Request For Advice Regarding An Issue – Anonymous Sai Devotee

Yesterday there was a post which was shared by a guy facing problems in his love life. Today is another experience of the same nature. Kindly guide the lady. Because we felt that the post should be shared urgently, we are sharing it going against blog policy.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hello Hetal Ji, Please do not post my name or email ID. You are doing very good job by putting experiences, helping people and getting faith in Sri Sai. I am mailing a personal experience of mine, but this is a request for advice/help/suggestions. I know you post in first come first serve basis. But if possible, can you please post this earlier, so that I can listen to what other Sai devotees has to say.

Please be patient with me as this would be little lengthy. From the time, I have known and prayed to God Saibaba, He has always been an important part of my life. No one in my family prays to Him much except for me. In short, I have been the only girl in my family to visit Shirdi. I love this God very much and He has helped me in many needy moments in my life. He has not always given me what I wanted, but He has always taken care of me. I have always prayed Him to bless me with the kind of life partner I wanted. There have been times, when I have prayed to Him for a particular person. But He did not fulfill it, which is understandable.

I do not have any complaints that He did not give me the person I prayed for. But, there has been few incidents happening in my life from the past few weeks, which are making me confusing. I am requesting all the devotees reading this to help me go in the correct path. If possible, please ask Baba by anyway you contact Him to see if I am doing the right thing and post it back in the comments section. I need to go little bit past to explain what the problem is. So, please be patient.

I was in love with someone from two years. I always prayed to Baba to help me be with him if Baba thinks it is right. I told Baba that I would respect whatever decision He makes for me. My only request was not to tie me into marriage with some unknown guy. He did hear to my prayers because of which I am single and happy. But He did not approve the guy I was in love with. I just left it and forgot about it.

I, sometimes, ask Baba question/answers and sometimes the solutions work. In late Jan, I prayed and asked Baba how long I should wait to get me a solution for my marriage. Baba answered to wait for few more days less than a week and I will be free from worries and my good time will start. I asked the same question after few more days and I got the same answer with the remaining exact number of days. I was happy that Baba will give me some solution or bring back the person I have wished for.

After that week was passed, I have noticed that I was able to see the guy whom I prayed before just as a friend and nothing more. For some unknown reason, the desire to be with him just vanished. I prayed to Baba to give me a solution for my marriage. I do not how to explain this, but he pointed out to an acquaintance I barely know. I mean I know that he exists, but I do not know him personally nor he does. I am not sure if he even knows about me and we are very very distant from each other in all ways. I felt that Baba was telling me that he is the answer to all my prayers. I afraid that my mind was playing games with me. I went back to question/answer, I requested Baba to help me. One of the answer came to take out chits if confused.

I have written 4 chits with an answer “NO”, 3 chits with his initials and 5 chits blank (I assume it has no answer). I prayed and after sometime, I asked a 4 years old baby to take out 3 chits in 3 turns. After she did, I just put them back near Baba. But I did not have the courage to open it. I really did not understand why I had so much fear. I opened it after 2-3 days, and all the chits I opened are the ones with his initials.

I know that it is a miracle since I had written only three with his name and all the three came out. My joy knew no bounds when I saw it. But you see I am really afraid to convince that it would happen. I have never prayed for Baba to send him into my life. It is like Baba is coming and saying his name out. If I start to think practically, it is something impossible to happen. I know that nothing is impossible to Baba. But for some unknown reason, I want this so much to happen.

Please help me to understand if I should accept him and think that Baba will unite us one day. Or should I just leave it and go on in my life. Can everyone who read this, help me by asking Baba in whatever way they communicate and give your advice in the comments section or what your gut tells you. I am very much confused to think clearly.

I am confused because the question answers do not always work for me and with the current situation, it is almost next to impossible for us to come together. I am in-between 27-29 and I do not want to be in any dream world. Please guide me.

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  1. Hi,

    It is good you are careful and acting with caution and maturity. If saibaba really wants you to be with that person, he himself will show you a way. For now, dont keep your hopes up, just go on with your daily stuff. Dont think much about this guy because even if things dont work out good, you wont be disappointed. I am sure sai will show you a right way in your marriage. I read some where, "If god is willing, he will squeeze an elephant in a tiny hole". If you two are meant to be together, you dont even have to try anything, god will do everything. Take care. Om sai ram.

  2. Pray baba wholeheartedly and ask him to give solution for ur question he ll definitely guide u through dream this is my personal experience he ll surely guide u and i think its baba who can answer ur query exactly….

  3. Sai Ram,

    I read your post. At places, you want to trust baba to the fullest, but at some, where if the indications are not what you expected, it looks a little shaky. Pardon me, if my reading is wrong. My intent is to show you the right perspective and not offend you, so keep the faith 'unshakable' come what may !

    Pls remember one thing. If you think it is 'impossible' to be with that person, and still have a feeling of having him as the possibility, it indicates that there is a certain affinity and acceptance for that person. Pls take that as the base to build your relationship. Secondly, opposites attract, so if you think that love marriages are successful for two 'like minded' people, in my opinion, it is a hard buy.

    Thirdly, it takes only a few moments of events to change perspectives. We as human beings are very judgmental and form opinions instantly. What may seem utterly Impossible today, may be the best thing to happen to you (Or vice versa), but in my opinion, leave things as is, at the same time, don't push for them to happen. Even if you are 28 or so, it is better to have the right man in your life than having any. Sorry, my opinions are as long, but my advise (purely my opinion) is to leave it to time. If you push for it, you may have repentance for it later. When it comes to you with respect and without perseverance, it commands gratitude.

    And I am sure, you will express your gratitude to our Lord Sai

    Jai Sai Ram

    Deepak Sachdeva

  4. Dear Sai Sister,
    Om Sai Ram. I understand your problem. earlier there were feelings of love and you desire him to be your husband,however now you feel that he is just a friend. Sometimes we mingle with someone we love so much that this kind of feeling sometimes do happen. You have to believe in Sai blindly with shradha and saburi. Whatever our sadguru says will always be true as he loves and takes care of his children whole heartedly. I request you to spend time with him more often, so that you both can understand each other and understand every details. As you are friendly to him, you can express your emotions a way better than someone you love as your lifepartner. If your lifepartner becomes your best friend, thats the best thing could happen to your life. I am just a small devotee of my baba and i pray baba to take you out of your confusion state and give you more clarity. All the very best. Sainath ki Jai ho. Om Sai Namo Namah, Shri Sai Namo Namah, Jai Jai Sai Namo Namah, Sadguru Sai Namo Namah.

  5. Hello Dear Sai Devotee…

    It was baba's wish, i had read and responded to yesterday's post and also spoken to the sai devotee in question to see if i can do my bit to help him out..
    And these days I have questions for baba regarding my marriage.I am going to turn 31 soon and I am nowhere close to getting married.. After reading your blog carefully my faith was reaffirmed that he is listening, he has his own ways of giving you little signals that he is right there…I love you baba…thanks for everything…

    Now to answer your question, try to get pally with this person, but see if he gets the vibe right(dont just pile on). I am sure he will because, looks like baba is planning, also once you get talking, try to see/talk to him like a normal suitor and see where it goes..I am just as you would talk to another guy(through any matrimony website or connection), if you guys get talking , it think 4-5 months should be a right time to arrive a decision..

    See this is baba's leela ( I am exactly in your situation) and I feel if baba has responded and made me a medium is only because I have been through this process i can tel u the best. May baba bless you.

  6. @Request For Advice Regarding An Issue – Anonymous Sai Devotee: dear,i have read ur complete issue and my advice is baba knows everything and u know he intensionally do anything there will be reason to everything without reason he wont do anything….u be calm..worship him frm bottom of the heart and just stay calm leave all ur tension and he will show u the rite way and rite person..iam saying please do follow…
    you will find ur person come to u soon..and please dnt wait for anything let the thing happen as it is…and u will definitely be happy forever..baba never leave us and he knows when to do and wat to do and whom we connect ok na sairam 🙂

  7. Hello, please don't loose hope, i was in same situation couple of years ago, i would suggest you to keep sai guruvar vrat and wish for marriage to a suitable guy during your pooja.

  8. Hi Anonymousji,
    You are really very confused. Why you are in so haste to get married???
    I'll suggest that you should just wait and watch, have patience.
    If Baba has selected him for you then he will surely find some way to get you both together.
    Its not that you should approach him first.
    Just have faith and patience in Baba, he will workout everything.
    Om sai ram!!!

  9. Sai Ram,
    Remember only two miracle words of baba:(Shraddha and Saburi ) your all hesitation will vanish;BaBa knows what is good and bad for us,surrender completely to him
    and live happily.
    Jai Sai Ram

  10. Sister! I am not in position to suggest you anything except just pray for you.Baba plz if you can not make two person married never start love between them.Why do you do this?You said "love is necessary between each other ,every living and non living things in this world" and you brakes heart of us..If we are your child.. spread your hand and hide us in your hands ..Why persons who want to give love to other,get pain in return sometimes whom we love or sometimes from this so called society.Bless her baba.In this world every thing is running by your our pain is also your wish?
    Bless her her way .Om Sai Ram

  11. There seems too much confusion in your mind… there is someone somewhere for every one ….matches r made in heaven …so why stress ? You need to be sure about things in ur own mind first …. You have not explained why is it impossible with this person ???

  12. i would just say wait bc this is marriage. personally, i wouldn't choose my spouse based on chits and you seem to be really confused. for marriage, i heard from many people that santoshi mata vrat works wonders if you do it with devotion and shradha. you can look it up online. i know baba is everyone including santoshi maa, but just as we have different government officials and people to take care of each aspect of the world, god manifested himself into different forms to take care of the universe. even Baba advised people like Shama do vishnu sahasranama.

  13. Dear Sai devotee,
    Just pray for a good life partner. Don't focus on any particular person.If you kinda like this guy then take some steps to interact with him. You yourself will find out if he is the one for you or not.Do not worry,Baba is with all of us. I pray to Baba to give you peace of mind and all of hisdevotees. Jai Sai Ram.Baba bless her and the other devotee on the comment section with a good spouse.

  14. Hello, I don't see anything wrong with getting to know this person whether or not you marry him eventually. Even if he is not the one you are going to marry, he might be one who will lead you to the person you will marry. Friends introduce future husbands all the time so go for it without confusing yourself too much. All is well that ends well.

  15. Dear Devotee,
    Baba never lies, even if the truth hurts the most.
    In specific, whatever He says that will happen.
    So, it is of sure that the same person is going to be your husband.
    Baba didn't mention when your marriage is going to happen. waiting for the expected thing to happen is even more frustrating.
    So, I would suggest you to be clam and patient.
    Please try to read satcharita as many times as possible.
    It will help you in concentrating on Baba and on your work.
    And finally, it is very sad to read your mail.
    You are doubtful about what Baba himself is saying and trying to believe what His devotees are saying.
    Trust Him, He is the doer and He is the sole protector of us.

    Om Sai Rama

  16. prayed for you baba gives answer as ""Do not bring doubts into your mind. You will gain three things through the blessings of Sri SaiBaba"

  17. Hello dear Sai devotee

    I would suggest do not over strain yourself to find out the future. As you have surrundured to Banana he will take care of everything andgive you the best. You be happy and have faith that he is around.
    You know in satcharitra also Baba says " the resutw looks beautiful at their apt time so let Baba take care of you.

    Please calm down your mind and heart of al curiosities.

    Om Sai Ram!

  18. hi

    i think you are in a bit of confusion and not able to decide exactly what is that you need, even after baba showing you the path you are not able to decide. do not oversee the things, and never ever doubt baba sai ok. what ever is needed will come at the time when it is needed.

    nagendra kumar

  19. Sai Ramji Dear Anonymous Devotee,
    I agree with what everybody who commented that you are confused. I understand your plight. But be steady and stick to our Lord's words. He will never show us any wrong direction. Let me share few of my own experiences regarding this chit method:

    1. I was selected as a graphics designer 8 months back in reputed company. Since Nov 2008 i left working to be able to do justice to Lord Sai Baba's blog work. When this opportunity came in my way, i thought i can give a try. But my mind was confused whether i will be able to cope up with blog work and office work. I followed chit method and Lord Baba answered "NO". I am following this chit method since few years and every time i was guided perfectly and i never gave any second thought to what Lord Baba answered. This time i thought let it be an exception. I agreed to the job offer and started working. Within 15 days, i realised that i was not able to cope up between two tasks perfectly and i was getting tensed. Now i asked pardon to Lord Baba and this time i referred question and answer site wherein Lord Baba answered like "Everything will get settled in 8 days. Have faith in Shree Sai". I thought, "Fine, let it be so" and left home for work. The day was Saturday when i asked this question to Lord Sai Baba. The very next Saturday there were timing issues at my work and my husband said it would fine with him if i concentrate only on Lord Baba's blog work and other freelancing graphics and web-designing work. Living in tension and not able to manage everything will make things more complicated and it may spoil my health too. I found his thought reasonable and i decided to leave job. Believe me i felt as if i was released from jail and now that i will be able to fully concentrate on blog work. Then i was reminded that Lord Baba denied to accept this job offer in the beginning but i did not act as He said. So i would say please act as He instructs you. You are sure to succeed in life.

    2. Last year in month of March, i was in search for a blog editor. Few devotees contacted me but i was confused whom to choose. So again i followed chit method by putting in names of all devotees and Lord Baba chose Sai brother Anil ji. Till date we are working without any issue very smoothly.

    Lastly i would say please do not have doubt on Lord Baba's words. Try to follow Him blindly He will carry you safely across without any trouble.

    Jai Sai Ramji
    Sai Ki Deewani
    Hetal Patil Rawat

  20. Hi Friend

    This is what I got an answer from our Baba "You will celebrate remember Shree Sai" Keep praying and trust Him blindly He will give you a wonderful life partner thatz wot happened in my life, so trust Him and wait for His miracles to happen in your life and accept everything

    Om Sai Ram

  21. Believe in BABA. We understand your plight! HE will guide and surpass you through this, but never take a hasty decision….HE will make things work when HE desires

  22. Anonymous Sai Devotee,

    As Baba said in Sai satcharitra, "Do not swim on the surface of the Ocean of Universal Life, Simply Float." So you should have patience and wait for what Baba has decided for you. You simply live your life. Baba may has something good for you in His store. Keep Shradha & Saburi.

    Om Sai Ram.

  23. Hi Sai Sis, request Baba again to make things more clear to understand as things are bit confusing.
    Am Praying too to Baba to guide u for a clear divine guidance.

    Thanks, May Sai Bless us All forever…

  24. 1. Do not rush in life..have shraddha and saburi and pray deeply,completely prostrating mentally before baba.
    2. Have true devotion for baba. Pray to baba to show you the right path.
    3. Read Sai satcharitra many times and ask baba to help you with the hints and indications.
    4. Do 9 Guruvar vrat if u want to but its not an essential…main thing is your faith and saburi…
    5. Talk to that guy…meet him and try to know him and wait for a few months …u will know if he is the right guy or not….

    Rest is Pray..pray and pray….with true devotion….
    Baba Bless You with the right direction!

  25. Om Sai Ram,

    Nothing is impossible for Baba, if Baba himself wants you to be with that guy it will happen and Baba will arrange everything for you. So don't worry and carry on with your life.

    Om Sai Ram.

  26. Om Sai Ram,i would like to say nobody can correctly advice u as every suggetion comes from divotees own experience,nobody right or wrong.It depends on ur trust level on baba n ur inner voice.As few divotess felt similarly its not clear from ur post is it a onesided planning or u got this signal by chits.I believe marrige is destiny and baba's divotees always receives best that i can say by own experience.just this thought that u want to marry a known guy is also not acceptable as these days whomsoever u will marry u will have time to know that person before marrige may be directly or nobody can see future except Baba, for sometime leave the things make urself free from all prejudices and Keep praying Baba.Whatever u will get that will be best for you.

  27. Dear sister,follow our baba's word.Don't be impatient .Have strong faith on our beloved baba.He will definitely show u the right path when ur turns have saburi sister please.dont rush for marriage.look for a good life partner.It is 100% sure love marriages are always successful.
    May baba bless u
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  28. To OP – you are too anxious, please have some saburi. Fruits of patience are sweet. If Baba is willing, he will not only show the person, but will bring him to you. If you observe closely how different people come together in marriage you will not doubt that marriages are made in haven….Your man is waiting out there have some patience.

    I want to address what another devotee said here. She said "Sister! I am not in position to suggest you anything except just pray for you.Baba plz if you can not make two person married never start love between them. Why do you do this?You said "love is necessary between each other ,every living and non living things in this world" and you brakes heart of us.."

    Sorry to say – love is not binding but it is liberating. Look at Sai to understand what love is. I do not want to talk on love but..She seems to suggest how Baba should run this universe.. and seem to think the pain is caused by Baba. Dear devotee please understand this carefully… this universe is run by laws of nature that Baba created. If you jump from rooftop you will fall because of law of gravity. If you harm someone Law of Karma will make you pay..Do not blame God for your actions. He has given man free will. We do all wrong things and blame God. He will never over step on man's free will. You get the fruit of what you choose.
    BUTTTTTT…. you can invoke his grace through Shradda and Saburi. How does that work? This is another law that always works… LAW of FAITH. FAITH can move mountains.

    If you are falling and invoke grace he will put a cushion under you. He is not removing the law of gravity. Law of gravity works but law of faith puts cushion under and protects you (think of Prahalad).
    If you hurt he can give you pain killer…He is always ready to help. With our free will we have to choose his ways.We choose DOUBT and expect the results of FAITH. Not possible, how much ever you cry.

    What is most Magnanimous of our lord… when we forget how to use these laws and keep hurting.. he is born again and again and goes through immense efforts to teach us… WITHOUT over stepping on our free will… so we may willingly choose his love, his grace and his ways and stop hurting….For me this act of love from him is enough reason to kiss his feet every morning for the rest of my life….

  29. HI ….Leave it to Baba. He will take care of you. Dont take tensions. Bee cool. Be patient. Just pray to sai and leave it to him.

    Om Sai Ram!!!!!

  30. I want to add to my earlier comment about the Natural laws.. I made a distinction between the Nature / Natural laws and GOD (Prakruthi and Purusha).

    But someone is going to ask (like the sister in the comments) – not even a leaf moves without God's will and that everything is God. The whole cosmos is nothing but Shiva's dance.

    That is also true in a different angle. In that case you are seeing both prakruthi and purusha as one GOD (Shiva being half Lord and Half Goddess). I think only great yogi's in the state of Samadhi, see the whole universe as one being, non-dual entity. Even fewer like our lord are in that state all the time.

    But I am ordinary mortal. I have not experienced non-duality. During all my waking state I see myself as different from other things. So if I say – everything is GOD, I am only saying from my lips and not from my heart or from my experience. Until he gives me that experience of non-duality there is difference between me and baba and the universe. For me until I experience that non-duality, Baba is my lord and I am his devotee.

  31. Once again thanks all for your comments and support. My special Thanks to Hetalji for posting her experiences and other two devotees who have asked question/answer on my behalf and posted it.
    I will update you with anything relating to this incident. I wil try to be more optimistic than I was before.

  32. Dear Devotee Baba has once said "Y fear when I am hear" so have faith and don't doubt in any act of him. Go with the flow and be happy don't put so many questions in front of him he has other jobs to do also so if you r true to him accept what he wants to give you whether good or bad all is his wish.

  33. Hetal Didi, you have created a sai family which is crying for someone elses pain, helping the needy, sharing experiences with our lord..thank you so much for this.
    Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satcitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  34. Dear devotee ji, see the kind of response you got man, you are really lucky. Our efforts should always be there and Baba will make those efforts into results only if they are good for us. If its not really good for us, He will not give it. He knows what is best so please be patient. Love you Baba. Love you a lot..Akhilanda koti bramhanda nayaka rajadhi raja yogiraja parabramha sri satchitananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

  35. Saibaba.. I have been waiting all these days for the correct direction..Everything is as confused as before..Please guide me..I can wait, but I need direction and help..Please show me the correct path.

  36. Om Sai Ram.

    dear Sai Sister. please start observing Sai Baba's Magical 9 Guruvar Vrat. All your worries will disappear and Baba will settle everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  37. Can anyone explain in detail guruvar vrat. I already fast on monday of every week. I would not. Want to fast on 2 days. Can I do the vrat without fasting and giving up something I like on that day. Also please explain the exact procedure

  38. More than a month had passed and I still do not have the right direction or any changes in my life. I started guruvar vrat also. Please let me know if I need to do Anything more for the right path. My family is showing me guys everyday and I am loosing my peace of mind. Was babaji teasing me??..tat is wat my current thoughts are…..I told my family that Baba will bring the guy to me and they laughed(they do not believe that miracles can happen)
    Sometimes I feel completely lost.

  39. baba,please help her to get married..

    baba,please solve relationship issues baba.really it hurts alot..

    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  40. om sai ram
    my name is meenu from saharanpur i want to share my experience few days back i forgot my laptop in shani tample useuly i carry my laptop every where but never i forgot but on that days i was in temeple i take darshan n i pick up my spacks but forgot to put laptop when i was in half way of my office i realised i dont have my laptop i was sacred because i am not able to pay laptop amount its not my personal its only for offical work i continuesily prayed to sai baba please help me please baba please help me when i reached temple to search my laptop bag its was there after approx 20 minute its was there could you imagine shani mandir is near to station n its really crowded place but sai help me other wise in future i cant think to take laptop n have to deposit amount of laptop approx 16000 rs its not possible for me
    thank you baba ji
    om shri sai nathaye namah'

  41. HeY Gal!!! OM SAI RAM

    Please don't be scared and afraid of anything…Just have faith…Folllow Sai nath blindly….After Few days or months…you will realize that bad time passed away…And remember "Jitna bada dukjh hoga,utna hi bada sukh bhi hoga" Har kaali raat ke baad subay hoti h… So time is crucial but let us hold sai nath's hand…and cross this sea…
    om sai namoh namah

  42. Baba…luv u very much..thanks for givinng me visa..also I will come to shirdi when I visit India. But, please take care of everything. The only reason I am doing all this is because I trust you and I need to keep my promise.

  43. omsairam
    babaji…help me and be with me,,,
    please show all the people around me tat u are with me…..

  44. Om sairam Om sairam Om sairam sairam
    Om namoh narayanaya
    Om namoh shivaya
    Please babaji, make sure I am Waiting for the right person.
    And I am on the right path.

  45. I am going through the same situation but i have faith in my sai baba, he will do the best for me, he will make us together for life time…Sai Baba i am waiting for your blessings…

  46. saibaba..u said that ur words are never hollow and full of meaning…I am just a small devotee of yours and I cannot always understand what u mean or why things are happening.
    One thing, I know is that I can trust u completely.
    If you think I can deserve to see u in my dream, please come in my dream and give me the solution.
    Luv u always baba….

  47. Oh Sai Baba help me , Since age of15 Saibaba has given me everthing time to time to me and best due to my over dreaming and over confidence i am put in trouble , I left my very best job and arrived to abroad. i was living in India with very good job and family wife, child parents and was very very happy by Saibaba's blessing I got my first job,my marriage, my house, my child everthing by blessing of Sai Baba only. But last year I asked baba to give me job in abroad and Baba has given me . But now I am suffering and not happy after leaving my hometown and family.Baba has always given for which i had prayed to him.Sai baba ke krupa mujpar har waqt rahati hai. Now I am without my family and in abroad and feeling very bad after leaving my job and family at home town which were given by Sai baba's Blessing only. I coulnt recognised that whatever Saibaba has set for me at my hometown is best for me to live my life with full enjoyment and pleasure and i ran behind money and asked Saibaba to give me job in abroad and as usual he has blessed me and gave a job in Abroad, Now I am in abroad since 6 month but I am not happy and feel guild and regrate by asking baba the thing which was not at all required for me as Sai had already blessed me with all the things and happiness in my home town. Now I am praying Saibaba since I reached here in abroad to settle me back with same or better job in my hometown and put me back to my golden days of life with my family and Saibaba's bhakti. I miss alot here as I cant visit Saibaba Temple every week and I felt highly regrate infront of Saibaba for asking him which was not at all required for me. Now my family is suffering and I am seperated from my family since 6 months which is first time in my life. I am heartly praying at each second of mine to Saibaba for getting my old days of life which were best I left my home in Oct 2013. I pray to Sai baba to get me back those Sept2013 days in my life. I realise that money is not everthing in life. I am getting good money but not happy here. I was very happy in my home town at india with less money. I request Saibaba to bless me again and forgive me for asking him wrong things. I am 1000% sure that as usaual my Saibaba will bless me and set me back with my family at my home town with old or better job. OH SAI BABA I REALLY MISS YOU and crying remambering every moment when i was going to Saibaba's temple at hometown with family regularty maily on diwali new year festivals. I miss every corner of my home which is blessed with Saibaba. I am just thinking of OM SAI RAM each second. I am going to Shirdi this thrusday, friday, saturday, sunday. I will stay there for 3 days. I feel very eager to meet Saibaba

  48. Oh Sai baba please help me . i have left job from my home surat and came to UAE but not able to settle and distrubed lot. Sai baba please bless me so that i can go back and settle to my old job or better job in surat. I am suffering since 6 months here and i want settle back at surat anyhow please help me Sai please make this true soon in 15 days time So that i can go back to home. Since my child hood you have blessed my with all the things which were required and best for me but last year i was mad for comming abroad and even you blessed me with this for my betterment but Saibaba i have not enogh confidence and strength to match up with the situation here and i am feeling highly insure, misrable and lost here. I am not able to visit you temple for months.Oh Sai please bring me back my old days of Surat with job which were best for me and my family. I did very wrong thing please forgive me. Sai baba you have settled my whole life eventhough i was mad behind money and not trapped here and lost my job at surat and suffering . SAI BABA please help me and take out my all suffering i want to live with my family in surat with very good permenant job as which was before and want to enjoy the life with high devotional touch as it was before. Sai baba please bless me Pl help me. I want to come out of this situation in 15 days as you have earlier done for me all the problems you have solved in 10 to days for and all my bad time was converted in to best time by your blessing. Now again i want you blessing Saibaba. Please Help me.

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