A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 135

After four long days’ gap i am resuming posts on this blessed blog. I know you all are missing updates here but there was no option left for me. On January 13, 2012, with lots of difficulties i shared that day’s post, because my stomach was upset very badly. Soon after that i caught fever and since i was alone the whole day, i had only choice to be in bed without any medical and physical aid. In the evening my parents came to see me and were with us till late 11. Before they could leave, my aunty called and informed my mother that her mother (my grandma) was having some problems in breathing and they took her to doctor around 8 P.M. Now that she is feeling she is now discharged and taken to home. If her condition deteriorates in the night, then they would take her to nearby city the next morning for further treatment. This was a shock for us! My grandmother had been suffering from blood pressure and diabetes since long. But never ever it happened that situations got so much worse that she had to be admitted to hospital. We were convinced that her condition is not that much critical and her hard time had passed away because doctor discharged her at 10:30 P.M. But at about 1 A.M. she breathed last due to heart-attack. While my parents were concerned about my health the whole day, at night they received news of my grandmother and they had to rush to her. Yesterday i talked with my real brother who stays in Mohali (Chandigarh, Punjab) for studying masters, he said that he was also not doing well on January 13, 2012 (the same day when i and grandma were not well). I told him to take care of his health and i request all our Sai readers to pray for our health.

A curious thing can be noted here. All three of us were not well on the same day. My grandma was 85+ years of age. I have seen her suffering from above mentioned diseases since my childhood. When her time was nearing, she suffers to the highest level only for 5 hours which is very less in this advanced age. What i feel here is that Lord Sai Baba did what was written in destiny, but He divided her pain with my me and my brother. I am happy that Lord Sai Baba considered us worthy for bearing our grandmother’s pain. He always does what is best for us, and this time also i believe to be so. But the loss of our grandmother is difficult to get compensated. My grandfather is 90+ years of age and this loss is greatest for him to bear. All the day he is crying and we all are much worried for him. I request you all to pray for him to recover from this hard time and Lord Sai Baba gives him courage to overcome grief. This time is very difficult for my family to pass. We all know that all of you are with us alongwith blessings of Lord Sai Baba.

Below are few brief experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Sai Baba Showed Me His Presence

Sai Sister Gitika ji from India says: OM SAI RAM. Thank you Hetal ji for such a good work you do. My name is Gitika. I live in Pune. Here, I am sharing my experience with Sai Baba.

With the permission of LORD SAI, a few days ago on Thursday afternoon, I was watching Sai Baba Aarti live on TV. We have a big calendar of SAI on our wall, which we brought from Shirdi. When Aarti started, I prayed to Baba on calendar to please do something to show me His presence. At the same time, I laid on my bed watching Aarti.

For a moment, I felt bad and I thought that I should sit properly during the Aarti. I said sorry to Baba, and suddenly a bright light sparkled from His left hand, which He keeps in His right leg. I became stagnant for a moment. Tears rolled down from my eyes. I made a call to my mom and my husband. I was very happy. On that day, I felt that Baba is with all who utters His name.

Baba, please bless all of us. Kripa Karna Deva…..


Importance of Vibhooti

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please don’t disclose my name and email ID. I know Baba when I was in class 9th. Now I am doing my masters. He has been always there with me. I consider Him my “Paa”. I have so many experiences. It’s the first time am sharing with you all.

Yesterday, it was a miracle for me that Baba cured my pain. Around 3:30 AM, in the morning, suddenly I got pain in my lower abdomen. It was so severe that I was not able to stand. But somehow, I managed to stand and then I prayed to Baba to help me. I put Vibhooti and ate that. Within 5 minutes, the pain vanished. It was Sai Paa, who helped me and I was taking His name. This is the importance of UDI. It’s just that if one will take with full faith, then it will work and help you.

Thank you so much Sai Baba that You helped me when no one could have cured my pain. Love you a lot Sai Paa.


This happened today

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: I wanted to start a website of this type. So I just searched to see if there was already one and found yours. From then onwards, I am a regular reader. Thanks for the great work. Please do not disclose my name and email.

Sairam. This incident happened today (Thursday 1/12/2011), so I felt I should share it. Generally my wife does the Pooja in the morning and offers a fruit to Sai and goes to office. I only do meditation. This morning, she said that she is getting late and asked me to do the Pooja. First I forgot about it and I started working (I work from home). While working, suddenly I remembered about Pooja and went to light the lamp. Then I noticed the two coins I left near Baba’s picture and that I had forgotten to offer $2. Here is the story.

Yesterday, I had some court work. Before starting the work, I wanted to offer $2 to Baba (my usual amount). I could not find the change. I asked my wife, she did not have it either. I found some coins, so I offered two quarter. But I was wishing to offer the full amount in near future. I was little sad that I could not offer the amount that I wanted to. After that, I left for the court. I realized that I did not take my check book to pay the fee. So I went to ATM and as usual withdrew some $20 bills. Court fee was $58. When I went to court, I paid $60 and got change of $2. But when I got back home, I did not remember to offer the money.

He steered in so many ways to make sure that I do not forget to offer what I promised. He made me forget the check book, so I can withdraw cash. He made me pay $58, so I can get $2 change (First the clerk said it was $56 and later changed it to $58). Even then, when I forgot, He made my wife leave without Pooja. And finally, He pushed me from work to go to do the Pooja. When I saw the coins, I remembered that I had to offer $2. But initially thought I have only $20 bills. Then it flashed in my mind about the two dollars that the clerk returned.

Thank you Baba, bear with your forgetful, lazy and ignorant children. I have lot of miracles to share. I will do it one by one later on.

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Hetal Patil
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  1. Its good to know, that your grandmother didnt suffer a lot, usually people suffer for days, many for months before they can go into baba's lap..

    My grandfather was 85, when i lost my grandmother last to last year..they had shared a lifetime together..stayed together for more than 62 years at that time..I am sure your grandfather would have had a similar timeline with your grandma..just ensure that he is not lonely.Today we are so busy with other lives that we dont have time to meet and spend time with these people..who were a important part of our lives in the formidable years..No one can come close to replacing your grandma…but just make sure that the old man is busy with his grand children or great grand children,if any..they seem to forget their sorrows..when they have us around..

    I can very well relate to your situation, i m planning to go back to India…to see my grandfather..who is also not doing well..May baba bless all of us..reduce the sufferings..give the tolerance to bear the sufferings..all of this the result of our own deeds..lets remember him all the time..and make this path easier…

    In DEEPEST CONDOLENSES…for you..your family and grand father…

  2. Jai Sai Ram Hetal ji,
    May god bless your grand mother soul and give strenghth to the whole family to bear the loss.

  3. Dear Hetal ji,
    You are such a blessed soul whom sai ma is always there to take care of. Don't worry about your grandpa and just ask him to read sai satcharitra and have udi daily. He will recover from this loss and will find his best companion in the form of our sai baba.

  4. Hi Hetal ji
    With Baba's grace your grandmother reached his lap without suffering much. Baba will grace you and your family. He will surely give the strength to your grandfather to come out of this situation.
    I am a regular visitor of this website.Thank you very much for maintaining this platform so that all the Sai devotees can share their experiences and others will be in faith and patience to get Baba blessings.

  5. Om Sai Ram hHetal Ji.

    May your Grandma's soul rest in peace, she is blessed to have suffered very little due to Baba's grace.

    Jai Sai.

  6. Hello Hetalji,

    I wish your grandma's should rest in peace and may Baba be with you and your family through these moments.
    Sai Ram !

    Also, I want to convey a heart felt gratitude for resuming this blog even when you may be emotionally disturbed. I know it is because of Baba's inspiration and blessings on you that you could start this today. May Baba bless you !

    Om Sai Ram!!

  7. Hetal Ji, I express heartfelt gratitude over the sad demise of your grandmother.
    May Baba give strength to your family members and to your grand father too.
    Om sai Ram

  8. Hetalji,

    Its nice to know that your Grandma didnt suffer much and left this world as Suhagan. Any married women would wish to die as a Suhagan. I can also understand your Grandpa's plight. Their relation must be above 50 years. May BABA give him all the strength. We will all pray for him and for your recovery. As always, you are a special person to always be in my prayers.

    I sincerely thank you for publishing my experience.


    I also thank the devotees for their wishes and Prayers. Its by BABA's grace that i am in this position. I will pray for my country and the poor people who are BABAs Children.





    We pray Sai to rest your Grandmother soul in peace and give strength and courage to your Grandfather to overcome his grief.
    Baba Please bless Hetalji and her family members with good healthy and peaceful life.
    I Love You Baba.


  12. Dear Hetalji,
    This is just the part of our life.Dont worry please.Baba is with u always.
    May baba bless ur grandma's soul.

    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  13. Hetaliji ,I m so sorry for your loss,My thoughts are with you and ur family specially Nanaji,may the soul rests in peace.Om sai Ram

  14. Dear Hetal ji, My deep condolences. I hope you feel better soon. It is amazing how BABA takes care of HIS devotees reducing the pain and suffering even though one has to pay the dues of past Karmas. I am surprised at the very fact that out of nowhere I too got a severe lower abdomen pain so much so that I could not even stand straight! and that too happened on 13th January!!! It is still bothering me.
    After waiting for 3-4 days taking anti inflammatory medication, I still have problem lying down, turning side while I am in bed. I have applied vibhuti to the affected area and pain is reduced but not cured 110%.
    You take care. Again praying for your grand ma's soul to rest in peace in BABA's fold.
    Jai Sai Ram.

  15. Dear Hetalji,
    Jai Sai Ram. Sorry to hear about your Grandma.May her soul rest in peace. May Baba give strength to your Grandpa and you all to go through this hard time.Sai Love always…Dipti

  16. Hi Hetal,
    May your grandma rest in peace… I know such incidents make us feel Sai's presence much more. May baba always bless you and your family. Take care of ur grandfather who will feel lonely a lot at this time.
    I pray to Baba that your and your brother's health get better soon.
    Om Sai Ram.

  17. Dear Hetalji,

    Sorry to hear about your Grandma.May her soul rest in peace.Wish Baba gives the strength to your Grandpa and to you all to go through this hard time.OM SAI SRI SAI JAI JAI SAI!!!

  18. Hetalji, My condolences to you and your family. I pray to Sai Maa to give you and your family strength to get through this sad time.

    Sai Maa is always with you and taking care of you. He will take care of your grandfather as well. You are doing such a good seva and are his blessed child.

    Thank you for this blog and taking the time out during such a difficult time to share Sai's Leela's with us.

    Om Sai Ram

  19. Hi Hetal didi, sorry to hear about your grand mother..i'm sure my Baba must have called her to him..strangely i too felt pain in my abdomen on saturday and sunday while sleeping at around 3:30 to 4 am..i work in the nights and dont get to eat at a proper time..due to this i've developed acidity problem..on saturday i thought it just the regular pain i go through so i chanted his name and tried to sleep and slept off..sunday it was intense and i couldnt bear it..so i told my Baba that pain is really intense and not able to bear it..i started rubbing on my stomach chanting his name, within about 5 minutes the pain subsided and was able to sleep.
    I'm not able to undertand why i had suffered such pain on those two days only despite of having this problem from so many days.
    We cant undertand which he'll relate to what. But i'm 100% sure that there will be a cause behind this lovely leela.
    Love you my Baba..love you a lot.
    Hetal didi take care and everything will be alright soon.

  20. Hetal ji,

    Don't worry baba take care all things…… it is unbearable but baba will give strength to ur grandfather to overcome from this situation

    Om Sai Ram

  21. Dear all,

    Just 2 days back i had a Quarel with baba that never ever come to me either it is good or bad….. and avoided seeing. speaking to him …… But today I wished to had last word with him and tried chit chat method "YourSaibaba.com". I had asked him the same thing in that… I go a reply which i dont understand…

    Baba says…
    "Thing in your mind will be completed. You will not know when and how you will get blessings of Sri SaiBaba. Donate food."

    Wat do u mean by this my friends…..

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