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Leelas of Lord Sai Baba are amazing as He is! Sometimes we loose all hope and courage to accept the fact that nothing will be favourable now, but then He comes and changes the situations as we have wished for. The same is experienced by Sai Brother Srinivasula Ji. So please read on his mail below. Stay Blessed!

Sai Brother Srinivasula Ji from India says: Dear Sirs/Madams, Yesterday I came to know about this site and I read almost ten experiences. After reading, I thought let me share my experience with my God. First of all I want to tell all of you that I am not that much good in English. Please bear with me.

In 2005, my mummy was searching girl for me. I have a cousin who is my mother’s brother’s daughter. Since our childhood, our families are decided to make us marry. In 2005 December, my mother asked her brother to give their daughter to me. He accepted. All we were happy and I used to call that girl and started to love that girl.

In 2006 starting, my mother and her brother started formalities of our marriage. On part of this, these people went to an astrologer. Astrologer said these we should not marry at all. Biggest problems will come in future as per our astrology. Then both discussed and decided to stop this marriage. They told us about this. We wept a lot after listening this. We requested our parent a lot. But that time they are very stringent as the astrologer was our relative and so experienced.

I was in a very sad mood and went to another astrologer in Hyderabad. He said marriage can be done as per your astrology. That kundali and astrology have been sent to my mother to revise the scenario. They have taken these to old astrologer and asked him. He highlighted some mistakes in other astrologer’s work and said not to go further to any one and not to do marriage. All decided to cancel our marriage.

I explained all the above to my friend and roared. He smiled and asked me, “Why are you worrying when our Sai Baba is there”. He suggested doing Sai Satcharitra Parayana and seeing the miracle He is going to do. I started to read Sai Satcharitra. First day reading completed, second day completed, third day completed, and fourth day completed. When I was reading fifth day at evening around 8 PM, that time no one was there in my house. I heard a sound like “Gurrrrrrrrrr” for one minute. I was surprised and could not find from where it is coming. Again I started reading. After five minutes again started sound like “Gurrrrrrrrrr”. This time I feared. I searched, but I could not found and hence again started reading. Again after five minutes sound started. That time I found that sound is from phone vibration. Since vibration was less in old phones, hence I could not find for two times. I lifted that phone and my aunty said that your engagement is 2006 march 3rd and marriage is in May 11th. I really shocked, surprised for this miracle. I asked her how it was happened. She said old astrologer come to my uncle’s home and said although both stars are same as that is Gemini, we can consider. This marriage can be done for Gemini stars only and hence they arranged.

I have so many experiences like this and this is major. In this regard, I want to tell all of you that Sai Baba is not a human being. He is Swaroopa (“Incarnation”) of Bramha, Vishnu, and Maheswara. Do not worry for anything, because our god Sri Sai Natha is there. As I am poor in English, I am not in position to tell my happiness in words here.

Please chant Sai Namam. It is sufficient to survive your lives without problems for this birth. If anyone wants clarification on this please ask me through mail on

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  1. @ Srinivasula: Very nice experience. And as you mentioned, you could express what all you wanted and I hope every reader understands and cherish. You experienced blessings from Baba. Be happy by Baba's grace…

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Brother indeed very good miracle and Sai Baba blessing. But please bear in mind that today Baba gave what you desired which means you deserve it and Baba solved the problem inspite of any astrologers saying and planets. In future should you again start asking Baba for something and if it doesn't happen then please think its for your good.

    I see in this blog that many devotees are saying in the past Baba did help them to overcome the obstacles and when their new problems are not resolved then they start to blame Baba. Why is Baba responsible for every thing we do? Baba always said be satisfied with what we have. Work hard and leave rest to him, he will certainly help us if we are true from heart and kind. But most devotees i see here are always begging Baba for Material progress but how many of us are really praying to those kids who have no parents, no food to eat, no clothing to wear.

    Our way of thinking should change towards worshipping Baba. Please devotees do your best and leave rest to Baba. This platform should be spiritual but its rather getting more Materialistic. I will post the miracle if i make a fortune, i will post a miracle if i success in Love. Please post miracles with utmost love and devotion not to expect anything in return.

    I dont know if i am wrong or wright but this thought came to my mind and thus i am posting, rest i leave it to Sainath.

    My humble Salutations to our Holy father Shri Sainath.

  3. Dear Srinivas,

    U told that ur english is not good na, but we all being sai devotees we can understand what ur happiness is, i was very distressed but after readin ur experienced peace and even had tears of joy in my eyes, May Babaji bless every one, and one more thing about ur friend he has such an unshakable faith in Babaji , hats off to him :-).
    Sai Devotee,

    Om Sai Ram,
    Baba Malik

  4. om sai ram
    i am also agree wid ur thoughts dat we shud do our best nd leave rest to lord sai.
    jaruri to nhe jab hume sab mile to he sai par vishwas hoga, hume to har hal me sai ko pyar krna hai,,kuki wo hamara bhala bura jante h,hum nhe jante…………………..
    sai ma i love you………..

  5. Sri

    After Reading your experience i was crying within myself out of happiness and the way baba helped you in each step.
    All the best to both of you and let him shower his blessings more. Only rare people get their love and happiness.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Very nice & touchy expereince. My eyes were full of tears while reading your experience. Baba is really great nothig is impossible for him.

    Om Sai Ram

  7. i really appreciate and agree with the other devotee who commented above regarding our way of worshipping(like asking
    about materialistic things)even i do think like that sometimes but didn't take it seriously.yesterday also i had also that feeling after seeing some people who are running their lives on road sides.i thought why baba is not helping those people and i also pray for them.what else i can do?other than praying it is really painful seeing them like that baba please help those people who are in need of basic living things
    jai sairam

  8. Well said by anonymous divotee,prayers should not be conditional or demanding,acceptance is best thing if a divotee can do.there is a story says that God used to live on earth only but everyday people used to approach him for small small demand,like a Farmer will say for rainfall and a Potter will ask reverse of it ,so God left for heaven.So before every demand we should think twice.Om Sai Ram


  10. Very well said Anonymous Devotee.. you have spoken from your heart…that is where baba resides.

    Even if we go to Baba with a begging bowl 23 hours a day, atleast let us purely love him for one hour. Only with that love can we establish that link with lord. We should not use posting in this blog as a Bribe to him, but do it out of Gratitude… He can not be bribed by anything but pure love.

    Wonderful Experience.
    I Love You Baba.

  12. Yeah i also think so,we are not on that stage that 24 hours we remain in baba's bliss but we can start with small time ….whatever time we dedicate baba with whole heart that is worth…..Ek gadi aadhi ghadi,aadhi me puni aadh,Tulsi sangat sadhu ki,hare koti apraadh.
    om Sai Ram

  13. Dear Brothers/ sisters,

    I was the one who posted the comment regarding how one should worship Baba. I am happy to see that most of you have agreed with me, which means Baba has also agreed to my thoughts.

    I always feel i can never be compared to those Great devotees like Shama, mahalshapati, Baijabai, Madhavrao adkar… list can go on. These great devotees served Baba without expecting anything in return and their love towards Baba was endless and Baba also had great caring.

    I request sai devotees to read "" which has many good articles on Baba and his devotees.

    I also recommend Sai devotees to read experiences of " shri tarkhand family" and experiences of late Dr. Ramaswamy. All these can be found in google.

    Lets bow to the Almighty Shri Sainath Maharaj.

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your experience dear Srinivasulu garu..Akhilanda Koti Bramhanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabramha Sri Satcitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..I love you Baba..i love you so much.

  15. Very Great and nice experiance srinivasula ji. Wish u a happy marriage life. You got sai baba blessings at right time.


  16. Om Sai Ram.

    Great are Baba's Leelas 🙂 He does what is right for us and is always there to care for our well-being !!

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Jai Sai.

  17. ;( please everyone pray for me. I'm afraid of a big trouble. If that will happen, my life will be DESTROYED ;( please pray for me that nothing will go wrong. It is very important for me that this unfortunate thing should not happen ;( I will be like a dead body if that unfortunate thing will happen. I'M SO SCARED.. I'M SO SCARED. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME! I BEG YOU ALL. PLEASE PRAY TO SAI RAM

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