So whom should we trust and worship? the answer is known.

    Allah Mallik.
    Servant of Baba

  3. Nice experience binduji…we are also performing house warming function and pooja in our new house in few days..and the first guest whom I invited for that function is none other than our beloved saima…I know saima will be present at that function and bless us and our house…may always saima bless everyone in this world with good health and peace…om sai samarth:)

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba gave you darshan.. you are blessed.. my best wishes and my prayers to Baba.. may you get all happiness in your new home.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Wishing you and your husband Happiness, Joy and Health in your new house!

    Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  6. Very nice experience Bindu Ji! Baba came into the mind of the builder and gave you the price you and your husband wanted and also made sure to show you that this is the correct thing by showing his picture to you. Also, the old man who came dressed as Baba was another wonderful blessing and sign to show you that Baba is with you and you need not worry. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful life together in your new home. Om Sai Ram!

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