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Happy Republic Day to All Sai Readers!!!

Editing the below experience of Sai Sister Geetha Ji i was reminded the way through which i was attracted to our Lord Sai Baba. In her case her mother and Shri Sai Satcharitra were instruments to take her closer to Lord Baba and the same was with me. I really enjoyed reading and editing the following experiences.

Sai Sister Geetha Ji from India says: Hi Hetalji, I am a small devotee of Shri Sairam and I am a regular reader of your blog. My grandfather my mother are ardent devotees of Sai Baba. I really don’t know when I started worshiping Him, but for past 5 years, I am seeing His miracles and blessings in all the paths of my life. I really don’t know which one to be shared here, as this is my first post. Please do know disclose my mail id.

  • Experience 1:

    During the year 2006, I was searching for job and I attended many interviews, but I didn’t get select. Then I started reading Sai Satcharitra, because my mother used to do 7 day Parayan, and she used to tell us miracles of Sai Baba, whenever she reads any chapter. By this way, I got attracted and started reading it as a story book. But I didn’t complete it within 7 days. It took time. During that period, I started to experience life in a better way, and I got selected in a very big MNC company.

  • Experience 2:

    During the same year, my brother completed his college degree. But he secured very low percentage. He was trying to get seat in a very big top notch college, but he himself was very sure that he will not get selected. Somehow he wanted to try and not give up. During that time, he asked my mom to pray for him. My mom as usual started reading Sai Satcharitra. Till 5th day, he was like quite sure that he will not get any admission there. But then he did keep trying through friends and others somehow to get admission there. On 7th day, one person came to help for him from that college. He had two seats in his quota. He saw my brother’s interest and by Baba’s grace, he got admission in that college, without giving a single penny as donation.

  • Experience 3:

    During 2008, recession was just started. As I said, I was working in a big MNC, but I was not satisfied with work and salary. So I thought of changing job and left the rest to God. Everyone around me said please don’t try now. It’s recession time, you will not get good hike. But at that time, I got placed in very good concern with 85% percent hike, only by His blessings.

  • Experience 4:

    I used to read Sai Prerna every Thursday. Once I was reading Sai Prerna, sometime this October, I didn’t remember the exact date. I felt my team lead would ask about an onsite opportunity, I really don’t know why I felt it. You won’t believe during afternoon, my lead called me for tea break and he said if I am interested in going onsite. I was very happy inside and said ok to him.

  • Experience 5:

    I am just sharing a very few experiences, which are coming to my mind at this instant. But they are only Baba’s miracles, which covered my life entirely as a cloud. This happened during this December. My friend does not believe in Baba. His sister got conceived and she gave birth to a baby boy recently. During her pregnancy, I used to tell him by Baba’s grace, she will get a baby boy. But as he never believes in Baba, he didn’t mind what I said. But I felt inside that If Baba listening to me, it would be a baby boy and if it’s a real miracle of Him, baby should be born on Thursday. During last to last Thursday (i.e. Dec 1), it was her delivery time. She didn’t get any pain. He told me that I said don’t worry. I will pray for you. I prayed Baba please show your miracle to them. That night at 10 PM, she was blessed with baby boy. He said my words are true. I am praying Baba and soon he should start believing You. I am sure that Baba will make him feel all His miracles to my friend. I am waiting for that miraculous day. I felt very happy to receive His blessings in all ways.

Thanks for reading these miracles patiently. May Baba bless you all abundantly.

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  1. Om Sai.. Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

    Sweet experiences. Felt really good reading those experiences. Hetal ji, thanks for posting devotee experience s on a daily basis.

  2. BABA i am going thru a tough time in my personal life and everyday i only cry and cry .I know this is all past karma which is haunting me.Everyday my husband is fighting with me for no reason.i am trying for a baby for a long time but nothing is happening.Now top of all this problem lots of conflicts in married life.And end result i yell at my old parents.Even in professional life i am a big zero no job no peace of mind.Why should i live in this world baba so please take me away give me death as soon as possible and forgive my sins if possible.Baba i am doing nav guruwar vrat but what is the result i am getting only pain and more pain.Baba please listen to this prayer of mine and give me atleast death.Please everybody pray for me that baba to listen to my prayers.

    your daughter

    • Dear sis , dont think in that way ,sai knows evrything he is in every single thing, read the baba book, visit shiridi.

      Every body has to pay price for past birth sins, pray baba to give u strength and saburi in this tough time, baba will always be with u.

      Sai Ram

  3. Dear Sister,do not worry please.have strong faith on baba.he will take care of u.never think abt death dear sister.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  4. Sai sisterji please don worry, even my uncle and aunty also facedd same issue, they didnt have children for more than 14 yrs.. My uncle is my mom's younger brother, and she has totally 7 siblings including him, evryone of them got married and they were blessed with one or two kids except my uncle, they went for all sorts of treatment but of no use finally by god's miracle they were blessed with twin babies in 2004, now they are studdying 3rd standard. DOn worry and never lose faith.. Im sure a very big miracle is going to happen in your life and u will be very happy.

  5. Thanks hetalji, for posting this experience, i posted this on dec2 2011 and i used to wait daily, whether u will publish it or not, at times i felt u will not publish my exp with baba after reading them. But i was wrong and sorry for that im very happy that u posted it on thursday my favourite day in week, also its on 26th jan2012 making it easy to remember for life, today u made me feel that im really blessed thanks a lot.May be its a small thing for u, but u made me feel great . I wish all ur dreams and desires come true. Thanks a lot.

  6. Dear Sister
    Please have faith in Baba. Whatever problem you have he will definitely take care of it. please believe in him and have total faith in him.

  7. dear anonymous,
    don't think of abt death i read these lines from a book "don't tell to god(baba) that how bigger is ur problem instead tell to ur problem that how great god(baba) is…"

  8. Dear Hetalji,

    I liked the Indian Flag with Baba pic in middle, as soon as I saw I felt. Vow…our "Hero" Baba!! I felt that this suits very much and I really wish we can remove the chakra and replace it with Baba pic in middle. Thanks for your innovative thoughts!! I pray for your well being.

    Dear Sister, I know what your'e feelings are now. You feel dejected, restless and alone. There is a reason why Baba keeps quiet and certainly things will get better. By the way, why do you need only Baby boy? is your husband and inlaws forcing you? what difference does it make whether a boy or girl? you just need to be blessed with a good and healthy child. I have 2 baby girls.

    We should not think of "Death" and specially being a "Baba" devotee, we shouldn't. We should win over this world. every one has problems, but some express it out and some just keep it inside. What I suggest is, there is only one saviour and that is our Holy father "Shri Saibaba" leave everything to him and completely surrender to him and only chant his name and meditate on Baba.

    He will come, he will definitely come. Call Baba from your heart. Lastly, please do not hurt your parents, I know it's not intentional. Parents are the biggest gift god gave to children and Children are the biggest gift god gave to Parents.

    Lastly, I will truely pray for your good days to come soon..

    My humble salutations to our "Parabrahma" Shri Sainath.

    Jai Sai Ram…..

  9. Dear Sai Devotee,
    Please dont feel dejected like this! Have firm faith on our loving Sai Baba he will make everything allright and bless us with more than what we expect. By the time you are done with Nav guruwar vrath you will experience his blessing and miracle and everything will change in your life for good. I will pray for you too! All we need to have is Shradda and Saburi- Babaji will take care of the rest.

    Om Sai Ram!

  10. really sweet experiences……..u peoplee r really blessed to experience baba's miracles…..only some people have such a gud luck in their life

  11. hello anon (January 26, 2012 2:46:00 PM). I can feel how you are feeling. I might not be going through as much pain as you are but I also don't know what's going to happen to my life and just feel confused and helpless. I do Sai Satcharitra and I have been doing it for a very long time but no answers. All I can tell you is be positive and find a distraction for yourself because it is not healthy to feel trapped and have those negative feelings all the time as it will only make you feel worse. As people say, just leave it to Baba and don't think of the result as you can only do so much.

  12. Dear Anonymous Sai daughter,

    Don't be disheartened. And Don't give up like this. Sai is always with us. He is doing everything for a reason. I know it is easy to preach, but I am one who is going through the same things. I have a lot of tension in my personal life. My husband has no job for past six months and I lost my child at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Yet I am hopeful that Sai is with me. He has shown me daily small miracles, made his presence felt with me. When I read your comments I felt very sad…. only a few months ago it was me praying to Baba asking him to take away my life. But he made me realise that it would be selfish. Let me tell you that the problems in my life have been created unknowingly by me only. Baba was the one who said to me that once I realise my mistakes I will be ok. Everyday I read a chapter of Sai Sat charita and I feel more calmer in my heart. Things do get worse before they start getting better. Its is just our Karma which is coming to us all together, Baba will now slowly reduce your pains. Have faith in him. If you can all through the day even when you are doing your daily chores, chant Sai naam . We tend to think a lot of negative thoughts and this makes us weaker. In times of difficulty we have to be strong.Didn't Baba say " why fear when I am here" So give him all your troubles and just hold on to his feet. He will definitely bless You.
    My troubles are not over yet, but I have faith that Sai will do what is best for us.

    Baba, Please bless this Daughter of your's and hear her prayers. May your hand always be on every child of yours .

    Shri Sachidanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  13. Dear All devtoees ,
    For the past more than a year it is my daily routine to read experiences and comments on this site. Sometime I do posted my experience and comments on it. It really give lot of postive energy and peace of mind to be in front of this site. One thing which I really like here is when ever any of the devotee is in sad sitution every body started showing sympathy and show them the right path to follow in the comment section that is most great part of this site . one feel like we are all in one family and are not alone in this world . Here every one is struggling in their own way in this maya world so don't get so much attached to anyone which later on will hurt us.

    Sai daughter renu

  14. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear anonymous Sai Devotee.. please do not be disheartened. Baba is always with us, and he makes even the toughest of times lighter by his grace. We have to sail through our past karma, and can try to do good deeds in the present life. By our Sadguru Sai's grace our fate can be changed for the better. So please just surrender at his Lotus feet and believe in him entirely. My prayers to Baba to bless you soon.

    Jai Sai.

  15. Om Sai Ram.

    Amazing experiences Geetha Ji. May Baba make your friend feel his Leela's soon and may he make him his devotee. I too am praying to Baba to bless a friend of mine and shower his grace on him, so that he can realize Baba and his Leela's and become Sai's devotee.

    Jai Sai.

  16. Dear sai sisters i m also going through a tough tym right now .i also kept sai vrat but things get worsen only .even i felt the same but thn later i realised my mistake i have faith but no patience n our baba ask us to follow path of shradha n saburi n now i m keeping patience n seeings things are getting better for me so my advice is to hv patience n trust me u will surely see the baba's miracle in ur lyf its my firm belief

  17. Geetha Ji, wonderful experinces.
    Anonymous Sai sister, Don't be disheartend. Completely surrender to His lotus feet and see the miracle. Many times Baba show me His miracles. only thing need is to have shradha & saburi. In Sai Satchairta Baba said we should not think about death or suicide. This all are due to our past karmas and We should have to face this in this birth, otherwise we would have to suffer in next birth also. So be positive.

    Om Sai Ram.

  18. I am the same anonymous devotee who cried to Baba to give me death but look what i am getting .Tears rolled from my eyes when i read all you wonderful Sai bhaktha's comments assuring that BABA will surely bless me and to keep patience.
    I am keeping shraddha and saburi from such a long time but nothing so far positive has happened in my life.
    Hoping by all your prayers i get to be a mother of a healthy child by next year.Baba please listen to all your sai devotees prayers and bless all people who want to be mothers soon , people who want to get a good job,people make everybody healthy and disease free.
    Thank you Hetal ji a lot for such a lovely blog where people take time to pray for other people's needs.
    May sai bless one and all.
    Just when i was typing this comment my mother came and handed me a pamplet that s Sai temple is being constructed near our house and they are asking for contribution.
    i am sure this is all because of your prayers i am getting this oppurtunity of contributing to Sai's temple and thereby getting all the blessings which i badly need now.
    Sorry for such a big comment.

  19. Dear Sister,

    nice to read your comment!! dont worry you are not alone…you are sailing in a big ship with lots of "sai devotees" we are a big family. So keep your spirits high and just think of Baba and keep going.

    Be patient and pray to Baba that "your husband attitude should change" then see what Baba does…

    Baba has already showed a miracle to you!! it's not contribution what you are doing, it's the "Dakshina" that Baba is asking in form of your contribution and he will bless you with luck. "Please donate what ever you can and Just wait and watch…..

    I can never compare "Baba" to any one and have not seen such a kind god. Baba…is just uncomparable. That's why, to me he is above all and very pure.

    My Humble Salutations to our "Holy Father" and Parabrahma. Jai Sainath and Victory to our Glorious "Baba"

  20. Dear anonymous Sai devotee, please do not feel disheartened. Baba is always there with us, and although things may be difficult, there is always a reason why Baba does everything (read these experiences or Sai Satcharitra and you will see also). Have faith, soon your bad karma will be washed away and continue to pray to Sai Baba (as I will do for you as well) that this difficult period for you ends soon and you and your husband have a happy married life and a very successful professional career also! Om Sai Ram!

  21. Baba i want my soul again in my life , i hurt him more, now only i realised , please change him back again and come back in my life, want to share remaining part with him only appa, om sai ram

  22. Dear Sai devotees today is my ninth thursday of Nav guruvar vrath,through this forum im seeking blessings from Sai.. Om sai Ram.

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