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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Anjali from India says: OM SAI RAM, I would like to appreciate for the wonderful work you are doing. May Sai help you to keep up with the good work always.

This incident happened with me in the month of April. I am married for the past four years but have no issue as yet. I am on medication for the past one year. In the month of April i got to know that i have conceived but the pregnancy has happened in the tubes & not in the uterus & now they will have to operate me & remove the fetus as well as one of my tube. I was devastated after hearing this.

At night i kept praying to my Sainath. I kept asking Him as to why is He doing this to me. I don’t know when i slept. As i slept i had a dream where in i saw that i am walking on a road & on the side of the road there are some people worshiping a black idol, out of curiosity i go there to ask who is this God. They told me some name which i dont remember but i clearly remember that i told them you are wrong its not the God. They were mentioning but it is my Sai. In the morning before going for the operation i thanked Babaji for coming in my dream & left everything in His hands. I was operated on & my right tube was removed.

After few weeks of getting operated i started going to a nearby temple. This was for the first time i was going to that temple. Before entering the temple there i saw a huge pipal tree (Poplar leaved Fig Tree) wherein people had placed few idols & pictures of various God & Goddesses, there i saw a black idol i went close to see whose idol is it & was surprised to see that was black Sai Baba’s idol. In my lifetime i had never seen a black Sai idol. As i went inside the temple i was somehow reminded of the dream wherein Sai came in the form of black idol. I started having goosebumps all over & thanked Babaji for the lovely darshan He gave me.

Till date i have no issue but i know deep down that He is there listening to me & will surely bless me one day.

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