Sai Baba’s Photo Re-appeared – Sai Devotee Rohit

Sharing herewith experience of Sai brother Rohit ji.

Rohit says: The name given to my physical self is Rohit Sharma by which i am addressed in this physical plane. Though i am working with an MNC in the software field but somewhere within i know that this is not the path i would follow for a long time. This was very much clear after my life turned towards the devotion of our great SAI BABA. Though i know him since a long time but it has been only a couple of years that my life is in his blessed palms.

Though MIRACLES are not the main course for which SAI should be followed or it does not give a point why some one should have FAITH in him. SAI himself says that “BRING CARTS TO TAKE THE ORIGINAL WEALTH THAT I HAVE” – The knowledge of WISDOM.

The only point where in MIRACLES are manifested by SAI are to tell his devotees that he is there with him always and here i would like to share a similar experience with all the souls.

I purchased a new bike and the first thing was i placed a colour sticker on the front of the bike above the headlight. This was an ordinary paper sticker and one day what i noticed that some one has peeled off the sticker from my bike leaving behind a thin layer of white paper which stuck there due to the glue. I was very sad that day and then i started a search for a plastic sticker which is not washed off by water as well as it is tough to be peeled off.

I requested a friend of mine to get this sticker as the place where my friend stays does have a shop where the same can be purchased. I waited for a couple of weeks but my friend again brought the same paper stickers saying that the one i am looking is not available at this moment.

I was very sad not to get the desired sticker and i looked into the picture of SAI that is placed on my computer table at my office and as if i was begging to SAI as why did i not get the stickers, i was fully heart broken.

The next day morning when i was leaving from home to office and i pulled out my bike what i noticed that BABA’s PHOTO has reappeared in the same form and colour before it was peeled off. The most amazing part was that it has reappeared on the same thin paper which was stuck due to the glue. It is a couple of months now but the sticker is still there.

This shows how much actually BABA care for his children for small things also. I was sad on not getting the sticker and my little cry of why i did not get the sticker, BABA manifested himself in form of a sticker. I showed the same to my brother and my friends at office and all were speechless.

There is just a small request that i would like to make to all the devotees of SAI is that “SAI IS THERE WITH US ALL THE TIME, DO NOT EVER THINK THAT HE DOES NOT LISTEN TO US OR DO NOT HELP US. YOU NEVER KNOW IN WHICH FORM HE IS HELPING US”


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  1. Pushpa Says:- Sai ki jai ho! He is the loving father. In 2006 i was facing hell of trouble. One day i thought of reading SAI SACHARITRA, while reading i came across that sai baba use to go to everyones house for biksha. I started crying and told baba in my mind why you dont love me why you didnt come to my house for biksha. Suddendly i heard some noise outside my house, i opened the door and what i saw was that wathchman of the building is hitting a cat with a stick to send her outside the building, but the cat was not ready to go at all. I was staying on the highest floor. I told watchman dont hit the cat its wrong let her be here and the watchman went away leaving the cat behind. After watchman left i offered some milk to the cat who was sitting outside my house not ready to move, but the cat did not accept it. Then i put some pieces of bread in it and the cat ate everything. After ten minutes the cat went away and in a few days all my problems also went away one by one. Sai had blessed me in the form of the cat. He can come in any disguise so we should say bad words to anyone, who knows when will sai come to you. He is always with us but be cannot see. he is in every human being and every animal.

  2. i dont want 2 share anything
    i just want to say ki
    sai baba
    pls help me
    kitni cheezen hain meri koi galti nahi fir bhi main unme fas jati hun ulajh jati hun
    i m feared
    pls help me sai baba
    & bless all take care of all people
    all children
    my family
    & i wish may all bad people get sadbuddhi & leave all crimes
    jab bhi dar lagta hai ya ji gjabrata hai
    to mummy ya sai baba ka naam hi aata hai zuban pe
    raat ko cockroach ya bhoot sapne me aaye hai to sai baba ka naam japte-2 so jati hun

    m not sure but
    kai baar kuch cheezen aisi hui ki laga shayad kisi ne meri help ki
    shayad kismat ya shyad sai baba

    mer paas duniya ki har khushi hai
    bas 1 bada dukh hai
    if vo na hota to shyad i vud hav been1 of the happiest person in world
    but us dukh ke karan meri life kabhi -2 jeene ka man nahi karta tha
    thak chki hun sai baba se pooch ke
    maine kisi ka kya bigada
    jo asisi saza mili mujhe
    & i wish ki aisa aur kisi ke saath na karna
    coz i know maine kaise saha
    khair unhi ki marzi to chalegi

    jai mata di
    om shri sai ram

  3. jai sai ram
    yes its true that sai baba always help us and guide us.sai baba is watching us.very good expirience rohit ji thanks for sharing your expirience with us.may sai bless you and family.baba please bless my son also he needs your blessings.
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram
    jai sai ram

  4. i have one thing in my mind that disturbing me a lot.i want to express my feeling plz help my childhood i started wearing a green is alwaya on me.i started to pray sai baba on my btech 1st year onwards.on that day my life was completly very for that.cuming to 3-1 i went to shiridi 1 week before i went to shiridi my chain was thinking that baba only do like that he didnot like i stoped to wear that locket.but without wearing that so many bad things happend on me at my anyone plz help me that sai baba likes that locket or not.plz set me rid of this problem

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