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In today’s post i am sharing experience of Sai Sister Bindu

Bindu says: It is my pleasure to put before you (all) the incident on how BABA showered HIS GRACE on me. If he had not helped me probably my career would have taken a stop.

As I begin to narrate this incident, I have got goose bumps all over my body. Before narrating my unbelievably true experience, I would like to mention few things about myself and my background. I have done my MBA in Human Resources and was working as a HR Manager in Bangalore. After marriage, I had to quit my job as my husband moved to US. I was lucky enough to get a working visa in US and managed to get a job but in a different location. I worked there for few months and had to leave the job during pregnancy as I could not stay alone. For some time I was at home taking care of myself and then my husband changed his job and we had to move to another location. It was during my 6th month of pregnancy that I started to search for a job again & was lucky enough to get a call from my husband’s company for an interview. They mentioned that they liked my profile and would let me know later. Time passed without receiving any call from the company and in the meantime, we were blessed with a baby girl.

Those days my mother-in-law had come from India to help me with my baby. When my daughter was around 4 months old I thought of getting back to work & contacted the same company again where I was interviewed some time back. They again said that they liked my profile but expressed their inability to offer me a position. I was feeling restless without a job, as, in today’s lifestyle, it is very difficult to manage with single income. My earlier employer called me to join work immediately or else gave me another option of getting my working visa changed to a dependent VISA. They gave me a week’s time to take a decision. This made me to worry more and more, not knowing how to come out of the situation. I was getting irritated with everything, lost my health and peace of mind.

I was trying my best to find some job with my non-technical qualification, but no success. Changing my visa would mean that I could no longer work in US and this will make our financial situation very stressful. My mom-in-law, who is an ardent devotee of Shri Shirdi Sai Ram, then advised me to start doing SRI SAI CHARITA PARAYAN with full Faith and Confidence. I was very sure that I will not be able to find myself a job within in a week’s time and I will be forced to change the status of my VISA. During this recession days getting a job in US and that too in a small city is ‘absolutely mute. The same evening my husband said – “why don’t you call the company the last time and if they say no then we can think of changing your visa status. In the mean time I will find out relevant information about the visa changes”. I thought we will lose nothing if I call them the last time. This incident happened when my daughter was like 8 months (old). So here again I called the company and this time they said they liked my profile but do not have anything for me. This time it was pretty clear to me that they said NO to me. I felt the jerk my life gave me. I was very sure that with only my husband’s income it was extremely difficult for us to manage our commitments and home. I was completely shaken and went dumb. My mom-in-law was inquisitive to know what happened and I told her that they said NO. She still insisted me on starting SRI SAI CHARITA PARAYAN. I even went to the extent of asking her “at this stage what miracle can happen? They have clearly said NO to me”. She said with confidence “you never know what BABA would do’. Then I thought let me not say no to God and will start from tomorrow (Thursday).

The next day was Thursday….I woke up early in the morning, took bath & started the ‘Parayan’. To my surprise, just in couple of hours of my puja I receive a call from that company saying that they have a position for me and they would like to see me. All of us could feel some rays of hope….trust me even today I don’t know how did this position came up suddenly when just a day before they said they don’t have anything. Anyway, the next day I went and I met a lady there. She said she will talk to her manager and get back to me as soon as possible. The 2nd day of my parayan i.e. Friday I received a call from them and they say that I need to visit them again to meet a very senior person. All of us were very delighted. I continued my puja whole heartedly and on Tuesday (6th day of puja) I was all set to meet that senior person. I arrived at the office at around 11am and was waiting there for almost half an hour, when I see a lady coming towards me. She sat next to me and said “My apologies that the person you are here to meet is stuck in a meeting and I do not know when it will get over”, she continued…. “Also he has injured his leg in the morning so he might head back home after his meeting”. I will re-schedule your interview and will call you later”. I walked away with tears in my eyes… I came home back with a sad face with no hopes of getting a job. I was sitting quietly in a corner and yo!! I get a call from that company again and this time the lady apologized again for not having the meeting, this time she continued saying that they would like to make an offer to me. That was the happiest moment in my life…I was jumping all over the house with my 8 month old daughter. I immediately felt that all this is BABA’s MIRACLE ONLY and I immediately thanked BABA for his blessing. Now, not only that I got the job, but my Visa problem also was solved without any hitch that too within 7 days of time…and all this is because of the Grace of Sri Sai Ram.

I started my next saptah immediately after I completed this. During this saptah not only (Visa) problem was solved smoothly as mentioned above, but we also received another PRASAD from BABA in the form of a “new home”. Yes, we bought a house “OUR OWN HOUSE” in US…a big achievement for us and only because of BABA’s blessings. Today we live happily in that house; the house which we say is BABA’s PRASAD for us…

Today when I recollect what was happening with me for the last few months ….my trials for a job …without any positive result, pressure from my first employer to change the Visa status, increasing expenses with the growing family etc. etc. I now realize that BABA wanted to shower his GRACE on me this way. It was he, who created problems around me, made me worry, then pulled me towards HIM and it was again BABA who solved all my problems too!! Even sharing this beautiful experience with you all is possible with Sri Sai’s Grace only, without which it would not have been possible for me to narrate in such a way. I Bow to Sri Sai Ram for His Grace and Motherly love on me and my family.

I would like to thank my mother in law for showing me the route to BABA and making me believe that BABA never lets his devotees down and we need to have faith and confidence in him. I would like to thank my husband for all the support and encouragement he gave me. I would also like to thank Amirtha aunty (my mother in law’s friend) for helping me document my experience. I would also like to thank Sri Shirdi Sai Sansthans for considering my request to publish this in Sree Sai Leela Magazine. Finally, I thank you all my dear Sai Devotees, who read this miracles story. Let Sri Sai Ram’s GRACE be on all of us forever.


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  1. Lovely experience ….. I was almost in tears when you expressed that you were jumping all over the house with your 8 month old daughter…


  2. Very nice experience…and well narrated…thanks a lot bindji and hetalji for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  3. Saibaba always help we must have comlete trust .u remember every moment when u r free don't waste your time in activity which is not useful.then Sai is with us also we are eligible for atmadarsan.Om Sairam

  4. Jai Sai Ram. It is a wonderful experience. When all hopes are lost, Sai opens the door. Om Sai Ram, Jai Sai Ram, Jai Jai Sai Ram.

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