Miracles Of Sai Baba In My Family – Anonymous Sai Devotee

This is very touching experience of an anonymous devotee of Lord Sai Baba who was challenged by worst situations of life. Lord Sai Baba did take good care of his family after He appeared in his dream. Read on it will certainly bring tears in your eyes as me.

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: Sairam Hetal Ji, I am very glad that I came to know about this blog and able to share my experiences with Sai. Hetal Ji, please post my experience with our Sai. This is my first post of my experiences in your blog. You are doing great work Hetal Ji. Baba’s blessings will always be with you. Please do not disclose my email id and my name. I want to be anonymous devotee of Baba.

Baba, I am extremely sorry for the delay in posting my experience with You. I shifted Australia in 2009. I had a really hard time for getting decent jobs. I was not happy with the conditions I was going through, but still I managed daily to bear decent rented house to stay with family. Here we just had couple of friends, and completely strangers in this country.

Then things even got worse, when my wife got diagnosed with cancer last year. I didn’t know what was going on. I was thinking that I didn’t have good job and that was the worst thing and all of sudden this illness came and I was mentally totally broke. I don’t know how to manage, of my take care of toddler, my wife with her illness, or go to work. As the treatment was very serious somebody has to be with her all the time in the hospital. I was not able to keep my son in the childcare full time as it’s very costly here.

I had no idea what to do now either go back to India or stay here and get my wife the treatment done. Since the doctor told that she has cancer, I and my wife cried a lot. I can’t even cry in front for her, but I couldn’t control my tears too. It was just keep falling down. But I had to give her hope that everything will be fine. When I came back in the night at home with my son, after he sleeps I used to cry a lot. I kept asking god why this did happen to her, why this in my family, what was wrong done by us?
Then one morning, I had a dream that I saw an old man and my grandfather (he passed away in 1985). They lift me and throw up in the air and I was like flying. I was scared that I might fall down, but the old man said I am here. Don’t worry of anything. You will be fine. Then I woke up. I thought who can be the old man. But then I realized that the old man was none other than Shri Shirdi Sai Baba himself. In India, my grandfather’s photo and Sai Baba’s photo are side by side on same wall. Surprising but I was very happy on that day.

My mind changed after that I got the strength to do things all of mine never cried or got worried. Automatically All the Things just were happening. I just surrendered all my worries to Sai Baba. Things just keep happening. Sai Baba took care of everything and gave her the best treatment. My wife got the best doctor and best hospital staff. With the hospitals letter, we managed to call my mother in law to Australia. When she came, she took care of my son and cooked food for us, and I was looking after my wife in the hospital full day. Sai Baba also took care of the expense for the treatment and house expense. The social worker from the hospital told us that we might get special benefits from the government in our position. So one by one, all my worries were taken care by Baba.

As for the treatment, Chemotherapy was started for my wife, when her body got weaker day by day. First treatment course was for 45 days. Within 35 days, she was at home. Here again Baba blessed her. Her body responded well to the medicine and she was discharged after 35days. Six months passed, every two weeks she had to be in hospital for chemotherapy and two weeks in home for recovery.

After six months, doctors said bone marrow transplant has to be done. Her bone marrow didn’t match with her brother. So we had to get it from the international bone marrow registry. There is a long waiting list before she can get it. But we never worried of that, as we were sure Sai Baba will take care of that too. And that’s what happened. We got a call from other hospital that she has got a donor and she has to get some test done before the transplant. The entire test were done everything went on good and we got the date for the transplant.

One day, before her transplant, she got admitted to the hospital. Before going to hospital, we went to Sai Baba temple and I bought Sai Satcharitra to keep it with my wife in hospital. Took blessing of Sai Baba and UDI, and from there we went to hospital. Whenever I got time in hospital, I used to read it for her. Night time, she used to keep Sai Satcharitra under her pillow.

Transplant went on smooth, she did respond well to the medicines. With Baba’s blessings, her blood counts and her recovery were progressing. Doctors were satisfied with her conditions and surprised too. So she was discharged from the hospital soon.

At present my wife is at home recovering with the blessings of Sai Baba. She will start living like normal healthy people soon. Now we are waiting for Baba to call us to Shirdi and have His wonderful Darshan. Soon, this wish also will fulfilled by Him.

Finally, Miracles are happening on every moments of our life. It is just that we take note of only the big ones. Baba has helped me always in my life and He is there always around me. Thank you Sai Baba, be always with me and take care of all of us. I bow down to Sai Baba’s lotus feet with all love and offer every letter, every word and every sentence of the article at Your feet and pray that may You give courage to every reader and bless each one.

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  1. May Baba bless you and your family,

    Thanks for sharing this with us . Each word of your
    narration made me feel Baba's kindness and love for his children.

    Om Sai Ram ! Jai Sai Ram !

  2. i am very happy to read that your wife is recovering very quickly and responded so well to the treatment..
    i have tears right now and i am absolutely speechless at mercy and kindness of our lord…Baba bless you in plenty..
    Baba is great…sai baba ki jai…

  3. Dear Anonympus devotee,

    A wonderful experience in such a critical period of your family.Your faith provoked Baba's mercy on your wife's ailment.Keep it up.I pray for a speedy recovery of your wife.

    Jai Sai Ram

  4. Dear Blessed Sai Devotee,
    As Hetal ji has rightly mentioned tears are rolling down my eyes and so very happy for you that BABA took care of you and your wife in such scary situations. Your wife is on the path of recovery and soon it will look like a scary dream event.
    May you and your be protected and blessed by BABA always.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  5. Thank u so much Baba with Your grace my husband got his mobile back which we thought was lost yday, but somehow I felt You will bless us to get it back, thanks Baba, thank u for everything and be with us always..Gayathri

    Baba Please help your devotee with healthy life.
    Please stop their sufferings and Please bless them with happy and healthy life Baba.
    Please excuse our mistakes and please bless us with happy and healthy and peaceful life Baba.
    We love you Baba.

  7. Baba has looked after you and your family ..u r right there r miracles happening all the time in our lives .We have to thank for many things he has done …Things we r waiting to happen will come together when he thinks the time is right …..ONE door closes the other one opens .This is a very touching experience …. god bless Thank u for sharing this experience SIA RAM



  9. I really appreciate the way you handle all circumstances . I hope your wife be better day by day. Your experience also gave me courage to handle all situations in my life. The key point is surrender fully to sai baba and have shradha and saburi.
    jai Sai Ram

  10. Amazing how BAba feels our pain and comes running to rescue..may your wife b hale and hearty really really soon. Jai sai ram!!!!!

  11. Such a touching experience.I am not able to stop the tears in my eyes.Baba is with all of us always,He's the kindest and most Supreme.Currently I don't have a job and I was feeling very depressed about it today but this experience reminded me again that there are bigger problems in life and we should be thankful to Baba always for what He has blessed us with.He knows what to give us when and what is best for us.We must surrender to Him fully, He never leaves us even one moment.Thank You so much for everything Baba.Please forgive your children for their mistakes.Please guide us on the right path Baba.

    Jai Sairam

  12. Really Impressive Experience just a clear proof that.. If we surrender our worries that implies not worrying about them anymore.. then definitely Baba will take care of US. Having that STRONG BELIEF and not worrying in those worse situations shows Where we are?
    Hats OFF for your Patience and Belief on our Baba.

    Please let us know what to do Baba and Please help us in having SuperFaith on You. LOVE YOU ALOTT.. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.. LOVE YOU BABA.


  13. Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

    Dear Anonymous Devotee…Can understand the pain you went…Everytime we will ask Baba for materialistic things like job, buying a new house etc…But health of each and every living being should be asked for first to Baba…When I read such miracles, esp of cancer patients and their family sufferings, there will be an utmost pain to me and I feel like a knot in my stomach…At that time, I forget all my mini worries and pray to Baba that all the living beings should be blessed with a good health than anything else.

    You and your family are blessed by Baba…

  14. Dear Sai brother,
    i felt so happy when i red your experience. Baba is the greatest and he takes care of everything when we completely surrender to him with shradha & saburi. you are blessed. we have to wait with faith and patience till the right time comes. Dil se bolo-sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai.Om Sai Ram. Shri Sachidananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  15. Oh wonderful narration of your experience.Very heart touchy.See how baba helped and solved ur problem.
    Everybody please chant baba's name and keep strong faith on him.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  16. I am extremely happy for you and your family! Tears rolled down my eyes reading it as I understand the pain you all must have felt during this period. Ever merciful Baba can do miracles and by surrendering to him any problem can be overcome. My sister too was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment and has responded well to the treatment with Baba's grace. Every waking moment we are all experiencing Baba's mercy on us and thank him for being there. I will pray to Baba for continued blessing on your family with health and happiness. To all other devotees reading this a humble request- please pray for my sister too.

    Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai!

  17. Dear Anonymous,
    Very touching experience.. I really started having tears in my eyes.. Sai baba is always with you and his blessing are always with your family. I wish a very speedy recovery for your wife and your soon going to have happy life ahead. You are doing a great job and just hang in there with shraddha and saburi.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  18. Amazing experience,Hats off to u and the struggle u did and the courage u have shown and the shraddha u keep on Baba,u n ur wife really great.May lord Sai bless all his luv on u n ur family.May ur wife get well soon.OM SAI RAM.

  19. Dear Brother, I am speechless on how Baba saved your wife. I am very glad that your wife is recovering. Dont worry, your wife will be back on feet soon and you will progress also financially. Just keep thinking of Baba. This is all you need to do.

    Here I will share a small miracle. Sorry Hetalji, kindly allow me.

    While i was in Singapore, after visiting Baba temple I was reading a local "news paper" and came accross an article. A small girl aged i guess around 7-8 yrs if i can remember it correctly was diagnosed with Cancer and her mother was finding means to raise money as the child needed SGD $ 1 million for her treatment and that she would go to USA. Tears rolled down my eyes and I was shattered to read that news. Instantly i prayed to "Baba" for help and requested Baba to help this little one as she was from a middle class family. Eventually i forgot about it. One day while commuting in Train, i just happened to get a quick attention to something and I was utter shocked. A big letters on first page of "news paper" saying that "SGD $ 1 Million was raised by Local "Soccer team" for the Girl and donated for her cancer treatment. I was speechless and so emotional and thanked baba a lot. But see the miracle, had I not taken that Train in that compartment I would have not seen that news paper which was read by some just diagonally opposite to me as if Baba purposefully wanted to show me that he blessed the little one.

    See….this is what Baba is, Baba is beyond Imagination, beyond medical science, beyond this universe…

    My Sincere and humble Salutations to our Lord "Shri Sainath"

  20. Isn't it strange that people who are wishing their sincere wishes for tis family , they have never met before …T HEY ARE UNDERSTANDIG the problems they r facing ..Yet their are people who constantly plot against thier own family ….. Thank u baba restores faith in ur grace but also in other people thank u baba

  21. Tears just rolled from my eyes reading this beautiful and heart touching experience.
    We are going through a rough period in our life for the past several years and it felt like it is nothing in front of life threatening diseases of your loved ones.
    Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the problems and feel like I can't take it anymore, Baba is standing by me and giving me the strength and making me positive and stronger.
    May Baba bless you with happiness for you and your family.
    Thanks again for sharing this experience and I am sure this will give everyone more strength and patience when we are going through difficult times and it easy very easy to loose faith and patience when it is most needed.
    Baba, please be with all of us and guide us in the right path.

    Ananthakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhiraja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai!
    Love You Baba.

  22. Dear Devotee,
    I felt very sorry for what ever happened to your family. But, I felt very happy that you and your family are at the lotus feet of our Baba, the sole protector of the universe.
    I sincerely pray to Baba, to show more blessings on your family.
    May Baba bless you with good health and happiness.
    Om Sai Rama

  23. Your experience shows that complete faith in Baba will always lead us to victory.Shraddha and Saburi are the two words which we should not forget.Your wife is on her way to recovery and thank you for sharing your beautiful experience as it gives hope to many others who are suffering.OM SAI RAM.

  24. god bless you dear…) saibaba "ll be with you forever..) hereafteryou are going to be very happy in your life..) after read your story he's the real mother

  25. I jus had tears in my eyes while reading all sorts of emotions came off, may sai babaji bless evry one

    Om Sai Ram
    Baaba Maalik

  26. thank you for sharing such a beautyful experience..i was also in the similar suitation and did help me a lot..love you baba..love you a lot..Rajasekhar.

  27. God bless you and your family Brother. Baba is very kind needless to say. He is the ray of hope for all of us. He is God supreme incarnate and is here only to love us like a parent.

  28. So Wonderful and kind is our Sai. I am so happy that our Lord Sai took care of you and your family. I pray to him to bless your wife to recover back to good health soon. May his hand be over your family always.

    Sai Maa, May your hand always be over me and my family as well. Bless my husband that he gets a good job soon. Bless all your children. Be with us always.

    Love you Sai Maa

  29. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba for the blessings you keep showering on us every moment.Thanks a million. You are amazing and words fail to describe your kind grace. Please do keep your boon bestowing hands on our heads forever.

    Dear Anonymous Sai Devotee, It was a great experience reading your article about Baba blessing your wife with good health. Am sure she will be absolutely fine very soon. My earnest prayers at Sai's lotus feet to take care of your family and resolve all your worries.

    Jai Sai.

  30. Sai Ram Devotees,
    Thank you all for the blessing and prayers for me and my family. my wife is doing good with sai babas krupa.it has been one year since her bone marrow transplant and blood results are showing good.with sai babas blessings she is started doing little work in the house. Thank you sai baba for every thing..
    Bolo sainath maharajah ki jai..

  31. So glad to hear the good news abt yr wife. Baba is the kindest..don't worry she will recover fully very soon. Jai Sairam

  32. No words to say, just that your family remains blessed and your wife recovers fully ! My wishes and prayers are with you. I am a father and know what you must be going through not only worrying about your wife, but the little one too. I will always remember what you said, we just notice the big ones, whereas he is there with us all the time, doing the smallest of things for us.

    May Sai Ram bless us all, and always !

    Om Sai Ram,


  33. Jai Sai Ram
    God bless you and your family. I really felt very good about you the way you look after your wife in this criticle period of her life. She is very lucky that she had such noble soul husband. May babaji always there for your family for whole life. For your wife : Get well soon.
    Renu arora

  34. Jai sai ram,
    May baba bless your wife.hetal ji you were right tears rolled downmy eyes while reading the experience.may baba bless all.
    Jai sai ram

  35. My sister in law, (my husband's elder sister) came to know that she has cancer tumor cells in almost all abdomen organs…liver, intestine, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder… it was so surprising that she had no other symptoms that would trigger the doubt of cancer at all! She was having some stomach pain that would not go away with our normal remedies and even the doctors could not figure out. My nephew called my other sister in law here in USA whose husband is also a doctor that what next could be done?
    Other diagnostic tests were performed and ultimately all the doctors and family members came to decision that since no treatment is going to curb the cancer spread into so many organs, it would be better the patient enjoys her last few months at her home and let the Nature take it's course. Of course, some pain relievers were given her to ease out her pains. For another 3-4 months she was in good high spirits and was not afraid of the out come of her disease but later on she suffered too much fatigue and could not eat anything that made her more weak. and on December 30th, 2011, she breathed her last.
    It was a tragic sudden blow to the family and loved ones but when we think of other cancer patients who suffer too much pain due to radiation therapy and other procedures, my sister in law did not suffer that much.
    People say that she was a very noble high level soul who lived very simple life caring for all of her family members all her life, GOD has taken her in HIS fold granting her painless death.
    When I came to know about this shocking news of her cancer, I had prayed BABA to give her remaining days as pain free as possible and I would like to believe that BABA has listened my prayer and acted upon it.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  36. Om Sai Ram,
    After reading your story I am completely speechless.I still have tears in my eyes .Your story gave me strength .
    Babaji bless us all…

  37. Would lie if ur story didnt make me cry…im glad things have gone better for your family now :)…. BABA, u r really great…u do take care of people who believe in you…i wish i could worship u with more devotion and lead the path of life unlike what im doin now

  38. I am very much happy to see happiness in your life Sir, after going through your sad story.Now feeling happy that Sai Baba is still alive within us and may he keep every devotees and all HAPPY.

  39. Om Sai Ram,

    Baba will always bless and shower his love unconditionally.I'm truly happy to read your posting.Baba will keep bless you n your family for generations.May shirdi sai baba bless everyone in this blog.Jai Sai Ram.

  40. hi………………………….frndzzz………..
    I really want to share..that in my house honey dripped from sai baba photo…. 🙂

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