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While i am trying to compensate four days’ post which we all missed, you may find some irregularities with current postings. I request you all to bear with me. So this is the second post today itself which was to be published on January 15, 2012.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Om Sai Ram, I am Sai Baba’s devotee for last 16 years. I currently reside in USA. I would like to share my very first and current experience. I do not dare to say I am losing faith in Baba, but I am losing positive thinking about my life and wondering about my karma and past lives, which are giving results in this life.

Hetal Ji, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the great work you are doing, which is helping all of us to hold on to our faith and perseverance in difficult times by reading others experiences. I have been fortunate to have Sai Leelas and blessings in my life for last 16 years. Please do not reveal my identity.

Let me share couple of my experiences with all the Sai devotees out there. I had my ups and downs in life in various situations, but almost always I hold on to Sai. Even if I did not do regular prayers daily, but whenever I was anxious, worried, or sad without my effort I would call for Sai and chant Sai name.

Even though, I was going through rough times, I was not keenly looking for God’s grace or I should say I did not know whom to look up on. We used to live in Hyderabad and I used to pass Sai Temple. But I was never interested to go inside the Temple. In fact, the moment I used to come near the Sai Temple, I used to bow my head down and walk straight so that I do not need to see into temple.

When my son was 18 months old, he had fever and was not coming down in spite of doctor’s visits for 10 days. We were getting worried and did not know what to do. My neighbor, who usually will not come in, came to our house knowing that my son is sick. After asking how he is doing and looking me worried, she said, “Whenever my kids get sick, I pray to Sai that I will offer coconut and do Archana to Sai at the Sai Temple”. Immediately after she left, I prayed with tears to Sai saying “Whoever You are, if my son’s fever comes down, I will come to Your Temple and offer coconut”. The moment I surrender to Sai, my son, who was weak and was sleeping eyes closed, opened his eyes and wanted to get up from bed and walk around. He started laughing and smiling as he used to be before fever. The fever subsided the moment I prayed to Sai. This was the first Sai Leela in our lives. I was even scared to tell my husband that I prayed to offer coconut in Sai Temple and was not sure how he will react to it. I told to my husband and he agreed to go to Sai Temple. The moment, I entered the temple I felt peace of mind. I do not have enough words to explain the feeling.

I do not doubt Baba’s grace, but still I have my moments of being sad, anxious and worried about day to day survival issues. I have moved from job to job with long gaps in between due to my personal situations. My husband has invested money and time in my education hoping that I will have a better career and he can see me happy. I recently graduated with master’s degree from an university in USA as we are currently living in USA. After waiting for almost 4 months, I got a temporary job with good pay from nowhere, which I know it is Sai’s grace. This job offer came after doing Sai Nava Guruvar vrat and I was so glad telling friends and family about it. I thought finally my suffering was over and I am seeing a promising career for coming years as they said they will give me a permanent position soon. As I was new to the job, I put all my efforts into it and I was physically and mentally getting tired focusing on learning new skills required for my new job. After my joining, the company as a temporary worker, the company announced layoffs. Everyone said the division I am working has so much work and I might not be affected as they have hired me recently including my manager. The day they announced layoffs he personally spoke to me and assured not to worry.

However, after two months, I was called in and told that they have decided to let go all the temporary workers and gave me three week’s notice and tomorrow would be my last working day. It was unbelievable and heart drenching as I thought this job was absolutely due to Sai’s grace and thought He is there to take care of me. But I was wrong. We do not understand His plans, but the whole process was painful. I feel like I am back in the darkness and do not know where to look up. I just feel that I am never going to have a stable job or income in this life time. I would always tell my friends and family that Sai is there to take care of us if we surrender, but now I am losing the faith on my life itself. Everyone says I am intelligent, hardworking, have good attitude and work well in teams, but here I am getting tired in life worrying for a stable income and always learning new things in a hope of finding a job. Deep in my heart, I know that Sai is planning for something good, but right now I am surrounded with sorrow and grief. I am just praying Sai to keep me and my family happy and not to leave me in darkness. My friends and family always look towards me, whenever they need positive attitude and faith in lord. But now I need all your prayers not to lose hope in Sai and life in itself.

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  1. Dear Sister,

    Sorry to hear on your layoff…I am in a similar situation where my job ends in 2 months and I am the only bread earner of the family. But our Kind "Baba" has already made plans for me and it started to work. I have left completely at his holy feet and waiting. So for you, leave everything to Baba and just pray, ask for his mercy and request Baba to come and rescue. Baba is very kind hearted and he will never leave you in "Darkness" take it like this "It's a blessing in disguise". So keep your complete faith on Baba and wait…..

    In my heart I have already requested Baba to bestow his kind looks on you.

    Jai Sai Ram.

  2. My Dear Sister,

    Just trust in Sainath with all your heart and soul and stick to his Feet like a leech no matter what the situation comes. Even, am having a job which is not basically satisfactory in terms of growth. I, had been faced with trying situations as there had been no proper growth in the company am working in. The profile for which I work demands for training and expertise, while though having spent several years in the company, I am not feeling confident even to appear for any interviews as I am lacking some technical expertise which the companys demands for. Also, in during this stage, I had a break off from my sweetheart, when she is married to someone else, adding to that for past 3 years I Have more than 100 to 150 rejects from the girls in matrimony sites not willing to marry me mostly because of my low income. Those who got aquanted with me left me soon with some undue situations to carry with. Its just that I had been turned down , and down and down and down and down again. But still my Hope for my Sainath has never faded. I dont think but I believe that my Sainath will do something worth while for me and He has planned for the Best and I strongly believe that I will get the Best. So may what ever comes in my way.

    You can refer to Saicharitra where its so clearly mentioned that Doubts and Difficulties surround us only to confirm our Faith in Him.

    Sister, I believe and I pray to Sainath that may all your troubles subside soon. May You Prosper Day and Night and may you stay happy always. Your Wishes will be definitely fullfilled.

    OM SAI RAM…..

    Baba I am feeling tensed about my job Baba.
    As you know some issues going on in the office.
    I am scared Baba.
    You know that I am not mentally strong and I always think negitively, with these negative thoughts I am getting tired Baba.
    Baba Please help me Baba, Baba Please save me Baba.
    I am alive only because of you and I cannot live for a second without thinking of you.
    I depended completely on you.
    Baba Please save me come out of troubles Baba.
    I Love You Baba.
    Baba Please excuse me Baba if i did anything wrong.

  4. Sai sisterji,
    Don't worry.
    Surrender completely at Baba's feet he'll take care of you.
    Even I am getting tired with things at office.
    I am surrendering completely at Baba feet.
    It's Baba wish to do anything for us.
    Have patience and surrender at his feet.
    He'll take care of you.
    I Love You Baba.

  5. Dont worry, sister. Sai Nath is with you. He has definitely some good plannings for you in His store. Wait for the right time because 'samay se pehle aur bhagya se adhik kisi ko kuchh nhi milta'
    Om Sai Ram.

  6. @Anonymous

    Thank you very much for all your support and prayers in a time of darkness.

    My prayers to Baba to bless you all with his grace and presence in your lives.

    I will update to you all as soon as I get employment.

    Last Thursday BABA blessed us with food and soon I will post all these experiences.

    Om Sai Ram

  7. Dear sai Sister, Have FAITH. BABA will find a best solution for you. I myself experienced such a miracle..actually I am passing through it! I live in the apartments where the first condition to be qualified to stay here, is that I should have 20 hours per week. I mean that much income I should have! My company is having hard time giving all employees required hours and they cut everybody's hours in work schedule. It happened continuously for 2 months i.e. 8 weeks, I had to explain my situation to my manager. He is a very understanding person so he gave me a few extra hours, To my hard luck I was suddenly down with lower back pain which made me stay home and I could not even work my "scheduled hours"! I was so upset and rather mad at myself that I begged for extra hours and I am back to square one!
    After a week's rest and medication I felt better and went to tell my manager that I am now feeling better and can work. He mentioned that since my doctor's note said I am not to work till certain period of time, I have not scheduled you. But let's see. And he asked me to come on Wednesday. On Tuesday I was called to work as somebody did not show up for work. So I worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday making more than my missed hours! I could not believe such thing can happen, BUT IT DID HAPPEN.
    So leave it to BABA and see how things work out for you. Of course you can continue your efforts in getting work where BABA will play HIS ROLE !
    Jai Sai RAM.

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