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Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Abhihemu from India says: I loved a girl but in September 2004 but she married someone else saying “Main jaisa ladka chahati thi vaisa mujhe mil gaya hai” (I have found a guy of my choice) and then my life became hell, i suffered a lot. I was a boy who never looked at any girl for love making; that time i was a real innocent boy. It was my first affair, which was initiated by her and i was truly faithful towards her. I neither fought with her nor had any misunderstandings with her. She suddenly left me without any reason.

I am suffering a lot for last five years but i still love her and unable to forget. I used to think that she cheated me, left for a better boy (boy was engineer) and I was mere a student. I cried from the core of my heart. I always thought that she is 90% guilty. I never got relaxed for a minute and went into severe depression.

Last year i prayed to BABA to make me clear why she cheated me and i can surely say BABA answered my prayers. In last six months for the first time in last five years i realized that i was also guilty, i never stopped her thinking that she deserve a better boy while she was expecting that i will stop her. Now i know that she was only 60% guilty and rest 40% guilt was done by me.

Gradually i am coming out from severe depression feeling relaxed!!!

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Hetal Patil
Hetal Patil
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  1. Dear Sai brother,
    You should understand that love is not based on better or best options. Love just happens unconditionally. That girl told you she got someone better and she married him, it implies she never loved you truly. She was just taking you for granted. If she had loved you ever, she would have not left you like this. She did not even care how you felt after she left you. So, please please do not blame yourself, instead thank our merciful mighty Lord Sai Baba, who saved you from such a girl. In future, if you had got married to her, she might have hurt you more badly. Sai saved you and who knows Sai has a better plan for you. This post was posted in 2009, maybe by now Sai might have blessed you with a loving partner.
    Never blame yourself. Like you mentioned, you never fought with her and still she left you. It was not your fault at all. Love is from both sides, it is not one-sided. One-sided love never works. If you are still single, please thank Sai that He saved you from such a selfish girl and pray to Sai to give you a genuine lover who stays with you forever.
    Om Sai Ram

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